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Short Travels [Maars:By foot]

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Short Travels [Maars:By foot] Empty on Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:36 pm

Arisa would continue to walk beside Maarschalk as she'd travel towards Magnolia. Rather he was behind her, in front or beside her, she'd make sure she was catching up to him. Her eyes would corner every-so-often to look up at him and within seconds, she looked away. It was nice to have someone's company. Sure she wasn't use to this, but it was nice. Something was going on within her heart and soul (or souls in her case) as she was feeling her heart warm up. A part of her was giving up on this feeling, or maybe it was that she forgot what this feeling was. It felt familiar, but it felt so far away. Rather it'd work into something more specific or not, was questionable. They'd go through trees and paths to then finally run into their destination. It was a silent walk as she didn't say anything, just enjoyed his company.



#2Noel Raion 

Short Travels [Maars:By foot] Empty on Wed Apr 26, 2017 6:37 am

Noel Raion
Cigarette one he smoked before arriving at the first way point. Cigarette two he smoked after a mile out of Era, and cigarette three he smoked five hundred meters away from the first mile. This was a frequent thing he did, measuring the distance between the place he traveled from to the place he was traveling towards with cigarettes. Even though he wasn't a chain-smoker, he certainly was during adventures such as these. He was accompanied by Arisa, who had helped him earlier by calling a number -- it was later revealed that his kid was kidnapped in Magnolia, he didn't plan on saving him but he was curious what he was up to.

--110/100 magnolia--

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