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Stop biting me!! [Open]

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#1Shin Sekai 

Stop biting me!! [Open] Empty Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:13 pm

Shin Sekai
After spending time at home Shin received a box from his parent's with a note stating 'Shin we know that you have always wanted a pet to travel with so we got you this lovely gift ~Mom&Dad' once he finished reading the letter he went to open the box and a large Green monster busted out wrapping its tentacles around and biting his hair "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SEND ME!!!" he yelled fighting with it to get off him when he say the back of the note 'Oh and son it tends to play around a lot and keep it way from your hair. love~Dad' with the plant thing still trying to eat his hair Shin throws it to the ground tapes it's mouth shut.

"I guess you need a name don't I?" he said to the hair eater What a name that fix's this guy? he asked himself running through all the name he could give it when he finally settled on one "I'll call you Crisp, do you like Crips?" he asked as it leaped at him and tried to eat his hair again "Oh come one." he said running out his house with it still on him.

#2Perfect Cell 

Stop biting me!! [Open] Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:34 am

Perfect Cell

There was no wind today.

The air was still within the town that housed Fairy Tail. The calm weather would be considered beautiful to many, especially with the lack of any clouds in the sky. To the older members of the town, however, it was an ominous sign. It had felt like the town itself had died. The day had not started off that way, of course. There had been plenty of people hustling and bustling throughout the town only hours before. The noise had begun to die down though, slowly and then all at once. It was as if there were no one left to add life to the streets.

No one, that was, except for a lone sole who had just sprinted out of his house. As he entered the streets, one would expect for him to quickly notice the distinct lack of life anywhere around him. There was not a single human being as far as the eye could see, nor any form of life for that matter. He was completely alone in one of the most vibrant towns in all of Fiore, and that could only hope to be a truly terrifying realization.

He would not have to be alone for long. After only a few moments, a figure stepped into the street from a nearby alley. Turning his head, the giant green man would look at the redhead with a... Well, with something on his hair. Staring in silence for a few moments at Shin who was about thirteen meters away from him, Cell raised a hand and pointed with a single finger.


His word emphasized the syllable at the end, savoring the sound of the P. A grin had formed on his face as Cell turned his body to fully face the mage. "Shin, am I right?" He'd ask with a deep laughter emanating from his throat. "Good thing I consume biomass and not souls, huh? You'd be a walking disappointment. Speaking of disappointments, do you know Teiho?" His voice was mocking the person in front of him as he took a few steps forward, shaving the distance between them to ten meters.

"You see, I came here with high hopes and I really don't like when plans don't go my way. So have you seen him?"

#3Shin Sekai 

Stop biting me!! [Open] Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:18 pm

Shin Sekai
As Shin left his house with Crisp in tow he found himself face to face with someone using a form of Takeover Magic. the Manthing asked him something after insulting him "You know it's one thing to ask someone a question but insulting them is another thing altogether." he told the Manthing as he turned his back to him and proceeded to walk away with Crisp right behind him "Oh but to answer that question I have no clue on who you are talking about but nice talk though." he added on waving goodbye to the weird Manthing. Why do I always get the weird people? I wonder if Tori and Kazumi are back in town yet? he asked himself as Crisp jumped onto his hair. "That guy has some crazy Mana...oh well," Shin muttered to himself heading to the guild.


#4Perfect Cell 

Stop biting me!! [Open] Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:31 pm

Perfect Cell
As Shin answered, Cell stared at him with the same grin on his face. This boy didn't particularly seem to understand the severity of the situation he was in, now did he? As the redhead gave him a dismissive answer and began to turn away, Cell's rose a hand back up. Snapping as a gun formed in his hand, pointing towards the back of Shin, Cell would speak up once again.


His voice rang out again in excitement, a single bullet of his own green blood forming and firing forward while the gun that had formed dissolved after firing its single shot. The bullet would pass by Shin's face, forming a a thin yet deep cut in the young mans cheek. Shin could, of course, choose to run after that. If he did that, though, it would only end poorly for him. He was no where near fast enough to outrun Cell, and there was no one nearby who could prove to get in Cell's way. No, Shin was alone and his only choice was to play Cell's game.

"I'll be honest, kind of rude of you. I'm just asking some questions! So tell me, Shin, do you know where Fairy Tail is? I figured I'd swing on by, say hello, maybe even grab an edible arrangement or two!"


#5Shin Sekai 

Stop biting me!! [Open] Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:21 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin stopped walking as the bullet cut him and turned around to the Manthing "If may ask you something before I answer that just what is your name?" he asked him walking back towards the man "Look, man, I understand if your mad at the world I mean I would be too if my mom was Pufferfish and dad was talking ass." he told Cell as he flicked his left wrist creating a 10 feet long whip and giving Cell on good lash to the face should it land. "To get to the guild you just need to make a left down here and then go right on Fuck you Ally and it should be right in front of you," Shin told him as he wiped the blood off his cheek with his left sleeve.

Not only is this Fishlipped asshole crazy strong but he has abandonment issues, Shin thought to himself as taking a good look at him and realizing that he couldn't have a Takeover magic that was that ugly.

Mana 225/250:

#6Perfect Cell 

Stop biting me!! [Open] Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:44 pm

Perfect Cell
As Shin turned and asked for Cell's name, a grin formed upon the green mans face. "Oh I thought you'd never ask. My name is Cell." After his answer, Shin continued to speak. The grin stayed on Cell's face as Shin reduced the distance between them to approximately three meters. As the distance between them was no more than ten feet, Shin would cause some sort of whip to be formed, the whip arching and traveling for Cell's face.

Leaning to the side and angling his body, the whip would pass by Cell without harming him before it would dissipate. As the whip passed by, the green man would be dashing forward with speeds that were far greater than Shin's. Once close, he delivered a left punch directly to Shin's stomach. This blow would not be aimed to knock Shin out, and to that regard the man held back some of his power. It would, however, drop Shin down to his knees after lifting him slightly off the ground. While there may have been a way for him to dodge under normal occasions, the close proximate and sudden movement would eliminate almost all outlets.

"Did Gingersnap just learn a curse word? Honestly, what is up with people in this country immediately turning to insults. And here I was just wanting a conversation!" Snickering with fake disappointment, Cell would stare down at the man who would be on his knees, either holding his stomach in pain or with his hands on the ground. Either way, he'd be unable to quickly make any moves.

"So then, let's try this again. Which direction is Fairy Tail? Honestly I'll find it regardless, I was just hoping that a nice local would point me in the right direction."

#7Shin Sekai 

Stop biting me!! [Open] Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:37 pm

Shin Sekai
As Cell introduced himself he managed to dodge the whip he made quick work of Shin by landing a gut punch which knocked the wind out of him a little as he fell to his knees What the hell he's fast too!? he thought to himself as Crisp looked at Cell then went back to eating Shin's hair. "I what's the real reason you want to find the guild?" he asked holding his gut as he tried to get to feet "Hey Cell if you wouldn't mind backing up a few houndered yrads I rather not catch your ugly." Shin told him as he laughed through the pain.

Shin saw what looked like a stinger in vack of Cell and started to shake in fear a little What the hell is that behind him??? he asked himself clinching his fist.

#8Perfect Cell 

Stop biting me!! [Open] Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:41 pm

Perfect Cell
As Shin spoke, Cell felt another rush of excitement. The fear, the defeat, it all shouted to his perfection. This wasn't even his final form! He could hardly contain the excitement, the giddiness. With his good mood and positive attitude, he may have even left the poor Shin alone, undrained and unpierced. Things would not turn out that way though. Shin had made the mistake of pressing his luck a bit too far, and once again called Cell ugly.

Face turning into a frown, he saw Shin's eyes catch his tail. The poor boy began shaking like a leaf, but that was all Cell needed to decide upon his next action. "If you stare at it I might blush. Now, it may be bigger than what you're use to. After all this foreplay though, well, I just want to be inside of you!"

Lifting his foot and pressing it onto Shin's back to keep him fully bent and unable to muster any power, Cell would arch his tail around and stab Shin in the arm with it. Keeping it from going too deep so that he could get a nice helping, Cell would begin to drain the target of his mana. "Don't worry, I'm not the type to kiss and tell. I just want a piece of you to keep is all!" His words were mocking, his laughter loud as Shin would feel noticeable fatigued.

After draining a chunk of the mana that Shin still had, Cell lifted his foot and pulled back his tail. Shin would be unable to fight at all now, even if he wanted to. Even speaking would prove to be difficult for the young man. "Take this as a lesson Gingersnap," Cell stated, beginning to walk away from Shin towards the direction of Fairy Tail, having simply guessed the right way. "Maybe now you'll watch your tongue."



#9Shin Sekai 

Stop biting me!! [Open] Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:06 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin wanted to fight back but his fear was too strong as Cell made a comment about his tail which made him through up a little. As Cell pressed down onto his back he tried to get free when he saw his tail move followed by a sharp pain in his arm What does this guy want from Fairy Tail? he asked himself as he let out a small yell as Cell finished draining him of his mana.

Shin's body felt light and weak as Cell left him with his parting words. Moving was a challenge as he tried to get to his feet but passed out doing so.


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