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While we Wait [Private/Houren & Kazu]

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#26Noel Raion 

While we Wait [Private/Houren & Kazu] - Page 2 Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 6:22 am

Noel Raion
This topic is paused until further notice due to a battle moderator being requested to make a judgement.


While we Wait [Private/Houren & Kazu] - Page 2 Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 8:56 am

While we Wait [Private/Houren & Kazu] - Page 2 2b8e9c0304fb18a190a361ff689f00c2

Posts Continued on from Maarschalk’s ruling: (samle of it)

The thread continues at the point of which Mr. Houren is off-balance, and probable close to falling on his side as a result of being hit.

After hour or so of deliberation this is it.

  • Rubble falling from the initial post would have hit Houren as he fell. D rank damage from that.

  • Piggy backing off that, the wind and debris falling on Houren would have helped him fall to the ground faster. Cell still needed to charge the spell, and launch it at him. Even if it was center mass due to falling faster than cell could charge and throw the spell. (That is correct still gotta gather the energy and launch it like a javelin). Even if it was like 1-2 seconds falling is shorter than that. Even if cell tried to charge mid fall.

  • The spell flies over the fallen Houren. But, Cell still gets the knee drop, and enhanced spellstrike + physical damage. (B+B+B=A) With higher strength vs End that scores a knockout on Houren.

  • However, due to already charging his spell in his mouth while struggling to get up it does go off as a response of getting hit in this situation as he passes out. Since it’s Cell post I cannot claim a hit for something that has not been reacted to yet.

#28Perfect Cell 

While we Wait [Private/Houren & Kazu] - Page 2 Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 9:59 pm

Perfect Cell
The moves didn't go quite as he had hoped it would go. His lightning bolt had missed, but that didn't stop his charge. His strike followed through, connecting to the man with power that caused internal and external damage alike, his body twisted in a way to maximize his damage output. The goal was to end the fight here and now. There had been a sort of panic in him now, having not been in a fight like this yet. The girl from the hotel had put out some damage, but this man had the feel of a predator about him.

It was a new feeling, the idea that there was someone who posed an actual threat to him. Luckily, with this attack, the fight would be ended. It was not without repercussion, though that was something that had become to be expected. The man let out a blast from his mouth before his consciousness ebbed away from him, or perhaps simultaneously. It was not a compressed attack, a large ball of flame that encompassed a large part of his body. It was not compressed enough to get a knockout blow, but the first both burnt his eyes and his body.

Standing in pain, Cell looked down at the unconscious man and stomped on him in anger. It wasn't a full powered attack, but an irritated gesture. "You dare damage the temple that is my body!?" His voice roared in anger, feeling at the burnt pieces of his upper body and face. "You know," he began with annoyance, a grin that didn't fit the tone taking his face. "I'm actually impressed, enough to allow you a place inside of me."

With that said, his tail found its way into the mans weakened stomach and immediately began draining. The drain lasted for several moments, his eyes closing as he consumed the man. After a few moments, Cell felt a pulsate in his chest.

Withdrawing his tail, Cell's eyes shot open as his arms went to the side. What... Was that? Stumbling back, his arms went to the side as if to gain balance on the air around him. Another pulsate, this one letting out a large burst of energy. "Okay I can't lie this feels orgasmic!" Those were the last words he got out before his body got encased in a white light.

Energy of all colors melded into this single white light, tints of darkness ebbing its way through. The energy shot out in all directions, shoving Houren away from him and sending Kazumi against the wall as well. The energy shot directly up, blowing away the outer walls of the establishment and sending Kazumi and Houren's bodies further away, to the outer brims of the nearest buildings. The land below the light began to evaporate away, a crater forming where a building once stood.

As the light cleared, there was a single man at the center of the crater. Unlike the previous two green beings, this one looked quite human. A large, beetle set of wings came from his back, hiding his tail. His face was sculpted, his body healthy and strong. His arms were to his sides, his face with a smile. He felt magical. He felt glorious. He felt perfect. So perfect he could sing- And so he did.

"P is for Priceless, the look upon your faces! E is for extinction of all your puny races! R for revolution, which will be televised. F is for how fucked you are- Now allow me to reprise! E is for eccentric, just listen to my song! C is for completion that I've waited for so long! T is for the terror, upon you I'll bestow..." His voice trailed off, a grin forming upon his lips as his eyes head raised up, looking out at the town before him. Citizens had begun forming, having been both terrified and confused by what was going on.

"My name is Perfect Cell, and I'd like to say..."


#29Kazumi Kiseki 

While we Wait [Private/Houren & Kazu] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:17 pm

Kazumi Kiseki

•Kazumi Kiseki•

Kazumi's eyes fluttered open, trying hard to fight against the dust and debris that kept finding its way to blind her. Her back really hurt, and her leg really hurt, and now she was trying to figure out why. What just happened? She did her best to remember, but... Well, she was this friendly guy waiting for their food, and then-- oh! OH! She quickly sat up, immediately regretting it. As she cringed and held her aching back, she saw the complete chaos that surrounded her. That green monster guy really did a number on this neighborhood, that was for sure, but it seemed like he was gone now. God, how long had she been out? The sun was already setting, after all. Kazumi slowly used what was left of the building she had slammed into to stand herself up, wanting nothing more than to rid herself of this horrific scene. She could not see that Man she had met among the dead, so perhaps he had made it out? One could only hope. The crystal mage turned herself around and hobbled out. She would have to make herself stronger for the next incident. Something like this was not going to happen to her again. But for now, She needed a hospital.


Post: 212

Mana: 945/995
STR +12  
w/ Sword


I was told I have
to exit


None Cast


Name: Curved Pirate Sword
Slot: Weapon
Type: Curved Sword
Class: Common
Damage: Base Strength + 12
Durability: 1x B

  • Length: 1 Meter
  • Handling: 1 Hand
  • Description: A sword with a handle as opposed to a hilt, and a curved, thin blade. Parts of the handle are covered gold, with grips on parts where it is not.


  • Rum Diary Quest Completed
  • Pirate Treasure Quest Completed

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While we Wait [Private/Houren & Kazu] - Page 2 Empty

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