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Insurance Fraud(QUEST)

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Insurance Fraud(QUEST) Empty on Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:08 pm

Caius had to get his mind off their recent failure in their conquest of Era. He was feeling better now and was back in the game. He had to get out of the town but needed the money to do so. A way to get the money back and to restore his confidence would be to do a dark quest in Era and then get the hell out and on to the next location the guild needed him. He recently ripped a request off the board that was a C rank request for him to do and complete to get the rewards. The man he had to meet up with was Gaud Teller who was a traveling merchant. Apparently things didn't go so hot in the last exchange with a customer and he needed a dark mages help. Luckily for him Caius was one of the best in the underworld that he knew of. He would go to the store in the farther side of Era market district along the back. It was down an alley and in a corner. As he walked in he looked around and saw a bunch of items that were scattered everywhere. the place resembled a pawn shop. Caius would then go to the front counter and ring the bell as he waited for someone to come to him. Looking around he saw a bunch of old magic items like weapons and a bunch of old antiques from various civilizations. They looked rare and worth a lot of money so he can see why this owner had issues.

The man would come out of the back and see Caius and he would hold up the request that he got from the dark guild board in the black market and then he would be happy to see Caius. The bearded man stroked his chin as he prepared to explain what was going on. He stated that Caius didn't look like much but he would have to do as he needed the money the first thing tomorrow in order to run his business properly. Caius would then be told to sit in the back as he crossed his legs and waited for the man. Gaud sure loved to take care of his antiques despite needing this request done immediately. He brought out some tea for both of them and then handed Caius a picture of the man who's name was JarJar. It seemed he was a dark member of the underworld and a con man that hustled Gaud out of his money in the first place. He got some fake money from the black market that looked just like the real thing. The insurance wouldn't cover that so he was straight up screwed. Gaud explained jarjar was a bigger man that was tough and could hold his own but that's why he needed a dark mage to get the money back. Beating him up was an option but Gaud also had another plan in mind that wouldn't involve violence and keep his reputation.



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Gaud would take a sip of his tea and he would then tell Caius about the plan where he would be able to keep his reputations nd Caius wouldn't have to hurt the man. Caius would also listen in. He didn't want to attract more attention than he had to and he just wanted to finish the quest and get out of the rune knight infested city. The item that Gaud showed was a vase that was all shiny and shit that was gold and had that bling bling holla holla if you hear me playa. THe vase was explained to be fake and had a powerful illusion spell on it that he could use to hustle jar jar and get the money back to Gaud. Caius would lift up the vase and inspect it and see that no normal man could tell the difference unless he had some really good detection magic but what he was told was that this jarjar didn't have any magic. He would get hustled all the same. Caius would get a bag from Gaud and would toss in the vase from the shop and think about using it. He normally used violence but sometimes you had to be craft. Gaud would tell him the location of the man and that it was in the middle of the market district where there would be rune knights patrolling. The best way to do business would be to tail him and lead him towards the underground market as Gaud wasn't very familiar with it. Caius had to make sure not to be seen so he could find that location and then hustle jar jar with the new fake vase he got. Caius would head out of the shops door and head towards the district.

From the picture he got, Jarjar was a goofy looking guy. He had a slight orange puff of hair on the middle of his head and was bald all around. He had these giant ass dumbo ears and a goofy looking grin on his face. He wouldn't be hard to spot. Caius walked around the market with the hands in his pockets and looked around. Being a tall man, it wouldn't be that hard to see him over the crowd. He heard a whiny voice near the jewelry store complaining about a price. The man made a scene as he bitched that the rings were too expensive and he would only do it if it was half the price. Needless to say the owner thought he was crazy and told him to go somewhere else. Refusing to leave he yelled even more at the owner which made him angry. The owner pushed him and he fell to the ground. Caius saw him and it was the target Jar jar, he held his arm like it was hurt and that he needed the doctor. he was going to sue the owner for all he was worth. The owner was quick to pick him up and apologize and would then give him the ring. Jar jar then walked away moving his arm around as it was fine. The man was a good con for sure. Caius would then put his hood up and start to follow the man as he went form store to store to store to con people out of more money. After a few hours, Jarjar looked around suspiciously and then walked into an abandoned building. Caius would not be far behind as he would then go into the building after him. This had to be the location where it had the underground trade with the dark guilds. This is where he could hustle the con man.



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Caius followed him down the stairs of the building and couldn't believe what he saw. The entire underground had a bunch of tunnels dug throughout the city of Era which had a bunch of merchants set up which sold a ton of illegal weapons and illegal magic items. Caius saw that there was a stand that had weapons from one of the rarest blacksmith of Fiore. They were not doubt stolen since they cost millions of jewels. He would have to remember to come back to this place at some point so he would get some of these amazing trinkets. Hell he could even tell the guild that they had weapons here and they could raid the place to make them stronger for the next mission that took place. He shook his head to keep from getting distracted and tailed the weird ass looking man as he went deeper into the black market. Caius would then follow him to a bar that was stationed in the middle of the black market that was located underground. Caius would then see that the man was sitting by himself as he ordered a fruity drink before heading to a back room. Caius attempted to follow but was blocked by guards. Jarjar was well known and nobody could just walk up to see him.

Resorting to plan B, Caius revealed the item out of his bag to the patrons of the bar. He explained that it was a rare item from a far away country. The gold shimmer really caught everyone's eyes at the bar causing them too look closer. The spell tag that Gaud put on it made it seem far more than what it was worth. In reality, it was just a useless clay pot but it gave the illusion it was worth a lot. With this crowd, he was sure to catch the interest of Jarjar who was known as one of the greatest collectors and con men in the city. The guards looked at each other before heading back where Jarjar was. After a few minutes and a few drinks, the guards came out and would tell Caius he could see Jarjar so they could discuss the terms of negotiation for buying the vase that Caius had in his possession and wanted to sell. Heading to the back room, they were left alone. It was just Jarjar with his furity drink at the table with his hands together looking very interested.

Caius introduced himself as a salesman of valuable goods as he put the bag on the table for both of them to see. They were in a backroom at the bar so they had their privacy. Jarjar agreed to give him a shot as he looked on and wondered what Caius had in store for him. Caius would then unzip the bag as a flash of gold hit JarJar in the eyes as the vase revealed it's awesome beauty. Jarjar was almost drooling at this point by how valuable it looked but he wouldn't be fooled. Jarjar was a con man so he was probably thing of ways to hustle the spiky haired mage. Caius would pull it back to him just in case he tried to run off with it. Jarjar started off lowballing him but Caius demanded a super high price to start it off. The two went at it before finally coming close. Jarjar threw money on the table that was his final offer. It was still lower than the amount Gaud needed to pay. He was stubborn so Caius decided to resorted to insulting the mans pride. He stood up and slammed his fist on the table calling him a joke and that he was said to be one of the best collectors in the world. Caius traveled all this way only to find out he was a loser that didn't know the price of a rare artifact. Jarjar gritted his teeth in eager before standing up and yelling back at Caius calling him out for insulting his honor. He pulled out his wallet again and threw more money on the table. This was more than enough to cover Gaud's debt. Caius agreed and took the money in the bag and left. Jarjar just got hustled son.

After leaving the market, Caius took the bag of money and would head back to Gaud's shop. It was getting late so he wanted to complete it and be done with it to have a good nights' rest for leaving Era. Opening the door of the shop, he saw Gaud who was polishing the artifacts of his rare and magic goods store looking excited that caius was back. Caius greeted him and would toss the bag on the table. he unzipped it and would pour the money on the table. Gaud almost teary eyed thanked him for getting his money back and cursed Jarjar for being a total dick face. He counted up the money and took a cut out of it and handed it to Caius for the reward of the quest. Caius would take the money and put it in his pockets as he said goodbye and headed out the door. He would go back to his hotel and sleep after this long mission. He had a long day ahead of him tomorrow.


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