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Dance of the undead [Mission:solo]

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Dance of the undead [Mission:solo] Empty on Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:40 pm

Arisa walked slowly towards the hotel area in which she hoped to find soon. She already had things to do as soon as she got here. No funny business as there was no time to do so. Even though that was true, she had to get some things done as soon as she did get here. There was a hotel to book, some food to get and some drinks as she hasn’t ate nor drank since her leave from Era. ‘Era…’ She thought coldly as she would lower her gaze towards the lit up streets of cobble stone. Her golden hues would darkened as she thought of the things that happened there. Oh wait, she still was here. Her mind felt so lost to where she forgot that she was still located at Era, but why? She shook her head and then remembered that there was a very important thing to do, which was the mission she was given by Marwin.

It was true that there was some good things that happened there while she visited there, but there were bad things too – when isn’t there? In every good, there is bad. It went for any and everything; such as people, animals and just events. Her long raven hair would sway left and right as she let it all down like some waterfall within the night. It was shiny and glistening from the sunlight that was shining upon it. She was wearing her body suit made out of latex. The colors were purple up front that had an hourglass design and the rest was white like snow. She wore no gloves and no jewelry.

She was to go towards town as she was just now by the gates. The weather seemed fair as it wasn’t too cold nor too hot. Her fingers traced the wooden gates as she could feel the simple small pieces of splinters poking out of the gate itself. It felt smooth otherwise as if it was remade. Was it truly wood though? She didn’t care enough as she was feeling it. The touch was important, but to her, the actual object she was touching wasn’t important enough. Her heart was pounding slowly as her hips swayed towards where she was to actually meet Lieutenant Marwin with some report. She looked back when she met the person.

‘Ugh, the house I stayed at is no longer being paid for…’ she thought as she would then think that she would have to book a hotel room. She honestly didn’t want to pay for the house itself as she already has her manor in Orchidia. What was she to do? Was she to book another hotel like she usually does? ‘Wonder what happened to the funds.’ She would wonder as well. Her left canine would bite her lower lip as she would walk forward to then see Marin. ‘’You needed me?’’ she would ask calmly with a little softness. He was turned away as if he was busy with something, but with what? Who the hell knew as she didn’t know this man’s life? She’d cough as to motion that she was right here, waiting impatiently. With that the man would slowly turn around with a cocked eyebrow kind of look. ‘’Oh.’’ Was all he would say? ‘OH?! I waste my time coming here and all he can say is ‘oh’?’ she thought frustrated. She found it rude that if someone wastes their time to help others and they’re just simple with words. Her eyes would half-way close as if she was irritated about this. ‘’O- I mean, Right. Down to business since I believe you’re here to help.’’ He would start and with that she would cross her arms against her chest. ‘’I think something is going on. I wish for you to verify reports as what was sent to me…Concerns me for the sake of this City.’’ He would say. ‘’Alright then.’’ She would say with a simple nod. ‘’I’ll take those and go.’’ Arisa would then say as her eyes looked at the papers in the Lieutenants hands.

Here she was though with that paper still in her hands. Slowly she’d walk forward to search for some ‘zombies’ as they would call it. Her eyes lowered to look at the paper as she would walk. Time would pass by as her feet would step on lonely branches that fell off of trees. ‘Snap’ ‘Crackle’ ‘Pop’ she would hear such things on her little walk. Her hiking boots would snap all that were in her way and the wind would hit her face, making strands of her hair flow back. She heard nothing, but then something not so far from her, was there. It was a statue, even though she would say it was a simple one, it was a statue of a pagan god with cultists surrounding it.

Her eyes motions a little more open as she then saw some undead beings. ‘So they weren’t lying? Well then…’ she would think as her eyes squinted, watching. ‘You should just…run in there.’ The darker voice joked and chuckled. Arisa’s eyes rolled and then turned away to walk back towards Lieutenant Marwin. Slowly she’d walk laway so she couldn’t be heard and as she got further away, she’d run. What will he say? She wondered as she would have her arms in an acute angle, breathing heavily while her hips swayed. She felt like she was in a hurry, all life was at stake, but the real question was, why did she care? Was there something she held precious? Nope. Not in this life or so she would think… Soon she would run into Lieutenant Marwin with the papers clenched in her own hands. ‘’Whoa now. What’s wrong?’’ he’d ask concerned in his old mannish crackle-like voice. ‘’They’re right. There are cultists, a statue and undead within the area where they’re surrounding.’’ She would say as Arisa would try to calm down so her heart didn’t feel like bursting. She felt somewhat tired from the running around. He nodded his head, gave her the reward and hurried to the business that was to be dealt with.



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