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Of Gods & Monsters [Maarschalk]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Of Gods & Monsters [Maarschalk] Empty on Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:32 pm

Bianca Fleur
Of Gods & Monsters [Maarschalk] Pl3Jr6n

死 の 花

She who walks alone in life, is she of sound mind?

The resonant sound of church bells rang loud her ears at exactly six in the morning. Bianca held a basket of flowers in one hand while the other was folded over her chest, as she watched people pour into the establishment. What a gathering, and it was so early. She wished she could be part of these sometimes. Maybe if she had arrived earlier, she could blend in and pretend to be a participant. What she had been doing instead, she had been picking flowers in the garden nearby. It was something she did to take her mind off of things, and in this case it was the nightmares. She was done picking flowers, however, so she placed the basket - full to the brim with various colorful blossoms - on the bench in front of the church. Whoever saw it first and liked it was free to take it.

Walking aimlessly from the moment she left the church, Bianca crossed a street and came to a small creek a few miles away. There was a stone bridge over, one that wasn’t used much anymore it seemed, since they built a wider one for larger vehicles to pass that was lit even brighter. She could see it from the stone bridge, and it was starting to get busy. She wore a blank expression as she leaned forward onto the railing, searching her pockets and then lighting her first cigarette of the day.

#2Noel Raion 

Of Gods & Monsters [Maarschalk] Empty on Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:13 pm

Noel Raion

The Meat-lication(s)

A man under the bridge, covered in dirt and stains of suspicious origin stood up when sounds of pointy heels clashed with the cold stone. The mentioned figure, with half his clothes torn, stood up in surprise. In his left hand he held his drumstick that he held over the barrel of fire. He pointed his meat at the figure that made these sounds.


The figure spoke, in his most primate voice possible. He lowered his meat and raised the drumstick to his face to take a big bite. The crispy skin of the chicken rushed his mouth with its juice, which in turn trickled over his cheeks. The tall figure climbed the stone bridge to reach to the top in order to establish eye contact with the sound generating human. Normally, under given circumstances any human being of the 700th decennia would speak well-spoken in English.

Not this figure though.

'Hooman, eat?'

By making hand gestures, sort-of pushing his drumstick towards her - he made his intentions clear. Atop this stone bridge wasn't a soul to see. The black hair of the almost malnourished figure reflected the bright shining sun almost.

At which point, Maarschalk showed up without notice, and with a swift kick he pushed the man off the bridge and made plummet for over seven meters.

'Look out man, there's some weird fucks roaming these streets.'

He told the female, her face reminding him of something.

#3Bianca Fleur 

Of Gods & Monsters [Maarschalk] Empty on Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:02 pm

Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

I am only as old as I’ve been told.

As Bianca would take long drags from her cigarette, a cacophony of a million thoughts would poke the back of her mind like needles - thoughts about her life, what she wanted to do with it and if what she was doing with it right now was what she should be doing or not. She was having that kind of moment, when a weird man thing appeared out of the blue, speaking a language she did not understand as it held out some food to share. He looked like he came out of a dirt hole. She wasn’t feeling very hungry, nor did she eat meat like that, so from the shock of the situation, her backbone straightened as she stared at it, the almost finished cigarette dropping out from between her lips in a sharp gasp, onto the stone bridge.

That was the moment another entity materialized out of nowhere as well, and pushed down the dirty humanoid creature right into the creek, causing a splashing sound before some bubbling and silence.

“Look out man, there's some weird fucks roaming these streets,” said the stranger. Weird fucks? Bianca was a weird fuck. She almost felt offended by this statement.

With the shocked expression still present on her face, she brought up her index finger to her lips and said to the man in a hushed tone, “Shhh...they’re listening.” Sanguine orbs widened as she stared, unblinking, at nothing in particular. To those who were looking at her, however, she would appear to be studying the railing of the bridge very carefully. She raised the finger from her mouth to the stranger. He was almost a foot taller than her, which was pretty tall for a human. She wondered if that was truly his race, but she immediately put that thought in the back of her mind.

#4Noel Raion 

Of Gods & Monsters [Maarschalk] Empty on Fri Apr 21, 2017 4:28 pm

Noel Raion
Spittin' truth(s)
His blank expression spoke enough about his current emotional state. 'They', were listening. Her face was familiar, not long ago he saw the tears in her eyes when he put his stick in her. It wasn't difficult to imagine her eyes welling up again; what a fragile soul - both in physical, and emotional state at this point. Without being able to guess what kind of damage he had done to her, it was enough to send her in a state of complete retardation.

Speaking of which.

Maarschalk was a LAMIA SCALE member, wasn't it his duty to clean up trash like her from the streets? I mean, after all - he definitely identified her as someone who inflicts evil upon the people of Era.

But what was gained by beating her and arresting her in front of everyone? Fame? Was that his lame claim to fame, beating up low-ranking criminals like her. There was nothing positive to gain, for his selfish needs thus he decided not to start a scene, but instead, offering her a piece of advice instead.

'This town has enough crazy people, clean yourself up and become someone decent.'

His cold grin had the intention of provoking her emotions, seeing and testing what kind of persona the person he defeated in combat had. She seemed sharp though, as he recalled feeling her eyesight match his during the intercourse that occurred on the outskirts of Era. He was surprised she hadn't fled this town yet, what was her purpose for staying here anyway?

#5Bianca Fleur 

Of Gods & Monsters [Maarschalk] Empty on Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:39 pm

Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

They who walk alone in life, they are of sound mind.

Bianca continued staring for a while before she pushed herself off the railing of the stone bridge so that she wasn’t leaning on it anymore. No one was actually listening, in fact there was no one else apart from the two of them on the bridge, unless someone was hiding under the bridge or something. She brought out another cigarette and lit it, feeling a bit bad about the one that fell. What a waste. Although the man who cucked the troll was a complete stranger to her, only because she couldn’t recognize him in his human form, she offered him one of her cigarettes. If he refused, she would put it back in the pocket of her dress, and if he accepted, she would give him the lighter as well.

“This town has enough crazy people, clean yourself up and become someone decent.”

The vampire raised an eyebrow, taking a puff of her cig and giving him a onceover.

“Decent? Like you?” she asked with a smile, her eyes searching deep into his own before averting her gaze. “See you around. Hope your day goes well!” said Bianca with a wink and turned around to walk to the other side of the bridge. She didn’t really have plans for the rest of the day. Maybe she would find some jobs to do before leaving this town. It was pretty boring here, and the fact that it was swarming with Rune Knights was quite annoying.

- exit -

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