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Townships [Arisa]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Townships [Arisa] Empty on Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:32 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Spring showers became more frequent as the times passed falling deeper into the spring season. Fowers were starting to grow as the trees were starting to bud leaves and flowers upon their branches. The young neko stayed inside away from the constant drizzle that was outside the window. She stayed in a two story coffee shop that her and her father would go to all the time. Her father knew of the owners and was granted free coffee. Sadly, they had nothing on the menu she could actually consume thanks to her awefull illness. It basically controlled what she ate and her life almost. Parasitic plague it was called. It surely fit what it was.

The young Rune Knight looked out hte window on the second floor. The upper floor oversaw everything on the first floor. Her red hair lied in a high pony tail showing her brown eyepatch over her right eye. Her good eye, the left, was black with a red ring showing it was a bit odd. The most distinguishing feature had to be the half of her face that was infected with a gray-black mass covering that side of her body down to her mid-torso. Her armor covered everything but her face. Of course, it looked to be the higher up armor that was expensive to buy. It was more of a leather outfit than anything with fancy padding.

The noise of hte coffee shop was suttle and enough to her liking. Noisy places was something she enjoyed with the life of the people and knowing she was still alive. Her fiance didn't want her going out alone due to her head injuries and just coming out of a coma, but who else was going to stop her? No rules could bound her wild spirit. Unless if you were Hikaru or her father then thats when it really stopped. LeeAnn laid her head back with a small pulsing pain from the head trauma. "Me and my damn luck...wish there was something for this headache" she would whisper.


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Death of nature was dying, life was rising as the time was winding past. Truly the nature of which she stands for was appearing ever so slowly. With a simple touch though she'd make it come back alive quite faster. With that power though, she wouldn't do it anyways. A cold part of her somewhat was eating inside her. It was like some dark aura-like abyss, swallowing up her light. Her golden eyes that shined like gold would look at some dried out nature of which is called grass, sticking out the cracks of cement in which she steps on. She was looking up then straight towards some cafe shop. Hips swayed, arms dangled beside her while her long hair that was up in a long bun would bounce.

She wore a Fitted "Huntress" Camo Tank Top with black latex pants. Her hiking boots were dark brown with nicely tied threaded strings with camo colors. Her posture was positive as she stood up her tallest. Her pearl-creamish color skin was shining like jewels of its own flaming purity, being flawless. With each movement there are shining gleams. Her heart was beating as she thought of what has happened so far. Even the fight that happened as well. Why did it all happen? Was she to meet the guy again? Arisa tried to not let it bother her much as if she was destined to be alone - so be it.

As she would get close to her destination, her head turned to look at the reflected door, seeing herself.


Alone... 'Boohoo, all alone. What shall you do? Dilly dally shilly shally.' she'd hear the darker voice speak with her womanly snarky call.

It pained her so. In her free hand that was never mentioned, she was carrying her mother's book made out of human-like skin. Truly it looked like leather to hide the true type of 'fabric'. Truly only those who have eaten such thing or craved, would know what it really was. The hand without the book would press against the door and opened in with her right foot in first, left in second. Her head turned straight towards the counter slowly as her eyes cornered towards the other way. She was looking to see if she knew anyone in here, but no. There she was. Alone. No one she knew. Maybe she was to meet someone new? Her heart beat pattern was like her steps. Slow. There was nothing to excite the heart as it'd stay slow most likely for now. It seems that her heart only would beat fast by attraction. Finally with her walking towards the counter, she'd put her hands on the glass part edge and looked up at the tender. ''I'll have a mixed berry ice smooth.'' she would say in a rather soft calm tone. Her expression showed no emotion as it was calm, but truly it had a somewhat sorrow to it. ''Coming right up.'' the tender would say. She'd stand there, waiting as it would be made, holding her book tightly.


Her eyes of gold would watch the man get her smoothie. After it was received she'd look around to see nothing about that caught her interest as of yet. The silence was eating her soul as she hated the piece and quiet. Grabbing it, her body turned and then went out the door.


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