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Roaming around Era(open)

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Roaming around Era(open) Empty on Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:53 pm

While in Era, Waylon would learn about the area to keep in mind that his older brother really liked it here least he spoke to him so he would wonder what the big deal with this place was. After all at least he was not super lost, he understood the town slightly enough were to go about him way now.

"Maybe their is something I am just not getting, I am not my brother he is different then i am." Waylon mentioned about it looking around at least it was peaceful and quiet, Then again the home of the runeknights it wouldn't be a huge things for it not to be quiet and peaceful normally, they were the law and order around here.

Waylon would slowly make his way to what he thought was the market place, see what he could pick up here, hopefully something nice and useful for him or some kind of tea for him to keep.

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