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CARAVAN GUARD [Kenny] Empty on Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:51 am

Kenny inhaled the cool night air and let out a fierce exhale as he prepped to keep his mind sharp for the day’s job. It was a case of another day another nickel, as he picked up yet another low hanging fruit from the big board of jobs in Era. He sat on a wooden crate next to the expensive looking caravan wagon. Around his immediate area were other wagons sporadically lined up next to one another. It seemed like every merchant in town had a wagon out here, each filled with varying goods, someone full of fruit, others with keepsakes and other goodies. It seemed that the same merchants who parked their inventories in the dead of the night unguarded were overly trusting of their neighbors as Kenny seemed to be the only person out guarding a caravan at this hour.

When he took the job he thought it would have been simple, sit on the wagon, keep himself awake, but he was struggling with the former as he bundled up in his coat trying to stay warm. He was dressed for the cold, his armor’s fur collar kept his neck warm as his heavy set kept the rest from freezing, yet he was cold tonight. He felt sick, his head was throbbing and his nose had been stuffy, Kenny should have been in bed not taking jobs that would have him out in the cold for a night. Yet, when that bag of jewels was shown to him he forgot about being sick and took the job with little hesitation. It wasn’t a large sum of jewels,but it would help him out as far as getting some soup and medicine to help him feel better in the morning. At first it seemed easy, Kenny would patrol around the caravan at midday, pacing around the area before sweeping back to his assigned wagon to sit down for a few moments, but as the day progressed to night he had found himself getting colder, and his headache got worse. It was unbecoming of a man of his size to fall victim to measly germs, but for whatever reason this sickness felt worst than any he had had before, but even with this ailment he could not fail.

Wrapping his arms around himself he had finally found a pocket of heat to indulge in before making another patrol around the caravan.It was quiet out, not even the sound of a cricket's chirp could be heard it was so quiet. The quiet certainly put Kenny off and didn’t help his tired position as he leaned again the wagon and did his best to force his eyes open. Even in his armor he was freezing, but he did well, if he could light a fire or sit in the caravan he’d be more content with this job as he could sleep inside of it and upon anyone messing with the wagon he could spring awake and deal with them, but alas, it was made clear to him that he was to pull an all night guarding job. Kennt may have been a big dog, but he was a long way off from growing his winter coat. The magic-less fighter had found himself drifting off to sleep occasionally, bobbing his head down with every passing moment and cool breeze.

The night went on, hours passed and Kenny had found himself fighting to stay awake at two a.m. or at least what he would consider two a.m. given his lack of time keeping ability. He had managed to force himself up to make another walk around the caravan, his legs and back grew tight with each lap, he eventually found himself dragging his feet as he made his way back to his seat. He was desperate for some sort of entertainment or even a book to read, anything to keep him awake for the last few hours then he could collapse in a nearby wagon and sleep the day away. “Oh sleep, where art thou fair maiden? Come embrace me in your tender bosom as I caress thy loving temperament…” What the heck was he thinking saying? He shook his head and whipped his hair out of his face, the night air did him no favors as it smacked him like a scorned lover, the breeze making his cheeks run red. Just as he found himself trying to recuperate from his delusional ramblings, a peculiar noise came from just behind Kenny’s wagon. Turning his head he tried his best to decipher the noise, could it have been the ambush coming for him? His heart wasn’t ready for this… He couldn’t fight someone off like this, surely he would lose the conflict, from the nature of the sound there must have been two… No an entire gang’s worth of criminals!  

When he thought about it, it seemed pretty risky to stay around, but then again he needed the money. Kenny stood up, wiped the sleep from his eyes and released yawn from his lips, before going over to one of the nearby carts to see what all of the hubbub was. Unconsciously he had raised the neighboring caravan’s curtain just a tad bit to get a view inside. In his view came a couple, a young lanky boy and a rather… ‘voluptuous’ woman were in the midst of a tender moment as they giggled, laughed and overall getting rather lovey dovey with one another. The sight was strange to Kenny, more so because the guy doing all of the philandering was way smaller than him! How was it that every guy and their grandpa could find someone to get all mushy with but him? Kenny watched narrowing his eyes as the woman released a rather masculine laugh and spoke in a deep manly tone, something about a cucumber and a cold cut sandwich. Kenny immediately closed the curtain, only to lift it back up to see what was happening only to drop it once again. “What a trooper…” Kenny complimented the lanky male inside, turning away from the scene he made his way back to the caravan, and clutched his stomach as the scene that had just played in front of him had made him slightly queasy. Settling back into his seat Kenny waited for morning to come… Though he couldn’t help but envy the two in the other cart. What he wouldn’t give for a body to press against to warm up right now. It was too cold for this… He rummaged through his pocket for a moment and pulled out a slip of paper, he still had invitation to Oak… He read it over again, it detailed for him to come to Oak to find the person he had met in the bar not too long ago. Seemed like a pretty sweet deal, at least then he wouldn’t freeze.

The sun peaked over the surrounding buildings and buildings began to open, Kenny stared blankly at the sky as he furiously blinked as he stood up. He had done it! And with doing it Kenny would retrieve his reward and hastily made his way out of the wagon yard, or so he would have. Instead of leaving with his money Kenny decided to get some sleep in an abandoned cart not too far from the one he had been guarding.


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