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Horizons | Snow & Yumi

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

It had not been long since Snow arrived Era, the majestic town filled with knights and councils. She never travelled anywhere when she was a young girl, not even with her deceased parents but rather preferred to read books. However, when she discovered how vast Fiore was and the beautiful towns that were allocated around the country, her eyes sparkled with bliss and ever since then, she wished to visit each and every single town at least once.

”Ngh”, she groaned and fluttered her long, dark eyelashes open, awoken by the blazing yellow sun that poured out its brilliant hot oranges and reds into the horizon like a pot of molten lava. For a brief moment, confusion washed over the features of her face as she wondered where she was until a pang of nostalgia hit her. The girl had fallen asleep since morning after reading a book that she had borrowed from a library. She pushed herself up and balanced her body in a reclining position on her two hands. The novel that rested on her chest before fell onto her lap, closed.

Rooftops were one of her favourite places to hang around apart from quiet parks and high cliffs, for there would be no one to disturb her from whatever she would be doing. She could feel her cheeks burning from the heat of the sun as she attempted to fan herself to cool herself down. Her eyes flickered as she inventoried her surroundings: on her right side was the headquarters of the rune knights that rested on top of a rocky mountain located in the centre of the town while on the other side was a range of mountain peaks covered in snow. Below her was a boisterous market, filled with people; young and old alike.

From the view above, she studied the movements the people curiously; a lost child wailing for his mother in the crowded streets, a group of drunk men cheering and bursting into laughter, shopkeepers screaming out offers on top of their voices to attract customers and customers desperately trying to bargain for the best possible prices. The salty odour of sweat mingled with the nose tingling aroma of spices and the fragrance of flowers nearby. Once again, it was a busy afternoon.


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Long black hair glistened in the morning rays of the sun as its beams shined upon the streets of Era. Hair flowed in the wind majestically as if it had a mind of its own. The hair drew the attention of those it passed drawing focus from its glistening shimmering ends to the owner of said perfect hair. The hair belonged to a young girl no older than thirteen years of age, she was a petite young thing, tiny no taller than four foot ten. Her skin was like white ivory, white and unmarked perfectly smooth as if it had been carved from marble. Her long black hair was hanging down her back reaching mid. Atop her head sat an ornament headband with a red ribbon in the shape of ears. Her hair was parted around her forehead princess style showing off her heart shaped face and big red eyes that seemed to shimmer like rubies.

The young girl was dressed in the style of gothic lolita that appeared to fit her frame, complimenting her looks. One may even say she was a tease with her black garter belt stockings and lower skirt that showed off her creamy white legs. To many she appeared as a forbidden fruit, to be looked at but not touch less they fear the repercussions of the law and society. But what they did not know was this young girl was not as her age depicted but far older, many years so.

The gothic lolita strolled through the bustling streets of her, and while it was winter the temperature was warm as the cold was slowly beginning to drift away to make way for the next season. Excitement could be heard the whispers of the wind as the citizens prepared themselves for the changing seasons to come. The shopkeepers busy hustling their wares, drunks drinking what they could before their winter was over and they returned to work, while mum's prepared to buy clothing for their growing children in the new season to come. Yumi was not bothered by any of this as she continued her merely stroll, appearing to be in a world of her own, the crowded streets splitting like water to make way for the lolita beauty.

Yumi was not releasing her demonic pressure as she normally did in oak to frighten its denizens, as Era was home to the Rune Knight's and she was not going to be caught creating a disturbance. IF she did and they figured out her identity as a member of the demonic rare it could be all over her for, as the Holy Knight's would no doubt catch wind and attempt to remove her head. Yumi had not long regained her youth and she was not about to give it up. Forty or more long years she had been seeking an answer to restore her youth and regain her beauty, now that she had it she would not lose it again so easily.

Yumi shook the thoughts from her head, looking up and flashing an illuminating smile as people now and then would turn to greet her. Yumi was growing irritated with every passing second as with every new step she took, she was bombarded by the citizens of Era greeting her or attempting to sway her to buy their wares. There was even the odd drunk attempting to sway to her have a little fun with them. If Yumi was not as calm as she was she would have torn their heads off there and then.

Yumi escaped the streets making her way into a dim alley, she needed to get away from the crowds. She could not stand being around them any longer. As an old woman, she could act mean and nasty with a sour disposition and people wouldn't bat an eyelash. Now that she appeared as a sweet innocent, yet gothic lolita, she had to put on a bit of an act and temper her violent self. Yumi jumped up onto a fire escape and climbed to the rooftops to get a little peace and quiet. When she arrived at the top she would survey the roof to discover she was not alone.

In Yumi's field of vision was a young petite woman not much older than Yumi's own body appeared to be. From this distance, Yumi could not tell if the girl was taller or shorter than she, but the lolita would know once she closer. With every step closer, Yumi began to notice other features of the young girl, the first being her long blue hair that cascades down to the spine of her back and the crown of her head is neatly tied into a french braid. Each strand of her hair is translucent enough to change colour from light blue to silver depending on the lighting. The strands that fall onto her face plays the role of highlighting her delicate features and her silvery irises. similar to her guild emblem.

The girl was balanced in a reclining position, sitting atop the rooftop, faning herself against the heat of this warm winters day. In her lap a book, the edges frayed from the sign of use. It appeared the girl was atop the rooftop to read and get away from the world.

Yumi would come to a halt just two meters to the blue haired girl's rights, a soft smile resting upon her heart shaped features. "Hello" She would call, her voice soft, gentle like a summer's breeze, but with a sultry undertone. She would tilt her head to the right in a cutesy manner, her eyelids lowering half way as she gave a friendly smile, "I'm Yuni nice to meet you. Did you come up here to get away from the crowds to?" She would ask in an innocent voice. There was not a single shred of Yumi's trueself shining through, all the violence, hatred and desire to kill was sealed away deep down revealing only a smiling, kind, innocent young girl.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The recent days have started to feel more like spring, with less gloomy days, clear skies and warm weather. Snow never enjoyed the summer, for she could not stand the scorching heat during the season. She preferred to laze around in the winter days, chilling in her own room and reading a good novel while sipping on a glass of tea. The blue haired girl continued to watch the streets from above, as it began to fill with more and more people each passing second.

Snow was dressed in her usual attire for the day; a silky white blouse with a dark blazer on top of it. The bolero jacket was the reason that was warming up her body, yet she chose to not take it off. The short skirt that neatly fitted around her lower part of her body exposed her pale legs and her look was completed with thigh-high white socks and a pair of high heels.

Despite the heat, the cool wind that blew across the land of Era soothed her chest like no other. Snow brought up her knees towards her chest and buried her face into her arms that rested on top of her legs. The instant she closed her eyes, all the noise that surrounded her vanished and a song played within her mind. Tranquillity washed over her and she could feel herself drifting off to sleep once again until a sound of a young girl reached into her mind. The songs that played in her mind ceased immediately and the bizarre commotion that occurred around her were brought back to her attention.

Her eyes flew open as she lifted up her head, only to be greeted by a petite girl smiling down at her. The girl was surprised, not by a sudden appearance of a stranger but on how lost she was in her own thoughts that she did not even hear footsteps near her. Snow gazed up at her absent-mindedly, her eyes showing no speck of emotions. She assumed no one would ever come up to the rooftop but apparently, she was wrong. What is a child doing up here?, she thought, questioning to none other than herself. The girl appeared a few years younger than her and also, much shorter than her. Her outfit stood out enough to attract her attention; entirely covered in black and red which Snow thought, resembled very much to a gothic lolita.

”Yes. I don’t like crowds.” She answered, her tone as icy as the winds that blew from the north. ”I’m Snow.


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Yumi eyed the blue haired youth with her crimson hues, taking in her form, she couldn't tell whether the young woman was a mage or even a trained fighter by glancing at her. Yumi wasn't quite sure just what the girl was, Yumi could, however, detect traces of magical energy concealed within the blue haired youth's body, larger than the average person. There was a chance that this person was a user of magic or simply born with large mana reserve both things were possible. Yumi had come across in her youth someone who did not use magic but had magical reverses much larger than the average citizen he just wasn't able to draw it out.

The youth appeared to bring herself out of her thoughts, and finally notice Yumi had been standing near her. The youth's eyes showed not a shred of emotion in them, appearing just a blank void as if she was perhaps dead inside. Yumi blinked her eyelids curiously at the sight, not often did she meet such cold dead eyes, her own appeared full of vibrant youth but that was just a mask that hid the dark violent killer beneath. The girl had, after appearing to regain her bearings, introduced herself simply as snow, only after answer Yumi's question, by saying she did not like crowds. Yumi couldn't blame her, the demon herself hadn't like crowds in her youth, but she had grown accustomed to them over the last seventy-five years.

Yumi grabbed the hem of her dress and lowered her body doing a polite curtsy, "Pleased to meet you, Snow." Greeted the lolita in a polite, cutesy yet formal tone. Showing that while young, it appeared the lolita was raised with manners. Yumi straightened out her dress, which was incredibly short. It didn't help that one could see the suspenders to her garter belt. One might say it was incredibly brazen for the youth to be walking around in such a sensual attire especially when appearing to be so young.

"If you don't mind me asking, are you a resident of Era? If not what brings you here?" enquired the Lolita as she pressed down her skirt and knelt down on the ground, sitting back on her heels in a seiza position. With the way she sat it gave her a modest look, even with what she was wearing.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Snow outstretched her legs in front of her only to cross them on top of each other. Her eyes were still fastened onto the young girl, taking in her appearance slowly. She had never seen a lolita before, especially not a gothic one which was why her curiosity was piqued. Snow shifted her attention back to the crowded streets and inhaled the fresh scent that lingered in the air. The breeze caressed her cheeks gently, just like a touch of a mother and whisked away her hair that had the colour of the sky.

The girl who introduced herself as Yuni knew her manners, seeing how she produced a polite gesture towards her as a greeting. Her neck was starting to ache from staring up at the other girl and she would take the book that laid open beside her back onto her lap, allowing space for Yuni to sit, that is if she wanted to.

The Blue Pegasus mage laid down on her back with her arms resting underneath her head while she stared up at the sky. Snow was a woman with very little words and she would most often be regarded as an extremely quiet or a boring person, which was why she chose to be alone most of the time, spending her days away reading or just looking at the sky. The wind that blew across the undulating lands somehow made her feel better from the heat and her body felt much cooler than before. Snow watched the clouds raced over the cobalt sky and she loved how fast they go, over the blazing yellow orb and other white puffs of white cushions.

The two sat in silence for a couple of minutes, until Yuni questioned her whether she was a resident of Era. The girl shook her head, her eyes still fixed on the sky. ”I just… wanted to travel around.” She struggled to gather her words. It was a truthful answer, despite how ambiguous she was. "I just got here a couple of days ago, so I'm still not used to the ways around here. What about you?" She directed her question towards Yuni as stormy pools crossed over a gaze of scarlet. Even from the way she sat, Snow could tell that she was a rather feminine girl for her age.


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Yumi blinked her big red eyes in a cute manner, as she looked at the young woman named Snow. Snow it was an unusual name for someone to have, but in a way, it fitted the young woman, from her snow like skin to frosty eyes and flowing blue hair that under the gaze of the sun positioned just right looked like glistening snow. It wasn't long though before the young woman changed her position deciding to lie down on her back, resting her arms underneath her head while staring at the sky. From the few words exchanged and the way the girl acted, she appeared to be someone who preferred her privacy and alone time.

Yumi stayed in her seiza position, the stone of the roof didn't hurt her knees. Yumi had sat in this position many times and become accustomed to it, that and the position was a frequent one she took when praying to her Almighty God Malum. Silently she reflected, it had been awhile since she prayed to her Almighty she would have to set aside an hour tonight before bed to make up for her lack of dedication by reciting scriptures to the Dark God. She would also need to prepare a sacrifice to help in the restoration of Malum's power. From Yumi's memory at the Inn she was staying at their was an Adventurer staying on his own in Room 108. She would have to kidnap him and offer him up tonight.

Yumi was pulled from her thoughts as Snow spoke up, she was so softly spoken that Yumi almost missed it. From the words of the bluenette she was not a residence of Era and was simply travelling around and had only arrived in Era a few days ago. Though when the question was directed to the lolita, Yumi pondered on what she should say. Deep in the recesses of her mind, a sinister smile began to form, one that would not show on her soft feminine features, instead Yumi merely shined a soft gentle feminine smile. She appeared delicate and stunning with that smile in place. Yumi had decided to have a little fun and mess with the young girl.

"I arrived a few days ago. I want a change of scenery so I decided to explore. It's very different here on the surface world. No pits of eternal fire or plumes of lava. I've taken to the lovely winter weather, the heat back home was getting a bit too much for me." Commented petite lolita in a soft serene voice. She was a little cryptic in the way she spoke, adding a mysterious tone that would perhaps make the young woman enquire more about where Yumi was from. Especially as the lolita hinted that she did not normally live on the surface, but perhaps below it.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Her heels tapped against the red bricks of the roof, along to the rhythm that played in her mind. Since the day she arrived Era, she hadn’t done anything much apart from trying out new restaurants and cafés. Snow wished to visit the snow-capped mountains that were located on the other side of the town. Her eyes drifted towards the direction and she could see the range of mountains and the massive realm of woodland that enveloped around Era as if it was some sort of protection.

The clamour of the market was still audible, but less crowded and rowdy compared to when she first entered the place. She wondered if the other girl felt bored since they weren’t doing anything interesting, although it was none of her concern. Snow was not one to speak a lot and most people do not enjoy her company due to her extremely quiet nature. Albeit, Snow was considered a rather good listener – she was at least patient enough to listen to those who wanted to rant. The young girl let out a yawn, wanting to take a short nap once again. She figured Yuni would probably leave her alone and travel back to wherever she came from once she was asleep. That was what she thought. She even planned to visit her favourite café in Era afterwards, for a cup of coffee and perhaps, some chocolate cake.

The cool wind only enhanced her desire to sleep and she could feel her eyelids heavy, struggling to stay awake until Yuni brought something into discussion that attracted her attention. Silver pools glided over to Yuni and noticed the dark hair that fell past her shoulders, eyes similar to that of a ruby gem and a seductive smile. With such feminine looks, the girl could easily flirt with any man she sees and she could leave them infatuated with her. She pushed her thoughts to the back of her mind and stared curiously at the other girl. Eternal fire and plumes of lava? Snow continued to gaze at her intently, as if it would make her spout out answers that she was curious about.

It was apparent that Yuni was not a resident of Era either but according to her remark, there was no town that had fire that grew for eternity and lava flowing continuously, not that she knew of. Unless she was talking about living inside a volcano or a place that was located underground, thousands of feet away from the surface; hell. Snow pushed herself back up, her eyebrows arched slightly. She had never met a person like her before and if she was able to get more information, she would gladly do so. ”Where are you from exactly?”


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