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Family Crest [Kenny]

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Family Crest [Kenny] Empty on Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:31 am

Kenny studied the drawing intently at first, he couldn’t quite tell what he was looking at here. He looked at it up close, and then even closer pressing his face into the flat piece of paper it had been printed on. He couldn’t quite comprehend the drawing he was looking at. From what he knew it was the family crest of the person he was doing the job for, but it was strangely drawn and he didn’t have a clue as to where he would begin his search. He had finally registered what it was after some deliberation, “Wow… This is graphic.” he tilted his head, it was an image of two swans with their necks entangled into one another , the image wasn’t graphic to Kenny in the sense that it was obscene but more because the two birds in the picture had extremely long necks. For some reason necks that long made Kenny uneasy, maybe because they could reach nearly anything with such long… Assets. The neck of the swans had strange definition to them, it must have been made out of a different material than that of the rest of the image. He couldn’t quite piece together that the material was different given it was only a 2D projection and not the actual crest, but in time if he played things right he’d be able to see for himself. It would take some determination to finish this quest. To being his search Kenny approached a middle aged woman heading for the shopping district of town who seemed to be shopping with her children.

“Pardon me ma'am, have you seen this crest anywhere?” he held up the drawing and pointed to the obscene swans. Kenny was still new to the region, but he had a good reading on must folks he met, this woman was no different from most, she had her children, seemed to be tired and could use a break given the two rambunctious rugrats at her hip and the crying baby in her arms. After what must have been a few minutes of thinking and yelling at her children to behave, she answered Kenny’s inquiry with an ever so disappointing ‘no sorry’ with a shake of her head. Kenny sighed and thanked her for her time. It wasn’t like he expected to hit a homerun on his first attempt, but it was disappointing all the same because he would have to continue this trend of stopping random people and asking them time and time again if they had seen the crest before. Kenny would thank the woman once again with a bow of his head and continued on his journey to find the crest. He would have to stop yet another person, this one being a portly man parting ways from an ice cream truck, a vast amount of frozen treats in hand. Before Kenny could ask him if he had seen the crest the portly fellow passed him up and only gave the adventurer a ‘nope’ as he kept moving.

Kenny couldn’t blame him, he had a lot of ice cream to eat, though Kenny wasn’t one to be ignored so he deftly pulled an ice cream bar out of the man’s stack of winter treats. “Hm, vanilla ice cream bar…” he gripped the wooden stick at the bottom of the treat and removed the wrapping, after doing so he would look over the vanilla bar and took a bite out of it. It was vanilla all around, thick and cool on his taste buds as the sweet taste made him reminisce of the kiss he shared with a certain… Erm, he put the ice cream in his mouth and looked back at the drawing.

Kenny, after finishing his ice cream would find himself back in luck’s presence when he ran into a young woman around 30 or so who had claimed to have seen the family crest in the hands of a scampering thief who tried to pass it off to her as a brooch she could pin to one of her dresses. She explained that she refused the felon had plead for a moment before cursing her and fled off to find another sucker to buy the thing. This gave Kenny a more vivid trail to follow. He came to realize it was stolen and that with any luck the thief still had it in his possession unless he had found someone more than willing to buy the thing. Kenny asked the young woman if she knew where exactly he could find the thief and she redirected him to a Mr. “Gaud” much to Kenny’s dismay. He hoped that it wasn’t the same Guad who was too cowardly to buy his own products face to face, but he had no choice but he had his doubts and decided to follow her trail

It dawned on kenny that this would be his first time apprehending a criminal, he wondered with a rub of his chin that if he used excessive force if it would be considered police brutality or just brutality? There was only one way to find out, he would have to beat the gentlemen until he felt like he was wrong for doing so. If he felt nothing it was just brutality if he felt joy it was probably police brutality even though he wasn't a cop by any means. Kenny’s mission was to just get the thing and if anyone gave him lip he’d deal with him like how he dealt with- Well no one he was far too weak to fight most people and would need to train more for himself to complete that comparison. Damn his inability to fight. Kenny reached Guad’s place, it was where he usually sold his junk. He arrived at Guad’s place of business and entered without so much of a knock. “I’m pressed for time so I’ll make this fast, give me this thing.” he pointed to the illustration of the crest in hand, “And I’ll pretend like you found it on a walk and you were preparing to take it to its rightful owner.” his voice was no nonsense and irritated.

“Fine, fine, take it, I didn’t know it was rune knight property.” Kenny swiped the crest and headed back to his employer with the crest in exchange for his reward.It was time to train.


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