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TROUBLESOME TRANSACTIONS [KENNY] Empty on Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:10 am

Books, lines, receipts, scrolls, Kenny could read many things, but never before had he read a map. He tilted it horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in unsuccessful attempts to read the flat piece of paper. From what he knew his employer was a frail, weakling of a man who feared being apprehended or assaulted by those he did business with, and due to this phobia he had hired other people to go on his routes for him. Though he did make a fair sum of money, he still ran the precaution of not meeting anyone face to face as he may be attacked, kidnapped, or killed by angry customers, raiders, and other unsavory characters that might happen upon the coward’s trail. Normally Kenny wasn’t one to do these sorts of jobs, but alas, when given the offer to do it he took it. What better way to make some pocket change, and if anyone wanted to give him an issue he could oblige them by teaching them a lesson or two in proper greeting etiquette. Despite his confidence in himself Kenny wondered just who he was going to be meeting; muggers, brutes, murders, deviants? Was a pervert going to greet him at the door? Kenny was growing more and more curious as he thought about who he was going to be confronted by. Regardless, perverts or not he was going to do the job, as someone with no guild he needed the jewels and being active would take him out of his mental slump better than any therapist.

The area wasn’t on Kenny’s list of vacation spots, that was for sure, it was grimy, and truthfully Kenny felt dirty, well dirtier than usual than, just being here.  He turned into an alley, the map now folded and crammed into his overcoat pocket, the raven haired dog would probably have more luck searching the area without the map than wasting his time using it. Of Course Kenny was eyed by shady characters, stared down and in some cases even undressed by those he passed by, it was a filthy place, but Kenneth was comfortable for the most part, these felt like his kind of town the more he traveled into alley. Sure it was grimey, smelled terrible, and he could have sworn he stepped into a puddle of something slick and thick but he had no qualms with continuing his passage. Maybe those around him saw him as law enforcement, maybe even a bodyguard or something given his size, it had occurred to him that he may have even been eye candy! Well the alleyway was certainly providing Kenny with a confidence boost as he thought about what others saw him as. THey probably just saw him as a random passerby with no business in their territory but he looked flat broke and he wasn’t worth the trouble of mugging. Perhaps they were planning to mug him, but Kenny wasn’t all that worried, he had some training in combat now thanks to the blonde he had met the other day. Kenny absent mindedly had found himself at the rendezvous point with the seller.  The seller was cloaked, his face partially hidden, his voice was booming, matching the black dog’s though if Kenny ran a comparison he was a little louder than the stranger. It fit the mark that the coward gave him, thus Kenny began doing business.

"What is this? You aren’t Guad are you?” his voice made Kenny’s brows narrow. Something was wrong, or this was a set up. The cloak probably had expected Guad to be here shaking in his boots so he could overpower him and get the price he wanted. Kenny only answered his inquiry with ‘he’s busy’, there was no interest in whatever they originally agreed, Kenny wanted his jewels, he had no time to explain anything to someone he had no interest in speaking to other than about what he wanted. “Do you have the stuff or what?” Kenny asked crossing his arms face blank showing as little interest as he could in the man. The cloak reached into his shroud and received a pouch, Kenny’s eyes watched and waited for the product to be shown. The stranger opened the pouch up and reached inside taking out the contents which was nothing more than a tooth, it didn’t look like anything special, a thick looking thing that probably came out of the mouth of something large. Supposedly it had medicinal properties and had alleged magical abilities as well. The sight of it made Kenny think about what it did, was it some sort of natural cure for disease? DId it make you grow hair? Increase sex drive? It was an interesting little piece of bone, and truthfully it tempted the rouge to go find one for himself to see what it did. Also it had magic abilities? Well that made Kenny’s mind go back to an increase in drive, though by no means was he magical nor did he have any magical abilities outside of a charming smile that could make even the most heinous misses stop in her tracks. Hmm, then again, this was a strange occurrence, normally he would be mouthing off to the guy, but right now he felt calm, perhaps this was the maturity he had been learning from the dog and his companion. Kenny had changed a lot over the past few days and in a sense had become a better man, a better warrior to an extent, and he had one person to think about… What was his name?

“Ahem” the stranger coughed interrupting Kenny’s train of thought. He looked back at the tooth and assumed the Gaud must have wanted it for all that it could do. Kenny shrugged his shoulders and handed the jewels over murmuring something as the man thanked him. Kenny took the tooth, and exited the alley leaving the man to his own devices. Kenny headed back to where the Guad was and collected his reward he was owed, finally completing the job.


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