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Eyes Wide Open [Kon | Quest]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
This time there was no need to get up early for a job, although she wasn't completely aware if Konstantin thought the same since she was asleep. She turned around to check, as she apparently slept with her back towards his side of the bed. She woke up around 8 o'clock in the morning. Still a bit awkward by the fact that they shared a room but on one hand, she didn't care that much. In case Kon was still there she would smile none the less, "Goodmorning." In case he wasn't there, she would simply stretch and get up and out of the bed to quickly get dressed. It would take her a bit longer to get out of bed, she wasn't the best at being a morning person.

For her the easiest part right now was that she had still not unpacked, meaning that her clothes were still in the dimensional pocket and she only had to use a little bit of magic to get that out and be ready to go, she planned to go on a job, so her hair was braided quickly by her magic and she was wearing a moss green pair of trousers and a black tanktop. She had taken a job from the board yesterday that wanted her or in this case them to be at the Drug Magic store around nine o'clock in the morning. It was the most easiest job but someone had to do it anyway. "Did you want to come along?" She asked Konstantin in case he was still around her before she would leave to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Wordcount: 286/1000

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A loud groan was all that he could muster as Alice woke him up with a friendly good morning, slowly he opened his eyes as they adjust to the small amount of light which was emitting from the alarm. Focusing on the times themselves he tilted his head upright and muttered to himself. "eight....eight in the morning....Why?, Why are we up at such an unholy hour?" Ignoring the complaints of his body not resting a sufficient amount, he gradually twisted out of the bed with his feet on the ground, sneezing as he rose causing him to lose balance and fall back onto the bed. "Fantastic I have a cold." He thought to himself as he sniffed slightly. As it so happened Alice had already started her daily routine, meanwhile, Kon in a worse shape for wear took his time. Knowing that the two had duties to do for the community of Magnolia town and they could easily include just has they had the day before taking care of individuals who had sinister intentions he decided he would don his armour and later grab his matching sword.

The armour he had obtained just a month or two prior, the sword meanwhile was freshly smithed still without a scratch nor dent from combat. The armour itself required a fair amount of work to put on as such he would just get partially dressed to have breakfast before completely suiting up. This was where he would interact with Alice for the last portion of the morning in the bed and breakfast. She had already begun eating her breakfast as he started with his own as they did their vast tasks he replied to her question. "I'll catch up with you after all I can just bolt down there with my Zebstrika faster than you can run it."

Eventually, she left the bed and breakfast leaving him there by himself, swiftly he donned from bottom to the top the entire set of armour before strapping the scabbard that held his sword onto the belt that held a portion of the armour to his body. All geared up he matched out of the building, hopped onto his Zebstrika and bolted after his partner. Eventually, he would reach up to her at what point he didn't know whether still on the path or at the shop itself.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Konstantin would catch up with her, so she simply fixed the last bit of clothing as her shoes and jacket. She picked up her bag and Ophelia and left, along to the path to the city. She wasn't that fast as she was just walking with Ophelia, she noticed how her faithful companion was growing up a little, she was still like a child and Alice cared a lot for her but she sometimes noticed how quickly annoyed she was. Especially if they were walking and Ophelia stopped to look at everything. Like she was doing now. So finally Alice lifted her up and started to walk with a quicker pace. She was lost in thoughts about a lot of things. Mostly what she had seen, remembered and what had happened the last couple of days. Who would have known that coming to Magnolia would bring quite a big portion of her memory back. It had hurt quite a lot as well, she had been strong, she didn't like to be a coward anymore or show weakness but it still hurt a lot. She pushed it away, didn't think about it when it was necessary and that's why she was glad that Konstantin was with her most of the time. Every moment that she was alone, it didn't matter if it were seconds, minutes or hours but the bad thoughts would come back to haunt her.

She started to sing a song while she was walking, close to town before Konstantin catched up with her, she immediately stopped, it didn't take very long before they reached the request board and she picked a simple one because it seemed like that Konstantin didn't feel well, "This should be easy." If he agreed she would continue to walk to the shop that she had seen before. "Are you alright?" She felt herself change a little by little when she was with Konstantin, she looked at him when she asked him that question but her mind was already thinking, she took care of herself most of the time, not really caring about others but she did care a lot about him.

Wordcount: 657/1000

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Reaching Alice, even over his scarf it seemed she could tell something wrong which was true in two parts, Kon wasn't a morning person nor was he completely well. Shrugging before sneezing into a handkerchief that he quickly removed from his pocket and placed between his face and the scarf before folding it back and placing it back into his pocket once more. "It's just a light cold is all I'll be better in a day or so no matter I think you'll be fine besides I can always look after you." Finally dismounting his Zebstrika in order to walk to their destination with Alice feeling it would be rude for him to remain on his animal. As it so happened that they would be working for a gentleman that he had worked for already in the past, Khalash who had him do a series of errands.

The man was sincere in his practices as a merchant and paid well while working for him, curious about what they would be doing for him, Kon spoke to Alice as they walked there knowing where to go. "So what are we doing to Mr.Khalash today?" Assuming Alice responded with the request goals he'd just listen and nod accordingly. Eventually, though they would arrive at the man's shop where the merchant was waiting outside tapping his foot against the ground looking around. Eventually he looked in their direction squinting and clapping to himself. "Ah Konstantin, was it? I assume you're here for the job?, And who's this charming young lady?" Looking at the bundle of items he had on the ground, he spoke quickly gathering them up in both hands before continuing. "I'd like to chat and stay with the two of you but I have a train to catch, take care of my shop will you?, don't go into the backroom, dangerous stuff there, here's a key to the shop until I get back." Handing the key to either one of the two before blotting off to the train station. "Odd bloke..." He said after he went out of earshot.


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Adelaide Sokolov
She was wondering something, but didn't want to say it out loud right now. But how was he not okay with the early morning today as he had woken her two days before much earlier.. or was it yesterday? She didn't care about it at all, she wasn't very happy about mornings either but she rather got up early and have a whole day than wake up somewhere late and so on. She yawned herself but tried to hide that by looking somewhere else and hiding her mouth by holding her hand in front of her face.

They were on their way to the shop for which she got the request and Konstantin asked her what about it, "He said he had some errands to run himself, and if we could watch his store. It apparently has some rare items and plants that need to be protected and he doesn't want to close up for a day. Besides he doesn't trust that, thinking someone might rob him." She didn't know the man but she had heard about his shop before, or so she thought, that would mean that it was pretty clear as to why his shop was so important to him, besides sometimes it was nice to earn easy money.

She didn't blush when she got the compliment but she sure felt uncomfortable by it, simply because she wasn't used to it. The old man pushed the key into her hands, which she quickly had to hold on to before it would fall and waved him goodbye, "Interesting character." She mentioned at the same time as Konstantin said 'Odd bloke'. She couldn't help but laugh about it shortly before she opened the store and went inside. It was a really interesting store, not that she was like fangirling over it but she first checked out a few things as she had hidden her jacket and backpack behind the counter. She held on to Ophelia to make sure that the Cleffa wouldn't break something.

There wasn't much to do, not many people did visit. At some point there were children or well teenagers that wanted to distract the two of them to get to the backroom but they didn't make it and she lifted them up at the collars of their shirts and set the two of them outside with a warning to not see them again inside or near the shop. Apparently they hadn't thought that she would be the problem and had only been focused on Konstaint, pff as if she wasn't strong enough simply because she was a woman!

Wordcount: 1109/1000

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Realising that the request the duo would be completing didn't involve any fighting at all Kon felt stupid having donned his armour no matter his presence would still be intimidating enough in the event that there were issues with customers. Entering the shop itself Kon took a place at the far corner of the main room, there he could oversee all of the room. A few people came into the shop eventually a two boys came into the shop and tried to get into the backroom, he became quickly amused by his partners enough and let out a chuckle as they were thrown out of the shop. "Oh man, they weren't expecting that, were they?" Eventually, at about 5:40 the duo closed up the shop though as their client wasn't to return until about 12 am. Because of this Kon would offer to purchase some take out for the two so they could have dinner at the shop itself. Going to the closest fish and chip shop wanting to have some quick and easy food to it. After eating it would be able 8 am, still having to wait for the man they spent the next four hours talking, chatting and otherwise flirting with one another.

Eventually, though the man returned to the shop this time with a waggon of merchandise following behind him. Jolly about his purchases the man rewarded the duo handsomely whilst patting them on the back. The strong scent of alcohol could be smelt lurking on the man's breath as he spoke to them. With the mission completely both Alice and Kon left Magnolia town and the man to return to the bed and breakfast at around 12:30 am.



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Adelaide Sokolov
The day went on through a steady pace and before she knew it, they closed the shop and Konstantin was getting take away food. She swept the store to make sure everything was clean while she waited.

It was a little before midnight that the man returned with a lot of goods and a happy mood. He paid them both and she quickly counted the Jewels. Immediately after that they left to go back to the bed and breakfast.

Wordcount: 1188/1000

Eyes Wide Open [Kon | Quest] RVxL5Jg
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