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Guard Duty [Request | Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Guard Duty [Request | Leyaria] Empty on Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:45 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It had hardly been more than a few minutes since she had left the representative on behalf of the Magic Council, the small bag of jewels held tightly within her clutched hands. It was so odd, her now being in a position to acquire jewels, but it was a welcome one. One that stood out to her far more than perhaps it had ever before, especially considering that not even a week earlier – when she had first arrived within Era – that she found herself sleeping on the streets due to her lacking of being able to afford anything, certainly not a place to rest for the night.

That was no longer the case, much to her delight, and it was clear that as she was getting more familiar, more used to the idea of having to work and take these requests. She had been intimidated before regarding what these were, the idea that these requests, these tasks, as unforeign as they were were still nonetheless ones that she could do without any serious issue or concern. The small bag in her hand was a clear enough indication that there wasn’t any reason to believe that she could no longer do these jobs.

Two people stood outside a tavern on her pathway back to the inn which she and Geth were staying in, the small golem-like creature having not a care in the world with respects to what was going on right now, what was to happen next. It was enjoying itself, and Leyaria made no effort nor thought of any reason to believe that things should have been interrupted or otherwise take away from its sight seeing. As the two say the pair walking, one of them approached her, the look upon his face both of desperation as well as a man who was invested and knew what he wanted.

Apparently that was Leyaria, as he explained that he was a merchant, or rather that he was a bodyguard to a merchant, to a caravan more specificially that was passing through Era. It was set to depart in the morning, but the recent events in the city had caused enough of a reason to believe that there was reason to think that the area wasn’t safe, as they had arrived to find several caravans that were heavily guarded. They opted not to say what it was that they were guarding, but requested that Leyaria would provide them with assistance, perhaps assuming that someone who was walking around freely at night within the city was someone who was could handle themselves, or at the very least someone who may have been able to serve as a distraction long enough for them to get actual help.

Leyaria was reluctant to take the job, not out of concern for herself or what may have happened to her physically, but rather the fact that it was getting late. She had intended to go to sleep hours earlier and still was awake, far later than what she had hoped to have been, that she had any business being. The fact that the caravan guard had apparently asked that it would be for the entire night until sunrise that she was expected to have stayed awake, it was a bit intimidating, if not even something that seemed like an impossible task. Sighing, knowing full well that she was going to be exhausted, but at the same time knowing that the damage she was able to inflict with her White Dragon Slayer Magic would be enough for her to intimidate and scare away any genuine threat that may have come her way, she figured that it wouldn’t be much more than a few hours left before she would be getting her pay.

She met them outside of the city of Era, there being only a few of them there, all men of older ages, arguably at least double her age if not even more than that. She said nothing to them, merely nodding in acknowledgement to them and sitting by herself with Geth, patiently waiting, watching cautiously as the night’s darkness remained and the sounds of the woods outside of Era remained to be as powerful and loud of a situation as it had been beforehand too. A sudden sound caused her to turn around, noticing that the men who were awake only moments earlier were asleep, having decided on their own that Leyaria would be enough of a defense any sort of threat. Leyaria scoffed at them, ashamed that she had found herself in this situation, seated on a small log, waiting for something that may well had never come, maybe something that inevitably would. However it might have turned out, she was there and she was just forced to wait. She was expected to hope that something was to happen.

It took a while, and at times she felt like she could feel her eyes begin to close. She had been up for hours it seemed and yet for as much time that she felt like it had been that she waiting was the fact that it hadn’t been very long that she was actually there and serving as a guard for this caravan. Yawning slightly, Leyaria couldn’t help but perk her head up at the very slightest appearance of light across the horizon, an indication that the amount of time that she had to serve for this job was waning out, coming to a near end, to a great joy of her. In this, she felt a second wind come over, giving her more than enough of an incentive and reason to believe that she could remain awake and power through the last few remaining hours of time that this job was going to call for. As the minutes turned to hours and very quickly the slightest bit of sunlight turned into a far greater, far more fuller light as the morning sun appeared wholly before her. Sighing, Leyaria got up from the log, just as the others seemed to as well, having survived the night without a single incident occurring to them. With that, Leyaria spoke withem as they got up, received her jewels for her contribution to the task, and departed back to her bed for a chance to sleep.

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