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Letting One's Hair Down [Kenny]

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Letting One's Hair Down [Kenny] Empty on Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:28 pm

On a late Tuesday afternoon around 5 a young woman could be seen entering into a Tavern of high reputation, known for the quality of its food and alcohol. The young woman on this winters day appeared no older than twelve to thirteen years of age, a tiny petite young thing with milky white skin with no a single mark upon it, smooth as could be. She stood only four feet ten in height even with the high heel boots she wore they only added an inch of two. She was thin weighing in only one hundred pounds with flowing black hair, like midnight reaching down her back. Atop her head sat an ornament headband with a red ribbon in the shape of ears. Her hair was parted around her forehead princess style showing off her heart shaped face and big red eyes that seemed to shimmer like rubies.

The young girl was dressed in the style of gothic lolita that appeared to fit her frame, complimenting her looks. One may even say she was a tease with her black garter belt stockings and lower skirt that showed off her creamy white legs. To many she appeared as a forbidden fruit, to be looked at but not touch less they fear the repercussions of the law and society. But what they did not know was this young girl was not as her age depicted but far older, many years so. While she appeared twelve or thirteen she was, in fact, seventy-five years old.

Beneath the flirty smile on her lovely features that could illuminate a room as a dark sinister soul. She went by the name of Yumi a member of the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart and was an avid worshipper off the Dark God Malum and the last of his evil cultists. Above all that she was also a member of the Demon Race. A hellspawn who preyed on the emotions of humans and sought out the destruction of the world.

But at this time she was just a simple girl entering a tavern. The mage approached the bar of the tavern, a single bartender behind it. "Your finest whiskey and leave the bottle." The bartender would give Yumi a single glance about to question her age, but a simple glare would halt his words. He gulped and placed a glass on the bench followed by a tall bottle of his finest whiskey, imported from oak. Not saying a word he then departed leaving the misleading being to herself.

Yumi popped the top off the bottle and began pouring her glass, filling it half way. She would raise the glass gently swirling the liquid within before taking a sip. Yumi released a satisfied sigh at the taste of it moving down her throat, after recent events she needed this.

As she drank she would soon be joined by another, her companion. The creature that looked like a floating robe with a skull-like face moved towards his master, floating a meter off the ground. The duskulls orb like eye floated back and forth between the eye sockets of its mask as it watched the actions of its master.


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It was getting late out, Kenny had arrived to the bar earlier in the evening in hopes to get something to aid him in his attempt to forget what had transpired earlier in the week. It was a travesty, but nothing to dwell on, not anymore anyway. Tonight was a night for celebration as Kenny made an attempt reinvent himself, not all because of what happened, but there seemed to be a time for rejuvenation in Era for the black haired brute. It hadn’t occurred to him that the bar he was in was one of the more high end establishments in Era, his appearance certainly contrasted the decor. His messy black hair matted against his forehead dampened from the light showers that had happened earlier in the day, amber eyes semi hidden by black strands that draped over his visage.

His wear contrasted as much as his appearance, burley frame hidden underneath a dismal brown overcoat, clearly his coat had been worn, materials were scratched, and had slight tears along the bottom from years of travel, the rest of his attire was typical for him, black pants and a simple undershirt accompanied by boots. His armor was put away in his hotel room. He looked like a man who was out of luck and drinking his worries away, drowning them in wave after wave of bitter alcohol just for the sake of doing so at this point. Just as Kenny raised his tankard to his lips the door opened with the gentle ring of its bell and entered a… Woman?

He would watch as she entered, she was certainly a sight to behold, her attire and hair dark in nature, whilst her ivory skin contrasted them. Kenny would give in and gawk at her just as everyone else did, though he tried his hardest not to let his eyes linger on her. Whoever she was, she couldn’t have been much older than fourteen, and to have entered a bar in such attire must have meant she was looking for trouble, incredibly powerful, or was bold, it appeared to be a mix of the three as she ordered a bottle.

The bartender, a large fellow, had been quivering at just the sight at the glowing lass. Could she have activated a spell upon entering? It’d make sense if she was a mage, they were the types to wear things like that. Things that were ‘out there’ unconventional and demanded attention to their presence at all times. Kenny could have had it all wrong, but at the moment she was the center of attention, even when the bar’s chatter resumed as normal he could take note of people gazing at the red eyed girl with less than savory intent.

Kenny looked down at his mug, he was going to need a refill soon meaning he would run the risk of coming into contact with the lolita stranger, which may not have necessarily been a bad thing to most men his age. Then again, given how much of a mental shift he had undergone in the past few days he didn’t feel as magnetized to her looks as he would have been say, last week?

After retrieving her drink she with a surprising amount of vigour downed a rather large gulp of the whiskey. Words couldn’t describe how Kenny felt about the sight of someone so small consuming a drink so large so swiftly. He looked down at his tankard and back at the bar, ‘No use in waiting…’ he raised himself from his booth and sauntered his way to the bar, placing his empty glass on the bartop and knocking on it with his free hand, “Another drink.” he said solemnly and deeply eyes not leaving the barkeep.

The bartender cleared his throat and nodded breaking the trance the black haired woman had on him, Kenny lightly pinched the bridge of his nose as he recounted what had happened today, in the corner of his eye he saw her, looking her up and down with a strained side glance something would catch his attention…

“Those eyes…” he muttered to himself, they were like… No, he refused to remember his mistake, yet every time he thought about them, he remembered those piercing red eyes… His attention would soon turn to the gothic female entirely, silently staring at her, he came off as any other male probably, drooling over the forbidden fruit of a young, beautiful woman, the only kickback at the moment her companion.

'Who is she...'


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Yumi remained seated at the bar swirling her glass of whisky around without a care, simply enjoying the malty taste with every sip. It had a strong alcohol percentage and she could feel the kick with every sip if she was anyone else who was not an experienced drinker it was possible she would be coughing and gagging from the overpowering nature of the alcohol. But Yumi was an experienced drinker, while she loved her sweet desserts she also enjoyed her drink, every now and then. She didn't have a set favourite but she would often partake in Whisky or Scotch, Vodka was not far behind. Yumi would confess she preferred her spirits over beer, and she wasn't much of a wine or champagne fan but she could drink them when the time required it. It all depended on the kind of function or place she was at.

Yumi raised her glass to her lips and downed the remains of the whisky within in one shot, before placing her glass gently down on the table. She grabbed the bottle of expensive whisky and repoured her drink this time filling the glass three fours of the way pouring it in gently so not to slosh any onto the bench. As she did she could very well feel the stares that were coming her way, a mix of surprise, wonder and lust. Yumi brought her left hand up and tucked a strand of long black hair behind her left ear, and made a gentle waving motion of her head tossing hair over her shoulder, to draw in attention.

Yumi didn't seem to mind the savoury looks she was getting as if she was used to them and she was. Many years before she regained her youth she had received those very looks and when they departed with age she had grown envious of those young women who received them in her stead. But now that Yumi had regained her glorious youth and beauty she would soak up the attention like a sponge, some may call her vain but she was very well aware of how she appeared and was capable of using her beauty as a weapon.

As she sat at the bar soaking up the attention it seemed as if their would be no one brave enough to approach her directly. Had the male gender truly grown so cowardly that they couldn't approach one little girl in a bar to pick her up? Where had the bravado gone? Yumi didn't show any outwards reaction simply returning to drinking her whisky. As she sipped she could feel someone approaching. From the corner of her right eye, she would watch as a large shadow engulfed her belonging to a man towering at over six feet in height, easily dominating her tiny frame. The man had a rugged look and could be considered an average looking person, but out of everyone present in the bar, he was the only one that stood out to her. Watching him approach the barkeep a mischevious smile would form onto her lips as they turned from a soft pink to a darkened purple.

The moment he was at the bar, Yumi would listen as he spoke to the bartender asking for a refill, noticing he was looking her up just like the others. Yumi would slowly turn in her chair to face, in appearance, the older male. He looked to be about in his mid-twenties. A coy flirty smile would form in place, as her eyes twinkled with mirth. She would seductively raise her left leg crossing it over her right knee, not revealing anything with her motion, as if teasing the male. Her hands would hold her glass of whisky in her lap as she carefully leant forward, as she leant over she would expose her budding chest and for being so small she was nowhere near underdeveloped. Her cheeks had even gained a pigment of red to them, allowing a small blush to form creating the illusion that Yumi was a pure young woman. With her new form she was very much pure as she had regained a certain flower that would need to be broken.

"If you'd like a look, I'd be happy to allow you a closer view. No need to be shy" spoke the gothic lolita in a flirty seductive sexual tone. Her very tone was enough to drive any hot blooded man into a sweat induced panic frenzy from how hot and heavy she sounded. To add, after she spoke she would look up at him with that flirty gaze, her tongue peeking to run across the bottom of her lower lip. She was like a predator who had found her prey and would devour him through any means.

During all of this those present in the bar could only watch on stunned by the sudden events. Few had already collapsed from the money she spoke, even the burly bartender could help the blush on her cheeks.


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Kenny must have been staring for too long, he could feel her ruby gaze lock onto him. The silence was deafening, a pin could drop between the two as he tried his hardest to divert his gaze from hers in an attempt to make it appear that his eyes had only wandered onto her, before abruptly darting away. She was attractive, he would give her that, but she still appeared to be young, he couldn’t put her past at least 14 years of age and at most a solid 16. He wouldn’t dabble on her age for too long as he didn’t have any intentions as far as getting to know the young woman unless she initiated contact, then he would feel obligated to speak to her, not that he wouldn’t enjoy the pleasure. What was he thinking about again? Oh that was right, her eyes. They looked like those that the young woman with the dog had ruby red.

He would need to excuse himself before his starring got him into trouble, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to-” her statement cut his off. The way she spoke, he hadn’t seen the change in lipstick, brutally unaware that he was about to bite off far more than he could chew. He paused as he attempted to register what she said, her words, they were so sultry and sensual, where could someone so young obtain such an attractive demeanor. What was he to do? He couldn’t say much else he ran the risk of looking like a pervert, well, a bigger pervert than he formerly was. Kenny swallowed and gave in to her proposal. He was older, but there was nothing wrong with staring into her eyes was there? Not unless he made something wrong with it.

Shifting his weight against the bar he took up her offer and spoke in a flirtatious tone, not nearly as seductive as hers, but he tried his best to sound more than interested in conversation “Well then, I suppose I can’t let an offer that amazing pass me up.” his eyes began at her lips and wandered down to her pale, creamy legs. Maker have mercy, what sort of jokes were the gods playing on him over the past few months? Was he good looking? No that couldn’t be it, maybe he looked like easy money… Either way he wasn’t one to complain about having a lovely woman in his company.

It had occurred to him that she was drinking whiskey, she could have been older than he thought? If that was the case he wasn’t going to hold his tongue, being timid was a weakness that he was more than ready subside with great confidence  and strength. Dusky locks were slicked back out of his eyes so he could get a better view of her, “Well miss, I must say you certainly make it hard to not want to keep any eye full, considering the amount of fans you seem to have drawn” his visage shifted to the stunned bar patrons, it hadn’t occurred to him that the two of them were being stared at until he took note of near the entire bar staring at them silenced by her actions. Why did the entire bar freeze? Kenny sympathized with the silent crowd, he hadn’t expected her to be so bold. Maybe the alcohol had hit her when he approached and she was tipsy? Or maybe Kenny should stop wondering ‘maybe’ and not question a potentially generous situation.

He whipped his hair out of his face, it was beginning to become an issue, he would need a haircut one of these days. When his vision was free to roam on her he paused, she was cute, damned cute. When her tongued freed itself from its confines and brushed against his lower lip that was when his defenses softened, not to the extent that he would be ogling her like an absent minded slouch, but to the extent that he felt his mind slipping into a more deviant place than he would like.

“On the topic of that closer view, don’t you think a place more private would suffice? I mean as much as I would love to give the entire bar a gander, I prefer to do my looking in a more intimate setting.” the words slipped out of his mouth, he had just realized what he had said when it was far too late to take them back. Why would he say that? He could kick himself, it felt like he had tread one some imaginary line of decency and perversion.  “Excuse me… That sounded a bit more suggestive than It sounded when I thought about it.”


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The flirty mischevious smile never faded from Yumi's lips as she looked up at the taller male with her big round red eyes. Her crimson hues continued glistening like diamonds, as the red hue on her cheeks stayed in place never dropping, leaving the red blemish on her ivory like white skin. Yumi had noted his pause in his sentence when he had attempted to apologise for staring but her words had seemed to throw him off balance but he quickly adjusted. It seemed her challenge was met as the young man, who would no doubt be many years younger than her rose up. He had shifted his weight against the bar to turn towards her, allowing her a better look at his features.

Yumi lifted her glass taking another sip before downing the drink and resting it down on the bar. She caught his gaze starting from her lips and wandering down to her legs, making her smile slowly stretch, never dropping the coy flirty looking she was giving the unknown male across from her. Neither had yet to reveal their name making it all that more suspenseful. Yumi raised her right hand and twirled a lone strand of hair around her right index finger giving him a flirty flutter of her long black eyelashes, with just a single glance one could see they were in no way fake.

"Ignore them they are unimportant." Wafted Yumi in a fluttery tone as she completely ignored the looks of her so called fans. "They dare not have the courage to talk nor approach." Yumi gently tucked the strand of hair she had been playing with behind her right ear, brushing bangs to the side to expose the ivory white of her tender neck, doing it in a tantalising manner to further entice the man opposite her. Every moment she made was made in a seductive motion to further draw breath from those around her.

The male was getting rather bold especially with the next words that slipped from that tongue of his. Yumi licked her upper in a sensual manner as she placed her feet down on the floor and began to rose, as she stood she would lean forward in a curving motion sticking her lower body out in a seductive motion drawing the eyes of those behind her. She would take a step forward crossing what little distance there was between her and the man she was speaking with. Her single step followed by another as she crossed the distance, one more step and she would only be a breath away from him. With just two steps she gave a seductive sway of her hips, crossing her legs over and came to a halt with the third step right in front of Kenny. Yumi barely reached his chest.

The gothic lolita raised her right hand, allowing her fingertips to touch the right side of Kenny's face, stroking it in a sensual manner, her touch done in a way that it would be able to send shivers down his spine. "No need to be excused. I like the bold." She licked her lips again as she would move her right hand to grab the front of his shirt and with surprising strength pull him down towards her and force her lips against his in a sensual fiery kiss. He would be able to taste the sweet malty taste of whisky but also sugar on her own lips like she was a piece fo sweet alcoholic candy.

Yumi who had initiated the kiss would not keep it long, just three seconds before breaking away, running her tongue across her lips once more as if taking in his taste. Yumi would take a step back placing her right index finger to her lower lip, tilting her head coyly to the right, "That was just an appetiser, would you like the main course?" Yumi brought her left hand down to the hem of her dress slowly lifting it exposing more of her long legs and the garter beneath, but nothing else, teasing him. "Don't be concerned with my appearance, I'm older then I look and much more experienced." Yumi gave a flirty wink of her left eye.


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Kenny could feel himself regaining his composure. The game of temptation had been toying with his mind as soon as he spoke to the lolita. Truthfully he felt disappointed in himself for allowing his tongue to slip with such semi-erotic words, but he had managed to rebound returning to his stoic, eased expression as he watched her smile. At the sight of her flirty expression he could feel in the pit of his stomach that he had messed up, he said something he shouldn’t have and was likely going to pay for it either it be the mob slowly forming in preparation to chase him out after he had sullied their gothic princess, or by her own hand as she mocks him for believing that he was going to do anything more than chat. He was ready regardless and, to the best of his ability stood ready for an assault from either front.

Kenny’s drink had been refilled, the bartender sliding the mug up to him in what seemed like a try to spill his drink on him only for the raven haired warrior to catch it before it spilt. She told him to ignore the others, her tone hadn’t wavered, even when dismissing those who were basking in her presence she had found a way to come off as cute. He didn’t even have her name, or a remnant of small talk, they instead exchanged a few words and spent their time skipping formalities and staring one another down.

“Will do.” he shrugged, his attention rested on the smaller woman, he crossed his arms, one elbow resting on the bar as additional support as they spoke on. When she stopped speaking his attention was drawn to the sight of delicate ivory flesh freshly exposed from under her silky raven hair. He could feel his heart speed up at the sight, his eyes fixating on her exposed skin. Did she cast a spell on him before he approached? It would make sense, he felt a shift in his psyche, whatever she was doing, it was effective.

What she had done next caught him off guard, she had licked her lips… Gods she did it again, what was it about her tongue dragging across her purple lips that made him more bothered than he should have been. She leaned forward and closed the distance between the two of them. Not bad, he still had some wiggle room. He didn’t think much of it at first, until she would take another, and another until she was soon in his space. Kenny stared down at her, she was just about as short as he thought she’d be compared to him. There were no words from him, he offered a smile, but it couldn’t mask his curiosity all that well.

Kenny would open his mouth to speak, but at her touch he silenced once again. It felt strange to be caressed by another, something he had never felt before. The ginger touch of affection from a stranger, it felt strange. He partially was curious as to what her intentions were, but was far too hypnotized to ask as he registered the foreign touch further. Soft, smooth, sensual… A shiver ran down his spine, and his legs were almost visibly shaken by her actions. She spoke once again, but evidently the time for talk was over when she forced him down with an impressive show of strength and locked their lips together. Kenny’s eyes widened, his hands frozen at his sides, as the taste of sweetened whisky hit his senses and threw them for a loop.

The male couldn’t register what was happening, though as fast as it happened it was over and he had found himself staring at her attentively with narrowed brows. His mouth was cracked open, her taste lingered in his maw as his senses came back to him. Rather it was shock, or excitement he felt his body trembling. He curled his lips and slowly protruded his tongue in between them sampling her taste once again. Whilst he did this she ranged another assault, his time ever so gently pulling up her dress. Another shiver went up his spine, he felt himself growing warm, and a sinister grin contorted his features, “I want the main course AND dessert.” the reserve he tried to show was gone as he happily answered the question. When she mentioned being far older than she was that was all he needed to hear.

A another mental kick in the pants, he was pushing it again. He needed to slow down, he didn’t even know her! Yet when he thought about that damned teasing dress he resisted the urge to tear it up and off. “W-where should we go to get to know each other better?” he feigned innocence.


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Yumi swayed her hips as she stood in place watching the reaction of the male. It seemed her sudden actions had caught him completely off guard leaving him motionless and eyes wide from shock, hands frozen at his sides. Yumi could still taste the mixture of the drink the man had been consuming on her own lips. Her eyes twinkled with sultry mischief waiting and watching to see what he would do. Would the stranger simply sat there still frozen in shock or would he shake himself loose and act upon the primal instincts that would be rising within him.

Yumi placed her right hand in front of her lips giving a soft girly yet flirty giggle at the site of his mouth cracked open. Nor did it seem that he couldn't stop the protruding of his own tongue as it crossed his own lips gathering up her taste once more. He had fallen completely under her spell, falling for her charms as he blurted out like a starving man that he wanted to experience the main course and the dessert that would follow. Yumi would be more than happy, for more reasons than one. The first being obviously to test drive out this new youthful body of hers to its limits. The second was she was testing to see if she had not lost her charm, and it seemed that she had not as she had this man, whose name was not known, wrapped around her finger.

Yumi gave another sultry giggle, he seemed to be the type to get quickly excited, his mouth spouting words before he could think, then quickly attempting to appear innocent. It was amusing yet cute to witness, especially to experience a grown man in such a predicament. Yumi had forgotten just how fun it was to tease and seduce others, Yumi was not just partial to men but also women. Yumi was what people called bisexual. But when she had turned over fifty years old her lifestyle of multiple partners had dropped off, eventually falling to none as she was not about to seduce the elderly. But now that her youth had returned she would regain her once promiscuous life.

Yumi had yet to lower her hands away from her dress, keeping it high, but just from the look in his eyes, she could tell he wanted to just tear it off. Yumi slowly lowered her in a teasing manner before turning to face the bartender, "Put it on my tab." She gave him a wink before a step to the side and around the man she was flirting with. She would look over her shoulder giving a flutter of her eyelashes, "Follow me, big boy. This one will show you a good time."

Yumi, as she walked, would give a seductive sway of her hips to further entice him. With each step, her ivory creamy legs would cross over, hands on her hips aiding in her sultry steps. Her hair would sway with the motions of her body creating an alluring dance drawing in the attention of those she walked passed. She was going to lead him back to the room she was staying in at one of the four-star inns housed by Era

"I'm Yuni, the name of your dish." Spoke Yumi as she looked back in her walk to talk to the stranger, giving her name. Her seductive voice had not faded once.


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Kenny was growing excited as time passed on. He certainly didn’t expect his day to take such a turn, but he wouldn’t argue against what could be a huge stress reliever for him. Kenny could still taste her on his lips, candy and alcohol with subtle twist of a third taste he couldn’t quite place a finger on. It was a stranger predicament, he had been in a situation similar before, but it had far more speaking, and Kenny was naive and delusional. Now, he had a chance to redeem himself all at the cost of being seduced by someone half his size.

Kenny rubbed his hands together and thought about what he would do when they got to wherever the deed would be done. Truthfully he wouldn’t have minded heading to the bathroom, it’d be a cramped fit and he would have to limit his explosiveness out of the game , though it wouldn’t have mattered much because by the end of the night he was going to be stuffing himself in a cramped space. Maker, his heart wasn’t going to be ready for this regardless of the size difference. He had little to no experience, but the fact that she had mentioned that she had experience put him at ease. It was just some baby making right? He would do it, enjoy it alot, and get up and thank the creator that he had managed to round all of the bases.

The more he thought about it, the more he realized this was going to happen. He was going to get to… No, no, he couldn’t jinx it, now was the time for planning, else he would be in and out and disappointed in his performance. He couldn’t NOT strike out , this time he was going to go for a grand slam, literally and figuratively. How did he fall victim to feminine charms like hers? The spoke briefly, nothing too seductive and BAM she kisses him and lifts her dress and he’s about to tread unknown waters. It had occurred to him that he hadn’t done something like this in years, more so because he was always traveling and had given up his pursuit of pleasures for a while.

Kenny would melt when she fluttered her eyebrows at him, and picked up his tab. He’d watch her hips sway from side to side, eyes and his head following her motions keenly. She was well endowed for someone who looked so young. This was really going to happen. His eyes would continue to follow her motions. What would he do first? Romance her? Drink some wine? No, no, no, he had to skip right to the action and take what he wanted, no time for timid foreplay right?

His thoughts stopped when she spoke her name, “I’m Kenny,” he paced beside her, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, or dare I say it will be a lot of pleasure.” sinister fingers found their way around her shoulder, if she kept using that tone they may have to forget the hotel room and go straight to the nearest alleyway. Wait... Protection! He needed protection! Well he had on his overcoat and some armor, that should be enough protection right?


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Yumi could feel the growing excitement from within the young man from where she strolled, he was not able to conceal it very well. It would not be the first time she had been with someone who had grown so excited. He appeared to be an eager individual, who was raring to go, so she truly hoped he didn't disappoint her. Long as he didn't ruin the fun and break down too early their was a high chance he wouldn't. It was no fun when her partner finished up too quickly. Even if they did it was not as if she couldn't get them started once more. Yumi had a number of tricks under her belt and this young man who had revealed his identity to be Kenny would be allowed to experience those tricks, long as things didn't go sour. Yumi was just praying with inner thoughts to her God that this male would have the stamina to last with her.

Yumi's attention returned to the real world as a hand was placed upon her shoulder. It seemed this Kenny was starting to get real eager, raring to go, even right here right now. Yumi wasn't about to simply do it out in the open, she had standards. She would coyly slide her left hand up her own body making sure to angle her body for him to witness her own gropings before her hand overlapped with his. She would momentarily slow her steps down closing the distance between them, being just a breath from him. She would look up with a coy smile speaking in her sultry tone, "An eager beaver aren't we. Save it big boy, the longer you wait the greater the reward."

Yumi would lift his hand off her shoulder, moving it to her lips, stretching out his right index finger before placing her lips against it. She would bite down softly, a mischevious smile on her lips before releasing. During the time of their flirtings, they would be watched on by the growing crowds, many looking in their direction with a multitude of fractured expressions. There were looks of jealousy, lust, curiosity and even disgust. Jealousy from those who wished to be in Kenny's position, lust for those who were lusting after the appearance of the lolita, curiosity from the children wondering what they were doing only to be pulled aside by their mother's, disgusted looks in their mother's eyes at the sight of a man galavanting about with a girl half his age.

Yumi paid no attention to the looks, she simply found them to be amusing. If they only knew the truth perhaps the looks they were giving would be different. "What was the expression? Don't judge a book by its cover, and this cover shouldn't be misjudged, but they will get what's coming to them soon. My power grows." Yumi didn't allow the dark thoughts that followed to escape and show on her beautiful features, no need to scare away her new 'friend'.

Yumi soon came to a halt outside of a four-star inn. The inn looked rather plain with rice paper sliding doors and banners down the sides with three floors. Yumi turned to face Kenny placing her index finger against his chest, "Wait ten minutes ten then come to the third floor, room 205. I'll leave the door unlocked. I have to go freshen up." She took a step back and gave him a cheeky smile.


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Perturbed was an understatement about how Kenny felt right now. In his mind a flurry of emotion raged about making him feel not only anxious, but happy, excited, mildly excited and a tiny bit fearful about what may happen today. This seemed like the perfect turn around for his day, too perfect, his day began with him being drenched by a brief rain, then while he dried he met a lolita who turned out to be far older than he thought, she flirted with him with no strings attached and now he was about to- To do something! Kenny had no plan as this would be one of the few times he engaged someone sober and had success. This was exciting! But Gods he’d be lying if he wasn’t nervous about it. He had endurance and he had a high pain threshold, everything else was in the air and would need to be seen.

When his hand was removed from her shoulder anxiety took over, did he screw up? He shouldn’t have gone for the shoulder! No, wait. Her words from earlier, the longer the wait the better the reward. She lowered his index finger and bit him and in reaction a goofy smile fixed his expression as he was further seduced by the youthful Yumi. When his eyes wandered off of her for a moment he realized their position and where they were. This was a bad look for a man of his stature, where he looked like a gruff old man philandering someone far younger than him, she looked like a kittenish girl being harassed. His heart sunk into his stomach as he studied the expressions of those around them. There was envy from men, disgust from women and children only stared in wonder at the two. He could over hear a child asking his mother why the hairy man was doing that with his daughter.The comment more hurt Kenny’s ego but his feelings were well in tact. As long as the rune knights weren’t called he wouldn’t have to explain himself for the most part.

After a short moment of worry Kenny gave his attention back to Yumi, his mind still kept focused on the looks and the consequences he may face. Other than yet another mob of people making a task out of running him out of town. Kenny didn’t expect a crowd of this size to form, did they contrast that much? To the point where the two of them couldn’t flirt or even stand close to one another without getting stared at.

Soon they made it to their destination, the hotel she was staying in. It was large, and seemed to be on the more fancy establishments as far as hotels were concerned. Yumi’s finger had found its way to his chest, and she told him about her needing to freshen up, “Well, well, I don’t know if I can contain myself for just ten minutes.” he chuckled. When she left he would take the next ten minutes to prepare himself for whatever it was she had planned.

Kenny sat on the steps and waited out the ten minutes. Seven minutes in he stood up and entered the hotel, it was far bigger than he imagined, but he wouldn’t allow himself to be overwhelmed. He didn’t speak to the receptionist for long he told them that he was going upstairs and moved on. When he entered the hall he took off his coat and made his way for the 200 hall reading the numbers until he found room 205. This it was, the ball game was on the line and he was going to have to make a few big plays for the next… Four hours?

His hand gripped the knob, he checked his left and looked to the right and with a deep breath he opened the door and entered the room.

#11Perfect Cell 

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Perfect Cell

It was drawing near. The end goal of it all, the epitome of creation and the zeitgeist of existence. The end of it all, and the beginning of what would be.

Life was a fickle thing, difficult to define and yet specific in nature. When viewed from an outside gaze, life itself seemed like its own evolving organism. It was a pretty simple thing, when broken down to its most basic sense. Life was about proceeding forward to create a better chance at life for what came next. One would assume that, eventually, this cycle would reach its apex. A creation of which there was nothing left that could destroy it, and which could find itself standing above all creation.

That being, in the eyes of at least one individual, was close at hand. It would be a simple thing, really. The closer he got, the more he could feel it within his body. It was akin to growing pains, though not at all unpleasant. Every atom in his body quaked with what was to be. The heights he could reach would be astronomical. He would become a God.

Era had turned out to be quite the unique place. The towns he had been in thus far had very few individuals who would sustain him, requiring him to have gone after a large amount of people. This had caused rumors of his existence to spread, though few if any actually knew what to look for. Many of those in Era had lived, and they themselves were strong. A single one of them equated to thousands of the normal rabble that he had consumed. It had seemed, though that the town was under a sort of lock down. While he could easily handle a few of them, he knew that if they all reacted at once he could still be stopped.

So now, rather than rushing through his work, he was being meticulous. It was this nature that had brought him to a hotel, full of people just dying to liven up their days. It had been a simple task, really. The man at the front desk had been quick enough to dispose of, which had opened the opportunity for him to simply take the key cards. From there, it was like clockwork. Every room on every floor was entered. Every person in every room was consumed. With the entire building clear, Cell had begun to make his way down the steps.

As he reached near the bottom, a sense overwhelmed him. It was excitement, for it had seemed that this near perfect being had made a mistake. There was someone else, a bearded man stilling himself in front of a room. Without hesitation, before the man could grab the handle, the unnoticed being would call out.

"Hello, sir. I'm going to have to ask you for your identification. I'm afraid this hotel takes the safety of its patrons very seriously." His voice held a mocking tone to it, unaware that he was ripping this man away from an enjoyable night. There was a sick irony in it, honestly.

After all, soon it would be Kenny who got penetrated.


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Yumi walked through the inn, looking around, wondering where everyone was? It was quiet but she ignored it, for now, if something went wrong it wasn't as if she couldn't handle herself. Yumi rose to her room using her key card that she removed from between her breasts and walked on in closing the door behind her, making sure it didn't latch shut so her guest would be able to enter. Yumi ran her fingers through her hair removing her headband and gently sat it down on the kitchen counter that greeted her. Yumi shook her hair out and moved to her bedroom. Her sword was leaning against the side of the front door.

Yumi approached her bedroom, she had about nine minutes left. She went straight to the bathroom where she began to powder her nose and cheek, looking over herself making sure she nothing was out of place, before freshening herself up by using a spray bottle to gently spray the sides of her face. She grabbed a silk face cloth and gently padded it against her delicate features. Yumi moved back to the bedroom where she sat on the bed and undid her black boots sliding them off and placed them beside the bedside table. Next, she began sliding off her garter stockings, folding them over and placing them beside her boots. Next Yumi stood up and undid her gothic lolita dress and allowed it to fall off her blossoming body. Yumi collected her dress and moved to the wardrobe where she would hang it back up. The lolita collected from the wardrobe a single long light purple yukata and slid it on, where it loosely fell into position. The demon then tied a black obi sash around her waist keeping the yukata in place and shut.

Yumi then laid down on the bed, on her side, her feet pointed to the door as she propped her head up with an arm, the elbow resting on the mattress. Yumi began to wait, the clock above ticking by as she lay there. The lolita by the ten-minute mark could hear footsteps outside coming towards her room, stopping outside the door. Yumi waited patiently but when the door didn't open she raised an eyebrow, instead she heard a voice, one that didn't belong to Kenny, a voice in a mocking tone asking to see identification.

Yumi grumbled at having been suddenly interrupted and rose from the bed keeping the yukata in place, not bothering to change her outfit. Yumi left her bedroom moving through the main room towards the front door. Her sword still in place to the right of her. Yumi threw the door open to poke her head out and yell at whoever was disturbing her time, only to blink at the sight of the stranger. The man, if she could call it that was a strange tall being that looked like a cross between an insect and a human.

"I don't know who you are, but you're interrupting.
" Spoke Yumi glaring at up the green individual who was much taller than her and Kenny. He had to be over six foot five. Oddest thing beside being green was he had a long thick tail protruding from his back. "It's been twenty-five years since I've got laid and I'm not waiting anymore. So unless you're looking to join us for a threesome beat it." Yumi showed not a shred of fear as she continued glaring up at the taller, insectoid-like being. Yumi didn't care who or what he was just that he was interrupting and if he continued she would sacrifice him to her God Malum.


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Kenny’s fingers laced around the golden doorknob of Yumi’s room, nothing but a latch and closer between him and what might have been just what he needed to get out of this mental slump he had been stuck in.

She was a turn away, Kenny’s wrist twisted the knob, the click of teh latch separating the door from its bonds reassured him that not only was this not a trap but he was about to get some. A determined smile grew on his face as his anxiety and nerve melted away into excitement and lust. He had become comfortable with the reality that this was going to happen, and he was no one to stare a gift horse or in this case lolita in the mouth, zing.

The door had just opened and he was ready to claim his prize, but much to his dismay a voice with a mocking undertone had called out to him asking about Identification. That was right, Kenny hadn’t bothered to alert the man at the front desk about his intentions, nor did he have an ID to present in the case that he was sought after. It seemed that the one thing that could stop him from indulging in the taboo pleasures of the much smaller woman happened and he was going to have to smoothen out the situation if he had any hope to get back into the groove of things.

Kenny swore under his breath and turned to the owner of the voice and the interrupted of his oncoming good time. A hand too adamant to let go still clung to the door knob as the bearded man set his sights on something intriguing, very intriguing. What the thing seemed to be was a hybrid of a man and a bug and given the smile on his face he probably wasn’t going to let Kenny just waltz into the room, handle his business and come back out in the best mood he ever had.

Before Kenny could answer the door swung open, his hand nearly going with it as he caught himself on the door’s frame, and out popped Yumi dressed in a Yukata, a form fitting one at that. She looked down the hall at the bug and spoke on her not getting laid in 25 years. Kenny’s attention was immediately drawn to the word 25, ‘shit, 25 years?’ he arched a brow, how old was she? It didn’t matter, if she was holding back for 25 years it was only right that Omega would end her dry spell, but no, no someone just had to interrupt him.

When she asked him if he’d join Kenny’s eyebrows furrowed as he thought it over. The glance would inspect the green one’s feature, Kenny’s eyes immediately fell on the long, thick appendage, attached to the creature. “Heh, I have no qualms with the idea of letting our friend join in," he shrugged, "We can see who’s is bigger.” his expression turned into a smirk, he was partially serious, he had no objection to penetrating the penetrator of his good time before he tore that Yukata apart.

Speaking of the Yukata Kenny’s concerns were more focused on it than Cell. He bit his lower lip and studied every curve he could, given his height advantage and how she was bending over to peek out of the door he got a partial view of a lilac moon. “Heh.”

#14Perfect Cell 

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Perfect Cell
As Cell had stopped the man, a woman poked her head out. She was tiny, multiple feet shorter than himself. She quickly looked at him and paused, and for the briefest of moments a curiosity peaked within the green man. How would she react? The people in Era all had their own interpretations of him, what would hers be? With only a slight hesitation, she began speaking. Cell's eyes rested upon her with mild amusement, then actual surprise. "You-" he began before begin cut off by the man, making a comment about it as well.

Looking to the bearded man, then back to the girl, a laughter erupted from Cell. "Oh that's rich, I'll give you that. Sure, lets compare sizes!" With that, Cell's tail came up from around his shoulder, pointing the tip of the stinger at Kenny. "Impressive right? I'd go as far as to call it perfect." The humor was not lost upon himself, though these two likely wouldn't get it. He laughed again, looking at the distance between himself and them. Ten meters and a two meter wide hallway was all that stood between them all.

"Jokes aside, I suppose introductions are in order since I'm keeping Billy Mays here away from... Well I actually don't have anything witty for you half pint. Away from jail I guess?" Grinning and putting his arms out, he looked back to Kenny once more. "My name is Cell, and I'm going to drink you both."


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Yumi eyed the giant insectoid creature, keeping her eye on its tail as it swayed back and forth. There was a point at the end and she didn't know just what was going on or what this creature was doing here or what he even was. In all her years she had never seen a beast like this before, and Yumi had seen a number of odd beasts over the years, but none like this. Whatever this creature was he really took the cake, but as long as he didn't make any threatening moves and left them be she didn't care what he was.

It was apparent to Yumi that this Cell meant them harm. Especially after introducing himself and said that he would drink them, followed by pointing his tail at Kenny. The distance from yumi's door to Cell was only ten meters and the hallway only two meters wide, not a lot of room, if they were to fight here it things could get a little bit destructive. Yumi was slightly concerned about what the consequences would be if she caused a commotion here in Era. How long would it take for Rune Knights to appear once she got started? This Cell looked strong, she wasn't sure just how strong he was, but at this point, she was assuming he as strong if not stronger then her.

"Drink us? Enlighten me, just how would you do that? Are you thinking of using that pin sized needle of yours?" Spoke the demonic being, of course, she was just attempting to draw for time as she hid her left hand behind her back molding mana into her fingertips, attempting to go unnoticed by the Cell. She was hidden by the door of her room making it so no one would be able to see what exactly it was she was doing. "Pardon me for saying, but you seem a little on the small size to be attempting to drink us. Having trouble getting it up?"

Yumi would say this in a slightly mocking tone. During the entire time behind her back black flames of mana like tongues formed around her fingertips, encasing her entire hand in mana. The mana condensed into the tips of fingers, her index and middle as she prepared her spell. Once finished Yumi retrieved her sword with her right hand removing it from its sheath in one go and stepped out of her hotel room and into the hallway, left hand still behind her back. Her icy sword was gripped loosely in her right hand as waves of magical energy began to roll off her body in the form of wisps of black flames. Yumi turned towards Cell her eyes glowing red as her mana went wild. The force of her mana made the ends of her yukata flap about revealing ivory white legs. Yumi held back on her demonic pressure, she doubted it would have any effect on this Cell so no need to reveal her race so soon. If push came to shove then she would release her demonic prowess.

"Though I suppose enough of the mockery and time to get down to business. While I had been looking forward to getting laid tonight, it's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to let loose. Don't disappoint me." Yumi then brought her left arm from behind her back extending it towards Cell, pointing her left index finger at Cell, "Dodge." Yumi would fire immediately a beam of black beam of concentrated magical energy with a 1m diameter. The beam would streak through the air, down the hallway at 20m/s aiming to cross the 10m gap in 0.5 seconds and strike Cell in the middle of his chest.

The moment the beam was  fired Yumi would launch herself, kicking off the ground propelling at max speed of 6m/s, her blade dragging behind. She would be charging in after her spell just at a much slower speed. It didn't matter to Yumi if the spell hit or not, she was just using it as a distraction to get in close and swing upwards with her sword, aiming to slice this Cell's tail off.


Yumi STR: 33 + 17 (Icy Sword) = 50

Mana: 1300/1400

Name: Desubīmu (Death Beam)
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user molds mana into the palm of their hand allowing dark tongue-like flames of magic to form around their fingertips before it flows downwards encasing their entire hand. By concentrating the energy and funneling it into the fingertip of a finger, the wielder points their finger at a target and fires a concentrated beam of black magical energy with a 1m diameter. By continuously channeling mana into the finger tip the user can continue to fire the beam whether immediately or at a preferred time, until either the user runs out of mana or they cancel the spell. The beam of magical energy is that condensed it can pierce through solid rock.

This spell is capable of dealing out B rank damage. The user can only fire 1 beam per post.

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Drink him? Kenny didn’t even know him for two minutes and the green bean was already thirsty for his man essence. As much as he liked a person who put out before dinner it became apparent that the situation was far more tense than Kenny understood. He introduced himself as Cell and pointed his tail at Kenny. “Oh. Drink me?” he thought about the situation at hand, “Okay.” There was nothing else to say, Cell, as strange as he was, was probably extremely powerful. There was no way Kenny could run, not that he would. With the change in Cell’s tone came the realization that things were about to pick up.

Yumi mouthed off to big green, mocking his… Tail thing? She made Kenny feel at ease, though he wasn’t all that worried about Cell to begin with. If he was outclassed, he was outclassed, if he died right now he wouldn’t have any regrets. He was going out on the cusps of getting laid, he was going to die a winner. Kenny had no combat training, no magic, and his armor was back in his hotel room. He had his sword, but it wouldn’t do anything if Cell was as strong as he came off. The bug could have been bluffing and talking a big game but Kenny couldn’t register the thought.

This was a difficult spot to be in for someone with no abilities. In what must have been a split second Yumi dashed past him and at Cell. Kenny couldn’t register entirely what she was doing until her eyes had glowed red and a sword formed in her grip. The bearded man couldn’t help but gasp as the woman’s abilities went on full display. As shocked as he was Kenny did catch a glimpse at her flapping yukata. His eyes narrowing as he processed what he saw. Why did Cell have to come now? Why did the gods have to send this green menace to him now? DId they not know what was about to happen? IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN! As surprised as he was by the turn of events he accepted the situation and sighed.

He was out of his league. His jacket fell off. He was probably going to die tonight, thank goodness. A hand laced his sword's hilt and waited. "I'll be at the pearly gates soon."

#17Perfect Cell 

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Perfect Cell
Cell grinned as the woman bad mouthed him. "Oh I'm sorry, did I wake you from your nap time?" His words were mocking, his eyes glancing from Kenny to Yumi. Kenny looked like he'd be the stronger of the two, that much was clear. The girl herself continued to complain, after having jumped into the hallway, Cell's arms still to either side as if inviting them in. In her right hand was a blade, and in her left hand a black wisp of what he could only assume was magic. As she pointed her fingers at him, she'd speak.


Cell's right arm was in motion as her magic spell actually began to fire. Coming in front of his face, inside of his hand towards his face, he'd simultaneously have been clenching his fist as a disc of magic formed upon the back of his arm. Only a millisecond after it had formed, the blast landed on his shield. His feet were dug in, but even aside from that the shield dispersed her spell. His eyes saw above his arm and the shield, seeing that she was charging in low. It was brave. He didn't know where Kenny was, but this woman had earned his full attention!

As she sliced upwards with her right arm, Cell batted his own right arm to the outside with the shield facing her, angled slightly down. The shield would intercept the blade on it's outside, fully deflecting it to the inside of her body and causing her entire balance to shift in a way she had no way of expecting, especially considering his strength. "Hi." His word came at the same time that his arm, used previously to block her attack, shot inwards and grabbed the side of her face with his hand. Her body had been twisted inwards by the block, her feet having to slide to compensate for it lest she be completely thrown off balance and fall. If she had fallen, rather than remain standing, he'd have simply impaled her through the throat with his tail and been done with it. Since he had been prepared to react to whatever situation happened, his tail would have hit her as she fell if that was the case.

Assuming he had grabbed her instead, he would twist his body and slam her through the wall with his entire force. The building was cheap, despite its ridiculous room prices. She crashed through the wall, causing much it to crumble as she got thrown into the room. Due to the wall giving way, it mitigated part of the damage he actually dealt. She'd likely be dazed, bleeding, but conscious and able to continue fighting after recovering for a few seconds. Still, one more solid blow and she'd be finished.

Looking forward, Cell grinned. "Hope you can understand. She talked so well, I simply had to take her to bed!" With that, Cell would begin to walk forward with a grin. Clapping his hands quickly, a ripple would come out from around Cell. While it would seemingly do nothing at all, it would help him with keeping track of the two within this hotel. "So, where were we?" Pausing at the seven meter mark, he took on the face of someone who just realized where he was. "Oh that's right!" The three meters were covered in a few simple strides. He truly was a tall being.

Dropping his body down some, he'd dash forward at his max speed and send an uppercut aimed for Kenny's abdomen the moment that he was in range to do so. If it connected, it would be enough force to literally lift him off the ground and slam him into the ceiling, and would end Kenny's fight instantly.

Name: Auric Shield
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Mavromino’s Aura
Type: Defensive
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Cooldown: 3 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: He will bring one arm up, rotating the inside of his hand to face him as he clenches it into a fist, causing a disk of auric energy to appear on that arm. The disk is three feet in diameter, and can  block multiple attacks but can only block 2 B rank damage, or 1 A rank damage. It will disappear after one post regardless of whether it takes damage or not.

Name: The Unseen
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100 (100 to sustain)
Requirements: The Origins
Type: Sensory
Element: None
Range: 15 Meters (diameter)
Cooldown: 3 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: By using the ethernano around him Cell is able to detect the vague movements of things around him. This means he can sense movement within this area, though speed and size isn't known. However, he will have a vague idea of the location of beings within his range in the sense of behind him or in front of him, side to side, as well as whether or not they're moving towards him. The spell is activated by clapping his hands once, sending a ripple of his mana outwards in all directions.


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Yumi's eyes narrowed dangerously as her blade connecting to the shield of magical energy that had formed on her foes right arm. Her blade slid against the spell forming a dent into it. Yumi's balance began shifting from the deflection of her opponents movements but a sinister smirk began to rise onto Yumi's lips. Why because at the very moment her blade connected to his shield and he attempted to use her own momentum against her, her left hand was acting. Mana swirled in place flowing into the palm of her left hand forming a sphere of black magical energy. Her fingers coiled tightly around the sphere crushing it, at the same moment as the hand of this Cell came towards her. Mana would surge back into Yumi's body and as a black of aura extended around the lolita's body a sinister smile appeared on her lips just as Cell's hand were inches from her face, "Boom." She would mutter under her breath before an expulsion of black magical energy would rip open from her body like a dam bursting wide.

A dome of black magical energy would rocket forward with ferocity at speeds of 20m/s aiming to extend and consume a 5m3 area. Being 10m's from Kenny he would be safe from the backlash of her AOE spell but Cell being point blank would be struck and while it may or may not do any damage it would hopefully be enough to force him back. If he found a way to avoid it, the spell would still hopefully give Yumi time. Yumi being immune to magic without an element wouldn't even be harmed from her own spell, especially being at the epicentre of it. Anything else Cell might have tried after his attempts on her life would have been made ineffective, with the Lolita shutting his plans down.

The dome Yumi would have released would have laid waste, playing havoc on the supports of the surrounding walls, roof and floors. Yumi would quickly retreat backpedalling in Kenny's direction crossing a six-meter gap. The roof began to quiver showing signs of collapse. The hallway floor, wall and roof where she had previously stood collapsed creating a blockage cutting them off from Cell. Yumi turned past Kenny and moved to the Otherside of the hallway, pointing her left index finger at the back wall, firing a beam of magic to blow the wall apart revealing the fire escape on the opposite side leading to an alley beneath.

"Go." Yumi would command Kenny as she swiftly ran to the end of the hallway leaping out across the three-meter gap and latch onto the fire escape on the other side with her left hand. Yumi would descend down it but not before shouting, "Cell, I'll be waiting in the streets! Face me if you dare and I'll squash you like the bug you are." Yumi shouted loudly in a mocking tone before descending into the alley.

Yumi landed in a crouched position before she moved at full speed into the streets, sliding across the ground. The streets had been a little crowded when she first arrived but it seemed the sudden appear of her magical beam had caused chaos making the citizens run. As Yumi stood tall, she gave a flex of her right arm releasing a thin wave of magical energy from her body, releasing it in pulses over an area that would alert her if anything approached within five meters. She held her sword in her right hand at the ready.


Yumi STR: 33 + 17 (Icy Sword) = 50

Mana: 1100/1400

Name: Zenmetsu (Extinction)
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Offensive AOE
Element: None
Range: Self
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: instant
Effect: The user moulds mana into one of their hands allowing it to condense and take the form of black tongues of fire. The magic gathers into an orb with wisps of mana coming off of it. The use then clenches their hand forming a fist crushing the orb. Mana immediately recedes back into the user's body before erupting outwards from the user that causes the mana to explode outwards in a dome, leaving the user unharmed. The black magical energy consumes a 5m3 area delivering B rank damage to whatever it comes in contact with.

Name: Desubīmu (Death Beam)
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user moulds mana into the palm of their hand allowing dark tongue-like flames of magic to form around their fingertips before it flows downwards encasing their entire hand. By concentrating the energy and funnelling it into the fingertip of a finger, the wielder points their finger at a target and fires a concentrated beam of black magical energy with a 1m diameter. By continuously channelling mana into the finger tip the user can continue to fire the beam whether immediately or at a preferred time, until either the user runs out of mana or they cancel the spell. The beam of magical energy is that condensed it can pierce through solid rock.

This spell is capable of dealing out B rank damage. The user can only fire 1 beam per post.

Name: Tanchi (Detection)
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: None
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user flexes and releases a thin wave of mana through a 5m3 area. When someone or something passes through this constant wave of mana it resonates, sending signals down to the user alerting them to the presence and location of whatever enters the field of detection.


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Kenny gritted his teeth as the action unfolded in front of him, never before had he felt so powerless to do anything. He saw Yumi battle Cell, her abilities, her powers, and his movements seemed unreal to him. He tried to comprehend just how strong they were, but he was at a loss of words his only thought being, ‘What are they?’ he was so far out of his league that he didn’t recognize Yumi, though he had only known her for a short period as the same young woman he had met earlier and as for Cell, Kenny couldn’t have gauged his abilities at all. This was so new to him, he had never seen such a fight. This was the power of magic? What was even the point of trying to be an adventurer if this was what he would have to deal with. He was better off dead than trying to keep up with magic users.

There was a dome of black magic, Kenny reflexively covered his eyes though given the color of the dome it wouldn’t have hurt his eyes, but he tried to shield himself from any oncoming debris. It was at this moment that he felt powerless, truly powerless. Here they were, about to fight in a battle of epic proportions in the streets of Era and here he was, magic less, strengthless, and now witless. What was he to do? How was he even going to dream of engaging someone so powerful in the sack? Let alone another one on the battlefield. He was out of it, and now here he was in the middle of a fight that he couldn’t take part of.

Kenny looked on at the dome, he attempted to speak, to ask if there was anything he could do. But given that he stood no chance against cell, the beam that flew past him was his answer. An exit specially made for the weakling, the burden, the dead weight that had no place here. Ge clenched his fist, he hated being weak, he hated feeling like this. It was a feeling he had ever since he was young, he hated being the weakling in anny group, yet in this one he couldn’t overcome the gap in power with words, he had nothing but his sword. He nodded and took the exit she made for him finding himself farther from the action like a good little weakling.

“Screw me…” he sighed, what was the point now? She was going to save him, and now not only did he feel like a pathetic little worm, but now he was a worm who would be without a hole. Maybe letting Cell drink him wouldn’t be all that bad of an idea. Atleast then he’d have some worth. He dropped his sword and began creating more distance between him and the slowly imploding hotel.

#20Perfect Cell 

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Perfect Cell
Cell had used his arm with the shield attached as more than just a tool to block with. He had swung his arm, putting his power into it, to deflect her sword. Her attack had not only been deflected, but she had not let go of her blade. Holding on, the extra momentum that had slapped her blade to the inside of her body would have thrown her off kilter. Twisting to the inside with force not her own, she'd hardly be able to maintain proper footing. The situation was made even worse with the fact that she had been moving at full speed when she put her power and momentum into the swing. Her body, at the very least, would be too twisted inside for her to user her right arm to do anything.

That, as it turned out, would be her undoing. Since she had not a backup plan, nor a reaction, she'd indeed been hit and thrown through the wall. Since that had completed, his other actions would have indeed taken place. This included both Kenny being hit into the ceiling, and the man being accordingly knocked unconscious. Come to think of it, he might be conscious. If so, just a lot of pain.

"Damn Bear Grills you flew pretty high there." Turning to face back towards where Yumi was, his detection had alerted him that she had not moved from that spot. It was as if she hadn't thought such a thing could possibly happen, and yet here they were. "If you hurry you could-" his voice was cut off by the sound of his stinger penetrating into Kenny's back, ""save him. Oh I always do that. Sorry. My bad. Jumped the gun there."

With a grin on his face, he began to absorb the mana that was running in Kenny's body. They had made a mistake, would they be able to bounce back?

Mana: 1300/1400:
Name: Absorbtion
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 0
Requirements: Cell
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 3 Meters
Cooldown: 0 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Cell pierces an enemy with his tail, thus creating a connection between the two. From there he can begin to absorb the users mana, 100 per post. Those effected not only feel their mana being forcibly taken, they also feel themselves becoming noticeably fatigued. This also causes B rank damage.


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Alright after deliberation and morning tea. Making sense of this for all of those reading in small bullet points.

  • Yumi fires laser, dashes in with sword wind up.
  • Cell stops laser and deflects Yumi running in knocking individual off balance.
  • When sword connects Yumi activates spell in free hand, mutters word while getting palmed in the face.
  • AOE goes off not hurting Yumi but acts as a last defiant attack against Cell. Cell's attack will connect so we have a trade off.
  • Yumi is knocked out by this attack cause 50 STR vs 33 END.
  • Also being in a hotel hallway, the hotel also takes the brunt of Yumi's damage. Causing the walls to be blown away and the floor to fall out. So do what y'all will with that information.
  • Yumi can make a getting knocked out post or choose to get skipped so kenny can post. You two can figure that out.


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Kenny’s feet began to rumble as the floor seemed to collapse in front of him from the attack that Yumi had used. He was on wobbly legs as he tried his best to keep his balance. Luckily for him the young woman he was going to take to bed had a few tricks under her sleeve for the insectoid and the entire floor went in what Kenny could only describe as a saving grace as the walls gave way as the two magic wielders fell through the floor with a portion of the hotel’s second floor.

He had two choices, he could fight Cell, or he could live to die another day and run. He didn’t have much of a clue about where he would go if he ran but he had to take the opportunity now in the midst of the destruction. Yumi had give him an exit and he took it. What he was about to do was cowardly and against everything he stood for but he made rushed for the escape she made for him and took it down into the alleyway below and being making as much distance between him and the hotel as he could.

Tonight was supposed to be perfect! Did Cell not see what she was wearing? He couldn’t have given him two minutes? Just two measly minutes to seal the deal and thank the gods he got to play in the ballgame? At least then Kenny would be more relaxed about the situation and might have even let the bug dude drink him. Kenny didn’t discriminate Cell could drink his fill…

As he ran he had found himself passed by people running the opposite direction, he couldn’t tell who they were given the speeds at which they traveled. Maybe firefighters? Rune knights? It didn’t matter right now, the only thing on his mind right now was run as fast as he could into a more heavily populated part of the city. ‘I’m so sorry Yumi, next time we’ll use my room next time if I see you again! No freaky bug genotypes allowed!’ he shook his head and kept running.

#23Perfect Cell 

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Perfect Cell
As the blows connected, everything seemed to happen at once. The floor gave out, causing both of them to drop. The difference was that while Cell dropped and hit the rubble in a growl of pain, Yumi hit as a practically lifeless corpse. She had been knocked unconscious by his palm, and that had been the end of that. As he began to sat up from the collapse and the explosion, he took note of his body's condition. The damage was decent, she was strong. It was enough to make him frustrated, but not enough to take him out.

As he began to stand, he saw the other fighter- Running. Was he running? Cell watched as the man ran, and a grin formed on his face. The frustration from the damage and from the floor caving in was gone, filled instead with amusement and laughter. "Oh my God I can't believe the Bounty Man is running away from a mess. This is great."

Turning his attention to the unconscious girl, he grinned as his tail impaled her upper thigh. The area immediately began to be drained of her mana, causing a shuddering sigh of relief from Cell.   After a few moments, his tail violently yanked out with a popping sound. "You know for all that shit you talked earlier, I think that we can definitely see who was right and who was wrong."

With a laugh, Cell glanced from her to the direction in which Kenny had run. "In the end, I was so good that you can't even walk and the other guy is running away, intimidated by my power. Its size. It's girth." As he began walking away from the scene, the image of the man running from the fight flashed in his mind once more.

"Like a bitch."


Name: Absorbtion
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 0
Requirements: Cell
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 3 Meters
Cooldown: 0 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Cell pierces an enemy with his tail, thus creating a connection between the two. From there he can begin to absorb the users mana, 100 per post. Those effected not only feel their mana being forcibly taken, they also feel themselves becoming noticeably fatigued. This also causes B rank damage.


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By the time Yumi came to Cell would have long been gone. The lolita shoved rubble off her body, pushing beams aside with effort and throwing them away. The wall she had struck had caved in, followed by the roof as it fell atop her unconscious form. The demonic being gritted her teeth in frustration as she rose to her feet. She dusted her yukata off and began looking for her icy sword, spotting the handle sticking out of rubble five meters from her. The lolita stalked over and grabbed the handle and pulled her sword up out of the debris. The lolita moved to her room which had been trashed in the mayhem. She grabbed the scabbard of her icy sword and sheathed the blade before moving to what was left of the room. She began grabbing her clothes packing them away, in a suitcase she had retrieved from under the bed. Once packed she left the inn walking past the unconscious form of Kenny.

Yumi looked at him before leaning down, removing a piece of paper from her bag and a pen. She began scribbling down on it a message, telling him if he ever wished to meet again to find her in Oak. Yumi slipped the paper into his hand and left, dragging her bag behind her, to find a new place to stay while in Era. She didn't want to wait around for the Rune Knights to arrive and interrogate her as to what happened her and investigate her body to find her Grimoire Heart Guild mark.


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