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Searching For An Antique Store [Open]

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Searching For An Antique Store [Open] Empty on Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:48 pm

It was a loud morning, much to this young traveller's disappointment, as she roamed the streets of this city. The sun shone down, it's rays off heat rejuvenating the sorceress of light - in training of course. The main reason she was in this area of the country was because Fu was looking for a good antique store, and FuYang was hoping that at least Era would have some, somewhere in it's streets.

Sighing quietly, the teen sat down on a bench somewhere within the streets of Era and frowned.
Holding the scroll in her hand, Fu Yang bit the inside of her cheek pouting a little, as her Alice blue eyes shined a little with sadness, at the meaning of the scroll in her hand. The wind brushing past her, ruffling her white hair, and ruffling the red string around her thigh.

"I wonder where the stores are." Looking left and right, Fu sighed again, as she lifted her head to the blue sky. "I should rest a little more before I begin my search again."

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