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Chained Wolf [Hikaru and LeeAnn/Mission]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Chained Wolf [Hikaru and LeeAnn/Mission] Empty on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:25 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn waited for her brother outside. She used her night vision to pierece through the night's darkness that she did not welcome. Her senses were alert surveying the area for the salmon haired man anywhere. It would be easy to spot with how bright it was much like her crimson hair. Next to her was a white fox who seemed to be extremely tired and out of it since it was so late. LeeAnn was used to these hours at this time of night. Her ears perked up trying to pick her brother's movement. Finally she heard her brother coming around the corner. "Hey big brother! Finally you arrive! You ready? Thought doing another mission together would be nice" she smiled. They would walked together side by side trying to pick up where this wolf would be. Growing up in Era, there weren't that many pets that were counted as wolves. this was a whole another element to her ears. It was all quiet. She looked at her brother. "This mission said to keep alert because this wolf has been known to attack humans or uh...people in my case. Alaska be on your highest senses, girl. I got both of your backs" she whispered. Her ears were flattened as if she was on the prowl hunting for her next meal. She would look over at her big brother and see if he was hearing anything that she wasn't.


#2Hikaru Nakamura 

Chained Wolf [Hikaru and LeeAnn/Mission] Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:13 am

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru approached the rendezvous point that he was supposed to meet his little sister at. As he approached he saw her scarlet hair as he got closer to her, It was night time so seeing from very far away wasn't quite anyone's forte unless you were some. Next to her a white fox, whom Hikaru figured was an ally due to how peaceful it was his sister. He approached the two wearing his classic Rune Knight outfit. Hikaru looked at Lee as she greeted him and asked him if he was ready. Hikaru gave a warm smile now responding to Lee-Ann. "Of course, How are you doing Lee. Long time no see."

Hikaru said to his sister as the two began to walk side by side down the long streets of Era. He had read the mission paper, but now she was briefing him on it. Hikaru raised an eyebrow now curious about the wolf, and he watched as Lee commanded the creature that was walking with them, apparently the creature was called "alaska." He had recently seen a creature like that in the past When he had that strange encounter with the dark mages. However, this one seemed a lot friendlier than the one he had seen before.  It seemed like a basic mission, just walking around and searching for a wolf.

Hikaru looked at each alleyway as the two walked by, taking one step at a time Hikaru spoke to his sister curious as to what the creature walking with them was called. "I'm guessing that's Alaska?" Hikaru said picking up on the context clues of her previous statement. He looked down at it "A friend, partner, or pet?" Hikaru said. He tried not to come off as condescending but he was curious as to what type of partnership the two had. Hikaru had a companion for a short while but Hikaru sold it to a man who was on vacation for Mt Hakobe. Hikaru was certain Cubchoo would have a lot more fun with the snow rather than the more warm climate Hikaru was used to being around.


#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

Chained Wolf [Hikaru and LeeAnn/Mission] Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:50 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Seeing her brother, she smiled at the salmon hair walking towards her. It was nice to see her brother again. The cat ears were forward in curiosity of how he was doing as her tail quivered a little. He asked how she was doing. LeeAnn shrugged. "Busy. Other than getting my ass kicked and hospital visits, I am doing pretty well" she replied. The pressed forward as her brother stayed silent the whole time. He personally took notice of Alaska, the snow vulpix. LeeAnn remembered the fox lying on the table in a comfy bed with a pink bow and a card. This gift was from her father.

Alaska felt someone watching her. The fox's head looked up at Hikaru. With two black beady eyes, she held a cuteness to her. Hikaru reminded her of her father. Previously, he had raised this fox and gone through a whole lot to get her. Transitioning from her father to Lee was a tough one since she was so close to him. She was a slow one to warm up to her, but held respect towards LeeAnn, enough to listen to her. Instantly, the fox yipped and rubbed her face against Hikaru's leg. LeeAnn paused. "That's Alaska. Dad gave her to me as a surprise gift. Hm...she seems to already be fond of you Hikaru. Usually, she's extremely wary of people. Oooohhh I guess since you and dad look so similar you remind her of him. She's extremely and I meant EXTREMELY fond of dad well since he raised her himself" she replied. The fox would paw at Hikaru to pick her up. LeeAnn personally smiled as her brother asked what kind of partnership. "Honestly, I really don't know. She's an odd one. I would say probably partner?
Not fully close, but just working side by side. She is really wary of people"
she replied.


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