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Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman]

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Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] Empty on Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:35 pm

Geb sighed, sitting down at the bar. Munchlax had broken the stool next to him, so he would have to pay for that. Because Geb couldn't trust Gallent not running off the moment he took the eye off his companion, he had to basically make him sit on the floor, occasionally throwing him down a chicken wing or two.

It had been a long night. Geb just got here to Oak you see, and it was pretty dark. He was hoping to sleep in his room at the hotel which had been on the second floor of this building. But, he was thirsty after the travel, so he'd have to simply live with it.

Machias were a funny race. Geb was sure he didn't need most of this stuff, at least, he thought, but he still wanted it. He still loved all the same things, just that some parts of him were half machine. Not all, but some. It made Geb wonder what exactly was what. Sighing, he supposed he shouldn't think about it too much. He had already though enough these last few days.

"Hey, bartender. I'm looking for something to take my mind off things. What do you think I should do?"

"Well, you seem to be one of the few males in this bar right now. Shouldn't you be talking to some of the pretty girls in the bar?"

Geb turned to face the rest of the establishment and thought about it. Looking around, he wondered if there really were any women, no, people worth talking to..

#2Bianca Fleur 

Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] Empty on Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:58 am

Bianca Fleur
Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] Q1TQ6kZ

死 の 花

After the series of traumatizing events, Bianca seemed to have cooled down a bit, although you couldn’t say she had entirely recovered in the head. It was the fact that she couldn’t have children that was driving her half insane. The image she had of her future, raising the perfect family she never had, had been pooped on. Aside from that, the thought of carrying a uterus-less body was disturbing. She could feel as if there was an empty space where it used to be. But that was just her imagination. She wondered how the doctors fixed it up for her.

Bianca didn’t bother waiting to visit the hotel in town that had a bar. She was craving the taste of alcohol so intensely that nothing could stop her at this point. She walked up straight to the bar, getting herself a seat far away from the ugly men who stared at her cleavage. She was back in her uniform after getting discharged from the hospital, looking as if she was about to go to war. She ordered the usual and sat alone with her glass for about ten minutes, only thinking over and over again, if she was going to be okay. She was calm at the moment, only wild thoughts ran rampant in her head, but to anyone who bothered to look, she was just a mean-looking lady with a flower in her eye.

A few minutes later, she had to go to the toilet, so told the bartender to look after her glass, which he took and placed it under the bar. Bianca walked out of the place in the direction of the female restrooms and did her business. When she came back, a new customer had occupied the barstool two seats away from hers. A familiar face she remembered seeing in the Majura Gallery while she was in Oak. He seemed to be having a conversation with the bartender, which she didn’t intend to interrupt. Seating herself on the barstool next to his, she took the glass that the bartender brought out for her. She rid her mind of the unpleasant thoughts and shifted in her seat until she was comfortable.

“Hello, familiar stranger,” she said with a smile that was a little too wide. She didn’t exactly hear his conversation with the bartender.

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Just as it seemed like there was nobody worth talking to, Geb noticed someone sitting in a stool near him. Hearing the sound, Geb turned his stool to face the sound. It was a woman he had seen a few times before. Majura Gallery, if he remembered correctly. She was friends with Roman, no? Well, in that case, she couldn't of been too bad.

"Hello to you too. What brings you here tonight? Looking for a drink? Maybe a guy for the night?" he said, before taking a sip of his. "Well, you wont be getting that from me. Probably, anyways.."

Gallent tried to approach the woman, getting close before Geb moved his leg to block the Munchlax. "I believe we're long overdue for introductions. I am Geb, and the creature you see at my feet is Gallent." Gallent seemed to calm down, as Geb subtly passed him a chicken wing as the Munchlax greedily gobbled it up.

"What would your name be? We've met a few times, if I remember correctly.
What did you think of the Gallery, by the way? Quite a splendid place, no?"
Geb didn't care if he was tooting his own horn here, he knew for a fact that his Gallery was by far the most prestigious in Fiore, even if the magazines didn't quite think that..

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Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] Empty on Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:59 am

Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

As soon as Bianca said her greeting, the dark-haired male began speaking as though he had been rehearsing to say these lines his entire line. It sounded like he was reading from a script, which baffled her but she didn’t comment on it. Instead she gave him an amused smile, waiting for him to finish before replying to his many questions and introduction.

“I’m just here to take my mind off of some things, actually. And nice to meet you, Geb. My name is Bianca, by the way. I know you’re a friend of Roman’s because I saw you with him last time so I trust you enough, I guess,” she started, took a sip from her cup. Her eyes were fixated on Geb’s, until she spotted the dark blue from the corner of her eye and that Geb had introduced a different person as well. Upon seeing the chubby creature, sanguine optics widened in more amusement. She had never seen someone have such a cute, chubby pet. She reached down to pet it, to test whether it was friendly or not. It seemed to want to be her friend, by trying to approach her.

Bianca raised her eyes back to the owner of Gallent, who asked about the gallery. “It’s quite a nice place,” she told him with a smile. She then turned her attention back to Gallent.


Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] Empty on Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:15 pm

Geb noticed the woman's immense interest in Gallent, so he lifted his foot out of the way to let Gallent approach her. Gallent would make a little chomping noise that was quite adorable at Bianca, then lift it's arms to ask to be lifted up. However Bianca would find that the Munchlax race was over 200 pounds, and most likely would not be lifted easily despite their cute looks and relatively small size. But, Geb would let her learn that the hard way.

"Indeed, I am friends with Roman. We are in the same guild, I'm presuming?" Geb chose not to share the name, as they were in Era after all. "I must say, I never meet many in our group. It seems like we are scarce these days after all."

Geb took a sip of his drink, before looking back over to Bianca. "Tell me, Bianca,
what brings you here to Era? Or perhaps you'd rather not talk about it in the middle of an establishment such as this?"
Geb, not caring too much about girls and how they saw him, lifted his hotel key from his pocket. "I've got a room at this hotel, if you'd like to talk about this in private there." This whole time Geb wore a straight face. He really wasn't all that interested in women barring once in a blue moon, so he didn't really care if it seemed like he was trying to get her in his room for other purposes, as his intention truly was not that.

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Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] Empty on Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:56 pm

Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

Bianca petted the Munchlax and squeezed its cheeks, returning her gaze back to Geb when he said something about guilds. “You’re from Phantom Lord, too? That’s funny ‘cause I’ve never seen you in the guild. Maybe because you have a gallery to look after? I guess you must be a busy man,” she said with a smile. If she ever became rich enough she would probably try to own a botanical garden, but that was only at the point when she would have nothing to spend her money on, though. When he mentioned that he didn’t see many in their group, Bianca realised this was true. The only person she had ever met in the guild was Roman, when she was in the actual guildhall and not in the kitchen or elsewhere.

“Tell me, Bianca, what brings you here to Era? Or perhaps you'd rather not talk about it in the middle of an establishment such as this?”

She sat back properly on her stool so she wasn’t bent down to play with Gallent anymore. “I was part of the mission with another guild. Roman and I were helping with the same objective, too. That’s why I’m in Era. I don’t know if he’s still here or not, though,” she said. She emptied the contents of her glass. She wondered if she would ever stop feeling pissed every time she thought about what happened there. Maybe one day she would learn to live with it and not sweat it anymore. It was worse when she first heard of her fate, but she was slowly calming down. She looked around the room and noticed that everyone was in their own little bubbles, nobody was paying them any attention. “What’s wrong with talking here?” she asked curiously. She gave the key in his hand one look and turned back to her glass. If she was trying to get in her pants, it wasn't happeing. He wasn't really her type.


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The night was still fairly young, and Roman figured he deserved a good drink. Not just one drink, but a slew of drinks too reach a sense of euphoria. That was the main reason of doing any kind of drug or drinking for him. To feel that floating feeling when in that buzzed state. Not too lit, but a healthy median. Little did he know he was walking into the same pub two allies were already present at. He walked up to the front of the pub.

He could faintly hear music coming to an end. Kind of unfitting for a pub located in era. It seemed more of a speed for a night club. He pressed on the door, causing the bell to ring. Roman had to duck his head a bit to not hit the front of his head on the door frame. It was a dimly lit pub with a few people sitting around. Roman scanned the area, and smelled the familiar scents. One changed a bit and the other was Bianca. Following this there was a plethora of smells that filled his nose.

Thankfully he had a good handle on his senses so he made sure not to get overloaded. His vision was completely focused on the three sitting at the main bar. A woman, a dark haired man, and a monster. Well the monster appeared to be too heavy for his chair so he actually sat on a broken pile of wood. The two were talking and the beast moved towards Bianca. Roman made his way over to the three and sat on the chair left of Bianca. “My, my, never thought I would run into you here Bianca.” While sitting down Roman leaned in and looked down the bar at the dark haired male.

“You smell familiar but I don’t know the face.”


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Geb looked with a man stare to the woman. It seemed she did not understand the importance of keeping guild matters a secret, especially with the bartender standing right there. Truly a foolish girl...

"To be quite frank, if you cannot see the reason behind keeping things pri-" Suddenly, Geb was interrupted by a large man who knew this Bianca. Geb sighed, just accepting he got interrupted. "I don't find you quite familiar, sir." Geb said, pointing his finger at the man in the slightest. "Of course, I suppose I've ran into a fair deal of people on my time across Fiore. Tell me sir, what is your name?"

Little did Geb know, this would be one of his few, hell, probably only friend: Roman. Of course having a pretty substantial change in appearance would render Geb unable to know who in the world this man was. But, should Roman be honest, he'd be in for a good surprise after a series of bad ones.

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

Bianca stared curiously at Geb as she asked why it was a problem to speak of such things in such a place, although she sort of knew why. She gave Geb an amused smile when she heard his response, but was cut off by a newcomer to the bar. Bianca turned immediately, her brows knitting together in confusion after hearing her own name being spoken from the stranger’s lips. He had blonde hair, which reminded her of only one person - her friend Roman. But nothing else looked like him, so who was this man? He then spoke to Geb, saying that his smell was familiar, but didn’t know the face.

“I don’t really know you, too, though you remind me of my friend,” said Bianca, eyeing him skeptically.

The blonde man took the seat on Bianca’s left, putting her in the middle. She would turn to the newcomer, taking a sip from her glass and waiting for him to answer Geb’s question.


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Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] RqHG3WG

Roman plopped down on the stool leaning forward with a giant grin on his face. He pushed the glasses up onto his forehead so he could look at the two sitting at the bar. He raised a finger and swirled it around causing electricity to dance from his finger tip across the room. The lightning bolt had a sort of life about it. Like it had a mind of its own. A small little jolt that made it's way across the room into the juke box that just finished playing music. It clicked back to life but this time it was a slower more fitting tone for the bar the three sat in. A somber tone that reflected the night that fell onto the city of Era. It was odd really, Roman felt like he knew these two.

A jazzy tone filled the bar as a woman began to sing.

"Don't be afraid."

The music was loud enough for individuals to hear. However, it was also quiet enough for people to be able to carry a conversation.

Yet, the three sat as strangers at the bar, fate had led them all to this point. “I am still getting used to this 'new' look. Shame really figured you guys were folks I knew. Roman Astoria it is a pleasure.” He said calmly while looking around for the non-existent bartender. The keep must have been in the back getting something. With a right hand he pulled back the right side of his jacket and reached in with a left hand. He revealed a cigarette and lighter. With one hand he pressed the brown tip of the cigarette. With a few clicks a flame sprung to life in front of his face. With a fine drag the flame passed its life force onto the cigarette. A dimly lit bud was suddenly surrounded by ashen remains of the cigarette.

Roman could feel the smoke enter his mouth, he didn't blow it out of his mouth. Instead he forced the toxic smoke out through his nose. The feeling was almost intoxicating, yet relaxing at the same time.  The bar tender came back out of the back room with bottles to restock the back counter. It was a younger man, most likely not to older than Roman himself. He wasn't much for words, instead Roman broke the silence. He tapped the cigarette on a nearby ash tray to knock the burned edges off.

“Rum and Coke. Heavy on the rum please.” The lad said nothing and began to work. Roman only turned back to the two listening to their responses.


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Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] Med_1489045804_image

The man introduced himself as Roman, and Geb couldn't help but crack a little smile. It was always nice to see an old friend, especially when your old friend was essentially your only friend.
Yes, Geb lived a very sad life indeed. Maybe he should start talking to people a little bit more.. .that would be for the best, he thought.

"I see, hello there Roman. Geb here, nice to see you again." In the meantime, Gallent the Munchlax seemed to jump up and wave to the man. "That's Gallent. Seems he would like to say hi."

Geb put his elbow on the table, holding his head as he looked over across to Roman. "So tell me my friend, how is the new look faring for you. I can't say I'm a fan of those sunglasses, perhaps that sort of design just isn't matching my tastes."

"Oh, yes! I simply must tell you about my new paintings in Oak. I've got a couple of frogs from the same painter as the last, and an exhibit on statues from different artists all around North fiore. Would you like to visit sometime, whenever you happen to be in Oak?"

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

As the blonde man sat down, the music in the background changed. It was completely different from the previous genre and the timing was much slower. When he introduced himself as Roman, Bianca’s eyes lit up and a grin spread across her face.

“Roman! It’s been a while! How are you? I haven’t seen you since the battle. I was hospitalized for such a long time,” she spoke enthusiastically.

Roman brought out a cigarette and started smoking which almost immediately made her do the same. She couldn’t stand it if someone was smoking, it automatically makes her want to as well. She fished out a cig from her pack as well and fidgeted with the lighter before taking a long, satisfying drag. She placed the lighter on the bar and listened to what Geb said, about the paintings of the frogs. She then realised that this was the second time the three of them were in the same place at the same time. What a coincidence.


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Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] 3Ypp3vw

Roman removed the cigarette from his lips and looked over at the two. He gave a colgate smile, one that shined even in the dimly bar. A smile that reflected Roman’s good hygiene. Even when evil, one must be fresh 24/7. Especially in a bar situation because there was no telling when you might meet a fine lady. It was good to see a old face. Not having many friends could be a good thing in a lot of cases. Not everyone was to be trusted. Especially when you are a Dark Mage doing naughty things. Everyone was trying to climb to the top and were willing to step on others to get where they needed to go. He chuckled because this was quite the coincidence really. Who would have seen all three of them meeting here.

The small monster jumped and waved. Seemed friendly so Roman of course greeted his friend’s companion. “Hello there Gallent, it is a pleasure.” Roman turned back to the corner to see the bartender return with his drink. He took another long drag of the cancer ridden object. He blew smoke into the air as he swirled his drink. He let the cigarette rest between his index finger and middle finger.

The ice settled in the dark brown liquid. Roman took a sip of his drink while Geb spoke. “Considering I had to almost die for it, I can’t complain. I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. And I appreciate it, I figured the glasses were a way to make the outfit pop.” He didn’t want to go into detail. He honestly wanted to forget it. Then a memory flashed through his head that disturbed him.

Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] A48aQTp

That fucking flower...Arum. The laughter followed, a ringing sound in his head that invited insanity. He drank a bit more doing the small glass almost entirely. He wanted to erase the memory from his mind. “Another.” He said calmly causing the mute bartender to grab the empty glass and mix up another. Geb spoke about his gallery, which it was about time too go visit once more. Before Roman could speak Bianca interjected, announcing herself. Looked like the gang was all here. “It has been about a week or two. I don’t remember much after the mission. I woke up in a hospital about a week ago here. Good to see you are alive and well."

“I have to travel back to Oak soon regardless. Boss man has requested my presence. Not to happy about that I may add. I will pop in when I am ever in town deal? Speaking of which, let’s make a Team and spread our villainy around the world. I have been thinking about it for sometime. I figured with all of us being here best to drop it on you guys now. I can submit the paperwork when I go back to the guild. What say you two?”

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

As Roman continued to talk about how he almost had to die for something, Bianca was finishing her cigarette faster, she realised, and started to feel a little light headed as she was still weak from what happened. She rested it on the ashtray, folding her arms with full attention on the conversation now. She laughed when he said that the glasses made the outfit pop.

Bianca took a sip of from her glass, noticing from the corner of her eye Roman emptying his own. She didn’t know why he was drinking a lot, maybe stress. She smiled and said, “I’m glad you are alive as well.” It would have been sad news if she was told that her only friend in the world was dead. Swirling the glass with one hand, Bianca stared at the amber liquids sloshing around, wondering if she would be sad if the gallery owner died, too. He wasn’t really a friend yet, though, so probably just a bit. As she was distracted by these thoughts, she missed Roman saying that he was needed by the master, but heard that he said something about teams.

Speaking of teams, Bianca wasn’t in one. She had never been a part of any team since she joined, mostly because she didn’t talk to people much and was shy 24/7. After the life-changing event that took place not too long ago, Bianca had started to talk more and socialize. “A team?” she asked, giving Geb a look and then turning back to Roman. “I’m all for it,” she told him, raising her hands to say something like ‘duh, of course i’m in’.


Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] Empty on Wed May 10, 2017 2:53 pm

The young bartender sat Roman’s mixed drink in front of him. Bianca was a woman of few words which was fine. He was aware of this since he first met her months ago. Geb did nothing but listen and Gallent was sitting on the floor gnawing at the chair he broke. Roman stood up from his chair and looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost time to leave. He had a train to catch, he needed to get out of town asap. He was going to return but he knew better than too keep Cesare waiting on something. “Then it is settled. I will put the paperwork in.” He finished off his cigarette and pushed it into the glass tray on the counter next to Bianca. He downed the drink he was given and placed the glass back on the counter. He brought out his bag of jewels. He removed some and placed it on the counter. It was enough to pay for the two drinks and a tip.

“As for a name I will think of one on the way there. I have a train to catch. Ciao for now, I will be back in Era soon as I talk to the boss. I will send him your guy’s regards.” Roman let out a guttural belch that relieved the carbonation built up in his stomach. “Whew, needed that one.” He wasn’t drunk, but he could feel a solid buzz settling in. It was a good feeling he enjoyed when doing drugs and booze. Sadly he had no drugs but he could pick up some dank while in Oak.


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Episode 1: To The Contrary [Guest Starring Bianca & Roman] Empty on Thu May 11, 2017 2:52 pm

Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

Bianca finished her drink as well, nodding at Roman as he said that he would put the paperwork in. “Alright,” she said, fishing her purse to pay for her drink when she noticed Roman had already paid for both. “Oh, you didn’t have to do that,” she said, and added, “Thanks anyway!” Bianca turned to Geb and Gallent, who were silent which she wondered why, and then turned back to Roman. She didn’t have any ideas for the name of their team at the moment, either, so she just said, “Bye! Think of a clever one,” to Roman with a laugh. Bianca bent down to pet Gallent and play with him a bit. She wondered if she should leave now or wait a while, since Roman just left as well. She didn’t want to be rude and leave Geb alone.

After a while of playing with Gallent, however, she decided to leave the bar and rest for the night. “It was nice meeting you, Geb. I’m glad we could meet Roman, too, that was a surprise,” she laughed, then got up from her seat. “I’ll see you and Gallent at the gallery, yeah?” With that, the vampire exited the bar and headed back to the inn she was staying in. She would hunt for food in the woods on the way back to satisfy her hunger before she called it a night.

- exit -


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Suddenly waking up from what seemed to be a deep sleep, Geb blinked. It seemed like he had dozed off for a little while there. What in the world happened...? Oh well, he supposed it was over now. He found Gallent and left the premises, feeling a little drowsy. Did the bartender leave something in his drink or something? Wait, could Machia even get drunk? That was an interesting question, but for an entirely different day. It was time to head back to his humble abode, his hotel room. Munchlax followed him up the stairs as the two made their way. Scary stuff indeed... He wouldn't be going to that bar again, he told ya!


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