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Dark Wood Dancing [Request | Leyaria]

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Dark Wood Dancing [Request | Leyaria] Empty on Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:35 am

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

The night had gone pretty quickly without there being much reason to think of anything else to do. Leyaria had spent the greater extent of the day really just relaxing, her body having been taxed from the previous two jobs she had done the night before. In particular, it was the fact that it had taken the greater extent of the entire night that had taken its toll on the young Dragon Slayer. She was fatigued, exhausted, or at least had been this morning when she finally returned to her room to crash for however many hours.

Now, having had a chance to recover, she was ready to go back on out there and take care of another job, one that she had happened upon on her way to her room. It was a more official document than that of what she had done before, those more being instances of either word of mouth or otherwise happenstance that it were to occur in the first place at all. This one on the other hand bore an official seal from that of a Lieutenant Marwin, another member of the Magic Council who had made an official request for some assistance. Given her success earlier with dealing with the large wolf that had been terrorizing through Era the previous night, she figured that this would be something that she could have done easily enough and as night came closer, she decided to leave the warmth that was within her room at the inn to find the Lieutenant.

It did not take long for her to have found the lieutenant, nor to find out just what it was that was going to be requested of her as far as the job was concerned. She was apparently to go and search the woods outside of Era, the ones that she had ventured to not too long ago when she and Geth had first arrived within the city, when the fighting had begun. Now though, she at least had to hope that there wasn’t going to be a repeat scenario of last time in which what amounted to an insane battle broke out. Leyaria had been on the winning side of it, or at least she couldn’t help but believe that she was on the winning side. The exact final moments were hardly that she could remember as all of a sudden she became exhausted, but she had no wounds on her body, nor any reason to indicate that she had suffered.

What really concerned her was the fact that this report, this job had her looking for zombies. She had never encountered them before, but she had heard of them, and she didn’t like the idea of them. She could remember her sister telling her ghost stories when she was a little girl, but she never took much reason to believe them. She was certainly scared of them, but she never really believed in them. That she was looking for them now, it was not exactly what she had expected to have happened or having had to worry about herself.

Her searching though, had led her to very little success, if at all. There was hardly anything to indicate that there were zombies, nor was there any evidence at all really. The woods seemed heavily barren, but it was clear that she still had to keep looking, and looking she did. It didn’t seem as though there was much success or any reason to think that she was getting closer, at least not until she had come across what looked like a large statue. It was in the distance, but she could barely make it out between the trees, and as she inched closer and closer to it, keeping to the shadows as well as she was possibly able to, she couldn’t help but notice that there appeared to be what looked like people surrounding the statue.

She looked on carefully, being mindful not to get too close, to think that there was anyone who might have been watching her. However though, she could smell everyone who is in the immediate area – a perk of her Dragon Slayer Magic – and none of it indicated to her that there was anyone that was moving closer towards her direction. Listening in as well as she was able to, she was barely able to make out some of the conversations that were taking place between the people. Geth was quiet which was a thankful thing, especially given how quickly it could have been that the noise he made could have ruined the entire attempt of stopping this investigation.

Of what she could make out, she happened to hear something about ‘resurrection’ and ‘creatures’, things that were too vague for her to adequately make out, though at the same time, certainly things in which she focused on, doing whatever she possibly could to ensure that she did not forget about them. Without anything more to go on, and not willing to allow her position to be compromised, Leyaria quickly departed back to Era, back to the safety of the city and also to inform her client as to what she had discovered. Granted, there were no zombies. However though, this may have been as valuable, if not even more than that.

It took a while to get back, due much in part to the fact that her and Geth moving through the forest without any sort noise and doing their absolute best of not being detected. A short time later as it became clear that they were outside the range of anyone who may have been there before, they returned back to their usual speed, wasting little time in getting back to Era and reporting what they had managed to find out. It was obvious that there was more going on than what Leyaria was being told and it was also very clear that they had no intention of telling her just what it was either. She was going to get paid, got her jewels, and then they parted with their business, Leyaria still largely left in the dark while everything else was going on in the world.

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Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

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