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Touchdown!!! [Open]

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Touchdown!!! [Open] Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:22 pm


It was the early evening in the city of Era, and Law had just got out of his favorite restaurant in the town: a noodle place over on the west side. Feeling energized after his meal, Law headed on over to the football field in a public park.

It seemed like the only other field being used was the baseball one, so there was no need to worry about being in someone's way. Law dropped his backpack onto the grass field, before kneeling down and zipping it open.

From inside, many footballs seemed to pour out, so many so that it seemed almost impossible as to how Law was able to fit them in there. He had his ways.

Law held one of the footballs in his hand, thinking to himself.

"The big tournament is in just a few days... our team is okay, but we'll be facing the nationwide champions. On our team, Leask is an alright quarterback, and Gold knows how to catch well..
I suppose that leaves the rest of the team, who are solid at blocking paths.
In other words,
I need to practice both running and kicking."

Law nodded to himself, as he set up the football on the ground. If only magic could be used in football, that would make his life a lot easier.. nonetheless, magic couldn't be used in football, so he was better off just to stop thinking about that possibility in it's entirety.

Kicking the football with all his concentration, it seemed to be on the way into the post, but it stopped just before it could, losing momentum and simply falling back to the ground. Law sighed. Clenching his fist, he tried to muster up the determination.

"Damn it, I know football isn't that big of a deal, but...
That cocky bastard Caleb will be there.
He claims to be the ace, but he's really nothing special.
I think it would be best if I put him in his place.
That leaved me no choice. I'll have to get better by the end of tonight.
I wouldn't be able to stand seeing that ugly, confident smile again..."

Law closed his eyes. He took a deep breath in and out, before placing another football down. The wind was calm tonight, meaning he had no excuses: he simply had to get better. And given the nice temperature and decent amount of light left, he'd be able to practice for quite a while. Really, all he needed to do was get his kick down, and would be able to win. He already had confidence in his running skills, but still could probably do to dedicate an hour or so to it anyways.

And so, Law's busy training night began.. if only somebody would drop by and perhaps help him. He liked to challenge himself, but being challenged by another person was twice as good.

2 hours later, Law completed his practice. Seemed he was good for the day.


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