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A Straight Path [From Era to Magnolia Town]

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#1Charlotte Sharp 

A Straight Path [From Era to Magnolia Town]  Empty on Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:05 pm

Charlotte Sharp
After completing her two quests, Charlotte was tired of the home of the magic council. Sure the light was strong within its borders, but the giant airship that haunted the city scared her to the bones. And so she packed up her red blanket and pink jacket (neither with magical capabilities) and went on her way to Magnolia Town. The path was long and cold, but it was relatively straight. No pitstops in any city. While on her way a strange man wearing all black (from head-to-toe) offered her several potions with dark purple liquid inside. She declined but somewhat wondered what they could possibly do.

Halfway through her journey. She put on her jacket to block out the cold. "Why didn't I think about this earlier." She muttered quietly against her hands. Further along the road, an old woman fell on the road. Her gray hair became streaked with dirt as her head hit the pavement. Charlotte cradled the woman's head in her lap as she fed her healing herbs from the woman's pack. When the woman was able to walk she offered Charlie jewels but refused.

Soon Magnolia Town was in sight. She entered through the rolling hills, glanced toward the guild hall, and smiled. "I'm home."

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