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I think it's time you knew [Hikaru/Private]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

I think it's time you knew [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:36 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
The Rune Knight hospital lied rows with rooms and doctors coming in a out. The floors were clean and smelled of cleansing products. It was the only place LeeAnn would agree to go without freaking out since she did have a extreme fear of hospitals. The fight with Cell caused her to lie here and a few other things. In a medium sized room, LeeAnn lied asleep with a IV needle stuck in her arm as she wore a a simple black t-shirt showing her scarred up arms from the battles and torture she had been through. She was in a wretched sight. All Hans could do was pace back and forth worried about her. Hoping her brother would arrive soon, this was not the first time she had been here in the last three weeks. This was the fifth time. Hans had been trying all he could, but lately something inside LeeAnn's mind snapped making her work herself even more to her grave.

The reason for it was unknown. Since the coma, which Hans blamed himself for entirely, she had never been the same. It was like she was trying to avoid something. Hans was the one who could crack her to know what was going on in that head of hers, but not lately. He blamed himself for this entirely. This was all his fault. If he was just there for her more often. What exactly was going on with her? More than anything. Cell drove her this state at least physically, but he was more worried about mentally and emotionally. Peacefully, LeeAnn layed there sleep as he monitered her carefully. He could not take his eyes off her. "Its my fault all of this happened.
I wish you will tell me what's wrong! Perhaps,
Hikaru can get through to you. He's the last one who can"
he whispered to her. LeeAnn did not respond but a simple exhale showing she as fast asleep.

Gently, he looked at her face. The eyepatch was off showing her left eye was scarred up then the gray-purple infection leading down from her right side of her face to her full right arm. His slate blue eyes wandered to her other arm with the word "RUINED" etched into her skin that was scarred over and heal, but still showing. There was a reason why she always wore long sleeves. The kitsune's eyes watered up and looked away turning to the window still. Down below, the people of Era minding their own business and going about their day in peace. Peace. Something that was foreign to him. LeeAnn never knew when to relax. She could not always afraid of someone is out to get her. The element of alertness and fear ruled her life. She could not be happy. He was trying everything he could to bring that back. Han's senses perked up to hear a pair of footsteps coming this way and into the room. Slowly, his head turned with a worried look hoping to not hear more bad news.

#2Hikaru Nakamura 

I think it's time you knew [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:00 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru walked in silence, only footsteps could be heard. He had been in his office at the headquarters, most people wouldn't hear about some things, and it was illegal to share people's medical information to others without their consent, however Hikaru had friends almost everywhere in Era, and the Rune knights hence it came as no surprise for him to hear his sister had been admitted in to the hospital. As he walked in through the front door he could see multiple people look at him, some whispered because they knew who he was and what he was here for.

"LeeAnn Nakamura, What room?" Hikaru said as he approached the front desk. It was a male on duty. He responded to Hikaru, saying the medically acceptable answer. "She's sleeping, I'm not allo.." Hikaru cut the man off and look at the man, this time his eye. Hikaru repeated again. "What." He said clearly pronouncing his words. "Room." There was power in his voice, and an aura too. The man gulped and escorted Hikaru to her. Hikaru arrived in a medium size room only to see Hans. He walked in to see his kid sister in a black shirt.  Her eye was scarred, Her arm said "ruined" on it, and Hikaru clenched his fist. He looked at Hans, and Hikaru wanted to blame him for not being there and protecting her, but who was he kidding. He doubts Hans was there by how he was unscathed, and he knew LeeAnn was the type to run into danger for the sake of another, she may as very well had brought this on herself.

"What have the doctors said so far?" Hikaru asked Hans. He didn't have much more to say. He could see that the man was just as distressed as Hikaru.  He turned his head towards Hans. He wasn't going to hide what he was thinking. Base on the words that came out fo his mouth, anyone knew what he was going to do next. "and who did this?" Hikaru question looking at Hans.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

I think it's time you knew [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:24 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Hans's paused looking worried and serious. He could see Hikaru was there in the doorway with another man. Clearly, her older brother was angry and pissed off someone had hurt his sister. He stood calmly, but worried. "Finally, you showed up. Lee...you need to talk to her..." he replied was all he could say. He sat down looking extremely scattered and angry at himself. His eyes stared at LeeAnn then her Hikaru. There was a lot to be told, but he felt that LeeAnn needed to tell him. Though, Hans stood up grabbing a small file full of results from the past few hospital visits and the one before going to Baska. He gritted his teeth looking at the files. "I hate to speak for her, but it looks like I have no choice to.
Hikaru, there are a lot of things wrong with you sister that she doesn't want to tell you. I..don't know where to start..."
said Hans slightly chocked up. His mind was scattered as he could only think of bits and pieces. The man took a deep breath and handed him the files of her results.

"The doctors said she has a small amount of brain damage from a few weeks ago caused by an accident. My fault. She was hit in the head with a piece of metal and was sent into a small coma. Something came up on the radars,
of something stress related. We got it checked out...Hikaru. Your sister has PTSD as a result from her being tortured a few years ago and recently. She wont sleep afraid of nightmares and driving her body to shut down. I have been trying everything...I...her illness...the diets...the pain.
She wont listen to me. Lee...Lee is suffering and wont let me help her. You...you need to talk to her. I only know so much"
he said. Clearly, he wasn't thinking straight. The thing that struck him was her illness. Hans looked at LeeAnn who seemed to be waking up a little hearing voice. Her eyes squinted and slowly opened to the same mixed matched eyes only her scarred up eye was glazed oer with blue showing it was infected, but still able to see out of it. Completely out of it, she blinked nad rubbed her eyes feeling her body become sore again from aches and pains. "Hikaru? Why are you here?
Hans, where am I? What's going on"
she asked. Hans slowly smiled trying to hide how upset he was as he laid her back.

#4Hikaru Nakamura 

I think it's time you knew [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:29 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru listened to what Han said when he said "Finally you showed up" Hikaru turned his head and was curious about Lee. Hans said Hikaru had to talk to her, yet he didn't quite know anything, he had just heard from a little bird that his sister was in the hospital. Hikaru watched as he saw Hans grab a medical file going through it, and Hikaru walked towards Hans reading the lab results.  Hikaru looked at Hans when he said there were a lot of things wrong with his sister that she didn't tell him. Hikaru raised an eyebrow curious about this. He didn't often find his sister hard to talk to, so he figured she shouldn't find him that way either.

"Brain Damage." Hikaru was curious when he heard that. That scared him. He looked at Hans who was getting on thinner ice with Hikaru as Hans took the blame for it. It was noble to come clean that it was his fault, but still, it didn't make Hikaru happier one bit.  Hikaru listened as he explained it triggered some PTSD and won't allow her to sleep but rather makes her body want to shut down on itself. Hikaru looked at Hans who clearly knew more than him, and he expected Hikaru to talk to her. He wasn't quite sure what he would do.

"I'm not sure, as much as I hate it, you know a lot more than I do naturally. She trusts you a lot. I'll do my best to speak to her, but if I fail it's all on your shoulders."

Hikaru said giving a logical explanation. Hikaru had come to terms that Hans was here to stay and unless they broke up Hikaru would have to live with the fact that Hans was probably a lot more trusted than he was. The look on Han's face showed he wasn't thinking straight, He was extremely worried. Even Hikaru was worried, but his straight face said otherwise. There was an anger there too. Finally, she woke up as he heard her voice Hikaru turned his attention to her. She questioned why was she here, and she asked where was she. Did she have no recollection of how she got here?

"I don't quite know how you got here. But I was hoping you or Hans can tell me. Also, I've heard you're not feeling well recently, are you okay?"

The way Hikaru worded his last question he attempted to mask what Hans told him. He didn't want to sabotage Lee's trust in the man so he would downplay what Hans said by saying she wasn't feeling well. He was curious as to what he could get out of her and how exactly could he help. He wasn't exactly a professional in any of this.

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

I think it's time you knew [Hikaru/Private] Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:52 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura

The kitsune nodded knowing what he was saying as Hikaru sounded worried, but a hint of anger at the same time. This was his little sister they were talking about. He wasn't help the situation, but Hans had to mention one more thing before he went to talk to LeeAnn. Looking up at Hikaru, a worried expression on his face as he touched LeeAnn's hair before she woke up. "I know. I know what I am doing. Anything to make sure she is alright even if it is on my own shoulders. Though, one more thing, before she wakes up and you talk to her. The illness she has...is...a tricky one. It's something she is extremely scared to tell you...the whole team knows down to Selena. We all felt it would be right if she told you herself. None of this was her fault...don't turn away from her. If anything put everything on me" he said. He looked even more serious now, but a mix of worry and authority to show he was not joking around.

Her sense were kinda groggy from the black out. All she remembered was thinking about Cell and seeing Manzo on the ground. It angered her how much he mocked them two and that day was pleasent getting up she felt her ribs pound against her chest with a pulse of pain. In response, she gritted her teeth but sat up anyways. Pain was just another way of life for her. They talked to her dad via lacrima to get her to speak and she wouldn't budge. Her worst fear was loosing her brother due to this information even if wasn't her fault. LeeAnn's ears went back at the thought. Her brother lied there with a serious face only this was one different from his other ones. For hte first time in a long time, she actually saw some worry. It wasn't too often they got their alone time together as family, something the she cherished more than with Hans. Hans knew this was the only way to get her back to her regular self. He asked if she was alright. LeeAnn looked at Hans as if she wanted him to say anything.

The man who stay silent and shake his head. He gave her a look of a stare down knowing what he wanted her to talk about and to not avoid. Usually, she would avoid anyone's orders and do things her way, but she knew this was the only way as fear prevent her to speak. Lee's face went pale as a ghost at the thought of Hikaru's reaction to the illness. Her eyes shifted to Hikaru's then down showing she was hiding something."Better...in pain, but better. I lost a battle against an enemy with another comrade who attacked up as, but thats nothing new. Uhm....wha...I....the...Hans jsut tell him please" she said calmly, until her last sentence. It was clear that she wanted him to do it for her while the fear was being triggered. Hans hated doing this to her, but he knew it was the only way. He turned away walked out of the room acting cold, but in his eyes were waterworks.

"Forgive me Lee" was all he said in a quiet voice. Hans walked out of the room. Lee's hands gripped the sheets biting her lips let the quietness settle in. Her ears were folded back as her tail seemed puffed. She almost forgot she had these things. "Hikaru....I...I'm ill. Dad...know about this...everyone does but you. I am going to tell you something that is sacred information. It would explain a lot about this markiing and the huge amounts of alcohol with me being phased.
This illness is none other that no one has seen before. I am the first of my kind this many generations to have it. I contracted this illness when mom and I were kidnapped and taken some cold and dark..."
she said. She paused remembering those moments being alone and phsycologically broken as her eyes squinted with tears coming down. She tighten her grip remembering Hans's face when he found her. The hands reaching out towards her and taking it.

No matter how much panic she was feeling, she pushed through to tell him. "I-I...was tortured physically and mentally Hika. This illness was a form of torture for them. They forced me into this situation knowing I would refuse and slowly wither away until I would die.
The illness is called...Parasitic Plague or also known as the Ghoul Disease"
she said. It explain the weird eye colors one being black with a red ring nad the other well already scared with a glaze of baby blue. She was crying, buther voice was calm. "It makes my...body...function like one. My diet went 180 and forced me to eat things like...humans. There hasn't been a day where I saw innocent people die before me. They did it to torture me as well to see the pure enjoyment of my crys begging them to stop and kill me instead. Though, they would shove cuts of human meat down my throat. I cannot think of one day where I wanted to kill myself, but I would stop because I know its rather selfish of me to leave you, dad, and Hans. This illness makes me eat only certain things and with that I can only drink stuff that is only has alcohol in it...and the weird marks on face are the infection..." she said. She would break off and start crying harder feeling ashamed of being something she hated. Hans would stand in the doorway hearing everything.

She would look her brother for a reaction. She would paused and then hug him tightly out of no where. "Hans...hans was the one who saved me from that horrible place. Him and dad did everything to make sure I was okay. The council knows of my illness and was kind enough to give me severed limbs from the hospitals, ones of miamed soldiers and forced to be removed for surgies. Hans made sure they did in the most humane possible way...without him or dad...I would not be here" she finished. It was a lot of information to take in at once. LeeAnn tried to stop the tears, but years of bottling this up from him just came streaming down. Repeating "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" to him. The true nature of the situation was out of fear. Hans came in hearing LeeAnn cry, but stood back to let the siblings have their moment.

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