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New to Town [Finn/Private]

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New to Town [Finn/Private] Empty on Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:23 pm

Sakama crouched, adjusting the laces of her black tennis shoes. After tightening them, she stood again, making her way into the outskirts of the small town. She had never been there before, or if she had, she didn't remember it. A nice breeze blew threw her hair, picking up the bottom of her short black dress causing her to grab it quickly to hold it in place. It might not have been the best day to wear a dress, but it was hot out and she lacked a nice pair of black shorts. Her colors for the day were dark, despite it being a hot day out, as she was not in the best mood, and she needed people to see that and possibly steer clear.
Along with the breeze came the smells of the town, food mostly, making her realize exactly how hungry she was. She had traveled a long distance to get there. The scenery she had passed along the way, although beautiful, was treacherous and tiring to scale. She glanced back at the mountains she had passed and slightly grinned. This was a beautiful place. The short mage removed the small sketch book, a pencil, and a bottle of water from the bag she carried on her side and sat on a rock facing the mountains, she began to sketch out the breathtaking view while taking sips of the refreshing drink.

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Finn Mertens
Spring had finally sprung in Era, bringing with it the sights and smells of a brighter town. Flowers were beginning to form into buds, preparing for their bloom. Others still had already opened, releasing their pollen throughout the air and causing many to sneeze and cough on their days. It seemed a small price to pay for the scenery in which it accompanied. The entire world seemed livelier, driven by the warmer air and smooth breeze. The scents of the town wafted upon the air, teasing scents of food for all those who could still smell.

Finn hadn't seen the town this alive since he had come to civilization. He had only passed through Era a few times, but always in the dead of winter or end of fall. The people crowded like they always did, but their faces seemed as bright as the sky. It seemed the new season brought with it new emotions, and new reasons to explore the town.

As he made his way through its winding streets, saying his hellos to all whom gave him a nod of their head or wave of their hand, he came across a different sight. Throughout the bright city, a dark pair of clothes stood in stark contrast. Black dress, skirt short and adrift in the tugging of the wind. It belonged to a woman with a sketch book, sat against a building and staring off into the distance. She had positioned in the corner, the sun directly above. With all the clamor and direction that everything faced, she'd have never heard him come up.

He hadn't planned to alert her immediately, either. This wasn't to imply that he was attempting to sneak up on her. The thought had never passed his mind. Rather, whatever it was she was drawing made him curious. He had seen artwork before of course, but he had never seen it while it was being created. He watched for a few seconds, seeing her utensil strike the page and leave behind it the dots and lines that would eventually make up whatever she was creating. Finally, he chose to alert her of his presence.

"The mountains are pretty beautiful around here, huh?"

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Sakama grinned as she finally aligned the mountains against the horizon correctly on her page. This had taken her four tries and she had almost begun to give up. This was one of the hardest landscapes she had ever taken on. Though she was an impeccable artist, even the best sometimes had trouble bringing the exceptional beauty of the world to a simple piece of parchment. Every piece she had ever drawn was in her bag, stacked in her most prized possessions, her sketchbooks her father had given her. He had taught her to draw, the delicate slopes of hills, the peaks of mountains, the petals of flowers; they were all her father's techniques passed down.

Although Era had a beautiful scenery, the mage could not help but slightly detest the town. She was never one that bloomed in a social place, and Era had a numerous amount of people on it's streets. She understood the draw to this place, it was simply a shame that it was a crowded as it was. Though her parents would have loved it. The bustle of the town life echoed behind her as she tried her hardest to ignore it and concentrate on her art. She clutched her pencil in her hand as she signed her initials to the finished product and, once again, she smiled.

She hadn't noticed when someone had walked up behind her, and the male's voice frightened her. She spun quick, pencil clutched ready to defend against the assailant if need be. Her hand dropped to her side as she realized the male seemed to mean no harm. Though she was not a social person, Sakama decides to be friendly to the male, as he had walked seemingly out of his way to speak to her.

"Yes, it's very beautiful here. I'm Sakama," She said with a polite smile. It would have been rude of her not to introduce herself, even as she hated most people getting to know her.

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Finn Mertens
"Nice to meet you Sakama," Finn began, beaming a smile in her direction. "I'm Finn!" He had seen more of her drawing than he had originally intended. Watching an artist create was like watching a universe become birthed, and every action drew someone further in. Even someone like Finn who didn't particularly care about the arts found himself completely intrigued by what she had made.

"Your drawing was amazing!" His voice was chipper as he stayed crouched, his weight on his toes and his finger tips aiding in his balance. "Do you make art for a living?" Had Finn been a person who was more aware of body language and conversational queues, he may have picked up on the messages she was sending out. As he was, though, he had no idea that she'd have been happier if he had not walked over. Someone like Finn was a social being, always going out of his way to try to make a new acquaintance. The thought that there were those who didn't was still a weird one for him to grasp.

Regardless, what he had said was true. Her artwork was unique. Each stroke over her hand helped to carve her style into the paper, immortalizing the world as she saw it. It was similar to how Finn felt about fighting, really. Every movement made was a distinguishing feature that set him apart from everyone else who did the same. It was a calling card used in the action that the girl and himself loved, art and combat respectively.

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Sakama could not help but grin at the man before her. He seemed full of childlike charm and excitement which brightened her mood a bit. Being as Sakama was in a new place, she knew she would need some acquaintances, maybe even friends. Though being uncomfortable with the idea of being social with another person, she would rather have a friend that brightened her mood than none at all. Honestly, she was pleased that Finn was the first person to approach her.

She glanced down at the drawing in her hand and a blush coated her cheeks. Hardly anyone had ever seen her drawings before, and the compliment was completely unexpected. Sure, she'd sold a couple commissioned pieces, none of which were her own personal pieces that she was able to put her own spin on.

"Um...thanks." She shot him an embarrassed smile and rubbed the back of her neck. "It's not what I do for a living...it's more of just a private hobby." Truth be told, it was one of the few things in life she put passion in anymore. "I've sold a few pieces, but none of my personals. Actually you're one of the first to see any of my personal drawings." She admitted, the blush still hadn't left her face, but still she smiled at the man.

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Finn Mertens
Whatever the reason behind it, her cheeks quickly flushed. Whether it was his words or the fact that someone else had seen her creating he couldn't say. For a moment, Finn made the conscious realization that this girl was cute, especially when blushing. Just as quickly the thought was shoved to the wayside in order to make room for the present. "Of course!" His voice, while up beat, had calmed somewhat now. Still, he wanted to assure her that he meant what he said.

As she spoke of her art, Finn's eyes got slightly wider as his own cheeks tinted the faintest of pinks. It was not enough to be overwhelmingly noticeable, simply a fade of red before he went back to normal. "Oh slam I'm sorry, I didn't realize," he began, his words quick to come but luckily coherent. Had he been more caught off guard his words may have slurred together. Luckily however, his subconscious had already related it to walking in on Jake practicing his violin. Sometimes, people just wanted their creations to be kept private.

Sitting down practically in the middle of the street and crossing his legs, Finn's back straightened up in a way that only made him look more excited. "Well since I've already caught a glimpse, I'd love to see more of your work sometime." His words came out clearly and confident, his composure back and his meaning sincere. She was talented, no one could argue that. "Is that what brought you to Era? The chance to draw stuff like this?"

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Sakama smiled at the male's enthuasim.  Though she had never willingly let anyone see her art, she nearly jumped at the chance to get feedback from someone who seemed like they would not judge.  She dug into her bag, pulling out two other sketchbooks, holding out both of them to the male.

"These are just a few."  She muttered embarrassed, the pink tint still gracing her cheeks.  "My favorites, actually."  She glanced back towards the mountains and sighed.  "And no, drawing isn't what brought me here, though it was a great idea to drop in.  I'm a wanderer, never been here so I had to visit.  I'm heading towards Magnolia.  My parents used to tell me stories of this town."  A sad smile graced her face.

She glanced off at the edge of the mountains.  It hadn't been that far from here that her father had been killed.  She never thought she would make it back to that area.

"What about You?  You from these parts?"  She asked.

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Finn Mertens
Finn had begun to rummage through the sketch books almost immediately. His hands were slow, fingers holding each page as delicately as he would a newborn. The pressure to handle them with care would have been there even without her calling them her favorites. With that added pressure, though, he had no choice but to take precautions. As he looked, he listened. Her words were paced, speaking what was on her mind without delving too far into detail. Still, the glimpse into who she was was something he enjoyed. Getting to know others allowed one to better know themselves.

"You're really talented," he echoed, placing the sketchbook he had been looking at in his lap and replacing it with the second. As he began to look through this second one, he addressed her once more. "Magnolia is nice, though I've only really ever traveled through it. I'm from Worth Woodsea, but I am a member of Blue Pegasus so I guess now I live in Hargeon and the Woodsea."

His words were nonchalant, stating things that were only fact. To those who knew better though, the idea of living in Worth Woodsea would be an odd one. To some it would be terrifying, to others mysterious. To Finn it was simple reality, it was where he and Jake still knew as home.

"Your drawings all seem like they're alive. I like them!" As he handed back the sketchbooks, he flashed her another toothy grin. "I'm not much of an art guy, I really only fight. I still love your stuff though, I could never do it. You should show them off more!"

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Being complimented was strange for Sakama.  Since her parents had died, she hadn't let anyone get close enough to her to compliment her.  Based on her drawings, vibrant and full of life, you would never guess that Sakama's personality reflected that of an onion being as she had many layers, such as an onion did, but none of her layers were particularly enjoyable or interesting. 

"Thank you, my dad taught me to draw.  I'm not very social and honestly I hate criticism, so its better for me not to let people see my work."  She chuckled.  "I've always been very artistic, which is why fighting came easy for me as well."  She explained.  The wind picked up a small bit, blowing her hair and dress towards the South causing a grimace from her.  She took a few moments to readjust herself.  As she did, she looked over the male.  He was handsome, not full of overpowering masculinity and brute force like the males that usually talked to her were.  He gave her hope for the male population.

"I'm heading towards Fairy Tail, my parents prior guild, and now my own."  Sakama smiled with pride for her guild.  She was very loyal when it came to her guild and guild mates, one of her personality traits she got from her father who was a loyal member of the guild for his entire life.

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Finn Mertens
As she spoke, he got rather excited. She mentioned fighting, which was about the biggest mistake she could have made. Fighting was one of Finn's passions, something he could talk about for hours on end and not feel as if he'd really even started. In a sense it was his hobby, but in reality it was one of his passions. It wasn't necessarily that hurting and getting hurt won his heart over. It was the idea that every time he did it, something different happened. Each fight was a unique experience, bringing with it new lessons.

Before he spoke of it, she continued speaking. It was a smart correction that she didn't even realize she needed to make. Had she not continued, the discussion would have likely never saved itself. She spoke of her own guild, one that was also light and technically a friend of Blue Pegasus. His smile had died down a bit in intensity, but not at all in its authenticity or brightness. She was an interesting individual, and one he was believing he'd been lucky to meet.

"I like fighting too!" Now that he finally spoke, it was evident he couldn't completely break away from the topic. Raising an arm in the same motion that he'd flex the muscle there, he slapped a hand over the bicep as if to emphasize his right arm. "Punching them right in the snoz!" His excitement was almost childlike for a moment before he let out a chuckle. "And that's really cool. Kind of like a tradition then, right?" Finn was genuinely curious, his bright nature making it impossible to guess that he had never so much as even met his parents.

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She chuckled as the male spoke highly of his passion. Strangely, a smile hadn't left her face. Though she hated humanity as a whole, there were some who she respected and even adored. Finn seemed like he would be one of the latter. It was impossible not to find someone who spoke so passionately about something interesting. Being as Sakama was loyal when it came to fighting, she loved people who were the same. Fighting was an art, one that required a real passion for to perfect. The numerous amount of hours spent training required a level above just a simple love for fighting.

"Tradition, you can say that." She scratched the back of her head and sighed. "I didn't want to be in a guild for a while, when I was younger. My parents seemed disappointed. So I joined the one they wanted me to." She explained. The sun was bright as she looked out along the mountain range. "You're the first person I've met around here, kinda gives me hope for humanity. There needs to be more people like you in the world." She had never given a compliment before and it sounded strange slipping from between her lips.

The pink tint returned to her face and she looked away from the male to prevent further embarrassment. She hadn't had this long of a conversation with another person in a while. It was very strange having a decent conversation and actually having fun while doing it. She needed more people like this in her life.

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Finn Mertens
As she spoke, Finn invested himself into her words. She was quickly making the effort to close the gap from acquaintance to friend, and making solid progress. It likely wasn't something she was trying to do, just like he wasn't necessarily trying to shape their relationship into anything. It was simply two people, meeting at random within Era and indulging in each others company. This air between them, still as it was, held a vibrancy that was being birthed by their discussion.

As she shaped her words into a compliment, Finn got slightly caught off guard. He wasn't really expecting it, though it seemed like a rare occurrence that one would actively be expecting praise. Her words colored his face in a dull red, focused primarily on his cheeks for a moment of flushed embarrassment. A single hand raised to his jaw, his index finger scratching his cheek as if any sort of motion would distract him from the sudden and unexpected words. His eyes found themselves avoiding contact with her, though that was due only to his own inability to process the compliment.

Then, just as soon as he felt himself embarrassed, it evaporated. A laughter bubbled in his stomach as he started at the girl, barely able to see her own cheeks tinted red. It seemed her words had caught her just as off guard as it caught him, causing her to look away from him entirely.

"I don't know about that really," he started, his words still being laced with a bit of laughter. "I just do me. Adventures and junk. I don't know that I'm really that special!" His words to mitigate it only brought him back to a sort of silence as he wondered what to say next. "So do you use magic? I know most people in guilds can to some extent."

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Sakama could see that Finn was obviously just as embarrassed about the compliment as she herself was. She could only guess that neither of them were used to receiving anything close to compliments. Her cheeks were finally relieved of their pink tint and she was able to look upon the man once again. The smile on his face never faltered and she was quite surprised that he could keep up the excitement even after being somewhat embarrassed. Sakama could never quite process emotion correctly, and even a slight feeling of embarrassment would turn her into a babbling idiot, though she had been able to control it slightly during their conversation. She gave him all of her attention as he replied and then questioned her.

"Being special is a matter of opinion. In your own eyes you may not be, simply because you cannot see yourself from the outside. You're...innocent...I guess is the word. There are not many people left in the world with the purity that I see in you. One of the few white spots left on a stained carpet." She chuckled at her own analogy. "As for magic, yes, I do obtain a bit. It isn't trained very well yet, not very strong." She shrugged. "Darkness, I use shadows to do my bidding." It sounded evil, even to her. She did not mean for it to come out the way that it did, yet she did not want to stumble over her words trying to fix the wording, so she left it as it was. "How about you? Magic in your bones? Or do you just prefer to beat people to a pulp with your hands?" It was meant as a joke, and she hoped the man could pick up on the joking tone in her voice, otherwise he could take it the wrong way, and that's not something that she wanted in the process of befriending this man.

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Finn Mertens
Finn didn't know how he took being called innocent. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, and it wasn't something that upset him or made him feel the need to prove otherwise. In a way, especially the way she worded it, it had seemed like honest praise. Still, he remembered back to some of his talks to Jake. Often times his older brother would call him just that, innocent. Other times though, normally after battle, he'd contrast Finn from the word entirely. It made him wonder what innocent truly meant, and what sort of weight it held.

"Nope!" His word held a certain level of pep to it, as if fueled by pride. "Not an inkling of magic talent. I tried to learn some spells and stuff a while back but nope." He talked about it as if the subject had long been done, a fact rather than a setback. His voice held genuine joy when he spoke of what others would certainly view as a setback or shortfall. "I have mana and all. Just no magic!"

With that statement, Finn removed his sword from his back and set in on the ground before rolling forward, ending up on his back with his arms and legs spread out. Looking at the girl, then up to the sky, he brought his arms behind his head and sighed. "Anyways Sakama, lets relax for a bit. You seem like a really good person, I'm glad we met. Lets relax some before we have to go do our own junk again."

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Sakama considered what the male had said and pondered over what he could have meant. She had many had bad experiences with magic, yet she never thought of giving it up. Though, she thought, she could not give it up if she tried, as it was embedded in her very DNA. Her magic was one of her favorite things about herself. With it, she was able to connect with other people, something she could not usually accomplish on her own.

She once again smiled at the man's behavior. She found herself dropping her bag to the ground and laying down on the ground, looking up at the sky. The clouds were bright and fluffy. She immediately found one that looked like a bunny.

"Thanks for stopping and talking to me." She muttered, never taking her eyes off the sky. "I know I'm not the most approachable." This had been a great day, even though meeting a friend hadn't been on her to do list.

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