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Stylin' [Kenny | Open]

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Stylin' [Kenny | Open] Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:32 pm

Roman stood in the back of the tailor’s shop. His equipment sat on a stool next to him for clear reasons. The name of the shop was ‘Era Outfitters.’ Nothing fancy about it, but the shop was massive. It was the goto for all things clothing. The tailor was able to use his magic to craft clothing making tailoring more efficient. The tailor was able to show a illusion of the wearer’s desired attire. By diving into the confines of the wearer’s mind he was able to piece things together. Then the hard part came of the wearer and the tailor crafting something to their liking. After they altered the designs he could then take what he wanted and make it a reality. The story of Rebirth continues inside of the shop.

Today was a special day. The clothing that was requested was completed. Took a couple of days but thankfully the store was nice enough to give him a rental. During these couple of days he made sure to be on his good behavior. Whenever he was out he made sure not to get in any direct confrontations. It was only a two day process. First day was measuring and design ideas. The second day was magically crafting the suit. It was quite something too watch really. The tailor was more than happy to let Roman watch part of the process. Not all of it however, still needed to have a bit of mystery behind it.

Roman stood on a pedestal looking at himself in the mirror. He rubbed the scar left on his body. He said nothing as he looked down at it. A reminder of his weakness and near death experience. His mind drifted off for a moment. Memories of a time passed faded in and out. He could still feel the pain in his chest and the sensation of fleeting life. It brought a smile to his face. Why a smile and not a frown one may ask. It was very simple. It would be the thing that served as a turning point in his life. It broke him out of his complacent nature. He had become comfortable in the life he lived, and it made him weak. Things needed to change, or death’s sweet embrace awaited with open arms.

The sound of the tailor walking back into the room snapped him out of his day dreaming. A shorter man came out with a bundle of neatly folded clothes. It took a few moments but he found himself in his new look. The tailor walked around Roman to make sure nothing looked off. The older man took pride in his work, this represented him so he made sure it looked dashing. Roman took a moment to really take in the new attire. It felt like something was missing.


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Kenny held his worn down, ruined coat in his hand. The coat was the one he had worn after Cell attacked, after he had not only have been forced to watch two entities of strength beyond his own battle it out as he was powerless to do nothing but watch and wish that he could have done something to help. The only good that came out of the events of that night was that he swore that he would never have that feeling again, he would never feel so weak, so powerless, so desperate to die. He wanted Cell to kill him so he wouldn’t have to live with the embarrassment of being unable to protect another person, even if they were just a girl who might have been nothing more than a one night stand.  How could he have been a knight if he couldn’t defend himself, if he could even draw his sword in the face of danger, he wasn’t meant for knighthood, and what had happened with Cell only cemented the thought in his mind. He came out alive though, and that was a miracle in itself.

The entire ordeal left Kenny with more questions than answers and that made him irate at the thought. After he came to, Kenny promised himself that he would never feel weak again, that he would become strong, maybe not as strong as the insect, but damn it he was going to hold his own against people as strong as him one day.

Kenny’s hands involuntarily shook as he peered down at the coat, it was a reminder of his weakness. Without a second thought he angrily shoved the coat into a trash bin and stood there a moment as he registered what he had just done. Just now he had thrown a piece of himself into the garbage the last memento of his arrival to Fiore was gone, and now he had nothing but the clothes on his back and a feeling of rejuvenation coursing through his body. He closed his eyes and inhaled a deep as he let the thoughts flow forth and out of his mind. This was his goodbye to who he was when he arrived and now he needed to continue on his path to healing and changing who he is. If that fight taught him anything it was that he was too timid and foolish for his own good, and being depressed about that woman wasn’t going to help his case for a change anylonger.. Kenny from this day would be stronger, happier and more abrasive…. That was the mind set he wanted and he would embrace it with every fiber of his being, even if the change took years to settle.

The first thing on his mind was if he was going to be a new man, he’d need new clothes. Thus after asking around in the shopping district he was pointed to a magical tailor that could possibly set him up with some new digs. Kenny wasn’t one for fashion, his most worn outfit consisting of an old soldier's uniform he had stolen from the bandits he had ditched all that time ago, but like his coat they were in the garbage and now he was wearing little more than a beaten up beige shirt and a pair of black pants.

He had been walking for a moment now before he would arrive at the tailor, “Era Outfitters.” was his location and he would enter after readying himself. He would arrive at the front desk and rung the small silver bell that summoned the shopkeep. “Hello? I would like to place an order.” he spoke just loudly enough for anyone in the back to hear him. This was going to be interesting given his dull fashion sense.


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Roman took a moment to look some more at his new clothing. The main attraction was clearly the feathery pink overcoat. Everything else was just a compliment to it. ‘Kind of look like a flamingo.’ He thought for a moment. But looking in the mirror something was still missing to complete the look. He stood there tapping his chin for a moment. ‘Hmm.’

Then the silver bell rung signaling the older man. Roman looked down from the pedestal at the older gentleman. “I think I got it from here.” The older man gave a bow and walked off to the front of the store. A bearded man came in tattered clothes. He stood at the front of the store awaiting for some assistance. The older tailor of few words approached him with a smile. “Welcome how can I be of service to you?” (Feel free to use the npc as you please Kenny) he then gave a quick bow as a show of respect.

The tall dark mage looked from the back of the room and saw the man. He was sporting the hobo look. He couldn’t judge the man who walked in, because he was in that same position two days ago. He chuckled and went back to what he was doing.

Roman stepped down and walked over to the left side of the store too a sunglasses rack. It was slightly shorter than himself but boasted a large selection of sunglasses. He took spun the thing around looking at it for a moment. It was tough really, he needed something that had a certain flair about it. The glasses needed to compliment the outfit he picked out but still gave a sharp look too it. He first put on some sunglasses that looked like two triangles melded together. He looked in the mirror and chuckled. “Who the hell do you think I am!?” He had a serious look on his face for a moment. Then chuckled, putting them back. Then pulled off some circular sunglasses, placing them on. “I am trying to free your mind.”  Once more he laughed to himself. ‘Nah.’

Then it stood out for a moment. A light presented itself over the glasses. It had to be a sign, or just the light from the outside reflecting off something at this convenient moment. It just clicked. He pulled out some rose tinted glasses that had a warped trapezoid look too them. He placed them on and looked into the mirror. He licked his lips for a moment. Before speaking to himself once again.

“Let’s put a smile on that face.”

Stylin' [Kenny | Open] 3teJkoR

All was right in the world for that moment. It didn’t matter how anyone else felt. In his own little twisted mind he was cool. He popped his pink feathery jacket for a moment before approaching the front of the store too check up on the new person who entered. He said nothing, just eyeballing the gloomy fellow who waltzed in. Roman waited a moment before the lad acknowledged his existence.

"Tattered clothes, you reek of Cheetos and defeat. Looks like someone had a bad day or week."


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Kenny waited for the shop owner to arrive,  from what he had heard there was a customer in the back thus Kenny didn’t make too much noise as he patiently awaited assistance. There was a slight buzzing in his his ears that has become rather annoying, but he held his ground and waited as he thought about what sort of clothing he wanted. Maybe something in black and blue or even red.

After a few more moments of waiting the shopkeep presented himself and asked Kenny what he needed with a bow, despite his rough appearance Kenny returned the gesture before placing his hands on the table, after doing so he did his best to describe what he wanted, “Well sir, I was wondering if I could have something tailored,” he began by stating the obvious, what other reason would he be here? “I’m looking for something comfortable and heavy truthfully.” after making his appeal Kenny watched as the store owner focused on him for a moment, it seemed like he was mentally taking measurements of Kenny’s frame while listening.

“Just a moment young man,” he raised a hand to excuse himself. Kenny tilted his head, was his request too much? It didn’t sound like much to him, he needed something heavy to assist him in cold weather, though he didn’t want it to be so heavy that he wouldn’t be able to breath whilst he walkin the hot sun. Speculation was rampant in the rogue's mind as he imagined his dream outfit.

The tall dark mage looked from the back of the room and saw the man. He was sporting the hobo look. He couldn’t judge the man who walked in, because he was in that same position two days ago. He chuckled and went back to what he was doing.

Where the old man departed a new one would arrive from the back of the store. There was a silence between the two of them. Kenny didn’t speak, or do anything other than breath normally. It seemed like he was making prolonged silent contact with this stranger. Something about him through Kenny off, yet the magic-less fighter couldn’t quite put his finger on it. When he did piece together what he was drawn to he realized it was the pink feathery pelt. It was a splendid piece of clothing and complimented his outfit well, why just the sight of the man’s outfit made Kenny excited about what he would be getting for himself. Maybe he could get white feathers, or maybe even a snowy pelt. Who would have thought Kenny would have found inspiration in the quiet company of such a fabulous

The silence that had been shared between them was soon polluted when Kenny’s focus was broken from the pink feathered overcoat to the nameless gentleman’s words. He listened with his full attention, the introduction was a new one, but it was more true than Kenny would like to admit. He thought about his answer, and offered a nod in reply before giving answer, “I suppose you could say it was a rough week.” he began, “Hopefully some new clothes will give me an extra boost after I was away the layer of cheeto scent.” there was no issue in playing along as it was true, Kenny had nearly went on an eating binge though instead of eating cheetos it would have been cookie dough and reading love novels. Had he not gotten the idea to change things up he would have been encouraging himself.

“ I must say, that feathery coat is a nice touch to the outfit.” he opened with a compliment, hesitant to give his name, but could he be blamed? The last person he gave his name to was… It was best not to dwell.

The shopkeep would soon return as the men spoke. The grey old man didn’t speak, he only returned with a pen and paper as he intentively stared at Kenny, prying into his thoughts to find his ideal outfit. He would remain silent jotting down materials he may need as he went to work gathering the needed mental images to make the outfit.


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Roman stood in front of the two, but found it to be a bit awkward too just stand in front of them. So he walked around the store while listening too the two talking after he spoke. Roman knew the feeling of a rough week. He wasn’t going to compare weeks in some dick measuring contest. Just show a bit of empathy for the lad. There was a sincerity in the tone of his voice. He wasn’t looking too play along with Roman’s comment. Merely expressing his true feelings. “That is quite a shame. From the look of your clothing, must have had a bad run in with some bad company." Then he paused for a moment. “Oh, where are my manners, Roman Astoria of Phantom Lord. tis a pleasure. Don’t worry I don’t bite, much.”

He approached the lad with a outstretched hand and a smile. He had to look down a bit because of the height difference. This was no trap for once, Roman was actually extending a friendly gesture. Plus there was all the time in the world for sinister actions.

He still had a hidden motive behind talking with the lad. Whether or not if it was bad was to be revealed in due time. For the moment he was genuinely interested in the man who stood before him. He could only hope a name was revealed so the two can become more informal for the rest of this talk.

Roman watched his facial movements, and listened to his voice inflection. One can tell a lot just by looking at someone. The lad made sure to not give a name which was smart in retrospect. Then the boy complemented Roman’s new look. Hopefully the lad shook his hand and gave a name. Roman only continued to look around the store while creating some small talk. “Isn’t it? I felt I needed something a bit more flashy. The suit thing is tired and worn out. Not to mention summer is upon us.” The old man appeared from the back with a pen and paper to get more details. Roman was trying to get a understanding of the person he was dealing with. He was intrigued by the people of the land. Roman moved out of the way so the two could get measurements.


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Kenny looked down at his hand and didn’t give a second thought to shaking it, he gave the well dressed man a firm shake and nod with his name “Kenny, Kenny Omega.” he felt mildly embarrassed to say his full name, but he gave it to the guy anyway just because. Maybe he wanted to be formal in this place of business, or maybe he had a slip of the tongue, either way his name was out and floating around, the shop owned certainly caught it as he looked up from his tablet and up at the fellow with the peculiar name, Kenny in this case.

“Well Mr. Omega, I will return to you in a moment with a sketch of what I have planned for you, don’t stray too far.” the owner said picking up his things and heading into the back to refine it. It made Kenny curious as to what he had planned for him. Spikes? A pink over coat? That’d be neat.

“So, Mr. Roman how are you today besides being well dressed of course.” he drew his hand back and crossed his arms. There was something eerie about this fellow, but given what happened the past few weeks Kenny would stop listening to his feelings and would simply remain a blank canvas to allow people come and bounce what they wanted off of him as they pleased.


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The handshake was firm and Kenny spoke with respect. Roman enjoyed that, he was so used to being feared he forgot what it mean to have a normal meeting.“Kenny Omega, I will commit that too memory.” Roman let go of the man’s hand after a firm shake. Roman walked around the store for a moment while the old man spoke. Kenny was quite the curious lad, asking him about his day.

“My day has been wonderful, I do need to make some preparations soon.” These preparations were that of the villainous kind. Ones that did not concern Kenny, or did they? He walked to the front of the store and stared out the glass store front. He watched the people who walked by. Looking at the people as if they were a meal item on a buffet. Then it clicked in his head for a moment prompting him to smile. Roman had a devious look on his face. He looked over his shoulder back at the lad who stood a few feet behind him. Maybe he could convert the boy over to the dark side. It was something he was curious about, if he could plant a seed of corruption and bring them over. The more the merrier right?

“Tell me Kenny, what do you align with? Myself I am what you called not nice. I don’t believe there is a such thing as good and evil however. That is all perspective. I believe there are the strong and the weak in the world. The strong dictate what is right and wrong. What do you think?” Roman was trying to gauge what the boy was all about.


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Kenny’s mind had slipped in the conversation, there was a sort of mental prodding going on from two directions, but given his weakened state of mind he wasn’t entirely sure rather if the well-dressed pink male was joshing him or not. Not that he would mind. When his hand dropped the other male seemed to have went off and looked about the store when Kenny and the old man spoke. Oh, yes, the prodding. Kenny had felt like the old man was giving him more of a scan than he expected, having to dig through someone’s clouded mind would be a difficult task, especially if that person had just went through a string of mental gymnastics in less than a day.

When the man responded Kenny was attentive and sincere is his listening, there were no interruptions, he kept his focus, and did his best to seem as ginger as possible while listening. Something he needed to work on were his listening skills, and what better way to practice than to speak to a stranger and listen to their yarn. Then something abnormal happened, or well abnormal as far as mannerisms went. The pink clad male looked out of the window, people passed and Kenny watched as well to see if something had happened or someone interesting was passing by, the pink male was looking outside and after doing so he seemed to light up and ask Kenny a question. It was a curious one, where did Kenny align? Hm, to think he was asking himself that after the week he’s had.

Kenny let the question register, where did he fall on the spectrum? The male’s explanation was an interesting follow up and Kenny could see where he was coming from, though he may not have held that particular view. “Well that is an interesting account you have,” he nodded walking up to the window, shoulder to shoulder with the other, “I suppose I hold a similar view the more I think about it, but I believe that there are the strong, and there are the weak…” his voice trailed off, “But I also believe that the weak, when given the aspiration can overpower the strong. Not to say that such a resistance wouldn’t be easily crushed, but I find the human will to be an interesting thing. It either lays down and takes a beating, or stands up and fights until the grim in.”

His eyes didn’t leave the window as he would inhale, “Excuse me for rambling on, as for me I will be honest with you, I align myself with opportunist, get what I want when I want it by any means, even if I have to rip it away from someone who needs it more. At least that’s where I want to align myself” he had realized he had been talking for a good minute and caught himself with a clearing of his throat, “I do hope that was an adequate answer.”


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Roman watched the people walking outside of the window. He just stood there smiling, waiting for an answer. There was a pause that filled the air, creating a bit of drama between the two. The old man did not flinch because it was not his place to judge. The question seeped into his noggin and he responded while walking up. He stood shoulder to shoulder with Roman looking out into the world. He said something very interesting, one that would cause Roman to turn his head over to the slightly shorter male. It was a bit exciting to see someone shared the same kind of ideals he did. Roman figured he was in the vocal minority. He never really saw himself as a bad guy, more so just someone who did what he want. Maybe that could be seen as evil when infringing on others rights but he was happy. The lad seemed a bit lost in his thoughts when he spoke. His tone trickled off after speaking.

“You are right in that aspect. The food chain is not a one way track kind of thing. Time has shown us that much. Good, or Bad, it matters only if you have the heart and will to make a difference. It was a good enough answer too know you have a good head on your shoulders. You don’t share the same foolish notion some of these people do around Fiore.” Regardless if they were to cross paths on the field of battle Kenny Omega earned Roman’s respect that day. Roman looked over at the wall to see the clock on the wall ticking away. The day had eluded him and time had become scarce. He had things he needed to take care of. He got what he came for plus a extra set made for other days. A fancy suit for those special or business engagements. He let out a sigh for a moment, and walked to the back to grab his pile of nicely folded clothes. He returned to the front of the store. The old man walked up behind Roman with a smile He pulled back his outer flamingo coat and revealed his chest and waist area. He pulled a satchel that was prepared for the old man. A good sum of jewels for his good work. Roman wasn’t one to stiff someone who did him a solid. This old man took the time to craft a outfit for him. So in return Roman paid him handsomely.

The medium sized brown bag made a series of metal noises. It was the jewels rubbing against each other from dropping the bag. The bag rested comfortably in the old man’s hands. He felt the weight of the bag and returned a bow. “Thank you for your patronage, I hope to work with you again.”


Roman made his way to the entrance, but in this situation the exit. “I would like to continue this conversation but I must make haste to Oak. Can’t keep the boss man waiting too long. I have a feeling we will meet again my friends. Until then.” Roman took two fingers and saluted the two as he nudged the door open with a foot and walked out into the public.


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