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Painting the Town Red [Bianca]

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Fireworks went off with a loud bang illuminating the blackened midnight sky. The moon hung high as the fireworks went off showering the sky with radiant fire in the shape of blossoming flowers. Noise and chatter could be heard from the streets of the town home to Rune Knights. A festival was taking place the mark the end of the chaos that had recently happened. Era had been invaded by Dark Mage's seeking to cause chaos, both sides suffering losses but not it was finally over and the people of Era could relax once more. To celebrate the ending of the chaos a brilliant festival was being held. The Magical Council had brought in merchants, guests, actors and entertainers from all over Fiore, spending hundreds of thousands, even millions of jewels for this very event in order to let the people think they were safe, even when in truth they never would be again.

Amongst the sea of festivities, with paper lanterns and flowers decorating the streets, filled with stalls was an individual walking on their own. Many glanced in this figures direction wondering why they seemingly appeared out on their own at such an hour. The individual was a young teenager seeing no older than thirteen years of age. The girl was a tiny petite young thing with milky white ivory skin with not a single mark upon it, smooth as could be. She stood only four feet ten in height even with the high heel boots she wore they only added an inch of two. She was thin weighing in only one hundred pounds with flowing black hair, like midnight reaching down her back. Atop her head sat an ornament headband with a red ribbon in the shape of ears. Her hair was parted around her forehead princess style showing off her heart shaped face and big red eyes that seemed to shimmer like rubies.

The young girl was dressed in the style of gothic lolita that appeared to fit her frame, complimenting her looks. One may even say she was a tease with her black garter belt stockings and lower skirt that showed off her creamy white legs. To many she appeared as a forbidden fruit, to be looked at but not touch less they fear the repercussions of the law and society. But what they did not know was this young girl was not as her age depicted but far older, many years so. While she appeared twelve or thirteen she was, in fact, seventy-five years old.

The lolita had gone by many names in her old youth the most prominent being the Witch of Carnage, or just Carnage amongst her guildmates of the secretive guild Grimoire Heart. But even with these names, she had another, Yumi her real name. She had kept her true name a secret for many years now ever since she joined Grimoire Heart, so not to break the rules of the guild. So, in turn, she had gone by many more names Yu, Yuni, Yuki, Yuma and even Yuna. All to hide her true identity, she had even gone to the extent to hunt down past lovers who she let live, killing them so they would never remember her, even all those close to them to keep herself hidden.

Above all this she had another name, a title, the High Priestess of Malum. She was a Dark Disciple of the Evil God Malum who desired to spread chaos and death across Fiore. His worshippers had been massacred by Holy Knights centuries ago weakening him to the point that Yumi was the last of his worshippers, but she had killed many in his name her body count unimaginable, all giving body to her Immortal God. Now with his blessing she had one goal to obtain power and crush the Order of Holy Knights, to bring about her Lord's revenge.

Yumi shook her thoughts of revenge away and focus on the festival around her. She had fought hard to retrieve the Magister's Index and even though this festival was not for her, she would enjoy herself. One of yumi's passed joys was the joy of steaming flesh, partaking in many lovers male and female, Yumi was not picky regarding the gender. Now that she was young once more, Yumi was looking to test out her Demon Body, by sending it on a ride and to do so she was looking for a partner to partake in this night with her.

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Bianca Fleur
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死 の 花


“What’s going on here?” Bianca asked a random kid in the crowd at the festival. The boy just stared at her for about a minute and sprinted. Brows knitting slightly, Bianca turned back and started walking a bit quickly. It was a nice, cool evening for her to hunt. She wasn’t interested in the festival, she was looking to fill her bloodthirst, but here she was. There were too many people there that she almost felt like she was suffocating, but her focus was on hunting. The lack of food was definitely making her think like an idiot, so she stood in the shadows hoping to go unnoticed. Everyone was pretty much occupied with the food and drinks, the performances and whatever the fuck the festival was there for while she observed from a distance.

No one seemed to want to leave the festival, she felt like diving right in, but she wasn’t that hungry to lose her mind like that. She would wait until one left, and follow that person, or just follow one person around and hope that they left soon, or something. Going full yolo, Bianca stepped out of the shadows and into a path lined with stalls. The stall owners greeted her and offered her to taste the food they were selling. Bianca showed no sign of interest, but her eyes flitted from individual to the other. Among the many that were at the festival that evening, her eyes landed on a small black-haired girl. She seemed to be alone, but didn’t look scared at all. After all that had happened in Era recently, wouldn’t small girls be warned by their parents not to go wandering out alone? That’s what Bianca thought.

Resting a hand on the girl’s shoulder from behind, she would ask when the girl turned, “Are you alone?”


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Yumi looked around, before approaching one of the nearby vendors, who happened to be selling cotton candy. Yumi's eyes widen sparkling with glee as she looked at the sugary treat. She could feel her sweet tooth rising, telling her to buy it. The lolita removed a few jewels from her bosom and handed them to the vendor who grabbed a cone and began the process of collecting the cotton candy treat onto the end. Yumi kept telling him to make it bigger and bigger, handing him over jewels until the wad of cotton candy was three times the size of her own head. Yumi held the giant cotton candy with one hand looking at it with hungry eyes.

The lolita departed from the vendor, happily taking a bite of her delicious treat. "Mou so good." Moaned out the lolita in a seductive manner drawing the attention of those near her, making them blush as she did it again the moment she took another bite. Yumi appeared to be enjoying her treat just a little too much. She didn't know why but it was incredibly sweet, the vendor much had added a little something extra to make it taste even better. Yumi didn't care what it was just that it was like fireworks dancing on her tongue from the flavour.

As Yumi took another bite she felt a hand tapping on her shoulder. Now if Yumi hadn't condition herself after years of training not to, she might have accidently gone into battle mode and attacked whoever snuck up on her from behind. But Yumi was able to control herself, especially when she had such a yummy treat in hand. The lolita turned hearing the voice of a woman behind her, to meet whoever was drawing her attention. The moment Yumi turned around she was forced to cast her gaze upwards.

"Another tall person! How many am I going to meet!" it was at this point in time Yumi wanted to cry, though she wouldn't, at being always surrounded by people taller than her. Yumi had come to live with it as an old woman, as she was old but now with her youth back, she forgot how awful it was to be tiny sometimes.

The woman who had called Yumi's attention was six feet in height, towering over Yumi's much shorter stature. The woman had blood-red eyes like Yumi's own with white hair reaching her waist. Yumi noted the woman was curvy and voluptuous that seemed to match up with her height. Just by looking Yumi estimated the woman was probably in her twenties, early maybe mid, the lolita couldn't be too sure.

"I am." Answered Yumi after assessing the 'older' woman, making sure not to take too much time to answer the woman's question. Yumi blinked at her in a cutesy manner, her tone was soft and gentle like a young girl should be. "I was not about to miss out on the festival, so I came unattended."

Unknown to Yumi as she hadn't noticed it yet, but a piece of pink cotton candy was stuck to the end of her nose from an earlier bite enhancing her cute appearance. Though while appearing cute her dress was incredibly short showing off the garter belt and stockings beneath, allowing with the ivory colour of her legs. Yumi's gothic lolita style of dress was quite provocative.

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

The small girl was holding cotton candy in one hand, which made her seem even more innocent, but her fashion sense made Bianca feel strange in a way. There was a piece of the cotton candy stuck somewhere near her mouth, too. She responded in a very cute manner, saying that she was here so she wouldn’t miss out on the festival. Bianca herself didn’t think that the festival was all that great. In fact, she hated crowds and noise so it was pretty horrible for her at the moment. She couldn’t stop hoping that she could get out of this place soon. There was some kind of light show in the other corner which almost blinded her, causing her to flinch and squint her eyes. In her hungry state, bright lights were even more of a nuisance. She grabbed the small girl’s arms.

“You shouldn’t be here, follow me. It’s dangerous,” she said in a serious tone. Hopefully the girl wouldn’t struggle or it would cause a scene. If she did, though, Bianca would just let her go and find someone else. She was too hungry to try and convince her or deal with a struggle. But if she did follow her, Bianca would start walking in the direction of the nearest exit. The festival would probably go on for a few more hours, and the people of Era were gathered there.

Bianca dragged the girl along, not really having any other ideas for a destination, to the small inn she was staying at. It wasn’t any normal inn. Most dark wizards would know this place as it was within the shadowed parts of Era town, where the illegal mages did their business. Bianca chose to stay there as she was a dark sorceress and this town was literally swarming with Rune Knights. She just wanted to lay low after what had happened. This way, she could sort of calm herself down and have some peaceful alone time. She needed that. Right now, she would take Yumi through dark, deserted streets that she had discovered during her time here. She liked to use these streets. The vampire’s pace was rather fast, and since she was six feet in height, her steps were widely spaced compared to Yumi’s. It would be hard for the small girl to keep up. She might have to sort of run after her to catch up. Bianca’s hunger was the reason she wouldn’t slow down.

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Bianca Fleur

- to be continued -

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