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Caravan Guard [LeeAnn/Quest]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Caravan Guard [LeeAnn/Quest] Empty on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:00 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn taken another request and yet again it was at night. Nothing more than that. After all the shit that has happened, she deserved a long break perhaps on in the mountains or beach. Though tonight, she stood guard with Alaska next to her. The fox had grown a little onto her and was the other way around for the companion. The snow Vulpix was getting used to her new owner rather than her father. Though, she did see a lot of LeeAnn's father in her such as they way they feed her and play. LeeAnn took Manzo's advice on how to play and wrestle with her. The fox seemed pleased with her efforts and rewards her with coming up to her and not acting like she is a total stranger. In some aspects, she would be considered one. They stood next to each other side-by-side silently.

"I am so bored, Alaska. Lets try to get our blood pumping or flowing and walk around the caravan"

She would say to the fox and a reply of a small yip came from her in approval. Slowly, they would walk around a few times just to keep herself awake. Lately, sleep has been a must for the young Nakamura in terms of health. Doctor's orders. Though, she has been getting some, but nothing compared to the amount she really needed. The battle with Cell really drained her even more slowing down her recovery from all of these accidents and mishaps of bad luck. Luck was not on her side this time around. Hans remained at home sleeping or causing unneeded chaos in the mansion. She could only think of the possibilities. Probably building another blimp or something. Who know?

"So...tired....need...rest" she whispered. She paused almost falling asleep when Alaska smiled in mischeviousness hatching an evil plan. Quickly, icy air formed in her mouth spouting a small stream of ice to keep her owner awake. It was sprayed in LeeAnn's face making her jump and land on her rear with a hard thud. Brushing the frost off her face, she gave the fox a dirty look. The Vulpix snickered at her. Yup. Foxes definately have a love of being tricky and cause trouble. Harmless trouble though. It was nice to see she was starting to warm up to her. LeeAnn had time pass by with strugglnig to stay awake and protecting the van by ground around it in circles multiple times. Her sharp neko hearing picked up on some strange noises. It peaked her curoisity.

A curious little cat she was and decided to go check it out. The sound was coming from the caravan next to hers. She crept closer careful to the Caravan door. Slightly openeing hte caravna door, she saw a young couple giggling nad flirting with each other. To her relief, she would sigh as he couple noticed her making her tense as she quickly fled to her caravan. The vulpix snickered at her as she gave the Vulpix a dirty look.

"Hey, you shut up" she hissed. This only frustrated her more making her sigh out of irritation. LeeAnn should be used to this with marrying a fox man. Literally, a fox man. That kitsune was so spontaneous she has given up on trying to figure the man out, but she is very


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