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The Only People Who Appreciate Good Food

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The Only People Who Appreciate Good Food  Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:13 pm

Geb had been fine dining in the 8-Island restaurant after it had been fixed from the battle with Cell. Taking a bite from his steak, Geb laid back in his seat. The place was kinda empty, so Geb just closed his eyes for a while.

He thought about things, the things about Cell, and his upgrades, and how Geb could match him. That being said, all of a sudden, Geb heard his plate being pulled from the table.

Opening his eyes, Geb wasn't fast enough. A creature had already ate his steak. In one gulp!

Geb was angry. "Excuse me, but what in the world do you think you're doing?! That was a high quality steak!" he said.

Geb then remembered something.. he wasn't going to finish that steak. It was huge! He was almost full anyways. But then, something came to mind. It was the words of the waiter who sat him and took his order.

If you finished the steak, you got it free. Geb's mouth widened. He just got a free dinner off this little creature!

"Hey, listen, sorry I got mad. You're not so bad, honestly! You just got me free dinner." he sat, patting the beast on the head. The beast seemed to like it.

"Why don't you come with me? Anyone who can appreciate good food enough to steal is one who truly loves the arts after all. You may be a beast, but at least you have taste!"

The monster seemed to jump up and down as Geb sat up and stood in front of it.

Trying to pick the beast up, Geb got tired. "Jesus, you're heavy. Okay, I wont pick you up. But, you can walk anyways."

Geb began to walk out of the place with his new friend. "So, I think I'll name you.. Gallent! So, Gallent, wanna stop and check out this ice cream place I heard about? I heard it's got great numbers of flavors, all with a great amount of..."

And thus began the journey of our two unlikely gluttons.


The Only People Who Appreciate Good Food  BORZAPv

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