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Troublesome Transactions | Solo

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Quest: Troublesome Transactions

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Gaud Teller: Gaud is a traveling merchant. He is a large brunette man with a bushy mustache and beard. Though he gives off a jovial manner, a calculating glint can be seen in his eyes. He is capable of getting his hands on all sorts of Rare and Unique items. Dark mages are the bane of his life, but for anyone else, he'll greet them with a warm smile and a firm handshake.

Summary: Gaud is interested in purchasing a rare piece but doesn't trust the seller at all. Since Gaud is quite paranoid about getting kidnapped and such, he needs a mage to do the transaction for him.

Enemies: None

Objective: Complete the transaction for Gaud.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era Town.
  • It's night and the buyer is supposed to show up in some shady alley, try to find the alley based on the map that Gaud has given you.
  • Upon finding the alley you will see that the seller is already present and pretty much cloaked entirely in cloth.
  • Approach the seller and tell him that Gaud has sent you along with the money, ask him if he has the merchandise with him.
  • The seller will show you the item which is a big tooth from a large beast. He then puts it back in a bag.
  • Hand over the jewels to the seller and take the bag.
  • Return to Gaud and give him the bag as he reward you for completing his request.


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Troublesome Transactions | Solo Night_11

The sun had long vanished from the empyreans above, only leaving a bright moon and gloomy clouds. People had packed up from their shops hours before and had already returned to their homes to spend time with their loved ones. The streets were empty and unmoving, as if time had stopped until a breeze blew through the land, whisking away the dry leaves that were scattered on the road. The day began to get colder and colder each passing second and the night would only get darker. Under the moonlight was a young girl, walking alone through the streets and no one would know where she was going except for herself.

Heels clacked against the cold hard pavement as strands of blue hair flew behind her in the wind like a kite. The gorgeous locks belonged to no other than Snowflake, who strode down the streets with one purpose to accomplish the quest that she had taken up during the day. Unlike the quests she had completed, this one was a rather different one. She was required to meet up with a person in secret to retrieve an item for her client. She did not the name or the appearance of the person she will be meeting with, however, one thing she was sure was that, the person was bound to show up on time.

Silver hues glided over to the watch that was wrapped around her thin wrist and reassured herself that she still had an hour before the person arrives. Snow slid her cold hands into her long coat that fell down to her calves. Her lips released a short sigh as fumes of vapour escaped into the cold air and disappeared. She had expected the temperature to be warmer since the season was about to be over, yet the nights are extremely cold and the wind frigid. Snowflake, however seemed to be used to the weather.

Snow stopped in her tracks before reaching out for the quest paper in her pocket and flipped it open with just her thumb to check the exact location of their allocated meeting. ”Is it… this place?” Her eyes drifted towards the side, revealing a dark alley between two buildings. It was pitch-black that she could not even see what exactly was between the alley. She continued to look upwards onto the roof of the building and decided to wait for the person on where she felt comfortable the most – on rooftops.

Snow had always been a good climber and her movements were always faster than normal people. Using the gaps between the bricks and the windows, she would make her way to the top of the metal roof, where there was nothing else but the perfect view of the city. She reclined her body on the roof and gazed up at the sky. The silver moon was high in the sky giving off the only light, apart from the street lamps that were lined alongside the roads. Her eyes became accustomed to the dark and she could finally see the stars twinkling in the dark.



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Her bare hands and face were as cold as the weather itself, yet there was not a silver of emotion in those cool eyes of hers. Snow extended her slender arm into the sky, as if she was reaching for something. With her index finger, she would draw invisible lines through the stars and connected them to form a constellation. The aroma of the tall grasses on the lawn that were outstretched along the horizon were an intoxicating perfume and the starry night above was a painting more sublime than any man could create. Snow always had a keen interest in astronomy and she was able to read the stars and studied how each and every one of the constellations looked like. She was curious to know what lied beyond the vast sky and the stars, the sun and the moon. She was restless to know all the information that she did not know about.

The cold breeze soothed her chest like no other and her eyes began to feel heavy each passing second until blue-grey eyes were closed entirely to the rest of the world. Her mind drifted off to someplace she did not know; a forest with dense trees that were so large it shot up through the clouds. The roots of the trees were as big as the rivers that ran through the lands and the branches were so long they would get intertwined with each other. There she saw herself, youthful and healthy with long blue hair that cascaded down her back. A big grin was casted on her face and she seemed to content at that moment. The girl was not alone. A young boy, just around her age had been with playing with her in the forest. Snow demanded the boy to follow her while she jumped from branches to another that were laid in front of her like a bridge. The boy followed, unable to keep up with her speed asked her to slow down and wait for him. The younger Snow, on the other hand appeared to be excited to show him something.

Around her neck was a strange necklace she had never seen before – 3 different coloured diamonds combined into a pendent. The boy, infuriated that she wouldn’t wait for him, grasped her arm and pulled her which caused the necklace to slip off her neck. Everything happened so fast she could barely keep track. Everything disappeared from her vision; all the trees and the greenery, leaving her getting engulfed by darkness. One second, she was talking to the boy and the next moment, she was falling into the abyss.

Snow’s eyes flew open, beads of sweat trickling down her forehead. Inhaling a huge intake of air, she began to relax her body. What a strange dream, she thought before she sprung up to sit and realised that she had forgotten about the meeting. She checked her watch once again and fortunately, she had a few minutes left before the person would appear.

Soon, a soft thud of footsteps drew her attention and curiously, the girl would look down into the alley from the top of the roof. A figure entirely wrapped in a cloak stood in the aforementioned location, looking around as if it was searching for someone. The girl jumped down from a height and landed on her feet gracefully. A yelp echoed through the quiet night before the person hushed himself immediately. ”Are you the person I’m supposed to meet?” She questioned, her voice strangely flat and emotionless. ”I was sent by Gaud to retrieve the item.”
”The money.” The figure stretched out his bare hand towards her, his voice deep and hoarse.
”Where’s the item?” She demanded, refusing to hand over the money unless the item was in her hands. Dubiously, the man reached for a bag that was hidden underneath his cloak and revealed a large tooth which was probably taken from a beast. Once she confirmed, the girl took the bag from his hands and threw the bag of jewels in return. All that was left to do was to retrieve her reward for accomplishing the quest.



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