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Eyes Wide Open [Mission:Solo]

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Eyes Wide Open [Mission:Solo] Empty Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:00 pm

Her eyes laid upon the soft grass within the forest of Magnolia as she laid against her sides on that very same grass. It was rather light colored compared to the grass in Crocus and Era. It was warmer here too though as the sun shined nicely. The clouds were away as the winds caressed her lovingly. Oh so much she loved the nature around her, her soul. It felt alive – her soul as she was around this. Without nature she felt as if she couldn’t really live. Her heart would beat somewhat slowly as she thought of her walk to Mag. Maars. . After she saw him come up to her she would make a bright loving smile, pushing herself up and stood straight. She would remember the last time she was here, in this setting…

‘’Alright Waylon, we have stuff to collect.’’ She would say nicely and sweetly. Her smile was rather loving as she would then stretch and yawn. She felt like she could honestly fall asleep, but she didn’t wish to since she had stuff to do. Arisa would walk forward deeper into the forest as her lioness brown eyes would wander. ‘’It’s so nice here, don’t you think? Reminds me of when we were kids…’’ she would say softly with a simpler smile. Her heart felt calmer as her eyes looked around. Where were these ferns that were curly? Were they close? Were they further away from her grasp? She would hum softly till she then looked by some tree that had some. ‘’Here are some Ferns, Waylon.~’’ she would say nicely and peacefully as she walked towards it.

This time she was going to do something for Khalash Saton alone. Maarschalk was doing something else, his own thing right now so she wasn’t going to help this guy with him. She made a small smile as she lowered her gaze to look at the ground. Her arms folded and held each other against her pelvic. Her shoes of black that were for dress pants would mush within the dirt underneath her feet as the grass would tickle her ankles. Her hair would tickle against the side of her neck as she would walk towards the store that she needed to go to. Slowly she would walk. She wasn’t told on all the details from the old guy, the man named Khalash Saton. He was an old man that didn’t enjoy going out, but wanted herbs to be collected or he did last time…. Supposedly he still pays people to collect herbs and other kinds of ingredients to make things like potions. Right now though she was to go there and meet Khalash himself.

Sighing softly her indigo colored skin would shine by the simple rays going through the leaves of the forest. Her long raven hair would sway left and right while she walked each step, her hips swaying left and right. Her eyes would turn somewhat more golden than usual while she stepped into shadows of each nature that bestowed. As she was getting lost in thought, she would encounter the sop. ‘’Same as always…Wonder if he is as well.’ She thought softly. ‘He an old man for fuck sakes.’ The darker void spoke in a distasteful manner as if she thought it was stupid to wonder such a thing.  Her hand pressed against the door by her palm to walk inside of the shop. It was full of different nature shit such as herbs, branches and such. Over the counter was the old man. ‘’I see you’re doing well, old man.’’ Arisa would say in her soft voice. ‘’Oh hoho, it’s you. Look different, but that’s for another day. I need you to watch the shop for me. Don’t go in the back room or leave this area. I don’t trust the people that come around here, it’s not you.’’ He would explain and nod with just that. ‘’See ya tonight.’’ He’d lastly say and then leave the place alone with her. Slowly she’d walk towards the counter and sat on top of the wooden oak desk that was beside it.

Arisa crossed her legs as she sat down on it. She was curious on what was in the backroom, but she would respect his words She felt like she wanted to respect the old man’s request. Hours went on by though as she would sit there. Once in a while she would get up to wander around the shop with eyes on the door as well. Her ears would perk up once in a while to pay super attention to the noises around her. Nature was her own as nature was within. Surely her mind was lost as her vision went blank.

’Let’s go twinzy! We gotta find Alice.’’ Spoke a girl by her own age or so it seemed. She wasn’t sure. ‘Twinzy?’ she thought as she was listening to this ‘flashback’. Was it another one of those flashbacks that was darkened by her mind? Her vision was still dark though, she couldn’t see anything. ‘’Arisaaa-nee!’’ she would hear once more from some sweet voice. Who was it exactly? She wasn’t really sure, but then a blazing light blinded her eyes. The area was filled with sunlight and there stood a girl who looked almost exactly like her. A bright smile appeared from her lips as she saw the girl. Eyes watered as if she knew who she was yet her mind couldn’t comprehend names…just the face.

Before she could find it out, she was shaken out of the flashback by the doorbell. Her eyes saw some teens walk into the store. ‘Wonder what they want.’ She thought softly, tilting her head. They started to walk up to her. ‘’Yo, old woman. Let us through.’’ Spoke one of them in a rude tone. ‘’Excuse me?’’ she responds as she cocks an eyebrow. ‘’You heard him. We’re going to go see what’s in the back room before the old man gets back.’’ A girl spoke. ‘’Haha, yea.’’ Speaks another. ‘’Uh no…’’ she would say and glare. ‘’Get yo punk asses out of here.’’ She would say and stood up straight. Slowly she’d crack her knuckles and then walked towards them. ‘’Uh…yea…ok..maybe later.’’ The leader of the teenagers spoke as they ran out. ‘’So rude…’’ she spoke softly under her breath. Soon it was midnight with Khalash coming in. ‘’Hoho, everything seems fine and hey, I got stuff.’’ He’d say with an old mannish smile. ‘’Here ya go, Arisa.’’ He’d say and gave her the jewels. She would nod and grabbed the reward, leaving.



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