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Transaction Troubles [Request | Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Transaction Troubles [Request | Leyaria] Empty on Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:10 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It was difficult to say entirely why it was that she had volunteered for this job, what prompted her to accept the offer, to go out and complete a job which she honestly had very little interest or desire to complete. However though, that wasn’t much the point, at least right now, as right now the key thing was that she work as hard as able as to get through this job as quickly as she could and with as little detail as possible.

Unfortunately for Leyaria, the tales of the woman with blue hair who was routinely doing jobs late at night within the city of Era were becoming all the more common, all the more frequent, and as a result, more and more were people approraching her hoping to do jobs, some of which were legitimate, some of which were purposefully vague, if not outright illegal. She’d rather it be that she get no jobs offered if it meant less and less illegal jobs being proposed to her. Similarly though, it put her in an awkward position as it meant that there were less jobs that were within her skill set, more people who would rather hire someone else to complete the jobs due in part to her association with these darker jobs, both literally and figuratively.

This was another of those quests, the ones that made her wonder just if she were really doing good or rather just assisting in the shadier parts of Era’s society, a society in which she wasn’t particularly keen on being involved with. However, perhaps the only thing in which significantly detracted that concern and had her involved was the fact that she had known the client, or rather had the obligation of doing business with him on several occasions before, some of which resulting in both of them getting the better of one another. As to if this was another such instance of her getting the edge or the man having gotten the edge, it was too soon to say, but obvious that the likelihood of one of them getting over on the other was more likely than them both coming out as victors.

She had been tasked with acting as a sort of ambassador for Gaud, being tasked with meeting up with a potential buyer and conveying on his behalf a deal in which the two had worked out. The terms weren’t particularly clear to Leyaria, nor were they ever intended to have been constructed with clear instruction. The main thing was she was to go to the alley in which the meeting would take place – one in which Leyaria had been given extremely limited and otherwise narrow instruction as to where exactly that was – and arrive there before the buyer may have gotten wise and perhaps even try to leave without agreeing to any of the respective terms.

For what seemed like a long while, she and her companion Geth ventured throughout the streets of Era, carefully looking down the alleyways, being as careful as to not draw too great attention to herself but at the same acknowledging the fact that she was there for a  purpose, which drew its own risks. Often times it were the drug addicts and people who resorted to the more criminal behavior that sought safety and privacy within the alleyways. Leyaria was not of either type, though she was nevertheless someone who had reason to be a bit more cautious, especially now that it was becoming known that she was both an individual who would take on requests, but also someone who was as much willing to take them from perhaps some of the less reliable or trustworthy people.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she finally found someone, alerted not as to them by their sight, but rather by the fact that her Dragon Slayer sense of smell was able to pick up the presence of a person in simply a matter of moments rather than anything else. It wasn’t hard to tell that it was a person who was in the wrong place as there was a scent that resmembled more that of the higher class, having not just the usual scent of a person but also one that was covered in the perfumes of the higher end locations. While she herself had never been there, she could tell who had been there before and there was always what seemed to be an apparent scent to them that was hard to distinguish and separate away from others.

The man was clothed, heavily covered in rags which otherwise hid his appearance. This was hardly supsrising, especially given the risk that was posed to anyone who may have sought to do business within the city of Era, or more specifically within these more illegal operations. Leyaria began to believe that this transaction she was set to cover for was one of those, the overall feeling throughout the entire thing being one of a lack of particular legitimacy to it. It appeared more like a hastily set up maneuver to try to unload some product or another, but Leyaria was not hired to think about it. She simply just handed the man the money and was in place given possession of the item, one in which she didn’t quite want to have if it were actually illegal, but one she took possession of regardless.

With it in hand, and having done everything that had been requested of her, Leyaria quickly departed the alleyway, worried that there may have been the possibility that someone might have seen her and tied her to some sort of event that may have taken place nearby or something. It was tough to imagine but at the same time, something that could be believed given the rate of crime in some of the areas around Era, particularly within this area. Instead of worrying about that, she quickly returned towards the man who she was to give the money to, and with that, their relationship had been at the very least slightly mended by the quick cooperation between the two, Leyaria having satisfied the contract while the man got the item he was wondering. Everyone won.

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