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Certains mots qui semblent drôles

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#1Noel Raion 

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Noel Raion
Nouveau téléphone qui est ce
Strutting as proud as he could, his shoulder bashed into more peoples’ shoulder than it should have. Luckily for Maarschalk, the shoulders he bumped into belonged to the weak and inferior. Nobody objected, all he received was dirty looks from the plebeians of Era. Today was a good day at that.

The state.

Or the kingdom or whatever?

Whoever the fuck.

Gave him money, money for minding the affairs of others, and indirectly -- or directly should I say save the town of Era. He already had set up a budget for this money.

1,000,000 jewels:
550,000new condo
150,000sexual massage(s)

A mental note was made of the things he budgeted for; certainly, he already went over-budget -- but what weirdo is grabbing their calculator to see if that's true, right? You wouldn't do such a thing, would you? By making his way downtown, one shoulder that bumped into his was quite subtle -- like the movements of a thief, this snake moved against and around Maarschalk simultaneously. He hadn't noticed, since his mind was preoccupied with thoughts of spending the money. After making his way into a coffee shop he noticed a note that wasn't in his pocket before.

Had he been reverse-pickpocketed?

A reverse pickpocket is an act which a thief places an item in the pockets of someone else -- usually this is done with evidence of a murder, like someone laying a bloody knife in your apartment.

By folding open the note and simultaneously holding up everyone behind him in the coffee shop, Maarschalk looked down at the notes that were scribbled on it.

&&CALL: --name redacted-- 13 374206 9&&

Oh cool, that's very nice. Now he needed an apparatus that would allow him to enable telecommunication and he should be set. The young whippersnappers have one on them pretty much always, don't they?

Maarschalk walked out the coffee store, the line behind him got mad -- good thing his ignorance was vast enough to allow him to ignore those people.

He was looking for one of those, 'phone'-stores.

And luckily, a familiar face appeared.


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Arisa laid upon the grass that felt rather ticklish against her white cream colored skin. It was shaded by a single tree that was above her as it was full of nature. A small smile formed from her full sized lips as she thought of the life that was there. 'Beauty of nature. So fair. So pure, yet it gets destroyed.' a voice would say in her thoughts. Who was it exactly? Most likely the darker one, but the voice sounded so far as if it was stuck in a void created by her own self. Her heart would beat normally as it was then quicker than normal when she thought of a single night that wouldn't leave her.

Her nose could still smell the minty fresh aroma that came from him. The feel of his arms around her waist against her own clothing made it feel intense even though he disappeared soon after. 'He seemed to have some tight schedule with that leave. That or it was what you obviously said. What he said was what I got from that.' the darker voice spoke calmly and coldly in some French-like accent. Her eyes opened to then look at the sky as she took a soft breather. 'I guess it's time to get off my lazy ass.' she would say and looked away. She was too shy to even say out-loud such things from what she thought. Rolling over towards her left to land on her stomach against the ground, she'd use her palms to pressure against the grass that would of course push herself up. 'Umph' As she would kneel and then stand up straight. ''There we go.'' she would say softly out-loud. Slowly her body turned away from the tree she was laying against and then went towards the shopping area.

Arisa was wearing a black neck bow-tie sleeveless blouse. Her hair was up in her casual pony tail, but the scrunchy was black with a tie at top. For her pants, she wore blue apple bottom jeans with a  simple cut diagonally on the outer left thigh.  The shoes were actually black uncovered sandals. The straps that go between the big toe and the other one was thin-black with mini white jewels, the middle had a single flower shaped one. The sun that was shining down would gleam her skin like some polished cream colored pearl as her brown chocolate hair glistened to where it showed some caramel natrual highlights. The clothing she was feeling felt comfortable and casual in her opinion. Everyone else's opinion? It didn't matter unless she cared about the person's opinion, which was rare.

Her eyes looked around, looking at everyone's ware and faces, seeing if she saw anyone familiar. She swore she did everything there was to possibly do in this forsaken city, so what was left? Maybe she'd run into someone she knew and it'd go from there. Arisa's arms dangled yet her hands were in her hip-pockets. There was of course nothing in her pocket, but it just felt relaxing in this walking stance. 'That night is still on my mind.' she would think and sigh. Her facial expression stayed calm for her obvious self-defensive reasons. While her eyes were wondering, they met with someone's eyes that belonged to a familiar person. 'Maars?' she'd think as she would see him alongside some other shops. Her pace would go faster till she close enough to side step, turn fully around so she was walking the same way he was, but they were to be walking side-by-side. ''What are you up to?'' she would say in one of her calm tones. Arisa would try not to blush about the night before between them, the kiss at least. She held her tongue about the subject as well as her true emotions.

#3Noel Raion 

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Noel Raion
Nouveau téléphone qui est ce
Were the first words Maarschalk spoke in response to the familiar face. Arisa immediately asked what he was up to, which was coincidental since he needed the help of someone who was a bit... younger than him.

'It's going well- very well, as a fact--'

Before continuing to speak he slowly begun walking with her towards the general location of a phone booth.

'That night was pretty good, we should have one of those again sometime.'

He begun, recollecting the kiss they shared. It wasn't too long ago since that moment. Thinking about it made his teeth grip a bit of skin on the inside of his mouth-- he wasn't a shy person, it had been many years since he was married;

'But for now, I could use a favor. Would you help me, please?'

A gesture of kindness was rare, especially from Maarschalk. Too bad he couldn't show her his cold side as easily to make that of note.

'Some stranger gave me a note with a phone-number, and I think I'm mean to call this number.'

Maarschalk was too shy to reveal his inability to call numbers, to oust his lack of knowledge in the technology of the whippersnappers. In the palm of his hand rested a note,

&&CALL: --name redacted-- 13 374206 9&&

'Could you accompany to the nearest phone-booth and call this number, please?'

The nearest phone booth was a street away, presumably he began walking towards it accompanied by Arisa.


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Her ears would perk up as her one-train hearing went all on Maarschalk's words. He started to say how it was going very well, but then talked about a different specific subject. The man spoke of that night which was funny. Funny to her at least as she was only thinking about the night, didn't say anything about it out-loud. Her heart beat was rather hard, but slow like as if someone was pounding a hammer slowly yet hard against a thick knob made of diamond (her heart being that knob).

Clink clink clink

As that would be the noise. Being this close to him, it was as if their hands could simply touch. She couldn't even imagine him doing that, they just finally knew each other. The first time they met was at his guild, second was the tournament and the last was the alley with him being tied. Wasn't it? As far as her knowledge knew it was, but that scent she had that one night during the fight...It had to be his. ''Of course.'' she would say after the conversation and his question to help him. His tone was nice, but surely there was something beyond that, but she'd enjoy this. Perhaps he was being like Lucifer, who was nice randomly as well as cold in other times. They walked side-by-side towards some booth that had a phone on it. 'Some stranger?' she wondered as her eyes cornered to look up at him.

'Who would give him some random number? Could it be a joke?' She would think more curious than concerned or so she would believe.

Shaking that thought she would look at the note which he showed with the number on it. 'Weird ass number.' she thought as she would then motion her left hand and turned her body to grab it. ''Got it.'' she spoke and nodded. Simply Arisa turned to walk towards the booth, not trying to trip and stood in front of it. Her eyes looked towards the slot which she'd then reach in her chest pocket, grabbing money. Her right hand picked up the phone, left hand put down the paper on the small shelf under the phone holder and pressed in the numbers.

Bing bing ding cling ning ing ♪

The pressing of the numbers made simple noises. After she was done, she'd put the phone by her ears to then hear them ring. Her eyes would corner to look at Maarschalk while biting her lower lip with her left canine tooth, waiting.

It stopped ringing. All she could hear was some deep breathing. 'What the fuck?' she thought, trying to not laugh, but her hand gripped the phone tighter. ''I see you got the number. Go to this location. '' He would say, not knowing it was just her on the phone. Did they know him? Was this some trick? She turned the paper with the number around, grabbed a pen that was next to the booth and wrote the directions.

''Go through the alley next to the coffee shop, go right towards the flower shop. Before going in, you turn a sharp left and then turn. Go straight through by the fences and into the dark brick building. You'll find something there...'' he would say to her. Quickly he would hang up which made her turn. ''Some heavy breathing guy gave me directions to go to some unknown place. Here's the paper. That or maybe I pressed in a number wrong....'' She wondered what would be there. Money? Invitation to something? Some party? What could it be? Was there anything at all there? She hoped she didn't put in the wrong numbers...It made her feel rather kakorrhaphiophobic. Her head tilted up to look into his eyes like always, as if she was some agastopian towards them. Even with that, her calm facial expression would hide her admiration and shyness towards him. ''So what now?'' She would question as she would motion her hand with the paper towards his own hand.

#5Noel Raion 

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Noel Raion
Nouveau téléphone qui est ce
Luckily Maarschalk was assisted by someone he could trust. After the dialogue, they both went to the phone booth, with Maarschalk standing outside as stand-by backup or whatever. He heard some mutterings and mumblings from the booth. Perhaps it wasn't as serious as he expected? It was hard to say.

After a few moments, Arisa had hung up the phone and made some sort of a drawing as well. The situation as she explained, was that there was a heavy-breathing man giving her directions. Certainly interesting, Maarschalk grabbed her wrist and begun to walk towards the mentioned destination. His grasp wasn't all that tight -- even though he felt like a gentle giant most of the time around people, he still knew how to be careful. Especially with the arm of a lady, he'd strut towards the location. It wasn't that far away, as described by the note she held.

Upon arriving at the place described, the first thing Maarschalk noticed was a paper being held by a knife. The knife was a short dagger type, and it held the paper against the wood that it pierced through.

Of course, he wasn't going to walk towards the paper and rip it off right away. He wanted to scan the place for possible boobytraps. Therefore, he would hold back Arisa if she tried to step too close to it.

'It might be boobied.'

He explained, with a raspy voice. But nothing within his eyesight could notice any hints that it was. The dark brick building was dusty, and footprints were barely visible. Whoever was in here came to do a job and left right away. Perhaps this was a murder scene, and Maarschalk and Arisa were in a set-up. This made realize that if this was a set-up, it'd be much more psychological than a mere attempt at an ambush or whatever.

'I'll check it out, wait here.'

He stepped forward and begun reading the note.

1,000,000 JEWELS.

A mild chuckle escaped his lips. Guerrier was the nickname that his son held -- the situation amused him a bit, first off, his son got kidnapped - and then they also found out who his dad is. Maarschalk didn't intend on using the one-million jewels to retrieve his son, but he was curious to his well-being.

'Hmm, hmm. Hmmmm... This is bad, I need to go to Magnolia -- right now. One of my... 'associates', has been kidnapped.'

He explained, walking back to Arisa who presumably stayed put. Had she followed him, the first thing he would do is leave this building with her. Of course, being a man, he would watch her back as they left. Her lower back, to be more precise.


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She continued looking up at him in question as to what that random was talking about. Sure enough he took her wrist as they were to follow the directions she was given on the phone, Maarschalk being the leader. It wasn't too tight, but it was a grip to remember as her heart jumped when he did so. Was it because usually she wasn't grabbed by guys? When she lived on the Islands, she surely doesn't remember being talked to by boys neither. 'Nnn...' Her head would feel a pulse from her temples as if she was trying to remember something, but that would seem to be put on hold.

The wind would run into her as the pressure from the running and that would mix, flailing the long strands of her hair back. Just so she wouldn't feel like a dragged doll, she'd try to run in the same pace, keyword 'try'. She knew she wasn't so fast yet, but she had to get better somehow. Soon they'd run into the area and right as she would walk forward, she was held back. Her eyes would open up a little as to wonder why. Her eyes then gave it a better look... The knife holding some paper was there on the wall. Maybe he wanted to go to see what it was so she doesn't danger herself? 'Awe, how sweet.' the darker voice would chuckle and speak within her thoughts. 'Shut up...' Arisa would respond all flustered in her own thoughts back to her. She stood still as it seemed that he wished it so. Her golden hues would watch him get the paper that was held and came back. Something felt wrong, but what was it?

'Hmm, hmm. Hmmmm... This is bad, I need to go to Magnolia -- right now. One of my... 'associates', has been kidnapped.' - He spoke.

''Kidnapped? Alright, let's go then.'' she spoke calmly yet determined to help. Turning away from the building, she'd walk with Maarschalk to leave the area and towards Magnolia.


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