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Smuggler's Schemes [Geb]

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On the last episode of Geb doing work, Geb was simply just walking down to meet Reagan along with his new friend Gallent, the Munchlax, while it rained that day. On his way to find Reagan, the smuggler who had given Geb work before, he met Maxwell, the thug of Hargeon with a lot of grudges. Doing a quick job for him, Geb was able to make even more money that day. The next step would be meeting up with Reagan in order to discuss his second job of the day. What would happen on this exciting episode? Stick around to find out.

Walking down the road, the rain seemed to calm, making Geb smile a bit at seeing a beautiful rainbow. Looking back down, he referenced his map, when all of a sudden, Gallent chomped down on it. Trying to yank Gallent off, Geb had no success as the Munchlax ate the map right out of his hands. Sighing, Geb looked down at Gallent angrily. "Do you know what you just did?" he asked. Gallent did nothing but simply burp and grin. Sighing, Geb just put his hands in pockets. He'd have to use his memory in order to remember where Reagan's house was. It was somewhere on the southern side of town, and he was sure it was moreso up the hill facing the ocean. Geb supposed he would start there. Ugh, he hated climbing. But, that was the sacrifice he had to make, so he sucked it up and began to make his way to his destination. Reagan, here Geb came! He was gonna take your money.

Walking down into the corner of Fleetwood and Dufferin, Geb knocked on the door to Reagan's place. A little green house that was pretty easy to remember in all honesty, right on the corner of the street too. Waiting outside the door with Gallent, Geb turned to face the munchlax. "Make sure you behave by the way, or else I wont be giving you a special dinner later. Trust me Gallent, it'll be worth your time. Just.. don't do anything you usually do."

Gallent seemed like he wanted to listen. Besides, Geb wanted to go and try out that buffet place tonight anyways in all honestly. Just as Geb though about all the food he would be eating, the door to the house opened. "Hello?" an elederly man's voice said, as Geb recognized it. Ah yes, this was Reagan. A short man with grey hair. "Ah, Geb. I see you've brought some creature along with you. Well, I suppose as long as it doesn't make a mess I can let it in."

Reagan opened the door for Geb, and he and Gallent walked in to have the same seat on the couch as they did yesterday. "So, what can I do for you today, Reagan? I'm looking for work, no matter the difficulty. Throw it at me, I'll take it." Reagan poured himself a cup of coffe. "Well, I suppose.."


Smuggler's Schemes [Geb] BORZAPv

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"Alright, here's the deal." Reagan spoke as he stirred around many sugar cubes in his coffee, before resting the spoon down back onto the table and taking a sip. "I have a ship coming in selling me some goods, but there's a problem. The security at the port is packed, very packed. But, there is a way. What I need is for someone to simply distract the guards enough for the boys on the ship to get a few things out of the port. Sound good? I'd pay you appropriately, of course." Geb nodded, as Gallent began to lean over the table, seeming wanting to drink the coffee. Geb of course held him back, not wanting his new companion to make a bad impression on his employer. "Alright, we have a deal." Gallent struggled around as Geb spoke, the heavy beast being admittedly hard to hold back in all honesty.

"I'll go and do it right away. Where is this port you speak of? Please, feel free to mark it on this ma-" remembering Munchlax ate the map, Geb sighed. "Know what, I'll just find it by name."

"The main port, the biggest one by far. Not hard to miss, don't worry." Geb nodded. Well, it seemed like it was time to get this show on the road. Dragging the heavy Gallent by it's fur on it's back away from the coffee, Geb exited the building. "Well, it seems like we're heading to the port. Don't worry Gall, this should be the last job of the day."

The two stopped by the port, where Geb could see a ship docking in. It looked pretty suspicious, so he was guessing this was the one. If he was wrong though, he was boned. Oh well, it was getting late. Geb didn't have all day after all.

Geb would begin to break barrels in the port by where the ship was docking, before a security staff came up to him. "Excuse you sir, I'm going to have to ask you stop that right now." Geb, staying silent, simply punched the man clean in the face, knocking him out. They could use better security, in all honesty. That was way too easy.. anyways, the guards started to notice, and began to chase after Geb, who ran as fast as he could out of the port.

Gallent would be waiting at Regan's place, in front of the door.. that is, if Gall had followed the directions that Geb had set for him.

Letting the area die down a bit, in the evening Geb went to Reagan's, where Gallent was sleeping. Waking the munchlax up, the two went in to receive their pay.

Walking out to head to the diner, Geb spoke. "Well, I think Hargeon may be looking out for me now. I guess I'd better head back to Oak now. My gallery should need some new pieces anyways."

And so, Geb would be out of Hargeon for a while. He'd head through central fiore to get home starting tomorrow.



Smuggler's Schemes [Geb] BORZAPv

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