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Worthy adversaries (open)

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#1Noel Raion 

Worthy adversaries (open) Empty on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:43 pm

Noel Raion

ich liebe Maarschalk

A match illuminated the area around Maarschalk.

The clouds covered whatever remained of the moonlight. The streets of Era were less crowded than the night before; a tell that the actions by the evil guilds had proven their value.

Not for Maarschalk.

No, no.

He strutted proudly.

These were the people he hated, and he saved them.

It fed his ego, and his spite even more. His hatred had grown to be so large; it formed into a form of petty for the citizens of this town. The cold cobble led Maarschalk to a basketball field.

A single orange ball rested in the center of the playing field.

Oddly enough there were no lights covering the playing field, only silhouettes made it clear how big the playing field was.

This meant that there were no trees in the area, which implied that sneaking up on someone was a feat. Unless invisible, all was noticed by Maarschalk who during the entirety of him walking up to the orange ball wasn't disturbed by an outside presence. After picking up the ball he lit up a cigarette. Maybe he could throw ball for a bit before returning to his casa.

#2Leyaria Venerak 

Worthy adversaries (open) Empty on Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:47 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

A darker night than typically what one would have suspected within Era. It held a level of emptiness to it, one that stripped away at the sense of safety and peace within the city. Unsurprisingly, given the events which had taken place only a short time ago. It was for that reason that as much the eeriness felt out of place; the people having joined together in an effort to erase the memories of what had occurred, to instead paint the image of an Era united than that of an Era recovering.

They wandered the streets in relative peace, unphased, perhaps even ignorant to that of what the people had suffered in the past. She had been there for the recent attack, even trying to assist in one of the skirmishes which took place, though her contributions proved to be little more than artificial, inconsequential at best. Perhaps it was what gave her reliability to wander the streets, her efforts - while minor - showed the destructive power that she possessed. Perhaps the reasonable belief that the same attackers who struck Era would not do so again in such a short time. Maybe it were those reasons, perhaps others that she did not know herself, but to limit herself and otherwise fear what the night may bring, it was a weakness Leyaria would rather not possess.

Geth wandered beside her, keeping close like that of a pet to its owner. For that reason, Leyaria was actually more content with how quiet things seemed to be. Had the streets been more populated, had the crowds which flooded Era's night life been out in force, that would be little reason to believe that Geth would not have wandered off intrigued as to the goings on. That had proven not to be a concern thus far, though Leyaria couldn't help but feel the need to glance down every so often, if for no other reason than to satisfying the nagging worry in the back of her mind.

The fields in which the children often played were frequently amongst the more popular areas of Era during the day, and even during the night they were often quite filled. Tonight, it appeared to have been an anomaly, seemingly isolated. Empty. It was peculiar - if not outright odd - that in spite of its apparent vacancy, there was a distinct charm to it, much like during the day.

A quick glance inside showed the field to appear just as it appeared from the outside; more like that of a void than of a location that one could see children by the dozens flocking to routinely. it was spacious, at the very least, but difficult to believe that even at night this place could have drawn as much attention as it had historically in the past. As she continued to walk, Leyaria found herself less and less impressed by what she saw, even becoming a bit bored.

The scent was perhaps the only thing in which took away from the otherwise blandness of things. A person. But of a person that she was familiar with? Vaguely so perhaps; there appeared neither a face nor a name to which she could recall it towards, other than perhaps a faint memory, little more. Albeit eerie, Leyaria continued as to the same pace that she walked before, though on slightly higher alert, until either the individual had departed or she could otherwise recall whom it was that she was smelling.
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#3Noel Raion 

Worthy adversaries (open) Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:07 am

Noel Raion
Ballin' around
The flickering light gave away Maarschalks position; as approached by the female he sighted during the rescue of this god-forsaken town. Her attention seemed to be caught quite easily - he believed that it was his muscular body that caught the eye of the ladies; in a moment of self-egoism the male struck a pose amidst the darkness. Of course, before giving the flickering light to catch and make his actions apparent. You may think that he's not self-conscious, but you're wrong. Though rarely he finds himself in a moment of awkwardness, because of his stubborn mindset.

To a stranger, Maarschalk appeared intimidating; standing amidst the center of a basket court, in complete darkness other than a light flickering every ten or so seconds. His outfit spoke little about his intentions, what seemed like black-padded leather was just a half open robe, splitting open atop his chest; revealing his titties almost.

His pants were unique in their properties, by having his shirt tucked into them and having a belt around his pants to keep the entire ensemble in place, it was made obvious that moving around in his garb was done as easily as moving around in ones’ birthday suit.

The female, who presumably approached closer and closer, did not stop. Without making it awkward, Maarschalk spoke; as if his tongue was a whip and his words where the pain that was brought with it;

'You were present during the 'rescue', of this god-forsaken town; were you not?'

He explained, the bright-orange basketball he held under his arm did a poor job of camouflaging him in the shadows- even if interrupted by the flickering light.

'I hope I won't regret in revealing that I was the invisible entity who was also present. I had the intention of explaining myself after the battle had closed out, but, I woke up in a place far away from here.'

Had his words caught the ear of the female, he'd continue onwards by speaking. Had this not been the case, and should she have moved with ill intent; Maarschalk was ready to interrupt himself and react appropriately.

If this hadn't happened, his tongue would continue to lash out like a wet sock wrapped around a foot;

'The light? Don't worry about it, I'm an electrician.'

He lied.

By moving his arm in a manner that would allow him to throw the ball towards the flickering light, he managed to hit it in one go; and as a result, the light had become constant, instead of just flickering. Which he did to prevent scaring the female away. Sometimes Maarschalk felt like a gentle giant, especially around women.

The ball bounced off the light post, and landed in front of the feet of the lady – who, given the size of the basket court was not more than four meters away from the taller male.

'Tell me, why are you here?'

#4Leyaria Venerak 

Worthy adversaries (open) Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:09 am

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It always seemed that for as well as an individual may have prepared themselves, for as many of the minor things in which they felt that they had addressed, the reality seemed to be that often what hurt them most was in actuality what was just in plain sight. The most glaring things which a person would otherwise recognize and identify were instead glaring omissions, utterly forgotten until it was far too late. Leyaria had figured that she was smarter than that. She had made the right move in picking up on the presence of the individual, recognizing that they had a scent that she was at least familiar with. She hadn't figured though that in her attempt to be alert that she would neglect to simply look forward.

A man stood before her, one of the lights within the park flickering every so often, the occasions to which it appeared functioning almost casting a spotlight upon the man. The distance between them had proven to not be nearly as far as she perhaps had first expected it to have been. Close enough in fact that the words echoed by the man, the hollowness and a surprisingly cruel tone further amplifying it, were enough to get Leyaria to stop in her tracks, her heart racing slightly.

It was both a surprise, not only his introduction, his appearance, his tone, all of that bundled into one, but also that he had brought up the battles which had struck Era only days earlier. It was then that Leyaria realized why it was that the scent of him felt familiar, though there were still a question that remained, just who exactly, or where exactly had he been? She didn't recognize his voice neither his face, but all the while seemed to know his scent for some reason. She wanted to say something, to acknowledge that what the man speculated was true, but she found herself cut off before she could quite pick out the appropriate words. He said that he was the invisible force that there, which had the Dragon Slayer wondering just what he meant.

What invisible entity? Things had been moving so quickly during that fight in the woods that it was difficult to completely process what had been going. Was the man there? If he were invisible, how would was she exactly supposed to believe him? It was something that anyone could seemingly say, and while she did recognize his scent, it was impossible to say just where it was that she had first noticed it. Could it have been during the battle in the woods, it was possible, though just as likely that she smelled him the other day as she was walking through the streets.

A small thud sound disrupted her train of thought as an orange ball fell to the ground, the light which had been previously flickering seemed to resolve it, constantly casting down upon the man. Geth, having watched the scene play out, seemed to echo out a sound of approval, thoroughly enjoying what it saw, almost hoping for the man to do it again.

Leyaria smirked as she looked up to the light, piecing it alongside the remark the man had made. It was hardly elegant, but effective. And it had managed to entertain Geth, which was a benefit. She did not see it initially until Geth had moved from its stationary position, looking ready to lung for the orange ball which had bounced in her general direction. Before though, Geth turned towards Leyaria, as if hoping for approval to get the ball. "So long as you keep close," she said with a smile on her face that was only widened at the sight of the small golem creature treating the ball like it were a priceless artifact and long-lost toy.

She cast her eyes back at the man, the cruelness of his voice still being one in which was a bit difficult to get used to. Whether he intended for it or not, in his words carried apparent malice, a seriousness that few people so passively carried. However the man may have meant it to sound, Leyaria couldn't help but find herself off put by the man's word, the accusatory tone in which he seemed to speak to her, particularly that she had not done anything to warrant it. "I'm just going for a walk," she said, her words coming off harsher than perhaps meant to. "All I've seen of this city has been this crazy, nonstop pandemonium. I wanted to take a chance to try to appreciate the calmness, however brief that may be."

Having kept her eyes focused on the man, Leyaria remained where she stood, the distance between the two of them relatively close, the size difference between the two being quite clear. "What about you, huh? Why are you here?"
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#5Noel Raion 

Worthy adversaries (open) Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:00 pm

Noel Raion
Ballin' around
A small golem accompanied the female; like his own pet, who currently lurked from a faraway place, ready to pounce on anything unknown to approach. The first dialogue the female spoke was directed at her pet, the golem. Who begun playing with Maarschalks orange basketball. She claimed that she was going for a walk, and thus Maarschalk paused - he paused long enough to imply that he was curious towards her true intentions; if she had any.

Calmness in this city? Ludicrous -- this city was a bandwagon of chaos and hatred.


A slight chuckled escaped.

'I can tell you that from my years of experience; I know that divine spirit(s) lurk in my shadows. And sometimes, these divine spirits have ill-intentions. By exposing myself in a manner which you stumbled upon, they are quick to jump out of the shadow to take me down.'

By formulating his sentences as such, he made it apparent that he initially thought that she was one of these ill-minded spirits that were after him; but by stating why he was here that thought should quickly dissipate. Just as he did, had any foreign entity entered.

His arms were crossed - the light post was a few meters behind Maarschalk. His facial features were hard to see, unless the female didn't mind almost looking into the light.

'You may call me paranoid; I guess you would be right in thinking that -- but let me assure you, it's my way of survival.'

After uncrossing his arms, he tried reaching into his pocket - his fingertips searching for the butt of a cigarette.

'You showed some display at the outskirts, I was there; remember? The female who stood in front of the young Blue Pegasus boy? The one that poofed away and laid on the ground, bloodied.'

His zippo lit up the cigarette and he took a long drag out of it.

'Almost killed me with one of your moves. You Era-folk are crazy,'

By stating this, he baited her in revealing her origins. It was obvious to him that she wasn't an Era-citizen, rune-knight or whatever. Her posture was much more different, as was her speech. By calling her 'era-folk', he presumed that she would reveal her origins a bit more; or at least deny the claim. He was attentive to what she said, earlier she stated that she only saw crazy in this town, from that point onward it was obvious that she wasn't from here.

'Enough about me; what's your name?'

During the dialogue the distance remained the same between the two, and if presumably she crept up closer on him for no reason his response would be reactionary to her actions.

#6Leyaria Venerak 

Worthy adversaries (open) Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:50 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

Of what she remembered of that day, of the encounter that had taken place deep within the woods just outside of Era, there was one distinct thing to which Leyaria recalled with utter clarity; just how difficult it was for her to tell who among the participants in the fight were allies, and who were enemies. It felt as though the circumstances were mirroring themselves here. This man, he wasn't like that of some of the other people to whom Leyaria had come to meet over the past several weeks, throughout her travels within both Crocus and now Era. While others had carried themselves in a relatively similar manner, this man was the exception; there was a hint of cockiness, but really more vagueness than anything else. Even now, he spoke in apparent tongues, echoing out cryptic words that had Leyaria unsure of whether to perceive them as a threat or just ramblings.

Leyaria simply looked at the man, confused as to just what he was angling at. Was this man intending to intimidate her? While she appeared stoic, there indeed was a part of her that was concerned, not so much at what the man said, but rather of how he spoke. There had been no lacking of crazy people that Leyaria had come across throughout her life, especially within the poorest parts of Hargeon Town and it was clear in how they spoke that there was a lacking of believability to them. That wasn't the case in this man, even though what he had said only a moment earlier was sufficient enough to throw him into the same category. As she listened, it became clearer to her that this was what this man genuinely believed, and that he may very well have been as sane as her or most people.

But for what the man spoke of, it had little bearing ultimately on Leyaria. It was still unclear of just what to make of him, and for what he had been saying, it hadn't answered whether or not he was truthful about earlier. He hadn't given her any reason to believe that he had actually been present in the battle alongside Leyaria, nothing that couldn't have been simply the result of an educated guess or ignorance on Leyaria's part. It wasn't until the man had spoken of the Blue Pegasus mage, that she had actually begun to think perhaps the man was more aware of what happened than what she believed him to be.

Granted, she had known of where or what guild the man had come from, but she remembered him. He fought alongside what looked to have been some sort of creature, one in which was able to manipulate his size multiple times greater than that of what was normally capable. If he were truly from Blue Pegasus, then perhaps this man was more aware to things than she gave him credit for. Though, what really prompted Leyaria to change her stance on the man was when he spoke of the female who had been injured. She recalled that distinctively, the sounds of a woman apparently suffering some sort of injury, a man running away, and her giving chase. When she heard this, Leyaria found it difficult to disregard the man any further.

"You'll forgive me if I don't much recall you," Leyaria said with a smirk upon her face. If the man were truly to be believed, then his claim of being invisible should have been as well. And had it turned out to be the case, then there wouldn't have been any way for Leyaria to know that she could have struck him. Come to think of it, she hadn't anticipated that the spell she cast would have been detonated as early as it had been either. Considering the circumstances, she couldn't help but feel that she couldn't have been sole to blame, though as well knew that people were loathed to accept guilt themselves. Hoping to build at least some sort of rapport, she sighed in defeat, "But if so, sorry."

If there had been one thing that she had taken notice to what the man was saying, it was that the man had seemingly avoided the question entirely as to why he was there. Everything that she had gathered from this interaction between the two thus far had been that this man - however odd he may have come across as - was knowledgeable, knowing a far greater deal about Leyaria than that of which she knew of the man. And it seemed too that he was intent on keeping it this way, openly dismissing her question and prompting another one for the young Dragon Slayer. "Hold on now. Don't you think it's fair that you at least tell me something about you? I take it you're not a local either, so how about you give me something first." A faint smile appeared on Leyaria's face as she looked at the man, "You give me your name, maybe actually answer my question as to why you're here, and then I'll give you my name. I'd say that's fair, don't you?" It was tough to tell how the man may have reacted, how inclined he would be to answer. It was clear enough that he was curious of Leyaria, which she didn't see too much issue with. But his evasiveness, that she found a bit less reassuring.
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#7Noel Raion 

Worthy adversaries (open) Empty on Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:26 pm

Noel Raion
We be ballin'
Neglectful, ignorant? What were the emotions that she conveyed? Upon a close inspection of her facial movement, Maarschalk couldn't tell. Maybe it was wise for him to change the subject and not stick to this one like the way gum sticks to the sole of a shoe. When he attempted to find out more about her, his plan had backfired, and the bus was thrown on him instead. She questioned his roots just as he questioned hers.

Fair enough.

His name?

Could he reveal this without having complete trust in this individual -- it would be easy for him to fake his name and give her a fake one, just like he had done before with other individuals. But, from his recollection and his interaction with those individuals he conceded his *real* name at the end of each conversation, so perhaps -- for a token of good will he could reveal more about himself without shooting himself in the foot.

After all, disposing of this woman was a feat that he couldn't not achieve. Especially in a night as dark as this one. But, given that he had no intentions to do this he'd proceed.

'My name is Maarschalk Raion, people often refer to my last-name when they try to grab my attention. From the mountains I was raised, and from those same mountains I descended and begun practicing magic - a guild by the name of LAMIA SCALE, took me as apprentice. I went up the rank(s), and became a novice.'

His cigarette had burnt out, and the ash faded away in the wind. He reached deeeep into his pockets to grab a cig with a bit of green in it. Talking this much got him a bit drowsy. The female appeared to be quite stoic; maybe this was a part of her personality, or she was just interested in what Maarschalk had to say.

'Now now, what about you, you cute little Harlot?'

By his eyebrow arching, he already made enough implications. Those implications simply entailed if she tried to run off now, without saying anything back - he'd hunt her down. If she revealed just a teensy weensy too little about herself, her fate would end at his hands. His murderous aura wasn't apparent - but by the way he used his words he made it certain that she understood what he was asking of her. He wasn't a prepubescent child who would attempt to intimidate others by his body language, while he may not appear like it; this was 32-year old adult, who has suffered enough traumas to know better. Her playful behavior got him to make these threats. Under somewhat more regular circumstances he wasn't as blunt nor bold as he was now.

'Why don't you pick up the ball and show me what you're made out of.'

After all, he didn't come to a basket court just to stand around all day. The magical smoke he puffed out is an indicator that his body was relaxed.

#8Noel Raion 

Worthy adversaries (open) Empty on Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:45 am

Noel Raion
-- topic paused until further notice --

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