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Lost Crest [Request | Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Lost Crest [Request | Leyaria] Empty on Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:20 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

More of what her day had been consisting of seemed to have been just her relaxing, otherwise enjoying herself; a far contrast to what she had been subjected to prior to all of this and everything that had been happening beforehand. Era was turning out to be a place that she could actually enjoy, much of it due to the fact that she was becoming more and more familiar with the jobs and obligations that were being expected of a mage, though even still she was far from used to all of this. Rather, she was a woman who was just beginning to understand and get used to these tasks, to working on these jobs and while they may not have paid quite as much as she may have liked them to, there was little to dispute that they were starting to add up slowly.

It was also great for both her and Geth, the two of them being more than capable of surviving, no longer being forced to sleep amongst the streets and within the alleys due to a lack of money, but rather have been able to enjoy the nicer things that they had never had the chance to experience before. Nicer food, better beds to rest on, there were any number of things in which they had not had the chance to experience before, but now they were able to. Only though, for as long as they continued to do jobs that were paying.

Today was another such example, her going through the streets of Era, looking for anyone who may have happened to see the small family crest that she was looking for. While she did not have it on her own body, she did have the image to which she was supposed to go off of, the image that the client had requested that she look for, that she try to find. Though as it was turning out, it was seeming less and less like there was any real genuine chance that she was going to be able to find it, as all of her efforts had up to this point been without any success, without any prosperity or reason to think that this crest would have shown up or was going to.

She held the image for a while now, and really at no point had she made any serious effort into seeing it for herself, wondering just what it was about this crest that was so special. Looking at it, it was nice, nothing particularly incredible, but she was hardly a person who had any right or business to say that it was an impressive one or not. She simply looked at it, admired the two swans as they entangled their necks in what she could only imagine to be something valuable and expensive – lest there be no reason to actually look for the crest. Finally, after what was seeming like a huge deal of issues and no clear present evidence that there was any type of success or likeliness to have found completions within the confines of the mission, she finally caught a break.

There were a few of them, several people who had spoken to Leyaria and indicated that they had managed to find someone who appeared to have had an item that was looking to have been similar at least to the sketch that Leyaria had been displaying. Whether or not it was the item was too soon to tell, but it was very clear that the item was somewhere there. And as it turned out, it was in the hands of someone that she had encountered once before, the man who she had fulfilled her first request on, the man that had been known throughout the city of Era as Gaud. She still remembered him from the first time that they had met and it wasn’t long until she had come across the man, ironically enough within the very same alleyway that they had met the first time around.

“You.” He said with a cold tone, perhaps having realized the fact that the last time that the two had met, it was a case of Leyaria selling him what turned out to be a fake item.

“You remember me,” Leyaria said coldly, not really interested in reflecting on the past, knowing that the man was undoubtedly upset with her, which she did not blame him for. However though, the reality was that he was the one that set things in motion, so there was no reason to act as though he was an innocent victim.

“What do you want?” It was clear that he remembered everything, and while he may have sought a reason to attack her, it was quite possible that Geth was the reason that he did not strike, terrified of what the man may have tried to do. She considered that enough of a reason to take the fullest advantage of things for the time being and not worry nearly as much as perhaps others would be inclined to.

“I don’t want to be here as much as you do, but you bought something that belonged to a member of the Magic Council. A crest with two swans on it, their necks wrapped together. I’m just looking to get it back.”

The man’s eyes widened in surprise. “So that belongs to a Rune Knight? I didn’t realize. Fine. Take it back,” the man said as he pointed towards what appeared to be the crest laying against the nearby alley wall. “Last thing I’m looking to do is to upset a member of the Magic Council, never a good idea really.”

Leyaria smiled that the man surrendered the crest without any incident and immediately grabbed it, departing from the alleyway as quickly as possible in order to return the item to the man. With the crest in hand, she wasted no time in trying to find the man, giving him the Crest and hoping to get her reward as quikly as she was able to. The fact was that the more time she had it in her possession, after spending so much time asking about for it, she was worried that she may have been labeled as the thief instead. But she returned it without incident, got paid, and went on her way.

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Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

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