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Dance of the Undead [SOLO/ Charlie Sharp]

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#1Charlotte Sharp 

Dance of the Undead [SOLO/ Charlie Sharp] Empty on Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:59 pm

Charlotte Sharp
I decided to take another job in Era since I was already in the city. Night had just fallen and the usually bustling street was void of noise except for the whispers of the wind. I didn't mind the quiet (it's my favorite time to study) but the darkness has always got on my nerves.

I was standing outside Era's gate with the "zombie report" in my hands. Apparently, a cult in the forest outside of Era was raising the undead (for some unknown nefarious purpose). Or so the rumors say. My client Mr. Awedin was quite worried that such gossip would continue to disturb the guards of Era if they weren't confirmed or denied. Therefore it's up to me solve this mystery.

I took a deep breath and entered the forest. It took thirty minutes before the path ended and the rest of the stretch was pure woods. I continued without a path, stepping over sticks and sharp rocks. The cold winter air looked to my body for comfort. It was then that I wished for my pink jacket that I had left in my room.

I searched several different directions in the forest, looking for anything unusual. No luck. The closest I came was finding strange markings in the dirt and dead animal corpses.

I spent at least two hours looking for anything at all but, alas, no luck. I was about to give up and declare my adventure a bust when a white-hot rage filled the bottom of my stomach. The Sharps never gave up! Even if I was the last one, I had to give the search my all. If I wasn't gonna throw in the towel unless I searched every inch of that forest.

Upon my second search in the west, I happened across a strange-looking boulder with the markings I had seen earlier. Except, unlike from earlier, magic practically radiated off the boulder. I put my hand on the cool boulder's rocky surface. 'There must be some purpose to this thing.' Then an idea popped into my head.

I shot my hand into the air and yelled to the air, "Produce the Crusader's Sword!" I felt the firm, balanced short sword fill my hand. Its blade was made of pure golden light and I felt it's power surge through my body. I swung the weapon at the boulder.

As I expected. The rock only served as a hidden entrance to a hollow pathway. The sword was gone along with a fraction of my magic power.
I walked along the path to find myself looking over a cliff. A path along the side existed but I chose to watch from my eagle's eye view. The scene at the bottom caused me to almost gasp aloud.

A large marble statue of a slim, half-clothed woman with a long staff and peacock feathers sticking out of her hair. Her hair was long enough to cover both of her breasts. Standing at her sandaled feet were cultists (wearing dark black) holding hands and chanting a series of various noises in unison. What I saw next was the worst part. Many rotting dead bodies littered the cave floor. After a while of chanting I noticed the bodies rise and begin to walk towards the statue.

I felt my heart drop into my stomach. So this was the power of the dark arts. I was tempted to destroy the statue to stop the horrific process altogether. However, I knew if I did so it would only alert the cultist's attention to me and lead to my demise. The smart strategy was to leave before they noticed my presence.

As I began to walk out I accidentally kicked a rock and it fell off the cliff to the cave floor. I didn't stick around long enough to see their reaction. I bolted up the pathway into the forest until I saw the city's large gates.

When I came back (looking like a crazy woman I might add) Marwin Awedin ordered his guards to bring me a blanket and some water (which they did). We sat on a bench, silent (I was half-asleep under my blanket) until the sun rose and the darkness lifted over the city.

"So I'm assuming you found it." He stated.
"Yes. Under the big boulder with the magical runes, there is an underground cult that is raising the dead."

He rose an eyebrow and looking surprised. "I told my guards that the boulder was of some importance but even those who practiced magic said it was a normal rock."

"Well, it wasn't." Was all I said.

Marwin gave me the comfy red blanket to keep for a job well done. He also gave me my 25,000 jewels reward. "You did good today, Charlie. You might have saved lives."

Saved lives. For some reason, that phrase reminded me of my mother. Her entire life revolved around saving lives yet she couldn't save my dad's or her own. How ironic.

"Hey, kid are you okay?" Marwin asked concerned. I didn't realize before that I had cried. I wiped away my tears and started to smile.

"Yeah of course, I'm okay." I told him, "I was thinking about my mother."

"Oh yes, your mother." He said as if thinking about a time long ago.

"Did you happen to know her?"

"Oh yes."

I wasn't that surprised. Era was one of the places that my mom would travel to often. Here and Oak Town. "Do you remember what she was like? Hearing about her from people who knew her always lifts my spirits."

"Of course. Well, lets see." He thought for a moment putting his hand on his chin, "She was a kind woman. Very powerful in the way she held herself. Constantly doing requests pro bono for people who couldn't afford her services. If I remember correctly she was a celestial wizard." He looked to me for approval and I nodded my head, "She would always treat her spirits kindly. That's all I remember. Did that make you feel better."

"Yeah, a lot better." I got up and waved goodbye to Marwin and Era. I began my journey back to Magnolia Town.

^1059 Words^

^Spell Used: Crusader's Sword^

^175/200 Mana^

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