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Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest | Yumi]

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Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest | Yumi] Empty on Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:55 pm

The sun hung high in the winter sky of era. It was the middle of the day not long after one. The town had been alive bustling with noise thanks to the latest happenings. News had already begun to spread of the event that had happened that night. A raid had been conducted against the magic council stealing an important index, the thieves two individuals of an unknown guild. Of course one of the two who participated was innocently strolling the streets, a young woman in appearance no older than thirteen. The truth she was much older than she appeared and a member of the secret guild Grimoire Heart. The child was known as Yumi nicknamed Carnage in her guild, someone who had been around for many years being over seventy years old. She had reclaimed her youth months ago after offering her life up to her Dark God known as Malum.

The lolita was an avid worshipper of the Evil God called Malum, a dark being who lived for battle. All his worshippers were blood craving maniacs desiring to kill in the God's name offering blood as sacrifice and skulls to the almighty's throne. YUmi had been an avid worshipper of the Chaos God for over sixty years, devoting every waking moment of her life to him and her faith had been repaid, she had been reborn as a member of the Demonic Race, becoming a Demon.

The lolita strolled through the streets, her milky white hands clenched holding onto a quest parchment. The lolita had grown restless after the event, she had not gotten her fill of battle and was wanting to spill a little blood. She needed to calm the excitement that was flowing through her body, a primal urge whispered in her ears telling her to kill. The demonic creature crumpled the quest thinking over the details. She had been accustom to taking D rank quests as there were very few C ranks to do lately, but luckily one had shown up in Era. She would make use of it while she was here before leaving town tomorrow for Hargeon. Yumi had heard there had been an influx of quest's in Hargeon and was looking forward to earning a little money. She had taken out a loan recently from some less than savoury individuals and had a month to pay it back so she was getting to work, as word was they would take an arm if they weren't paid but in time.

The quest was rather simple. The client some merchant named Gaud had sold a high valued item to some trash called Jarjar only for the money exchanged to be fake. Gaud had petitioned for a mage to find the bandit and con him back to get his money back. Luckily for Yumi violence was allowed, she would not need to hold back. A wicked smiled form on her lips as her left hand caressed the handle of the blade attached to her left hip. She would not be restrained in her actions and would take advantage of this Jarjar showing him a more violent side of herself.

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Yumi arrived at the destined point to meet up with her client Gaud. A bar in the middle of a darkened back alley that was out of sight of the Rune knights. It was a small bar and allowed for those who wished to perform less than scrupulous deeds to conduct said deeds here, The Black Owl. Yumi had long since heard of the bar years ago when she had been travelling Fiore as a young woman. There was not a place in Fiore Yumi had not visited in her many years it would have been pointless and a waste to remain in one location for seventy-five years of her life never seeing the world. So she had made it a rule, once she started travelling to never stay in one place longer than two years. If she was working a scheme or conducting certain evil tasks she could stretch it to a maximum of five.

Yumi pushed the doors of the bar open and strolled on in, her hair flowing behind her freely let loose. She was dressed in her common lancer armour, the hat on her head, but her hair was not bound up under it. Yumi scanned the bar looking for her client, a photo had been placed with the quest so she knew who to look for. By the corner of the bar was a large brunette man with a bushy mustache and beard, her client Gaud. Yumi made her approach and sat down opposite the Gaud a raised eyebrow in confusion as he looked at her form, no doubt wondering about her age. Yumi did look quite young and often those who looked her age would not be taken seriously. As an elderly woman, she had command quite a bit of respect, but now she appeared as nothing but a pre-teen girl.

Gaud coughed into his hand, "Thank you for coming so quickly. As in the quest I was recently swindled by a bandit named Jarjar who took my high valued item and left me with fake jewels. I want a little revenge. Please find him and retrieve my money, feel free to use force. In order to find Jarjar all you need is an item and to allow rumours of it to spread around town and he will come running to collect it. This I have no doubts. Please retrieve my money and return it to me, I will pay you generously for it." Spoke the large brunette man with a bushy moustache and beard. Yumi didn't say anything about the pay, but calling a C rank payment generous was hardly worth the time. Yumi would rather be doing B rank quests but they had been so scarce lately so she had been forced to participate in D and C rank quests, far below her status.

Yumi stood up from the table and left leaving Gaud behind in order to get to work. As she was leaving the bar she removed the Icy sword from her hip and began to spread rumours by talking to the patrons of the bar. She would tell them about her sword and its abilities, a sword of the frost element imbued with a single spell. She would make it out like the item was the greatest thing in the world, but in truth, it was only an uncommon weapon so it wasn't all that powerful. Once she had spoken to the members in the bar she would watch them leave in order to spread the news like wildfire around the town of Era.

Yumi did not stop there she would find orphans and streets urchins paying them a small number of jewels, no more than one fifth of the total she would earn from the quest in order to spread the rumour across town. She had hired a total of fifteen kids paying them no more than five hundred jewels each and watched them run off to spread the rumours around town. Yumi would move to the market district and as she conversed with the merchants would bring up her little sword not only spreading the rumour by mentioning it but by claiming she had heard it from others to help it spread. In only three hours time the rumour of the high valued item she was carrying for sale and spread all over town reaching the ears of Jarjar.

Once it got back to her that he had heard through messengers sent by the bandit they conversed on where to meet up. The meeting point for exchanged would be at six o clock at night in a deserted alley where the rune knights could see what was happening. Yumi accepted and would wait patiently for time to pass by returning to her room at the inn and sharpen her blade. She would make sure her weapon was in perfect condition, shining it up to make it look as high valued as possible in order for this to work. If Jarjar suspected at all from seeing the weapon that its value wasn't high he would probably suspect something was off and try to run. YUmi was not in the mood for anyone to run she wanted to get the quest over and done with to receive her money.

The young woman rose off her bed checking over her sword before sheathing it into its scabbard and left for the meeting point.

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Yumi arrived at the meeting point, a dark alley in the streets of Era away from prying eyes with two points of access south and north. The area was large enough, about five meters wide each side of the Yumi giving her plenty of room to act as she needs. When she arrived her contact had yet to, leaving her alone in the darkened alley waiting patiently. if she was anyone else but a seventy-five-year-old demon lady she would be worried about being on her own in a dark alley where who knows what could happen to you. Yumi checked the watch on her right arm, it was five minutes past the meeting time. When it was fifteen her contact finally showed, having gotten on the lolita's patients for making her wait about, she did not enjoy being kept waiting.

Her contact was a man, she did not know how old this jarjar was but he looked ugly. Ugly wasn't the word to describe it, it was like someone got this face stuck in a grease trap then had sex with a blender and spat out the retarded ugly baby from the mix. He was just god ugly and creepy looking at that, yumi did know why but a part of her was saying she would be most satisfied from beating this guy up. Yumi gave a bit of a glare as he approached and spoke in an annoyed tone to the swindler, "I don't like being kept waiting." Barked out the lolita as she approached getting a carefree wave from the conman.

"Where's this sword, I will pay handsomely for it." Spoke the conman, a mischevious glint in his eyes. Yumi sneered and launched off the ground propelling towards Jarjar who was only six meters away, crossing the distance in a second catching him off guard. His eyes widened as Yumi drew her blade with her right hand and allowed the flat blunt edge to connect with the left of his rib cage. Yumi added force and swung Jarjar into the side of the alley using the sword like a baseball bat. She used enough force to send him crashing into the wall forming cracks.

Yumi moved impaling the sword through his right shoulder and into the wall. Jarjar gave a scream only for yumi to shove her left fist in his mouth breaking his teeth. "Now you took an item from Gaud and gave fake money. Hand over the real funds or I'm going to cut off what makes you a man." Spoke Yumi as she slowly released her demonic pressure, allowing a demonic visage to form behind her.

Wet liquid trailed down Jarjar's pant legs as he fumbled with his coat pulling out a wad of jewels. Yumi snatched the money and ripped her sword out of his shoulder and the wall making him scream in agonising pain. As Jarjar collapsed to his knees, Yumi kicked him away and left heading back to the inn to hand over the money and receive her own reward for the quest. For a C rank quest this job had been very boring and very little action. Yumi dreamed of fighting deadly opponents who could challenge her in combat.

Yumi walked into the Black Owl bar and approached Gaud who had not left his chair. Yumi tossed the stack of jewels onto the table where her client began to count making sure it was all there. The lolita simply rolled her eyes and waited. Gaud removed some of the jewels and slid them across the table to her. Yumi collected, pocketing the money and left returning home.

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Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest | Yumi] FIXCi2K
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