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Man vs Wild [Finn]

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The grunt of his voice as he pressed his cold hand over the window caused many to move away from the man. He was clad again under the metal mask and so his outward appearance looked like that akin to a seasoned knight. Yet in reality he was a criminal, simply posing for the image that he felt "shook" or would intimidate the others but also blend him into the environment; a fair combat tactic. Even if he wasn’t as scary as he was, the glimmer and glow that the white metal provided further escalated that fidgety feeling others would get when engaging him. It was like a panic which welled within their hearts. Triggering them to hesitate; something the uprising swordmaster could abuse when others could not. A significant piece of his brilliant tactics, see, characters like Erebus Cassiel were born to be innovative and take control.

However Erebus was simply a shadow. For the one named as Strategist was his villainous alter ego, the one who’d grown famous out in the world. Or rather-- was beginning to grow famous. It bothered Strategist little to kill others, where under the ego of Erebus, such a murderous feeling was not in top priority. The mask represented Strategist. The man under the mask; his husk. The Lycanthrope was strange in that way. He didn't suffer from multiple personalities, or any of those illnesses. Merely, he could adopt different patterns. Would a crazy man do that? He was unaware. But he knew his skills were testaments to his ability.

Not long ago he’d dropped Kaidou’s teachings to reassure himself of his powers. He was no man to linger and be patient, not when he felt the aroma of sweet victory around every corner. So it became fairly obvious he’d continue to go forward. Without The Southern Star to train him or not. In reality, he actually thought it better to do his own thing. It was his story, and he wished for it to be his story. His, no one else's… Just like revenge was his dream. Just like he’d make that dream a reality. Era was Erebus’s home prior to going rogue and becoming a mercenary under Grimoire Heart. Who’d have guessed it, he’d be preparing to attack the town in nights to come. Surely not his family, right?… Or his old friends? Or maybe they all had a feeling he was going to come. A lot of times, Erebus was predictable to them. But had time dulled their senses? He was willing to place jewels it had.

So what then…

Here he was, taking in the sights before all of it was leveled. Standing in front of a bakery at midday. He liked this store, this shop was his first job. Hm. He needed to get away, it brought a sense of guilt that he didn’t fancy all too keenly upon. From there, Strategist’s body turned to look out in the direction of a mountain to the other end of Era; he felt as if he were drawn back to it. He was like a bee, the mountain like a budding rose. It beckoned him to go pay homage. How was it that Erebus could sense this place disrupting his emotions? It angered him, but it fueled him to go forth anyways. So that’s exactly where he went-- he marched for it sternly. His weapon sheathed on his back, in a long red holster, The breezes picked up his helmet’s long tail of snowy hair. While he made off to visit the rocky monument, his attention drifted from many sights and people.

Time passed… He walked it's path up the hilly outer rims, sighed upon his entry, moved through the trees until he overlooked a twenty meter area that ended over the side of the mountain. Then, in that very same open space; the tall Lycan made his way over until he was staring out over the cliff side, admiring the town. It was annoying really. A shitty town, but a beautiful view. Guess he had to give it some kind of credit, after all. He came here didn't he?

"Era is like hell, the sooner it goes down in smoke, the better."

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Finn Mertens
There had not been many places that the young adventurer had not already explored within Era. The surrounding forest and clearings had been explored for the most part, as well as the towns many winding streets. The paths they made were not etched into his brain fully, but they now had a familiarity that allowed him to get around quickly and efficiently. The only things that really remained a mystery to him were the major points that he had marked. The Rune Knight headquarters, the nearby mountain, and a few buildings. They hadn't been rushed, but it had become about time for him to cross those off his list.

Heading into the mountain with only his sword, armor and a stomach full of food and drink, he began to trek up its side. It hadn't been arduous or overly steep, thus allowing him to enjoy it as a hike. There had been a specific spot in his mind as he had begun his journey, an area that looked to be a cliff face overlooking the town. It appeared from a distance as if that would be the best view he ever got of the home to the Rune Knights.

As he breached the trees he saw that he had not been the only one with this idea. Before him stood a man who looked like a knight, and while first impressions would drive someone to assume he was part of the Rune Knights Finn had seen enough of the world to know it wasn't for sure. Still, he had never met a knight who was not both honorable and kind. What harm could it do to say hello?

The clearing was rather odd, approximately twenty meters from the end of the trees to the edge of the cliff. The width of this area was easily another twenty meters, making it almost a perfect squared off section. Imagination could easily run rampant with how it was formed, but instead he'd give this stranger his full attention.

Approaching some ten meters to the man that stared out over the city, Finn's footsteps did not make a sound. This wasn't necessarily due to him attempting to be quiet, more like his natural walking tendencies mixed with the fact that there was no rubble on the ground to create noise. Once ten meters away from the man whose sight was set ahead, Finn raised an arm despite knowing it wasn't yet seen. "Hey there! His words were accompanied with a smile, ready to embrace another new face from Fiore.

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Dragged by the chain from his thoughts, the taller young man turned his frame to meet the blonde adventurer. Of course the smell was long since in the air; but Erebus had been focused. He cared not what came at him so slowly, he'd have easily flung it over the cliff if it were some monster. But he knew it wasn't. It was human. Despite no eye holes being evident in the faceplate-- Strategist could see fine. He stared ominously. A pause had occurred. Then he spoke again some seconds later, noticing fast a sword on the Pegasus. A duelist. Fancy.


His voice huffed, carrying a certain toxicity to it. Though-- maybe it wasn't initially apparent-- it was indeed there. When the Grimoire Heart spoke again, a much more relaxed tone escaped rather than the croak from before. His lips curling from under the shroud of metal. The man's right hand shot to the red sheathe on his back, with readiness. Clenching the golden handle before he broke in again. "You speak with your sword kid? Or do you speak with your mouth." He offered a tilt of his head to the blonde who'd approached. A bow motion of the neck only, a single simple nod. This was to tell Finn that an exchange of words was doubtful. They would have to greet each other the old fashioned way. Blade to blade.

Erebus was being generous really... It was laughable.

Normally he'd not have been so kind as to just offer a game, usually he'd force it down someone's throat. Although... Finn's personality made him see like such a victim really; that being so rude would be impossible with him... Who knows, maybe that's why he even spoke to begin with. Regardless, it was a challenge and no rising star could just turn down a fight. At least, not when they carried swords like men. Should Finn have obliged to the duel, Erebus would've already withdrew his own sword. His feet ready for any falter of movement.

There was no way to engage the opposition with no details just yet, at least not for Strategist. He was use to charging in first. He wanted to play the cards a little different this time. Because of Finn's body size in comparison to his own, the Lycan merely took the liberty of assuming his opponent was around his, if not lower, level in terms of strength. Though, as any wise combatant knew; you could never judge a book by it's cover. This kid likely had some skill. Best to test it early after all.

The sun was just getting ready to begin it's decline. Soon the ball of fire would lose it's perch amongst the clouds. In about an hour or so, the sky would commence it's orange-ish yellow tint. Though for the present--
it was an oceanic blue. The green leaves of trees rattled like a drum, wishing to see a blow of blade masters. This was the perfect setting. The standoffish arena for a good spar to commence. Should the Blue Pegasus wish to take up the game. He'd have the opportunity to rush in first.

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Finn Mertens
The man before him instantly gave off an odd vibe to the young adventurer. The persons presence already gave off a slightly off vibe off vibe. The mans face was completely covered. A voice that oozed annoyance simply added to the effect that this man didn't want to be bothered. Still, they had both run into each other in such an odd place. Was it not fate that they meet? Was Finn in the wrong for attempting conversation?

The man was adamant that he didn't want to speak, going so far as asking Finn to talk with their swords instead. Ask may have been stretching it, of course, as the mans hand instantly went for his hilt. Still, this sort of thing was better for Finn anyways. The one before him didn't necessarily seem like a bad guy despite his mannerisms. He was also right about talking with their swords instead. Battle was where two warriors could truly get to know each other. Drawing his blade while the masked warrior drew his own, the two seemed ready to standoff.

The masked warrior was standing a meter or so from the cliffs edge, but some people preferred to fight against the wall. Finn had no opinions or thoughts on what his capabilities were. With the life that Finn had lived, one learned to care only about what they themselves could do. The rest would become apparent, he needed only to react. The man, blade drawn, seemed content with allowing Finn to make the first move, and it seemed he would be doing just that.

Finn would charge forward, a run that never reached full speed- Only two thirds that at best. Finn's eyes had been resting on the mans shoulders, a clear indicator of any shifts of weight or balance. Should the man make any sort of movements, Finn would be well aware and prepared to react with the blade that was tightly wielded within his right hand. The arm itself was stiff at the elbow and loose at the shoulder, ready to be flung any which way with accuracy and power.

Once the distance between them had dropped to four meters, Finn's charge would slow. Taking two more solid steps to cut that in half, Finn would be ready for his first move. While his body had been coiled like a spring, ready to alter path and plan should any movements be indicated, Finn would have instead continued upon his current plan if the masked warrior had made no moves that would have caused him to alter his method.

Had he instead reached the two meter mark, Finn would swing his sword from his own right in a diagonal line to the left, going upwards. This would allow for the blade to cut through the enemies chest, had he not been properly prepared.

If the enemy had managed to block the attack, Finn would react with a left fist to the warriors side, aimed for his kidney. It was one of the advantages to having such a powerful blade wielded with but a single hand. Had he evaded in any way, Finn would begin to act almost instantly. Should the warrior have tried to time an attack during or before the swing, Finn would play it accordingly- Either continuing his own swing or reacting in a manner to defend himself, depending entirely on his split second decision making at the time. And, of course, had this masked warrior made any movements or preparations during the charge or even upon its completion, Finn would be willing to react and change his actions on a moments notice.

Regardless of what was attempted, Finn would be ready. His eyes had stayed obstinate upon the warriors shoulders, the hips and blade within his immediate peripherals. Any actions would be seen, and any action given a consequence. How would he react?

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Everything seemed to slow as the blonde made his venture. The knight braced for impact, and just as the adventurer came within a six meter radius a transformation took place. The knight bulged in muscle and under the mask his eyes glowed a yellow like the harvest moon. His strength, speed, and endurance... All had upgraded reasonably high. Now he stood there when the boy rushed in. He slowed even more when he reached the four meter marker.

One step. The Lycan inhaled, as his fingers danced across his golden blade. He knew his trick would come in for a successive attack. He had faltered few times in his training, and he'd defeated many warriors who'd rival him in speed and precision. Second step. Finn was here and his wrist moved in a way that looked as if he might come upwards. The tilt of the blonde fighter's body was enough for an accurate prediction to be made. Using his Lycan senses the werewolf allowed a brilliant flash to transpire while he would already be moving onto his predominate foot, to move under the swordsman's arm. A solar flare right in the eyes of the kid. Since the blade was already within the air, the slightest movement could release the spell. Which would stun and leave an burning in his face long enough to manipulate. The Lycan was ready to abuse the stun. Unless Finn was somehow able to see it coming, it would likely go through equating to a devastating combo. Based solely on the fact Finn was staring into his shoulder.

With Finn blinded, and with Strategist giving awareness only that his footing had braced for impact. He ducked and weaved to the close right. Being close enough to easily act first. Due to the blonde's sword being directed in a way, which the Lycan assumed, would come to slash him in the left pectoral. As they were both familiar with body reading. Any swordmaster was, or at the very least-- trained to be. Erebus took his blade inwards thrusting it under the armpit of the fellow warrior. With his body still moving, the taller knight attempted to fly around the warriors back. One hand still gripping the dawn sword. The other arm would tuck around the smaller male's sword hand. Erebus locked a leg under the light-weight and through all his momentum back. If successful it would submit them both to being on the ground.

A sword hopefully leaving Finn both in critical condition and unable to struggle with his slightly stronger base strength. Using this time to his advantage, Erebus would offer the boy the chance to surrender. Where he'd hold him until the consciousness in him diminished. Erasing this event, or rather any indication of where Erebus would go. In the meantime Erebus would get him to a hospital and be on his way. There was an attack on Era soon to commence. Healers around her could have Finn back in top shape by tomorrow. So Erebus wasn't afraid to deal he brutal damage as he had.

Had Finn looked away, or kept his eyes closed for the long flash. Erebus would still have acted fast enough to move. With the added leverage of his opponent losing sight in that time. He would act on his attack the same way. Dealing with any precautionary measures as they occurred. The kid's style was full of spunk. However Erebus played a game of tricks and intelligence. Finn's sword-craft was miles more dependent on raw power. So it was technically an even fight. They were the best at this. Perhaps fate was the reason they'd came to the same cliff side? Who knows.

Dawn Light:
Name: Dawn Light
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Dawn Sword
Type: Supplementary
Element: Light
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user points the Dawn Sword in the air with their arm stretched out as it releases a bright light for a split second. Everyone that had their eyes opened in the direction of the Dawn Sword will have their vision blurred in the following two post. Those that are affected are still capable of seeing but they can't see details except for silhouettes.

[CD: 5]



Lycans can transform their body into a larger, more muscular, and overall more wolf-like appearance. In this state, their powers are dramatically enhanced. Their base statistics increase by 40% while being transformed. It costs 5% of the user's total mana per turn and has a 4 post cooldown after deactivating it.
Lycans may be ferocious and strong warriors but they really dislike flames. Lycans can never use Fire-type moves. Most stronger Lycans don't flinch when facing fire but still suffer the consequences. They take extra damage from Fire-type moves which are increased by two ranks.
Lycans have a great smell and can smell anyone within a 25 meter radius. Even if targets try to mask their smell a Lycan can distinguish between thousands of smells to still find their target within that range.
ENHANCED ENDURANCE: Lycans are able to withstand impacts strong enough to destroy buildings. What would take down humans instantly merely hurts them. They receive a 20% endurance bonus of their base endurance on top of their base endurance. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.
Lycans possess a lot of strength compared to humans. Even without transforming they are considerably stronger than most that face them. They receive a 20% strength bonus of their base strength on top of their base strength. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.
When it comes to speed, Lycans move a lot faster than most humans. Lycans often easily catch up with their prey if they stalk them long enough. They receive a 20% speed bonus of their base speed on top of their base speed. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.

Stats: STR-41 END-20 SPE-9

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Finn Mertens
As Finn planted his second foot down, Erebus had begun to act. This, however, would do nothing. As Erebus raised his arm into the air and pointed the blade up, it would be a stretch to say that it would reach its full height as Finn twisted his arm and body to bring the sword into a diagonal slash, the bright light began to flash. Finn's entire body was already in full momentum though, and while the light would immediately cause Finn's vision to blur the blade would cut through the mans chest like butter. Any armor that had been in the way was cut through as the blade found its way between two of Erebus' ribs, cutting all the way through and into the lung of the young man. The pain was likely unlike anything the man had felt before, having its momentum stopped by the bone and dragged against its length to the young mans lungs.

He likely had some sort of other plan to be made, but the idea that he could reach an arm up while simultaneously dodging or blocking an attack that would be coming for his chest was a bit far fetched. Even if he had, his arm would have been removed from his body in its entirety, enough to end the fight just the same.

With that done, Finn was now temporarily blurred in his vision. The attack was sudden, but no more sudden than any attack would have been. Was Finn to have expected that this man wasn't a mage? That would have been preposterous in a world that was ran by them. Yanking his sword out and towards him, Finn would simultaneously slam his left fist forward and into the broken armor of the man, hitting the man right in the open wound. His vision was, after all, now tainted. He could not be sure that he fight had left the opponents eyes. Any fight that could have possibly remained in him would be gone with that, and as he'd go to fall backwards Finn would catch him and sit him down. Couldn't let him fall off the edge, could he?

"Hey, are you okay? Do you need me to help you off the mountain? By the way, now that this is all done, I'm Finn."

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The Lycan's eyes raised from beneath the hood, as the blonde's physical strength put Erebus's blade back with sheer strength alone. He was much stronger than he appeared and a the boy's feather of a sword shattered and ripped into his chest. Throwing him off. He shrank in form. The metal stopped upon his rib and pierced thoroughly; grinding his bone like some hellish wood-chipper. Of course it wasn't really being broken down like that, but it was painful. Definitely something he had not expected. This was his luck, underestimating the short optimistic teenager.
He made a mental note not to do that again."Ah, what the fuck kid!" The words escaped him as did a seething from his throat. The pain was immense; a pierce from Finn was certainly an insane amount. It was wicked. He loved it. The rush of battle kinda fueled him for another dose. However when the sword was pulled out he immediately decided against it. That was packed heat, some power behind those swings. He preferred against any such retaliation.


That did not go as planned, he remarked mentally. But when a fist pounded his wound Erebus stumbled backwards, his head bounced and another noise escaped his lips. The Grimoire was impressed. Though some of that went to the oceans of blood spilling out his open mouth. A thick liquid was choking his chest and in turn coming up now. A cough or two later and he was breathing. He probably needed medical attention. But for current moment, he took the blonde's hand. and pulled himself away from his near skydive fall. His sword then dropped to the ground from his other palm, he gripped the knight-like helm over his face to displace it on the ground. He was struggling for air. Half of him was laughing, whereas the other half dying. "Nice. Bold." Such a short battle, but now he knew someone would be here to protect Era. Part of him was happy for that. Even if he was a criminal now, Erebus had a family in this place. He wasn't dumb though. Many magicians weren't as talented as Finn. But, if he ran into this kid again. He knew it might fair unlucky for him. At least he could say his honor was in tact. After all. He wasn't expecting this. It was a good change of pace.

"Eh, help? I guess it might be a good idea. Finn, you crossed me as like.. A Ryan or a Timothy... My name is Strategist. Please, puh-lease, don't ask why." He emphasized. Choking again at the end of his words. A slight grin indented into his rugged demeanor. He took a seat on a log for a brief moment. He gathered together that he could probably die long before he even got off this mountain. A normal person would panic. Erebus was not normal. So no rush right?

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Finn Mertens
The fight had ended, but that was not to say that their exchange was over. The battle between warriors began long before they met, and would continue long after the culmination of a single fight. The two now would likely have a mutual respect for each other as warriors, which meant that there would certainly be more conflicts in the future. For now, though, there would be no more crossing of steel or striking of one another. With the mans curses and blood falling to the ground, this was definitely finished.

As Finn helped the man stand and threw his arm over his shoulder, Finn would begin helping the man walk. The pace was not slow, something that would likely cause the man more pain than most could bear. Still, this was no time to worry about the mans comfort. Despite his strong act and indomitable will there was a serious chance that he could die before they got help. If Finn truly wanted to save this mans life, they would have to make their way into town as quickly as possible.

As the man introduced himself, Finn's eyes dilated. Luckily he was looking ahead, making it so that Strategist would not be able to get a good look at his pupils. Finn had been thrown back into fight mode at the mere mention of a name, but it was mostly a defensive instinct. He had heard the name once before from the woman known as Celeste, back in Baska. She had not openly stated he was part of Grimiore Heart, but a slight intrusion into the matter made her all but admit the fact. For the briefest of moments, though it would never show on his face, Finn contemplated what to do. How to handle the situation.

He already knew the answer though. He would not kill a man who engaged in honest combat with him. Ones affiliation did not always determine who one truly was. Finn was in his guild for no reason other than a lost duel. Who would he be to judge this man based only off of home alone? Better it was to continue to get to know this man and decide for himself who Strategist was.

"I like the name though. It's cool." Finn flashed the man a smile and slight chuckle as he continued to walk. Their pace had already taken them to a trail that would lead down the mountain. It was about a twenty minute walk, thanks to a combination of gravity and the fact that they weren't too far up to begin with. All he had to do was hold on.

"What brought you to the mountains of Era?"

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Erebus turned his head to notice his sword was left on the ground. His eyebrow went up, eh... He'd return for it some time later. Staggering severity on his wounded chest needed him to get down the mountain or whatever pretty quick. It looked like Finn wouldn't let him get that break after all. The blood spilling into the pierce on his organs fueled more internal pain and he coughed red again. Though his speed was kept leveled with Finn's, he really didn't like how they had to go all the way down just to reach a hospital. "You think so? I don't think it'd have been my first pick if it were up to me. Nobody names themselves though I guess." The taller male spat a glob to the side as he was tugged along by the shorter blonde. "I'm from Era, I just wanted to see it before I left for uh, Hargeon or something. Not so good with goodbyes-- figured a distance would be better." Following down the narrow path the Lycan's vision became fuzzy. He was curious as to whether Finn could see straight either. "What about you Finn? Any reason for being here yourself?"

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