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Sidewalk [Bianca]

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"This place gets old all over again."

Erebus, since he was not out on an important mission like the one last week, was wearing normal attire. A black shirt, baggy jeans. Low-top running shoes. White hair, shaved around the sides, while the long top fell over his cheeks. His eyes were cyan. Bags underneath the and a judgmental glare directed at anyone able to conjure the bravery to step in his path. He pushed people to the concrete maintaining a normal pace.

He sniffed. Thousands upon thousands of micro particles funneling into his lungs. He was tasting the air. In his vision a rainbow of swirling masses led him around the area. Each having a different flare and spice. It was the nose of a Lycan. The most powerful tracking device natural to a being in Fiore. Second only to the eyes of a vampire. Speaking of, Nastasya had been hospitalized hadn't she? Maybe Erebus should go see the undead broad. After all-- they shared a romantic night. The first not involving sexual acts. Not since Erebus dropped Celeste Vagarosa months back that is.

"I'll go see her soon."

He decided with a glint of energy returning to his aggravated body. He was a mad man, always tipping one way or the other. The only time he was happy was when he got to battle, that or he got to spend time with friends. Those were so rare though. Weren't they? The Lycan chuckled. He needed to think on that; no one could really be considered such in this business. If anything-- the others were comrades. The boy placed his hands in his pockets... He needed a friend.

Stepping out of a trashcan was a fat creature. It had a blue tint. He kinda smelled bad, even worse for Erebus. "Hey you, what the fuck man? Don't eat out the garbage. Moron..." Erebus squinted. The creature looked up at him. Animals, the boy thought. Sighing. He reached into his pocket, retrieving a granola bar. He threw it at the Munchlax, landing a soft blow on it.

"There fuck head... Now get out of the trash-can. Go rob a store or something, don't settle for the wastes of the entitled pigs in this town. We can do better than that." A thumbs up was aimed for the Munchlax monster, but Erebus turned it into a thumbs down as he started walking away. He kept walking; looking up at signs lining the street. The tiny companion was left looking down at the Granola bar on the ground. It remained quiet.

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Bianca Fleur
Sidewalk [Bianca]  Q1TQ6kZ

死 の 花

It was silent. Hushed footfalls pounded against the hard hospital floor. Escaping those hawk-eyed nurses, it wasn’t an easy thing. This wasn’t a hospital, it was a madhouse. She was simply in the wrong place. They were telling her that she had lost her uterus? They must have been mistaking her with someone else. ‘I’m sorry to say you are no longer capable of bearing children,’ said the madman in the white coat. How dare he make a joke like that? At that moment she had wanted to plant her fist into his face, but she was too weak, with a million tubes attached to her body.

She had miraculously escaped the confines of the daunting establishment once again. It was the third night there since the day she regained consciousness, so she had been doing this for a while now. Being a vampire and all, nobody could hear her sneak out, unless they were wizards using detection techniques. She brought with her the pack of cigarettes she had stolen, and a lighter as well. Storm clouds rolled over Era as she took refuge under a tree not far from the hospital. She hadn’t seen the weather forecast in almost a week now? Trembling slender fingers reached into the pack for one of the three remaining cigarettes, bringing it to her lips that firmly held it from its butt. Smoking seemed to take just a bit of the madness away, but that was what she liked to think. Fumbling with the lighter, she was finally able to light the cig, but the rain was merciless. It started out as a drizzle, but killed her cigarette nonetheless. She tossed it away with a scowl on her face, a hand gently placed on the red blotch on the bandages. Thankfully the wound didn’t bring her pain unless she did something stupid like bend ninety degrees.

There was no one as far as Bianca could see, save for a tall figure casually walking into the deserted street. Bianca remained hidden in the shadow of the tree, although if you looked carefully you would see her, of course. Despite the cold rain, she felt like she would rather stay here than feel paranoid as fuck in the ‘hospital room’.


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Erebus Cassiel was minding his own business, he swatted at a gnat trying to fly into his ears. Meanwhile the Munchlax turned it's head out of the alleyway to spy on the criminal. Both hands tucking the granola bar against it's chest. It seemed interested in the Grimoire Adventurer.

As he made his way against the empty aisle a thunderbolt was heard. The sky had that cloudy, dreary, gloom about it. But there wasn't any rain just yet. A short sprinkle at times. A peculiar scent enveloped the air. Vampire. It was sweet... Nectar-like. The Lycan followed it forward. Until he stood in front of an injured dame in the shadowy veil. She didn't look like she felt very well. The boy scratched his neck. "Hey." He said, looking at her more directly.

A second later he felt something bump his leg. It was that creature again. Erebus used his hand to slightly push it back. Maintaining most of his attention on the Phantom Lord. Speaking of which, knowing of her race, her wounds, and obviously that she wasn't in his guild. He was managed an identity for the girl in moments. One of the dark mages who had fallen alongside Caius in the Ark's On Shot. They fought hard. Unfortunately, things didn't go there way.

She must have gotten really fucked up to have been in the hospital the longest.
"You want some help?" On cue the Munchlax waked past the tall albino male. Delivering the granola bar onto the ground in front of her. He hadn't opened the wrapper yet. In fact, he seemed more like he wanted to share it. Erebus tilted his head at the gesture.

The little blue guy had some spirit in him. Interesting.

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

Of course the figure noticed her, as she tried to pretend to not see him although she was standing out, silvery-white tresses reflecting the light of the moon. Instead of hiding, she stepped a little bit out of the shadows and into what was now a shower. Her hand still rested on her stomach while the other helped push her off from leaning on the tree as she would become more visible to the white-haired stranger. His hair was what made him stand out from the dark of night as well. Her hair was getting soaked so with her free hand, draped it to one side. She would appear to be hurt, the bandages especially proving this point.

“Hey,” she replied a bit squeakily, that was all she was able to squeeze out at this point. The sound of rain hitting the roofs of nearby homes would overwhelm her soft voice, however, and make it hard for him to hear unless he had great hearing. She could see him pretty clearly though, through the rain. He had a nice face.

As a chubby blue creature she didn’t notice before approached her, Bianca inched back slightly but was amused to see that it had brought her some kind of food. She didn’t pick it up, unsure of the stranger’s intentions. She was already at a disadvantage, plus bending down to reach the snack she was offered would hurt her to death, so she stared awkwardly at the stranger and waited for something to happen.


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Bianca was... Attractive to say the least. Moving up along the shadowy wall, the tall female leaned herself into the shower of aqua blue droplets. The pitch of her voice was melodic and soft-- Her hello came out like whisper, but it was loud enough for the Lycan. He had animalistic senses; a beast in human skin. Though monotonous at first, his voice sharpened out when he answered her back again. This time he spoke in a tone of interest. After having paused to look her over, Erebus was already sparking up more conversation.

"Agh, you got cut up pretty bad, you maybe hurt. Look, I don't know how to help you much. Let's get you out of the rain or something," Erebus approached her closer-- slowly. Now there was only a meter radius from where they stood.

Despite being tall by all normal standards. Bianca like some magical warrioress, especially in height. Curvaceous and beautiful, albino hair much like his own draped her neck and kissed her back. Both silky and creamy in terms of texture and appearance as it poured past her shoulders. She was definitely something about these vampyric women. They were extra cute. Even though Strategist wasn't aware of Bianca's race. The statement stood regardless. Besides, had the vampire not been weakened from her attack at the Ark. Erebus would've seen opportunity to comment on her looks. Though he also thought timing was off. He didn't know how things would go with Nastasya. Erebus had rather stick to one person at a time, that included mysterious gorgeous strangers ... However he could still help her on her way.

Did he need too though? It seemed as if the woman was in jeopardy or something, then she was more than capable of escaping alone. Hm... Very well, he just couldn't let her do that then. Even weakened she hinted at uniqueness, Erebus decided he wanted to befriend the broad right away. The Lycan motioned to move with walking towards a salon out on the left of the street, mostly to remove her of the rain showers. However, more importantly it was to gain some the albino girl's trust. A wise first step, he jested mentally.

"Do you have somewhere you can call, a home? Like-- friends, family, location?" Munchlax cleaned itself in the rain, catching up to the two a moment later. It was really fond of either Erebus, Bianca, or both.

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

The stranger was not completely a stranger. They had met before, but a lot had changed since then so there was no way for them to remember each other. Bianca had lost her slayer magic, too, otherwise she could have recognized his scent. She raised her free hand to point at the hospital behind her. “I was in a battle,” she said absentmindedly as an image of it flashed before her eyes for just a moment, not really wanting to think about it, but it was already in her head.

“Let’s get you out of the rain or something.”

Staring down at her clothes, she thought that was a pretty good idea. The white garments she had on stuck to her as they were wet, exposing the skin underneath. She folded her arms over her chest now as she looked back up at the man and nodded. She did have her guard up since he was a total stranger to her now. Why was he helping her, though? Was he just a nice person? Or was there another reason? Bianca followed him, however, keeping a safe distance between them, so that if he tried anything funny she could at least try to run. The blue creature came along as well which made her assumed it was his pet or something.

In response to his question, she said, “I do, but it’s not in this town. I have no family and just one friend, his name is Roman.”


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Her voice was harmonic to him, it was a crying shame she was so shy to speak as much. Answering his question after a brief moment of silence. Erebus nodded and his eyes peered to the rain. She'd told him of one name. A good one too, since he was very aware of what had happened as of now. She was friends with, 'Roman', the ally he had made acquaintance with the day before. She might have been a dark mage like him; but it seemed she was hospitalized just a brief longer than he if so. If it was the thwarted Ark One Shot-- then it made perfect sense. Chances are she was wounded much worse based on the fact she was fleeing the hospital. Which he could believe, seeing as how if the doctors became aware of her race then the whole rune knight organization ight show up to cause issues.

With her white hospital gown hugging her voluptuous curves, Erebus made it a priority to get her somewhere she could change first and foremost. His eyes were dark with bags under them, yet he couldn't help glancing every now and then. He was still a guy after all, shit man. Despite the said deprivation of rest, it wasn't any shy to his looks, he just looked sleepier than the average person. In addition, he was still able to understand the circumstances.

"I know a Roman, he's blonde right?" The tall Lycan said. Moving a step closer to her, Erebus was reaching a hand for her to take up. He didn't get why he was acting all nice and guide-like. But he felt that since there guilds were close now, that it might be a good idea helping out each other's wounded. Working in unison. That kind of thing. "Are you with... Phantom Lord, by chance?" His eyes were calm-- questioning. Truth was he might have looked like the enemy right now-- the girl ight have been getting the wrong idea. It was a bad spot to be in-- both for 'her' in this delicate situation. And 'him' as the one who'd be helping her. Was he too quick with his questions? Probably.

Hopefully if she managed to spare him the time to explain, then it'd be okay. Maybe he could reach her, maybe even get her to understand what was happening. "Look, I'm with Grimoire Heart. I can help you get somewhere safe if you need it, where you can call him" The Munchlax from earlier looked worried, possibly sensing the negative or ill energies in the air. It wrapped it's arms around Erebus' waist, as it's stomach growled for more garbage again. Despite not particularly liking the creature, it seemed they were now a duo. Whatever. Erebus would live. He wished he had time to bark more curse words a the little bastard bu time was slipping. His left hand attempted to pushed the Munchlax's face away if it might sell the hint. No luck though, the tiny blue thing held on contrary to resistance. A tongue mongrel. Erebus admitted mentally.

Back onto the subject in hand.

What was important for the trio was staying under cover, getting Bianca to safety even more so. Though, that was up to her really, where she wanted to head or what she wanted to do about her situation. If she were independent or needing aide in a time of crisis or not. She very well could take off in a run just based on what he was saying. It depended solely on what kind of character she was, or if her Roan was not the one in Phantom Lord. Anything, or everything, literally...

In this instance though-- Strategist was her friend. So whatever worked; worked out fine by him. "I know a place here that sells clothes too. I was born in Era, believe me." He spoke in his best 'regular' tone, somewhat, less as louder than usual. Not sweetening his mood, or playing into a dub deceptive suspicious stance. Maybe a little urgent though, but that was a given. Considering what Bianca was and whom she was.

She either had her right to reject his attempts as a bluff. Or chance it by letting him in on her escape. With the rain possibly getting worse over time though, Erebus could be a big asset. "I go by Strategist. What's your name; do you know where you are?"

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

Bianca had never gone any further than the tree from the hospital. This was her first time being this daring in such a weakened state. Normally the streets would have been deserted, so there was no charming mysterious man to take her on an adventure. The fact that she didn’t know whether or not to trust him yet made it all the more exciting. She kept her eyes on his back the whole time, unsure of what to say next to break the ice between them. Apart from the sound of rain and their footsteps, it was almost completely silent. Bianca usually wasn’t the first to speak up, so she remained quiet.

“I know a Roman, he’s blonde right?”

The vampire’s head perked up when the man described her friend. It made her trust for him grow substantially all of a sudden, grabbing his hand for support as he held it out for her. She was pretty fucking impulsive and reckless sometimes. A childish grin spread across her face as she nodded twice, “Yes, that’s him.” There were a million ways he could have known Roman, maybe he heard of him as one of the strongest dark wizards. What if he was after Roman? When he asked if she was from Phantom Lord, her grip on her arm tightened a bit as she stiffened, studying his face now. How did he know all this? Her murderous stare would be locked on his eyes. It would be a pretty awkward situation for the stranger. Reaching to tuck her wet hair behind her ears so he could see better, the vampire was once again relieved to hear that he was from Grimoire Heart. Not everyone knew about them, except Phantom Lord since they worked as allies very recently. “Thanks, I don’t need to call Roman though.” She didn’t know why he thought she would want to call Roman, but she didn’t think about it too much.

It was a silent neighborhood, and the rain was heavy. Most of the homes that lined this street had their lights out, so all they could depend on was the light from the moon and the street lamps. She didn’t know where he was taking her, but she followed him anyways. The mention of a familiar name made her tense up abruptly. “Strategist? That sounds familiar. I’m Bianca,” she said, a tiny frown on her face. She said her name to see if he would recognize it as well, although during their last meeting, only Strategist had said his name. Bianca never had the chance before he disappeared.


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"Well regardless; you do need to cover your tracks. Change or something..."

The girl's hands were cold, but his were warm. He'd make everything alright in due time. She was a good sport, even had a flare of personality at his information for her. Pulling her along the street, she kept him well endowed and company. Which was odd, the silent pauses between the were welcoming. Presence alone just felt extra peculiar around the girl.

"Ugh.. Era. With the Ark attacks happening I don't think I can get you into through that shop after all. Not without authorities budging into the situation."

The boy turned around to her, his eyes, flickering
with that usual prestige yellow. As if on command her own damp hair parted from the side of her face. She was a vampire-- why were vampire always so beautiful? A tint hit his cheeks, he looked away quickly as they turned a sidewalk. The Munchlax stumbled into Erebus. He glanced at it, glaring. "Look-- if you're following me around, then first rule. You need to not get in my fucking way man-- and you need a name. Smelly... Yeah, we'll call you that." The boy's attention then drew back over to the vampyric damsel slightly behind him. He needed to get her somewhere in which she could find some threads to throw over her body. Shower too, if she wanted. He didn't know for sure if he wanted to find out what was the causing the blood wounds surrounding her stomach area, connecting down to her mid thighs. But he guessed she'd been taken out in some brutal way during her battle for The One Shot.

"You're lucky, you know. Having ran into another dark mage first. Knights are looking for you all over. There isn't much I can do to help you really, but I have an idea--."

It seemed she had been thinking. It was then she cut him off and told him her name, it rolled off her tongue so well. It was like, high class. Etiquette. Classical. 'Bianca.' It preached to his ears' drive, sophistication, distinction, elegance. He smiled after it was casted into the air. She knew of him? He was growing pretty infamous he supposed. Sadly, his recollection f her was too ague currently.

No matter; it was rude to leave a girl with the last word. He soon began talking to her some more.

"Huh, wow. Pretty hot name actually. 'Bianca.' I like that a lot."

He had to say it himself too-- it had a good impact on him after all. It carried a fun three syllable sound too. Something one must note when they are breaking down a name. His own 'real' name was also three syllables as well. Air-uh-buss, Erebus. His surname was only two though. Cuh-ciel, or as it was officially spelled... Cassiel.

Names were a good way to define a person. The ultimate first impression was the name after all. He toted Bianca as a special person from there out. This was a name he likely wouldn't forget now that it was saved into his memories.

The two would turn down narrow roads. Exiting the wealthier side of town for the middle-class section. The trio was led through a number of yards until a two-story home was in sight. Erebus inhaled softly. It was his old house, where his evil stepfather-- his sick bitch of a mother-- and his younger sisters resided. His room was at the top, the two could possibly manage to make it up there if they were lucky. From there Erebus could fetch a sun-dress or something for the albino haired girl. His mother use to wear them a lot too. However, it was first a manner of getting them in there.

"Think you can manage a climb? I can boost you need it," The boy spoke, a grin spreading up off one side of his face. His head tilted back in the direction of the house. His eyes locked with hers there for but the briefest seconds, it was dangerous. Maybe she'd get the wrong idea or whatever. Regardless-- this was his big plan. Rob his parents of an outfit and not get caught while doing it. It was very retro-- something he'd have done in his teenage years for sure. But these two were adults now; creatures of the night even. It wasn't as if it was still a viable option to take small time risks. But... it was still fun nonetheless-- you had to admit.

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

Bianca listened quietly as Strategist told her about how she needed to cover her tracks and change. Her other hand reach up to cover her chest subconsciously. Walking closer to him now as she stole his body heat, she took deeper breaths. Her brows knitted together subtly as he said to her that he couldn’t take her to the shop because it wasn’t safe. Where would they go now, then? She hoped he had a plan, because she didn’t. She stole a quick glance back in the direction of the hospital. There was no one. Strategist seemed to have a new location in mind now as he didn’t stop walking. Bianca’s eyes caught the pink on his cheeks when he turned around to look, which in turn caused her own cheeks to heat up a bit, coloring it a light peachy shade. She lowered her head in case he saw.

They took a turn and she noticed that the chubby blue little thing was still following them and had bumped into Strategist. As he scolded the creature, Bianca giggled in amusement. He then decided to name it, saying ‘we’ when he referred to who was naming it. She pretended to ignore it, but she couldn’t help wondering why he said that since he was the person who found it in the first place. She remembered seeing it walk alongside Strategist when she was just standing at the tree. She didn’t comment on his choice of names. Maybe he was really annoyed with it, that’s why he named it ‘Smelly’. She thought it was funny though.

“You're lucky, you know. Having ran into another dark mage first. Knights are looking for you all over. There isn't much I can do to help you really, but I have an idea--.”

“Huh, wow. Pretty hot name actually. 'Bianca.' I like that a lot.”

A blush warmed her cheeks as she said, “Thank you.” She had never received a compliment about her name. She thought it was a pretty normal name, actually. Strategist took her through some streets she had never been in, bringing her to a part of town that she hadn’t seen yet. Studying the middle class homes, Bianca reminisced about her time as the daughter of the Fleurs. Having been part of a noble family, she wasn’t very used to the sight of these types of neighborhoods. Unless she had jobs to do, she didn’t usually visit them, even now. However, she liked the warm, humble feeling of entering normal houses like the ones she walked past. The mansion she used to live in was too big and full of servants, the only place that felt homey to her was her own room.

They stopped in front of a two-storeyed house, the rain starting to slow down a bit. She thought he was joking when he said that he lived here, but it seemed he was not. She waited for him to say something to confirm her thoughts. He instead asked if she could manage a climb. They were breaking into someone else’s house! Or into his own house? It was unclear to her, but she nodded with a wild grin. She hadn’t broken into a house in a while. Vampires weren’t great at climbing, but they were experts at being furtive. “Okay,” she spoke, her voice coming out a little hoarse, so she cleared her throat, finding the easiest way to climb up and then began her ascent while making sure she didn’t hurt herself. Hopefully Strategist would catch her if she fell. If she reached the room, she would help him get up as well.


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"Alright, I'll be right behind you. Let's find a ladder I think there's one out here somewhere."

Erebus was a Lycan, he only really needed his bare strength to push off the walls and throw himself upward. Bianca Fleur being a vampire, it probably shouldn't have been much different or so he guessed. The problems were that she'd taken obvious crucial damage sometime ago. Even though she appeared to be in a fairly okay mood now. He didn't want to push her or anything, since it might be more difficult than she let on.

At least they were out of the central hub of town. Now it was more or less just them. A feeling of relief hit the wolf. Especially with the showers of droplets subsiding. It meant that perhaps, everything here out wouldn't be so tense. Little did Erebus know he was actually somewhat nervous entering this house. A panic attack would begin to muster, growing stronger as the event went on.

The boy glanced at the girl, wrapped in her hospital gown. Did her race get cold? He glanced back at the house.

As described, Strategist wasn't sure if Bianca could manage getting up with her wounds. So he would need a ladder to make this as easy as possible for her. The two walked around to the back of the house. Staying out of sight to the best of their abilities. Due to being monsters of the night, it wasn't vastly difficult for them to do so. Upon using the ladder found out back, beside the shed of course. The trio propped it up beside a window, and Smelly stayed by the corner outside watching for anyone to come around the house. Mostly because noises would be made every now and again, even if they weren't too boisterous in sound...

The window that was chosen of course was Erebus's, it's destination being his old bedroom as stated earlier. Upon the girl stepping up to the ladder, a hand rested on her back to give her that 'support' or 'affirmation' she needed. It was a humane thing, to offer her comfort-- but he knew she needed it now. Girls were fragile in their state of mind too, just like boys. Besides, who knew what kind of severity she was facing after all-- she was put through the E.R. That kind of thing bothered people.

The tall white-haired boy took to the ladder moments after Bianca reached the top. One step, two step... So on and so forth. She helped him too when he got up to her side. At the roof in front the window-- both would work to get inside. Erebus pulled the thin screen covering off. Just as he'd done many times in his youth. Then, he pulled the windowsill up and allowed the bomb-shell vampire the leverage to enter his home.

If she needed permission first however, as he recalled-- vampire stories depicted that her kind couldn't enter without it. He'd crawl through first. In the shadows of the room he'd extend to her an open-hand. "You can come in," the boy resounded. Had she taken his offer he'd slightly tug, pulling her inside. Pressing against her body for but a moment, his eyes would light up that sightly dim golden once more. He'd break touch with her to reach the opposing end of the bedroom. Flicking a light on.

The room was relatively normal for a teenager. It hadn't been touched, which surprised the criminal. His mother must not have wanted him gone completely. Or perhaps always wanted him to return. Instead, he'd joined a dark organization literally set in stone as a mass murderer and terrorist. She was the cause of his growing infamy under a different name... And now? Here he was, a werewolf. With a beautiful snowy-haired woman inside her house-- who just so happened to be of another monstrous race and dark organization. And yet even more, a tiny blue ghoul was outside, probably still playing covert ops. Erebus guessed Smelly was better off exploring the neighborhood for now anyways.

What had started as day was now dead of night.

Under normal circumstances-- Erebus should be making moves on such a pretty girl. Putting her under his charm. Though, with this one. He was under her's; strangely enough. Knowing full well Nastasya had shown feelings for him. Blinking twice, he retired those thoughts. He was helping Bianca, that was his mission. A smirk on his face, he put a finger over his lips. Giving the girl room to suspect he was up to no good. Unlocking the bedroom door, the hallway was black with shadow. He motioned her to have a seat, as he slipped into it.

Down the hallways, he walked. Making little noises. Until he came across a different bedroom. Opening it up, his head peeped inside. Abandoned. Likely because his mother had been moved to intensive care at the very same hospital Bianca was fleeing from. Victor, the antagonist of the werewolf, was either out gambling or cheating on his mom. The two girls, his sisters, were fast asleep down stairs. The entire home was in absolute quietness.

A dress, dark grey in color was grabbed by the hanger. Once extracted, Erebus noticed it was cutting off at the thighs, and falling into a V-shape at the chest. He processed this over a pause, again finding himself in one of those situations you might feel you'd catch... Butterflies in your stomach? But that was aside the point... It was just one of those things, soon enough he'd be acting himself again. He was just feeling the spell of a pretty girl. That had to be it, right?

Regardless of how much he thought of Bianca, Erebus had to note it would look good on her. It seemed like something he could see her in. It was so short though. Most likely because of his mother being the average female height, whereas Bianca was the epitome of a warrioress in both height and stunning curves. He was sure she might need other clothing too, but for now she just needed this. He wasn't trying to find something that wasn't suppose to be in here. I.e. look through dresser drawers.

After about two minutes, the boy crept back inside the original bedroom. The door creaked shut behind him, silence. His eyes meeting her's again. He was still somewhat drawn to the girl. She was unmistakably gorgeous, even if wet from the rain and wounded from a past fight. It must have taken one hardened opponent to have wished striking blows on Bianca. It annoyed him profoundly. He himself didn't know if he'd be up to that challenge. To hurt someone like Bianca-- criminal or not.

Then the embarrassment of asking her to wear the short dress came into effect. His cheeks gained color yet once again.

"Uh, yeah so uhm. Will this do?" He walked to the closet, retrieving a hoodie. Then to the foot of the bed by the wall, as he sat down; he felt almost featherless really. In addition to be drowsy from the Magister's Index event, paired with an unhealthy sleeping schedule. He honestly felt a sudden drop in that moment. The feeling of his bed was a good one-- stationary and untouched of time since he left it. It felt good being home, even better that his 'parents' weren't here too. After all, his mother didn't care if he lived or died out there. His step-father was just after what Erebus's family kept in the bank from his deceased grandfather. The girls', his sisters, were probably manipulated into hating him as well. There was good reason for him to leave. But now that he was here, he felt good.

Erebus pulled off his soaked shirt, throwing the hoodie over his chest. He had a good shape, most of his athleticism coming from supernatural race alone. 

"If it's not your color or up to your tastes or whatever, I could help you get something for real in the morning. Not that you have to stay here I just.. Well I figured you'd be exhausted." He inwardly cursed at himself, he was never like this. Guess every girl gave someone different effects. He'd have to fix himself, he could only assume he looked like some huge wimp. Maybe Bianca was thinking that? maybe she only came here due t his impulses to help... Did she think he was crazy perhaps? All these paranoid feelings were hitting him like a freight train. His foot tapped. His fingernails dug into the wood of the bed's side.

He stopped, his mouth opened and he spoke. He didn't know what he was doing, but admittance was probably the only valid escape. He would tell her exactly what he was thinking. 

"You're beautiful Bianca. You should put it on."

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

Strategist found them a ladder to climb up, while Smelly stayed behind, as if he was looking out for them while they snuck into a house. The vampyress went up first, trying to keep her body as upright as possible so that she didn’t hurt her almost healed wound. She was probably looking stupid while doing this, she imagined, accidentally making tiny grunts as she was going through a mini struggle. As she reached the top, she had some help from Strategist to get inside. If he hadn’t helped, she would have just been stuck there at the top of the ladder, because it was too hard to bend her waist. Bianca had never let a complete stranger get so close to her own body while she was this sober. She could feel the heat radiating from his lean yet muscular figure. It made her feel like touching him.

While her mind was busy reminding her that she knew nothing about him other than his name (which didn’t even sound like a real name), Strategist told her that she could come in. ‘Huh?’ she thought, suddenly embarrassed. He must have caught her staring or something. The myth that vampires needed invitation to enter someone’s house was actually just a myth, because Bianca had been entering people’s homes without their invitations more times than she could count. Immediately casting away her gaze, Bianca cleared her throat and let him pull her in, a small gasp escaping her lips as their chests brushed against each other for just a moment.

Once they were inside, she made sure she didn’t move from the spot near the window they entered through. She was drenched from head to toe and didn’t want to wet the whole place. Strategist went over to the other side of the room and switched a light on. This confirmed her suspicion that they were breaking into his house. All of this made sense now. He was from Grimoire Heart, what kind of parent would want their children to be affiliated with an illegal organization? Speaking of suspicions, Bianca caught a smirk on Strategist’s face while he put a finger over his lips. She responded by giving him a slight frown while pouting, which could be interpreted as ‘you better not try anything funny’.

The bedroom door creaked open, although it was barely audible, as Strategist left after gesturing for her to take a seat. She didn’t move from her spot, though, since she didn’t want to make a mess of his room. Her hands were folded under her breasts. It was starting to feel less cold, so she stopped shuddering and just looked around his room. The bed looked very inviting, nothing like a hospital bed, but she didn’t want to make his bed wet. It was hard to control herself at this point but Strategist got back in time to distract her from diving onto the bed. He brought with him a dress for her. It was dark grey in color, which she didn’t mind at all. He seemed to have found either his sister or mother’s dress. It was tiny, but she didn’t complain. He was already going out of his way to help her when she was none of his business.

While Strategist sat down at the foot of his bed, Bianca stared awkwardly, wondering if he was going to give her privacy to change her clothes or not, but when he said that she was beautiful and that she should wear it, she blushed madly, taking that as her cue to get changed so she turned around and pulled off the hospital gown, dropping it to her side and putting on the dress that was just a little bit tight for her. It was really short though, the lower part riding up because of her curves, so she tore a bit of the side, otherwise she could not walk properly in it. The chest part was also cut very low, displaying a lot of cleavage. It made her feel a little bit uneasy but she wiggled a little and pulled the chest part up, not too much or else the lower part would go up as well.

Pulling her hair out of the back of her dress, she shook it a bit and tried to dry it with her hands, although that didn’t really do it, just made it messy and not stuck to her face, and splash water everywhere. She hoped Strategist didn’t mind that she tore the dress, but she assumed he wouldn’t even ask her to return it. Turning around to see that he had also changed into a hoodie, she moved over to the bed. Since he was sitting on it with his wet pants, too, she figured it was okay for her to do so as well. Bianca took a seat next to him hesitantly, lacing her hands on her lap.

“Thanks for helping me,” she said, her voice coming out soft and vulnerable, causing her own eyes to widen. She turned to look at his face, to try and see what he was thinking or feeling, or if he was going to try anything funny, and if he did, she couldn’t protect herself in this state. Her blood-red eyes rested on the vein on his neck, biting her lower lip as she tried to restrain her hunger.


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"Ayy, it was nothing big right?"

Erebus realized after a second that he could have just loaned her his own clothes, surely he had some pajama pants or something somewhere. Oh well... After all; she was cute. He really like the way she looked, exposed but also kind of dangerous. Like if you were to get involve you might lose more than just your head over this albino beauty.

The Lycan liked found that after she'd slipped it on, she was sitting beside him. His head had steered to the left, away from here to give her at least some kind of privacy.

In the meantime, the boy had scooted up against the wall behind the bed. Where Bianca must now have been as well, since she sat up beside him. There was a pause before Erebus spoke up once more to answer her gratifications.

"I'm sure if I were in your situation right now-- I wouldn't have wanted to be alone either."

He then looked down at her shoulder there was a stillness, quietness that felt just right. They were fated opposites in race, but it felt kinda right, didn't it? He offered a slight smile. In Grimoire he wasn't able to pass around his true name. But he had to admit it was good having an actual friend in so long.

Acceptance and friendship were just so hard to obtain in their line of work. Granted however, he found himself wanting to socialize more often nowadays. It only stretched and became harder over time too. Perhaps he was doing something wrong. The young adventurer wasn't sure really...

"I have some bandages I think downstairs, you can rewrap yourself in those later. If you'd like that. I mean. Or I can get them now."

The tall male rested a hand on his neck. Leaning back he blushed again. The bags under his eyes were growing heavier. Though he continued to sit there, allowing Bianca room to speak. Erebus didn't require sleep like some. He just found it a special luxury to rest.

"If you want to lay down, we can do that too. I'm beat."

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

Strategist turned away just as she turned to look at him, so she immediately averted her gaze elsewhere as well, a little bit embarrassed. If you looked carefully, you would notice that she was blushing, too, from the cold as well as from feeling shy. Vampires were usually thought to be cold-blooded, but they’re actually warm-blooded, thus the reason she felt cold. Although they weren’t affected by the cold as much as humans were. Bianca shifted a bit, the dress feeling a bit tight but it wasn’t a problem to her. The only thing that could go wrong was if the cloth tore up around her butt area. She then folded her arms awkwardly, looking around the room to see if there was anything interesting. The part of the dress that was over her wound dressing started to get wet since she didn’t remove the wet bandages when she changed.

“I’ve actually been sneaking out of the hospital a few nights now. Why were you walking in the rain?” she asked.

Even though that was completely not her business, Bianca just felt curious. If he was going to become her friend, maybe he would tell her, and if he didn’t want to, that was fine with her as well. She wondered if the orderlies at the hospital were looking for her now. After all, she wasn’t any ordinary patient there. Grimoire Heart authorities put her and the others there so she could only imagine the orderlies freaking out in fear of the Grimoire authority’s wrath. The thought put an amused smile on her face.

“Don’t worry about the bandages for now,” said Bianca when Strategist asked if she needed them. She looked down at her wound that was pretty much healed. “It’s pretty much healed too.” The weak smile on her face hid the frightening screams in her head so perfectly well. The knowledge that she would never be able to bear children haunted her every moment since the day she found out. Distractions could take her mind away from it, but only for a short time, not forever.

Bianca let herself fall onto the soft bed the moment Strategist asked if she wanted to lay down, allowing the comforts of it to envelope her completely. She only flinched slightly from the quick, sharp pain that she felt from bending backwards so suddenly, but it was gone in a matter of seconds. Strategist didn’t have to ask twice. To be honest, she wished she had a cigarette right now, though she knew smoking in someone else’s room was rude and Strategist didn’t have a veranda so she would have to poke her head out of the window or something. Staring at the ceiling even though she wasn’t really looking at it, Bianca let out a sigh saying, “I’m still tired, too. I haven’t had enough rest or food.”


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Erebus was kind of shocked at the mention of her sneaking outs of the hospital. If it was okay for her to do that, then what's her damage? He decided not to think about it much. Instead he turned t look forward, head slightly bent. "Era is my home, I s'pose that's why. I wanted to get out right away, but I guess I was waiting on something flashy to happen." Erebus managed a laugh or two.

"It wasn't raining until after I saw you, but yeah fair question. I guess I was just getting all my good-byes together before I exit town."

Erebus glanced again at he wounded area and upon her command that he not worry he sighed, exhaling this intoxicating heaviness stuck within his lungs. Why he cared about Bianca in the first place was beyond him, just some of his humanity still intact he supposed. Then again, he wasn't too sure about that either. How many people had he slaughtered at this point?

Food. It hit him again, as he'd forgotten momentarily. She was a vampire and his nose was never wrong these days. Which both added to the thickening rising action. But, he assumed she wasn't hostile or anything by the looks of it. Perhaps, Bianca didn't even want to be here at all. After all, she did sigh. She did admit that she was perfectly capable of entering or exiting the hospital. And she wasn't human either.

"I get it. You uh, you take the bed. I'll rest in the floor then." Erebus dragged himself to his feet. Hoping to switch subjects away from 'food' with immediate action. He liked her sure, but did he want her to eat him? What was it even like? Maybe he shouldn't have done all this-- the whole offering her help thing. Everything just held this unfathomable stress about it. Moreover, Erebus actually felt pretty afraid-- that was in all honesty. Nas would never try and eat him. They were allies. But Bianca was a chaotic force under Phantom Lord.

More importantly, whatever she did here tonight.. Probably would be off the record as far as Grimoire Heart cared. They were edging so close to their end goal. One lost soldier was nothing so long as this alliance was kept in check. Erebus was infantry fodder, he knew this...

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Bianca Fleur

死 の 花

Bianca didn’t exactly understand when Strategist said that he was waiting for something flashy to happen, so she gave him a small smile and said, “Oak is my home,” quietly as if she was talking to herself. She nodded to his response about why he was in the rain, and stayed silent dangling her long feet as she leaned forward, her grip on the edge of the bed.

‘Getting all my good-byes, together.’

This made something go ‘tic’ in her head. She had no family, barely any friends and no one to say goodbye to if she were to leave somewhere, anywhere. Even in Oak, where she lived, the only person she would probably say ‘goodbye’ to when she left was the guild’s bartender, because she always passed by him when she left the guild. Maybe she could call him her friend, but then again, she didn’t even know his full name, or anything much about him. She didn’t know his age, if he had a family, etcetera etcetera.

Strategist then offered her the bed, saying that he would rest on the floor. She looked from the bed to the floor, then up at the man who had stood up to probably lay down on the floor. It would be cold, she thought. Plus it was rude to make the owner of the room sleep on the floor. Bianca would watch him carefully as he laid himself down, then rose to her feet as well bringing the bolster on the bed with her as she slowly laid herself down beside him, making sure she didn’t hurt herself, placing the bolster on the floor for them to rest their heads on, tucking one part under Strategist’s head. She turned so that she was on her side and facing him.

“It’s cold,” she said with a blush, not really meeting his eyes and shifted a bit closer to him, stealing the warmth of his body as she would slowly drift off. She would return to the hospital early in the morning before the sun rose, but the night she would spend here.

- exit -

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