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Caravan Guard | Solo

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Caravan Guard | Solo Empty on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:50 am



Quest: Caravan Guard

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Augustus Tavalar: Augustus is a merchant who travels around constantly. He is quite good at what he does and therefore has a company of mercenaries that travel around with him to protect the goods. These mercenaries battle till death since their families get compensated if they lose their lives while protecting the goods.

Summary: Augustus is ready to send out another caravan tomorrow but he has heard rumors about someone trying to steal his wares before he deploys it. He has already sent out most his mercenaries to protect a caravan that is being sent to Hargeon, and he needs his remainder of mercenaries to protect himself. He is in need of a mage to guard his caravan for the night.

Enemies: None

Objective: Guard the caravan for the night.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era Town.
  • It's night and you will be standing in pretty shade caravan parking spot in Era which is quite accessible via many streets and alleys.
  • To ensure that nobody gets in you need to keep walking around the caravan the entire night while trying to remain awake.
  • At some point you will hear strange noises in the caravan parked next to yours, be ready to investigate.
  • Upon checking it you will find out that there is simply a couple inside giggling and flirting with each other, return out to your caravan quickly and don't ruin their night.
  • It seems like the rumors were not true since it's almost day and nothing has happened. One of Augustus his mercenaries will show up and give you your reward for protecting the caravan and take over your spot.


Caravan Guard | Solo Empty on Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:03 am


Caravan Guard | Solo Light_10

The rain bore down mercilessly upon the heart of the city, pounding on the rooftops and turning the cobbled streets of the town of Era into a warren of slick stones and muddy waters. Some people on the streets had their bags on top of their heads to prevent themselves from getting wet while they frantically search for a shelter to stay out from the storm. Right across the road was a small café, perfect for those who would like a cup of coffee or just a snack. Watching the residents of the town through the window was a young girl sipping on her cappuccino.

The aroma of fresh baked cookies and bread had invited her inside the shop and before she knew she had already been sitting at the café for hours. In front of her laid a plate of chocolate crepe cake that was already half eaten. The hot coffee warmed her body, in spite of the chilly atmosphere outside the shop. Snow looked down at her plate, not wanting to finish off the delicious cake that she had just ordered for the second time but she had no time to waste, for she had a quest to accomplish. She savoured the delightful taste that was left on her tongue and finished off the cake with a gulp of the cappuccino.

The girl behind the counter smiled at her when Snow approached her to pay for the treat. ”Did you like it ma’dam?” she enquired, with a gentle smile on her face. It had been a while since she tasted such appetizing desserts and she promised herself to visit the café again. Snow nodded while placing the jewels on the counter, slightly more than she intended to give. ”Keep the change.” She would add before exiting the café. It was rare for her to do something like that but since she enjoyed the cake, she thought a little kindness wouldn’t hurt.

Silver eyes drifted upwards into the sky. It was dark and the grey clouds blocked the sunlight like a veil. Seeing how dark it was, she was not sure whether it was still afternoon or evening. She stood under the shade of the roof, so as to prevent herself from getting wet. The rain would always make her clothes damp and the puddles that lay randomly on the road would soak her shoes, which was why she disliked the rain. Opening the umbrella, she stepped out into the rain as the droplets would strike upon the object as she proceeded onto her destination; a parking spot.

The quest required her to guard a caravan for the night since there were rumours around the area that there were some thieves who were trying to steal the property. Once she located the parking spot of the specified caravan, the girl leaned against the bumper as she inventoried her surroundings. It was quite large and the parking spot seemed easily accessible by people living nearby which was probably why the rumours started.

A frustrated sigh escaped her lips as she wondered why on earth she had taken up for the quest. Guarding was not something she wished to do, not to mention – she was going to lose her precious sleep since it was mandatory to stay up all night to guard the caravan. ”This is really boring.” The girl mumbled to herself, silently wishing she had at least brought a novel with her to kill some time. Snow climbed on the top of the car, making sure she caused no scratches on the vehicle and reclined on her back.

The rain had ceased long ago and she felt relieved knowing that she would not be guarding the caravan underneath the pouring rain. Her arms rested underneath her as she gazed up at the exquisite view above her. The grey clouds had already cleared up and the bright, silver moon was high up in the sky. The sun was on the verge of vanishing from the horizon, yet its neon colours of orange and red remained, fading into the dark sky beyond. She was often amazed how beautiful the world around her was and she was most likely to never get tired of all the aesthetic sights that ever existed. Looking at the stars above had caused her to feel drowsy and her eyelids would began to feel heavy. Before she knew, she had already fallen asleep in her defenceless state, unaware of her surroundings.

Her eyes snapped open as she pushed herself up, frantically looking around her as if she was searching for something. ”Ugh, I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep”, grunted the female, clearly disappointed in her own self. Whispers erupted nearby and Snow immediately froze in her spot to make sure she was not making any sounds. Her head inched further towards the direction of the sounds to investigate further but she was not able to figure out what these strangers were saying.

Snow ensured that the noises were kept to a minimal as she slowly got off the roof of the caravan and peered through the windows of a nearby car. There she saw a couple giggling among each other, a girl in just her undergarments while the young man covered her exposed skin with soft kisses. Snow stared at them with eyes as blank as a white sheet of paper before turning around, pretending that she did not see anything. She returned back towards her caravan, not wanting to disturb a romantic night for the lovely couple.

The girl continued to guard the caravan while struggling to not fall asleep, despite knowing that the rumours were not true. Just before dawn breaks, a man approached her asking her if she was the one who guarded the caravan the night before. The youth nodded, her arms folded across her chest. The man would hand her a bag of jewels, saying that it was from the client himself. Now that her job was done, she pondered whether she should go back to the café to enjoy herself another cup of cappuccino and a chocolate cake.



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