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Caravan Guard [Mission]

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Night time in Era, nothing quite compares to it truthfully. The busy streets, the bright lights, the town was more than a little lively in the evening time. Of course that couldn't appeal any less to Manzo, he didn't care for all the hustle and bustle but so many people meant more than a handful of jobs one could take in order to make their way in life. So as long as the money kept coming in, Manzo would deal with the annoyance that was dealing with people. Tonight would be no different, he got word that a caravan was looking to hire a guard, he would gladly offer his services to them, for the right price of course. Helping others was one thing, but he would never do such a thing for free when money was on the table. The real question of course would be, what kind of insanity would he run into tonight. The night before he had to deal with the rabid animals of this town, something he didn't really enjoy doing was having to put an animal down. He could still remember the look in the wolf's eyes when he landed the killing blow. It wouldn't be something he would easily forget any time soon. His eyes screamed why am I to die because of what I was always meant to be. Humans had no right to tame predators, they belonged in the wild, they deserved their nomadic and free life style away from misguided humans who think simply because they want something, that they should get it. If anything that wolf was the lesson this town needed, keep things wild and free. But knowing humans as he did, that would not serve as a lesson, they would believe it to be nothing more than an isolated incident. The foolishness and idiocy of mortals knew no bounds. Sad really, and even pathetic in the right light. Though he struggled with keeping a positive light on humanity, he did have to give them credit, they were persistent bastards, never faltering and never feigning in resolve, what ever that kind of thing was worth to someone, who knows. Nothing of the sort was worth anything to him, humans have done more bad than good in this world, which is another reason why he could never truly accept mankind in a positive light no matter how hard he would try. In his deep thought he found himself in the middle of a caravan depot. Now the real question is, where is the one he's supposed to be guarding. Shortly after arriving he was approached by what looked like to be another guard for the caravan. The man walked up and looked Manzo over for a second. "You the dragon slayer. " Manzo nodded his head. "That'd be me. Who're you supposed to be?" The man gave Manzo a snarl. "I work for Augustus, he's expecting you come on, don't keep him waiting." Manzo shrugged his shoulders and followed the other guard.

Upon arriving the Augustus did the same as the other man. Looked him over for a second. "You sure you're a dragon slayer, you don't look like much." Manzo sighed for a second. "I mean last time I checked, I supposed we can always have it out and find out if I'm really a Dragon Slayer or not." Agustus scoffed at Manzo's words. "Lay a hand on me and me boys here will take care of you." Manzo could care less about what this man had to say. Though honestly speaking he knew he could take them all out with no real issues. "Enough banter, what do you need me to do." "I need you to guard my caravan are you hard of hearing?" "No, just didn't know what the whole job entailed, my bad for wanting some details." Augustus scoffed again. "Just guard my damn caravan until morning, then you get paid, pretty simple. That's kind of what the whole guarding of the caravan thing entails." Manzo was beginning to become more than a little annoyed with this man, but he wanted to get paid so he'd play along with this whole crappy ordeal. They exchanged their final words, so with that he took his leave and began to walk around and patrol the area, what a dull thing to have to do for hours upon hours on end, But it was simple enough so he couldn't truly complain. "I swear, he's got a real stick up his ass. If he wasn't paying me I'd teach that grouchy bastard a lesson I swear it." Of course he felt this way, he was disrespected by this man. But truthfully he wasn't known or some kind of legendary mage, also this was a very low rank mission. So of course it would make sense he didn't believe Manzo to be someone of great strength. But nonetheless here he was, doing the best he could. After a while he began to hear something that sounded a bit like a commotion, coming from one of the other caravans, finally some real action tonight. Manzo barged into the caravan next to the one he was guarding, kicking the door in. "I got you, you bastards." What he would find would be more than a little disappointing, just a young couple enjoying their time and flirting with one another. "Oh, uhm, my bad I'll just show myself to the door then." Manzo left quickly and rather embarassed about just having done that to those poor people. "I swear I have the worst luck of all time." Not long after that the sun would begin to rise. Meaning this guard shift was finally drawing to a close. "Thank god this is almost over." After a few more minutes of patrolling a guard came by with a sack of jewels in his hands. "Good work kid, the old man sent this with his regards." Manzo took the sack of jewels from the man, and took his leave.


Word count: 1026

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