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Era - Magnolia [Walk | Kon]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Era - Magnolia [Walk | Kon] Empty on Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:45 am

Adelaide Sokolov
After one last check around her room, Alice noted that she had everything. This time she hadn't bought too much and didn't have to leave anything behind. Her books, clothing, weapons and armour were stacked into her bags as well as the dimensional pocket that she was able to use thanks to her magic. She quickly hurried down the stairs to see if Konstantin was already waiting on her or if she was on time. Either way it didn't take long before they would go to Magnolia. She was dressed in knee high brown boots, a black pair of trousers and a simple white t-shirt and her leather jacket. On her back she had the little blue backpack that contained a few small items as well as Ophelia. It wouldn't be smart to let the Cleffa walk, they wouldn't even arrive in a fortnight.

She was rather excited, even though she liked Era more than she had expected, it was good to travel. she hadn't thought she would like travelling so much and it was completely going the other way to where Lacie should or could be but it didn't matter. First she needed time to figure out what happened, than she could face her sister. The walk to Magnolia was more pleasant with enjoyable company than the travel from Oak to Marigold or from Marigold to Era. Although the last city made up by meeting up with many people that she liked.

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Konstantin had already left the inn at the crack of dawn preparing both his Zebstrika and himself. His stallion required his saddle to be put back on after removing it yesterday along with his bridle. Once those were done upon the beast, Kon threw over the stunningly colourful crimson caparisons over the Zebstrika before lifting up and trying on the various bags and briefcases he needed to take with him. This was all done whilst Kon wore just half of his armour finding that the left portion was fair to restricting when completing such tasks. With them done up he attached the rest of his armour on before jumping onto the animal. By the time Alice reached him which drew a smile upon his face he was ready. Noticing that she too was all ready to go he started the journey off with a gentle walk as to keep pace with his travelling companion. Along the way, if need be Kon would gladly stop but on the whole neither he nor Sparky would need too much rest.


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Era - Magnolia [Walk | Kon] KHvJeW6

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