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Insurance's Insurance [Job | Roman & Erebus]

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Insurance's Insurance [Job | Roman & Erebus] Empty on Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:01 pm


Standing there in the street, Erebus found himself without the white metal uniform, deciding to go without it for the time being. The time of day was hinging on late afternoon and night. So an orange hue painted the skies from one end changing into a lavender with pink clouds on the opposite. The town was just as he remembered it growing up. The attacks led against Era had transpired some few days ago, and thanks to methods on the Ark, Grimoire as well as Phantom Lord were fixed back into shape.

Well, he wasn't sure what happened with Phantom Lord-- but on command of Icarus the Lycan was tasked with meeting up and getting to know one of the stronger members of that guild. It was a direct order, so he'd act as representative and all. If anything Erebus was the one link of no magic on the Ark so if Phantom Lord was going to drop the alliance anytime soon Icarus would rather have not lost one of his more magically gifted men. Not that it was even assured they'd do such a thing, but their infamy came from their chaotic nature.

Erebus was ready to be the blow dealt if anything happened between the two groups. Even though that character had been unsuccessful, he was a hardened, talented, individual. So it would be in the best interest not to push for questions. Nor be a liability in even this minor mission's endeavors.

Erebus waited outside the information broker's office. Though was curious to find the blonde man missing. He could've already been inside or on his way, but the white-haired Lycan had no worries regardless. They weren't scheduled to meet until very shortly. Crouching down, the Lycan picked up a thumbtack. He relived that stab wound that kid Finn landed on him days prior. Wondering just where exactly he fell on the table if some random guy could deal him damage like that. In terms of actual ability, Erebus had a measly amount it seemed. Truth is, he might've only defeated those mages on the bridge due to Yumi's distraction. So was he really any good? He tried to believe so. He needed too.

The boy flicked the tack away. He was bored so he decided to let himself into the room early. Upon the door swinging forth. The werewolf lifted a hand. "I'm here about the con-man." He sounded off, somewhat akin to a husk seeking a task. Not exactly like a robot. But monotonous because of his creeping annoyances in basically being useless prior. He needed to get to work. A busy mind was rehab for a man like him. Might as well make use of any assets.



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Insurance's Insurance [Job | Roman & Erebus] MpK4z52

The feathers on his back bounced up and down with a certain swagger. A swagger that spoke out into the world ‘Look at me.’ Ever since he near death experience he changed how the way he looked at things. Being more in the open put individuals on notice. At first he wanted a normal life, with normal things and the occasional murder. After being reborn he realized why live life in the shadows as a murderous dreg? Not to mention being in the open invited more challenge into his life. This was the only way he was going to get stronger was constantly fighting. Sitting idle while others sharpened their skills only put him behind the curve. Today was a bit of a change of pace however. A request crossed Roman’s interest, not just to get paid. More so the fact he got to interact with another dark mage. One who participated in the attack on Era.

He succeeded in his mission while Roman did not. He didn’t know him personally nor really know his place in Grimoire Heart. It was no secret he was in the guild. It was the only other dark guild but it was hidden from the world. He was under orders from the upper echelon of Phantom Lord too not speak of them. He was quite amused by the idea of a dark guild hidden within the shadows. However, he couldn’t join the guild because it wasn’t his style. Roman was to be on his best behavior around allied guilds whilst keeping the secrecy.

Roman stood outside of the agency that requested his presence, he pushed up on his sunglasses and licked his lips. He said nothing as he let himself into the firm. The door made a ringing noise from the door tapping the bell. A few individuals were walking around but cleared the path for the taller individual. He rummaged in his pocket for a moment and pulled out a small sheet of paper. It had the name and room number on it.

“Gaud Teller, room 101”

He walked down the hallway next to the main desk and said nothing too the receptionist. He only tipped his sunglasses down while winking at the female. She looked horrified which is what Roman was looking for. He looked around for a moment before spotting the door. He pushed the door open and walked in. He spotted another individual who just walked in. He had a scent about him, one he smelled before. Boy was a that of the wolf human species. See Roman fought one like his kind in a underground ring for sport, so the smell was ingrained into his memory. That was all thanks to being a dragon slayer.

‘Interesting.’ He thought while smiling softly. Due to his eyes being hidden behind thick, rose tinted glasses. It would be nigh impossible to tell where Roman was looking at. Considering he was smiling while walking into the room, the boy wouldn’t be able to tell Roman drew this conclusion.

“Looks as if I am a bit late, I don’t apologize for my tardiness.”



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Gaud rose from his office desk at the first sight of Erebus. Lanky, slender, and tall. The snowy-haired terrorist just oozed ambiguity in terms of what he wanted to do. He was on he verge of being indifferent to this quest either way. Though-- he didn't like going much into detail with that or what was in his head usually. Regardless, the quest-giver's eyes widened at the sight of the dark mage. Apparently he hadn't been much of vengeful person in the past. Though, it was also immediately recognized the boy from the tournament a few months back. Chances are this guy must not have known Erebus lacked magic and wasn't super incredibly dangerous like the others in that tournament were. His ferocity however, it was inhuman. But that was not what stretched Gaud's surprise, it was the fact Erebus had a stronger looking body now; versus how he did back then, he'd even seemed to grow some inches. It terrified the broker, truthfully! However, the next employer should really be the spook to the office man.

"I see. So those connections lent to me really do work... And yes, I'm looking to get my money back. A snake from the streets going by the n-"

The quest giver was interrupted by bells jingling outwardly betwixt the climax of his sentence. Decked in feathers and sunglasses was a blonde man. Not just any man, but a strong one even in leagues against other mages. A spine-tingling chill struck the broker, the differences in personality compared to the original boy, Erebus, to this guy; were so immense that it greatly sunk his formal confidence. Afraid but with nothing to do. Gaud gulped, raising his hand and chuckling to relieve his shaky breath. He tipped his head, bowing to the mage. Gaud had always been the type to have the answers, but never the man used them for personal gain til now. Which must've contributed to his personal fear of the mighty criminals. The broker's knees buckled, he motioned hands to the chairs in front of his desk. Hoping for them to sit.

Erebus however, didn't move. He only blinked, his head bobbed to the left. A perfume of smells entered his nostrils. Roman would mark his scent, and surprisingly enough, Erebus would do the same. He couldn't distinguish anything such as race like the Slayer. But he could definitely manifest a remembrance for the Phantom. He grinned, lifting a hand in hello. Having completely ignored Gaud's offer for a chair Erebus spoke. "It's no trouble. You must be Roman Astoria, I've heard of you. I go by Strategist. The pleasures' mine. While you were getting here I was just getting the general run-down from Guad ."

Erebus' neck tilted back into place; he made a facial expression of both curiosity and annoyance at the fact Gaud had stopped speaking to begin with.The change of attention now back on the quest-giver; he searched himself for the courage to answer again.

"Yes... yes. As I was saying, the target's name is Jarjar. He operates in the black market underworlds. You'll find him there at a cage fight," Gaud opened a drawer, sliding a map before the two-- red highlighter marked the destination point. The two dark mages were approximately five or so feet away from the table. So Erebus stayed still and allowed the broker to continue, if Roman wasn't to grab the map right now. The Lycan would do it before exiting. "I also have this item for you to bait him outside with. It's of fine design, but alas, it's just a replica. Worth nothing, Jarjar shouldn't be able to tell the difference though. Just show it to him." Gaud paused, breathing. His eyes closed, he brought out a dagger from the same drawer. It glimmered of a ruby in the hilt. The blade being gold and finely sharpened. "One last thing... Don't kill him. I have a business to uphold you know. The funds he owes me should equate to five-hundred thousand. Take it from him, I'll pay you handsomely afterwards."

That was all of it. Not too difficult from the sound of it all, but there would 'for sure' be some violence to attend too.

Erebus stopped to rub his chin, thinking. His eyes drifting from the table back onto his partner. Assuming Roman would want to take lead here out, the Lycan nodded to the instructions. He wasn't exactly thrilled by the quest, but the chance to pick on fellow scum such as this con-artist should be fun. Erebus had done worse things than beat people up anyways. He was the type to care about the causalities last, even if he wasn't the one who sought them on intentionally. The success rate first of course, because his training had turned hi into that. He was a man of ambition, opportunity, and goals-- victory over death. Had Roman been equipped similarly in mind, this quest should be easy as apple pie. In fact, Erebus ventured out for the thought that this could be done within the next two hours at most. Maybe sooner. "Okay Tellar, keep your hat on. We'll be back soon, also... Don't talk so much. Your voice gives me a headache." Erebus was to make his departure whenever Roman was ready to go. A joint assignment between their factions. The alliance seemed still closely intact. A good first start. Erebus was hoping to see a Phantom Lord in action tonight. If the stories were true, this event would be wild.



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It seemed the were already conversing about some minor details. Roman wasn’t thinking too much into the job really. If there was any real information he missed the lad sitting down could bring him up to speed. The lad gave a code name for reasons Roman figured out already. It was best to not drill into it. If he didn’t want to give a name no need to drill for it.

“Considering you know my name don’t need to introduce myself. Strategist? We are using code names now? I feel kind of left out.” Roman didn’t take a seat instead he let his back rest against the wall next to the door. His hand eased the door shut, but not with enough force to slam it. Just get the job done.  He made sure the door closed so the three could talk business. No need for everyone to know the illegal deeds that were being discussed. Erebus turned back around waiting for the man continue. Roman said nothing but reached into his pocket and grabbed out a piece of gum. It was a small, rectangular, pink piece with no extravagant flavor. Took less than a second to unravel and it quickly found itself in his mouth. He listened to the man speak about the mission details. Or continue what he was already talking about.

Roman chewed quietly to not interrupt the man. He blew bright pink bubbles making them pop before they got to big by reversing the airflow.  He seemed a bit skittish around the two that sat in the room. A bit of fear seeped out from his pores which was warranted after recent events. Pretty sure everyone in Era was aware of the attacks that came. They just didn’t know who the people exactly were, just that they were dark mages. So it made sense that there was a fear that loomed over the heads of the civilians. Known Dark mages became top subjects in the Rune Knights investigation. It was all in the paper. Innocent people were lost but the weak don’t get to choose how they die.

A map was place on the desk for one of the two to grab. Erebus was closer so he was the one to grab it. Roman did not feel a need to hold onto evidence that could be used against him. Roman did grab the Dagger that was placed out. Or the ‘bait’ for this mission. He looked over the dagger for a moment while admiring its craftsmanship. Plus it was more fun to carry the knife over the map too despite the knife could be considered evidence. So it was a hypocritical thought process when examined. Then the most important thing of the mission came. They weren’t allowed to kill the man if he resisted. “Oh that is a bore, but I guess it makes sense. Can’t get paid by a dead man.”

The briefing was completed by Erebus’s comment. “Let's go Strategist. He put a bit of emphasis when saying the code name. As if he was poking at the idea of it. See Roman was more open about his actions and who he was. There was no fun with no reputation. Even more so with the Rune Knights not having much of a presence in terms of power. It was even worse with the attacks happening in other towns. Maybe with everything happening the Rune Knight’s forces were spread thin.

The two left the room and building. Roman lead the mission with Erebus in tow. Roman picked his nails with the knife while whistling a tune. He stopped for a moment to make a quick comment.
“Let's make this quick. I got plans tonight.” The sun was setting on the world slowly making it night time.



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Erebus clenched the map, Roman studied the blade. They exited the room and when they were outside the silence broke with Roman urging they try and hasten their mission. Erebus obliged to this, "Sure. by the way, it's nice finally meeting you." The Lycan pointed out his interest in Roman without outright saying it. He was busy looking down at the map thereafter and his hand extended pointing. They were to head downtown. Deep downtown. Jarjar was at a club, supposedly. The information detailed his habits of being there to promote magical drugs and rare items at tables, sadly that was now where he'd also be scheduled to get a bloody beating for his foolish errors. The two dark mages had their target on lock after all. Hot in pursuit, they would not fail their subjected goals, it was time to show ol' Jar a lesson in good business. Strategist chuckled nonetheless, grinning as he pushed his hair back. "I hate working. But what can you do, right? Best we get moving. These kinds of missions get old real fast."

Minutes passed, a steady pace across the night-line city. It took some forty-minutes or so. But once they were there. The bouncers halted both dark mages. Asking for name or I.D.-- Erebus instead pointed at the priceless dagger in Roman's hands. Whispering that a rumor had surfaced it was of unique rarity. As such, it could make the bearer invisible. The bouncer eyed the weapon. Licking his lips, apparently trade of such wealthy luxuries around Era was a big black market business. It made Erebus skeptical about his own sword, which was holstered at his side. Had he been in his armor, he'd have carried it on the back. No matter, he probably wouldn't sell it anytime soon.

Moving along into the party, Erebus and of course, Roman with the weapon in hand would make there way around ravers drifting about in their loose state of ecstasy or whatever else the hell they had managed to get a hold of tonight. Once the two dark mages were in front of Jarjar, the ugly man leaned in grin with a cocky. A groggy voice speaking up to them made Erebus glare through his tired eyelids. Two larger men than even the Lycan himself stood around the table in suits. Black sunglasses hiding their eyes even despite being inside the building. Much less fashionable than Roman's vintage versions though, apparently sunglasses were back in style or something. Strategist hadn't noticed until tonight, then again. He spent his days doing trivial matters rather than paying mind to trend.

"Can I see your item or what? I was told you boys had something for me? Or were you just some bastards trying to get in here free of cut?"

Erebus allowed Roman to do the talking from here. Whenever needed of course, Erebus would lunge for the far left body guard. Aiming a fist first for the gut of one, and wrapping him in a sleeper hold as soon as a valid opening was given. obviously, Erebus would react in due, and hopefully counter reversals or etc. While the other hired arm most likely wanted Roman.

After those two were done, should Roman not have lept to attack or harm the man, Erebus would. Or in contrast to that, would help kick the petty con-man into the ground. Breaking more than just his nose in the process. Until the cash or jewel were delivered. "If you go to the Rune Knights about this, we'll do more than just give you a few cuts or bruises. We'll fucking kill you man. Anyways, thanks for your most humble offer at our dagger, but we'll be keeping it anyways. My man Roman here is a hard shark to crack ya know? I doubt Gaud will have you either, if you retaliate we'll come back here to end it. Clear of conscious." After that the duo made hasty return to Gaud Tellar's place for payment. Having met the blonde dark mage and spent the night hustling a con-man, Erebus had a pretty decent first impression and respect for his ally. He'd drop the man a few compliments afterwards and be on his way back to the ark. Maybe they could work together again in the coming future. Erebus wouldn't be against it.




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As the walked out of the room, Roman found another use for the blade. He was picking at his nails with extreme precision while leading this missions. Roman heard the boy’s voice, seemed as if a friendship was trying to be formed. He was unfamiliar with the notion due to his lifestyle. Thanks to the guild master's orders he was too play ball or be nice. Then again the boy seemed genuinely interested in Roman can’t turn a fan away right? He was a bit of a role model to the younger Dark mages whether he liked it or not. “The pleasure is all mine, just wish I had a real name and not a surname forced on you. Yea no need to explain it I figured it out, that’s how you guys follow rules.” He explained while they strolled downtown. Erebus made an offhand comment poking at these kind of missions.

“A job is a job and we all gotta make a living somehow. Even if it is at someone else’s expense.”

They stood in front of the club. This was the place that Guad ordered the two too. Seemed like a high profile place with two beefy body guards standing in the way. People were lined up to get in early as nightfall came. Various civilians were in line with a nice ratio of both genders. Yes both, insinuating that he only acknowledged two genders. It seemed only the prettiest of the single ladies were getting in per usual. The two cut in front of everyone causing a bit of a uproar. Words jumbled together and formed white noise to the two. They had a mission to do, they weren’t here for drinks. Maybe Roman might stick around but the job came first. Roman didn’t say anything but he felt the hand of one of the guards on his chest. Roman looked to see what was halting him.


Before any extreme action took place Erebus appeared on Roman’s left side. He gave a rundown of the blade’s fine details. Of course most of it was made up too razzle dazzle listeners. He waited to see if the guards bought the story. Unknown to the world around him he already plotted out how he was gonna kill this man and hurt the other. A vivid visualization of the dagger finding itself in throat of this one and the weapon being tossed into the other’s chest. The guard that wasn’t stupid tapped the earpiece in his ear and said a couple of things. Following that he leaned over and whispered something in his companion's ear. Roman just smiled and began to count down from ten in his head. A slow count that gave the man ample time to remove his hand or Roman did. The two stepped aside and let the two in. There was a man waiting for them at the door. A tall, slender, black haired man in a suit escorted them to where Jarjar was running the show.

They made their way around the dancefloor into the upper vip area. Jarjar was sitting behind a glass table with women on each side. Two more large guards stood on opposite sides of the table keeping watchful eye. Erebus did what he needed to do and that was get them in.

“I am going to be forward with you, we aren’t here to sell this. We are here to collect some money you owe. So we have few options. You hand the money over and we leave. No harm, no foul. Or I throw a temper tantrum, this gets ugly and you lose everything.” Roman had the dagger in hand still picking at his nails.

Jarjar looked as if he wanted to leap out of his chair from sitting down. The guards turned to each other but they were cut off. “First one moves dies.” Of course there was always that one guard. The one that saw this as an opportunity to be a action hero. He quickly reached into his suit jacket to grab at something. Roman had the blade in his right hand. With one quick motion the dagger found itself tossed through the air into the guard’s throat on left. He fell over while gurgling on his own blood. The girls sitting next to Jarjar screamed out. “Had to test me didn’t you. Now everyone get’s to watch you die slowly choking on your own blood.” The other guard hesitated for a moment. Roman had to make sure he was very serious about this.

Two fingers pressed together, his middle finger pressed on his thumb. Electrical energy began to dance around his left arm. “Next person who moves, and everyone dies. I won’t repeat myself.” The guard on the ground continued to gurgle and die a slow death.

“Alright, alright! Just don’t kill anyone else Jesus!” Jarjar snapped his own fingers and the guard went to grab a briefcase out of the office located near by. “Look I was planning to pay Guad back but I needed to hold onto the money for other reasons.”

“See here is the thing. I don’t give a shit. We were paid to do a job and that’s it.”

Then Erebus spoke to solidify what just happened. The man came out of back with a briefcase full of jewels. Roman popped the case open and made sure that it wasn’t counterfeit money. “It all checks out, let's go Strategist. If we find out it’s short I am burning this place to ground.”

With that being said the two made a hasty return to the firm to deliver the briefcase.

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