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Romantic Ways [Solo/Slice of Life]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Romantic Ways [Solo/Slice of Life] Empty on Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:03 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
It was morning in the Nakamura household. Lying in the quiet hallways was Alaska, wandering about looking around her new home. The fox was still settling in and getting use to her new surroundings. The bond between her and LeeAnn was slowly growing with every trip the two of them take together, but she still missed her Nicholas, LeeAnn's and Hikaru's father. The man who had raised her from a small pup. The walls were tall and old with base paint and dark trim along the edges. A small scent came to her nostrils one that was vaguely familiar. Her little paws quickened the pace to LeeAnn's and Han's bedroom. The door was almost fully closed, but showing a small crack enough for her to get in. Wiggling her nose through to widen the crack, she slipped in to see the whole room was dark as Hans held LeeAnn in a loving embrace. The fox tilted her head as she smelled that scent which was stronger. Blinds were closed making it even harder for her to see anything.

Off in the corner was a small bed, the bed that she came in when arrived at the house. She padded towards it and sniffed it. It smelled like home. She circled a few times in it and curled up with her six white tails. The light emerging from the hallway shined into the room and onto LeeAnn's eyes. It made her squint and slowly open both of them. Feeling groggy and tired, she moaned and pulled the covers over her face to hide the bright morning light. She felt Han's kitsunes tails embracing her skin with the soft, fluffiness of each and every nine of them. It took a while for her to actually decide to get up. Though, she fell back asleep.

Hans slowly fluttered his eyes open. A smile came across his face seeing LeeAnn right next to him fast asleep. The peaceful face dreaming away about something probably wonderful or random. The kitsune could not stop smiling at her. She was the one for him and the only one he came to care for. Of course, he cared about Hikaru and all of them, but she was the most important person in his life. The only one that mattered and held some weight to his life. Gently, he skimmed his fingers along her cheek feeling her soft skin. He kissed her forehead as he got up. He wore just basic sweatpants and no shirt. Alaska perked up hearing Hans walk by. It has been at least a few days since she was last in the hospital and finally had things calm down. No one would ever know the weight of what Hans had to carry for her. Of course, he didn't mind, but it was a lot.

LeeAnn groaned hearing Hans's footsteps with her enhanced Neko hearing. The young redhead opened her eyes again to see Hans right above her in her face. "Morning sleepyhead" he chirped. It caused her to flinch back the slowly realized it as only Hans. Blinking a few times, she smiled at him see that derpy face of his. It was something she never gotten tired of. "Hey handsome" she whispered. They both gave each other a small peck on the lips then LeeAnn got up. She wore black shorts and a loose gray t-shirt. A loud yawn came from her as she dragged herself to the kitchen. Alaska followed knowing it was going to be meal time right about now. They both entered the kitchen as LeeAnn poured some food for Alaska and gotten herself a basic bowl of dry cereal and vodka. Hans had a huge breakfest for himself. Typical he inhaled it leaving Leeann barely making a dent into hers. Hans thought it would be nice to treat LeeAnn to something. They hadn't really spent one-on-one time with each other. Both of them have been feeling the stress so probably today would be a good time to actually go on a legit date.

Hey LeeAnn, I was wondering are you doing anything today" Hans asked. LeeAnn took a spoonful of cereal and chewed it looking at him. She swallowed and then spoke. "No, I was going to take another job and probably train a little. Why" she asked. Hans gave a smile. "Okay" he smiled. It appeared odd to her or giving her some vibe he was up to something. She went back to her cereal. Afterwards, she would put on her black pants, boots, black leather jacket, and a green t-shirt underneath with her brown eyepatch and engagement ring. Hans would wear his typical gray streampunk trenchcoat, black top hat, goggles, boots and pants. Alaska went with them.

It was a nice day in late April. Hans walked beside LeeAnn holding her hand. She thought they were going to the request board in the Magic Council Headquarters. Alaska walked by their side as Hans smiled from ear to ear. It creeped out LeeAnn. Finally she said something. "Would you like to tell me what you are up to, please? I know that look" she asked. Hans carried her over his back as she cried out his name out of surprise. Then she demanded to be let down.

"Hans! Let me down! NOW" she cried, angrily. Alaska only sighed.

#2LeeAnn Nakamura 

Romantic Ways [Solo/Slice of Life] Empty on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:10 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
No matter how much she demanded to be let down, he would refuse. Hans was a man of his word. He would walk down the streets of Era near the center of town. Old fashion buildings LeeAnn recognized from previous sights and everything. There was the shop her and her father would go to for ice cream when she was little and the cafe her and Hans went to a few times. Old times started to flood back with the happy memories of the past. She missed those days of when everything was sweet and happy. Nothing to worry about at all. Hans held her over his shoulder as she would look at the ground they were passing by. Seeing golden cobble brick stones making her think about her childhood. Family was something she held dear to her heart the reason why she was in all of this mess in the first place. To heal her father's pained heart, it was her secret mission to.

The morning sunshine carried its way to her bright red hair like a scarlet rose. LeeAnn wondered what the kitsune was up to. Hans held a determined face as a smile of passion burning. He knew for sure she would love this! The went past he center of Era and more to the outskirts of the city. They were away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Upon a large hill lied a tall willow tree that branched with long limbs to cover a lot of ground. It had wine and glass bottles hanging from it of different colors and shapes. LeeAnn could not see this of course. "Hans, where are you taking me" she asked. The kitsune would walk up the hill then gently place LeeAnn down in the green grass. It felt cooler under the shade than in the sunlight. Wearing black does make things hotter, but the heat never bothered her anyways. She saw the sights of hte wine bottles hanging from the tree's branches and the colors that were reflecting onto the ground and tree from the sunlight. Rainbow of colors lied everwhere making her inner child start smiling. Her eyes met Hans then down at Alaska. The snow vulpix was fascinated by the colors as she hopped and pranced trying to catch them as they waved back and forth. "What is this place? It's pretty amazing" LeeAnn had asked. Hans smiled.

"This is the place where we first had our date and where we confessed our love for each other" he smiled. LeeAnn had entirely forgotten about all of that and felt a pang of guilt in her stomach. She forgot something as simple as where they had their first date. Usually, someone like herself would remember something that important. The stress she was putting on herself and all of these mishaps were piling on making her difficult to really remember anything. Hans grabbed a bottle from the tree snapping the string. It had a note inside of it. He got the note out of it and handed it to LeeAnn.

"Today we have confessed our love to each other. Hans and I are one and the same. I love him. The man who saved my life from despair and tragedy has let me live a second chance. I will forever be in his debt. Hans, I love you"

she read out loud. LeeAnn's cat ears perked as it twitched from reading it over and over and over again. Slowly, a sudden happiness came into her heart opening a true smile. Her eyes started watering a bit even through her eye patch. Instantly, she wrapped her arms around Hans in a tight embrace crying tears of joy. She buried her face into his chest. "How could I forget about this! Hans is this why you brought me here? To remind me of something" she smiled. The kitsune laughed nervously. "Actually to cheer you up and take you out on a date. Something we haven't done for a while" she said. He took her hand and held it in his right on and the other around her waist pulling her forward.

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