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Kon's Official Unofficial Newbies guide to Fairy Tail RP

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Welcome to Fairy Tail RP

Hello and Welcome to Fairy Tail RP commonly referred to by the community as FTRP, the site is set in an Alternative universe from the manga and anime also known as AU meaning that all characters from them do not exist, the magic of the series is a core component of the site, however. Here on FTRP, you will create your very own character with their own personality, background and be depending what you chose for your character, their own magic, in this guide you will be shown how to complete your character creation amongst other things.

To begin with, we must first understand the core mechanics of the site as well as the general regulations of how things operate here, so in the following sections, I will briefly discuss each topic with the link for each of them available before and at the end of their description. To start we will look at the general regulations.

The General Regulations Summary

The general regulations explore a number of topics that affect you and your character things such as Behaviour regulations, Character regulations, Writing and Roleplaying Regulations, Danger Regulations, Battle Regulations, Guild Regulations, Advertisement Regulations, Ban Regulations and Report Regulations, a clear and concise understanding of the rules here is particularly important.

For further information regarding the General Regulations please follow the link: The General Regulations

The Magic Regulations and Classes

Other crucial regulations to look at include the magic regulations that provides information regarding limited and banned magic with the two being differentiated by limited being usable to a select few and banned being completely unusable, other facts which can be found in the magic regulation include how spells work in regards to amount they cost to train, the amount of words needed and the size limits of them for area of effect based spells. On this site there are a number of different spell types with some being only usable to a select few classes, these include Offensive, Defensive, Healing, Supplementary, Self-buff and Other-buff.

Simple things to remember, Offensive spells deal a ranks worth of the rank of the spell, Defensive spells can endure a rank highers worth of damage, healing can be used to heal only other individuals, Supplementary consists of spells that don't fall into any of these categories, Self-buff is a single stat boost modifier which can only be cast if you have the correct class for that stat, Other-buff meanwhile allows the character to buff anyone with a predetermined stat within the description of the spell save for themselves. Other details found in the regulation include the various elements available to a user and their counters, spell ranges, sustain and cool-down information, speed, along with a reminder to need to have a motion of some sort to cast a spell.

After reading the magic regulations that make up the bare bones of the site, You will want to look at the class topic which includes all of the classes available to your character they are categories into five different groups: Healing, Defensive, Offensive, Supplementary and Misc.

Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses with many only suiting the most dedicated of roleplayers, a character’s class is extremely important as it signifies what spell types they can use and how much they cost to make them. (Spells cost money and require training to use them save for the five D-rank starters you obtain when you first create your character.)

For further information regarding the Magic Regulations please follow the link: Magic Regulations

For further information regarding the Classes please follow the link: Classes

The Rank regulations and Quest Regulations

There are numerous ranks within the site, most individuals will start at D-rank, the rank itself typically denotes the overall power of the individual as each time a person ranks up they gain numerous advantages over someone lower than them in rank, these include extra mana, statistic points that you can freely allocate as well as additional spell slots. It should be noted however simply because someone is a higher rank than another they are stronger as they might have less than the other in terms of items, spells or even abilities.

Quest Regulations contain all the information concerning how requests work on the site, included within the regulations include the two main types of requests from good requests that can only be completed by Good Guild members, Rune Knight members and Guildless members, meanwhile, bad requests can only be completed by Dark Guild members and guildless members.

There are also two other types of requests Event quests and Call requests, Event requests are a sitewide request that can be either temporarily or ongoing. Call requests, on the other hand, pertain to specific individuals or groups.

Fame and Infamy are also explored briefly within this topic along with how to start a request, the page following details regarding requests themselves including word count requirements along with rewards can be found.

For further information regarding the Ranking Regulations please follow the link: Ranking Regulations

For further information regarding the Quest Regulations please follow the link: The Quest Regulations

Guild Perks

Each Guild/Faction have their own perks and requirements that are given to the character that the roleplayer must abide by as such it is vital for a newcomer to take a look at all of the guilds and factions before selecting the one that their character will be in at the start.

For further information regarding the Guilds and Factions please follow the link: The Guilds and factions

Character Creation

Once you have selected your character’s class to go to the character creation section and open the character template topic. Copy and paste ALL of the code that is in the code box otherwise, you will break the code. Once you have completed your application submit a review claim in the character review subsection in the review section of the site. After applying any changes that the grader will tell you to make and it has been approved you can begin your journey with your character if you’re an adventurer claim your free set, beastmaster claims your companion, or if you’re a mage try your hand at making your spells.

Once that’s all been done and approved by a member of the staff you can start roleplaying if you want to do more for your character make their character sheet a place to maintain and keep track of all they have done on the site, it is essential to maintain this as if someone is fighting you and a spell, item or anything related to your character isn’t registered on your character sheet it can be potentially nulled (Ignored).

For further information regarding the Character Section please follow the link: Character Section

For further information regarding the Character Template please follow the link: Character Template

For further information regarding the Character Sheet please follow the link: Character Sheet

For further information regarding the Character Sheet Template please follow the link:
Character Sheet Template

The stat system

The stat system as it is something all characters big or small must abide by. A very brief summary regarding this is that there are a total of four different stats: Strength which determines the physical damage you can do, Speed the rate at which you can dash or run note that this doesn't affect a person's ability to perform other actions, Endurance which is a measure of how much a person can "endure" before passing out from the sheer pain and Intelligence which focuses on how quickly an individual can train their spells along with how many they can have as it provides more slots as your intelligence increases.

For further information regarding these stats and how they interact please follow the link: The statistics

Travel rules

Travel rules deal with how an individual travels through the sight and what it means for the character itself there are four methods of transport though not all of them are available as there are currently no islands which need to be travelled to no waypoints and the train stations are still under construction IC, nonetheless read up on these regulations for when you do need to move from one location to another.

For further information regarding the Travel Regulations please follow the link: Travelling Regulations


The Banks are another core component of the site, currently there are two banks with the Fiorian bank allowing for character to character transfers once per month for both individual taking a cut of 20% of the initial transfer so if you were to transfer 600,000J to a person they would receive 500,000J with the bank retaining the other 100,000J.

The Blackwood bank meanwhile is far more sinister allowing the user to take out a loan for the character provided they are C-rank or higher, this comes at a cost with them needing to pay back the loan in full plus 50% tax within four weeks otherwise, the bank will both maim and individual before taking something of the equivalent value it could be anything from an item to a companion or even more body parts to compensate. If the loan isn't paid off two weeks post that initial maiming then the character will be hunted down and killed.

The money gained from either bank can not be used together i.e have money transferred from another individual to pay off another person's loan or have money loaned transferred to another individual. Further information can be found in the bank section of the site with each bank having their own subsection.

For further information regarding the Banking Regulations please follow the link: Banking Regulations

Item and equipment regulation

The item and equipment regulations pertain to everything regard those aftermentioned items from rarity and prices, how the shops work, how sets work, what equipment people can use along with various other topics such as refining a weapon, selling off an item or a companion as they follow the similar rules, it is critical to understand selling particularly companions so you don't end up selling a companion too cheaply. For quick reference regarding pricing: Commons are typically 100,000 J, Uncommons are typically 250,000 J, Rares are typically 500,000 J, Uniques are 1,000,000 J and Legendaries are 2,500,000 J

For further information regarding the Item and Equipment Regulations please follow the link: Item and Equipment Regulations

Weapon Types and Weapon Mastery

On the site there are several different weapon types: Swords, Axes, Polearms, Hammers, Ranged and Mage. These all have sub-types as an example Polearms consist of Spears, Pikes, Halberds and Reapers. Other types have more types others less typically the variance will have a difference in strength and overall ability to use them as a short sword whilst far faster to swing deals much less damage in comparison to an Ultra-great sword.

The weapon mastery is in this section though in a different topic as it relates back to items and equipment and more precisely weapons types. A weapon mastery is something someone can attain for one particular weapon type this allows the individual to rank up currently it benefits the user by allowing their weapons to have a higher durability though in time as you progress in rank you can attain the much position of power known as the God of War and use its signature ability, God of War's Insight. One thing to note is that Mage type weapons can not be mastered.

For further information regarding the Weapon Types please follow the link:Weapon Types

For further information regarding Weapon Mastery please follow the link: Weapon Mastery

Companion Regulations

The Companion Regulations are another important aspect that a member may want to read if they are considering having their character be a beastmaster as the information in that topic may affect their opinion.

For further information regarding the Companions Regulations please follow the link: Companion Regulations

The Races

The races of FTRP are another part of the site which will frequently come up in both discussion and whilst you roleplay your character, there are a vast number of different races though it must be noted none can be attained when you first join the first instead you will start off as a human. Currently, other potential races include Lycan, Vampire, Demon, Neko and Machia, with Elves and Giants being a solely fresh starter race that must be bought. These races whilst stating as having the requirements of completing a request can be purchased from visiting the Race review section in the review section the prices for each will be listed on the topic.

For further information regarding the Races please follow the link: The Races

Other things to keep an eye on

Each month, there are vast updates to with releases of content that can include a variety of things including more requests, tweaks to regulations, additional items and companions for purchase, rare magics, sales on items.

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