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Casteless [Finn]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Casteless [Finn] Empty on Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:48 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

Morning arrived quickly and unexpectedly, thick rays of sunshine cast down onto the city of Era, a cascading layer of light blanketing away the darkness of night. Even within the most isolated and offbeat regions of the city, the calling of the morning struck there as well; a uniform delivery to all of the city's denizens, the wealthy and poor alike. Leyaria had hardly found herself much interested in the morning's arrival, but rather in it being a chance to erase the situation that she had found herself in within the city. The alley in which she slept - one of the few parts of the city to which neither the cold nor the patrols which roamed Era would dare bother - was unfortunately beginning to seem like that of a commonplace for the young Dragon Slayer. Awakening with a great deal of reluctance, she gently nudged the golem-like creature of Geth that slept beside her, casually laying against the nearest wall.

"Come on Geth," her voice was hoarse, tired. "It's time to get moving," she called again as she pushed against Geth once again, it being enough to finally awaken the creature. Unlike Leyaria, the creature quickly came to life, moving without delay, appearing as active in the moment as it may have at any point elsewise throughout the day. The young woman chuckled slightly, brushing herself off as best as able before the two disappeared into the quickly growing crowds, uncertain as to their plans for the day.

Unfortunately, that was much the reality and only real level of certainty for the pair at the moment, that was no real degree of certainty or idea that they had with regards to the day's events. Much like as was the case in Hargeon, and most recently within Crocus, she was little more than a lost lamb within a city of wolves; People mindful enough to keep to themselves or otherwise in far better shape fiscally than Leyaria, even those in the lower classes who seemed better off than her. Yet in spite of that, she found herself not falling entirely into despair, but clearly within a state of disappointment as many in that situation would. Seemingly everything within the city was otherwise cut off from her, leaving the two of them to do little more than wander about the city, hoping for the off chance of landing a job like how she heard mages supposedly did. 

To date, she had not been so lucky and remained without one of these requests.

After a few minutes of Leyaria and Geth walking through the streets, the Dragon Slayer found herself stopping in place, her eyes happening upon a lovely vestment. Putting her hands against the glass, she couldn't help but look with a frown, knowing that there stood little chance of her ever having the money to afford such an item. After gazing for a few more moments, she sighed, turning her back to the glass and finding herself drop to the ground in defeat. Poverty was hardly a new thing for her; she had lived with it for the majority of her life. It didn't mean though that moments like this, those instances of realizing just how much was out of her reach, that they didn't take a toll on her. "It's not fair," she muttered under her breath, lowering her head as Geth gently pat her shoulder.
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#2Finn Mertens 

Casteless [Finn] Empty on Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:22 pm

Finn Mertens
It was times like these that people lived for. Sitting atop the hotel roof, legs dangling over the edge and eyes fixated forward, a smile brighter than the incoming sunrise rested upon the face of a young man. He had been out of the forest for quite some time, but this was an event that he couldn't fight the urge to witness. Although it didn't happen every morning, it certainly happened more often than not. The initial hues of pink and orange, followed by the cresting of the sun over the distant landscape. No matter how many times he saw it, the view managed to find a way to become unique.

Turning and swinging his feet back over the ledge, Finn quickly walked over to the doorway that had led the the roof. It was time to start his day, regardless of the fact that it had already begun. There were no plans for the day, but that was how he usually operated. For a man who hadn't taken on many quests, he certainly found himself accidentally involved in more than most. Be it tournaments or wild events that simply dragged him in, Finn found himself in the midst of it.

Era seemed like the one place that he'd get actual rest. This was the home to the Rune Knights, an organization that was akin to guilds. The main difference was their recognition, and the fact that they received funding from the Capitol. This allowed them to be efficient, well fueled for any sort of problems that arose. Such a thing was especially true of this town. Era had been the shining jewel of the Rune Knights, without incident for years. That was as much as Finn understood, at least.

That relaxation and laid back aura permeated throughout the town, infecting the people from all walks of life. Those who were well off and those who were not all seemed to be at ease with their place in life. The poorer people on the outskirts of town were often vibrant, willing to talk with others at their level of wealth and anyone who seemed new. Some of them only seemed kind to get close enough to pickpocket. A vast majority, however, held a genuine kindness in their heart that was almost infectious. Even the center of town, wealthy as it was, held a joyous feel to it. The poor here didn't seem specifically targeted due to their wealth like it had been in so many other towns. There was a cohesion that could only exist under the watchful gaze of the Rune Knights that made everyone so much more at ease.

It was this very unique feeling that made outsiders so much more easy to spot, even in the streets. The people had filed outside in hoards, enjoying the weather and the new goods that came with Spring. Even those who were not so well off enjoyed what they saw, and the fact that their own wares would now be bought with more frequency. There was a single person who stood out against the joviality, and it was this person who had caught Finn's attention.

He saw as she gazed upon a piece of clothing, her hand pressing to the glass. It was as if she believed enough, she thought she'd be able to just reach through and grab it. After a few moments of this, her back pressed to the glass in defeat as she slid down to a sitting position. Glancing from her to the glass, he contemplated for a moment to purchase it for her. That didn't seem like a wise idea though. He knew nothing of this woman. There was an equal chance that she would be offended by such an act that she'd appreciate it. Instead, wouldn't it be better to simply talk to her?

Closing the distance by cutting through the crowd, Finn closed the gap faster than anyone watching would have expected. He did his best to be polite, but he was a sturdy fellow. He could easily push through people, even if he didn't intend to. As the distance closed, his mind shot to Jake. His brother had told him how to talk to women, but something about the situation made it feel as if this was a slightly different scenario. Still, he had nothing else to lean on.

"Hey, is this seat taken?" His question was ironic at best, but it held no ill will. The sun refracted off his hair, its length now to a point that it swayed as his momentum paused, despite the fact that only a few tufts stuck out from his had. Without waiting for a response, Finn would put his back to the wall and slide down to sit next to her, a goo meter or so distance between them so as to not impose too much. "My name is Finn. Nice to meet you." Again with the smile that held not even a hint of malice in it. He was a unique person, but some people would feel more eerie around him than comfortable. Regardless of how they felt, it was who he was through and through.

Casteless [Finn] C47FSON
#3Leyaria Venerak 

Casteless [Finn] Empty on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:16 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

There was a brief moment when things seemed to calm down, where time seemed to slow itself to the point where one could move seemlessly through, uninterrupted and unphased by everything else going on around. For Leyaria, that moment came as she sat on the ground, her back leaning against the glass display; the expensive garment on display behind her being a constant reminder of what she was not. Wealthy. Fortunate. These were just among the words that stood her out from the rest of Era, the rest of the people who seemed to move in a constant stream throughout the streets, their pace unwavering and consistent allthroughout.

It was easier for her to simply just sit and ignore the goings-on around her, to better hide than admit where she sat amounted to the closest reality of her situation. Poor. Alone. Unable to fend for herself beyond possessing a Magic that would inevitably cause more harm to those not involved than anything else. Keeping her head down so that few - if anyone - would see the tears begin to trail down her face, Leyaria couldn't help but force a faint smile as she felt the large, bulky hands of Geth patting against her shoulder. "Heh, thanks little buddy," she spoke softly, hoping her words would be as quiet as possible, audible perhaps only to her companion.

So quick had she been to dismiss everyone in the area, immediately assuming them to be nothing more than the common and silent majority of Era, all of whom viewed themselves superior to her, that she hadn't given the slightest heed to what was taking place within her immediate surroundings. Her Dragon Slayer sense of smell had been in seemingly overdrive, picking up a medley of scents from the nearby eateries, from the perfumes of the women that passed, or even those of the various scents that she had more become accustomed to just smelling on her own; scents that were more identified with the rest of Era. Things had become so otherwise clustered that she never noticed the man, and if Geth had noticed him she didn't seem to be alerted all the same.

It wasn't until he spoke that she rose her head, shocked not only at the idea that someone would actually take the time to speak with her, but that there in fact was someone who was speaking with her, and actively trying to engage with her at that. To say the least, what she saw surprised her. The man did not appear to mirror her situation in any manner; his clothes appeared clean, if not even high quality while hers were tattered and dirty. He seemed like he belonged, unlike her, and he carried himself as such. "Uh, yeah, sure. Go ahead." She struggled to find the right words, taken aback by how the man seemed to carried himself. The Dragon Slayer couldn't help but nod in compliance, loathed to turn away what may have been one of the few people who had expressed any sort of positive emotion towards Leyaria.

Her eyes kept on the man, watching him as he took a seat only a short distance from her. It was hardly a shocker to her that he opted to keep space; she couldn't have imagined that to someone who any reasonable amount of time in Era could have found Leyaria's current appearance to all that enticing. Hearing the man speak again, this time seeing first hand as the words escaped his lips, associating the voice to the face, it was the apparent trust that he conveyed in her that threw her off the most. "Finn!? Nice... nice to meet you." She felt inclined to extend out her hand towards the man, but very quickly retracted it before her arm had fully extended. "I'm Leyaria," a part of her felt guilty for being at a lack of words. To some extent, she was just coming to terms with the fact that this Finn character had approached her; she wasn't expecting company today. "So, uh, are you from around here Finn?"
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#4Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
Finn had noticed once she looked up at him, his eyes keeping her in their sights throughout his movement. The dried trails that had pressed themselves unto her cheeks were faint, but he certainly noticed them. Still, it was better to take things one step at a time. Whoever she was at the moment didn't matter, for to her he was still a stranger. A name could only tell others what one was referred to as. Neither personality nor past were given away with a title, regardless of what it was. He would take things slower than he had with others in the past. He knew better now.

As she started to reach a hand out and suddenly pulled back, Finn looked at her with a vague surprise. His eyebrows raised slightly, though his expression had not faltered. A gentle smile, neither oppressive in nature nor overly eager. A sort of content appearance that had made itself at home with Finn. As her hand had fallen back to her body and she asked a question, Finn looked away and up into the sky. While his gaze made its way from her, his lower body scooted slightly closer to her. If he put his elbow out he'd contact her before it could even fully extend.

"No, I'm not from around her. Or much of anywhere, I guess." His words were cryptic, though not eerie. They left something to the imagination without avoiding the question entirely, and yet he would not leave her on a total cliffhanger. "Right now I live in Hargeon technically. I'm part of Blue Pegasus, so that's where we set up shop. In reality though I just kind of live where I am at the time."

To some, his words may have been taken as more than what they were. To him they were the only way he knew how to word them. To think ahead and plan out what he would say was not a strong suit. Better it was to live in the moment and be true to oneself than to attempt to mold who he was into what he was not. With what he said finished, his gaze had continued to linger in the sky for a few more moments. It was as if her question had allowed him to see something in the far off distance, though without warning his head tilted over to face her. Had she been looking at him during that time, one may notice how close they truly were. Whether he had not noticed or simply had not cared, he continued on.

"Leyaria. That's a really pretty name, it fits!" Again his words threatened to betray their intent. To many, a compliment of any kind was an attempt of courting. A flirtation that was a means to an end, a compliment that had more behind it than simple niceties. To Finn, his words were exactly what they seemed. Her name was unique, and her appearance to match. She was a orchid among dandelions, and there wasn't a person who would not notice that had they only taken the time to look. His smile was wider now, though not at all forced. "What about you? Where are you from?"

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#5Leyaria Venerak 

Casteless [Finn] Empty on Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:31 am

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

People kept walking by, their days going on interrupted. The appearance and Leyaria and the man who had introduced himself as Finn were nothing more than two people who happened to have been taking a seat just off the heavily-traversed pathway. To them, any number of plausible scenarios could have applicable to the two of them. A young couple enjoying the nice Era weather, two vagabonds taking a seat whilst the actual people of Era went about their day, possibly even just some children who had gotten lost. What attention, if any, they showed towards the two of them were perhaps little more than a quick glaze, a possibly scornful look, or a snide remark beneath their breath. Their dismissal bore little effect on Leyaria; she had at this point become more than used to it here.

Rather, it was the attention that she wasn't used to. Thinking back to her time here within Era - and even prior during her time within the capital city of Crocus - it was the few encounters in which she had drawn attention to her that stood out. Of course, those also included the numerous instances of when she had been afflicted by the scars of her previous Magic; the aftereffects of her Demon Slayer Magic and her inability to control it. She still recalled those moments vividly, of men who were drawn to her, only to chastise her upon sight of the scars, of her being vilified, of being pursued out of fear and contempt for what she was. While those scars no longer existed upon her flesh, there were times in which when attention was drawn to her that she couldn't help but find herself reflecting back to those instances in particular.

This wasn't one of them though, but she felt nevertheless uneasy. Perhaps it was how defeated she felt, how poorly the morning had started, or maybe just nothing which she could quite put her finger on. Of what she could gauge of this Finn, there didn't seem to be anything particularly evil about him. Of what she could see of him, he seemed rather average, normal. Like her. Even hearing him speak, as vague as he may have sounded at points, there was a level of sincerity to his words. The malice that she was so used to hearing, the venom that she felt like she could see being spewed in her direction was not apparent in his words. But when he had brought up Hargeon Town, her eyes widened. It had been so long since she had been home - if that was even right to call it that for her - or even that she had thought about it. At least until just then.

Memories of her living on the streets with what some would have recognized as her family, struggling to survive while the world went on its way around them, much like right now. Of her sister becoming the only true family that she ever came to really know or love, to watch her slowly kill herself as she tried to make a better life for herself and Leyaria. And of course, to see her sister die, to find out what it felt like to be alone, cursed by the Demon Slayer Magic that she had accepted in a failed effort to save her sister. She closed her eyes as she fought back the tears that were pushing their way to the surface once again. Taking a few deep breaths, she composed herself as best as able, hoping that she had not driven Finn away in that moment.

To her slight surprise - and delight - as she opened her eyes she noticed Finn still there, albeit a bit closer than where he had previously sat. While she said nothing, she couldn't help but envy the man to a degree, that he had not had to grow up under the circumstances that she had. For him, by all that she could tell of him, things were great. For her, she'd have traded lives with him in a second. Hearing the man speak once again as he complimented her name, Leyaria couldn't help but blush slightly. She wasn't unfamiliar to compliments, though of what she was more used to, they were more of remarks spurred by alcohol, driven by lust than of any actual substance. It was nice hearing something different, whatever Finn's actual motivation may have been.

But to her terror, he had asked where she came from; where her home was. She thought for a moment, conflicted as to reveal her past or keep it hidden. If he were to know, what would his impressions be? Would she even want to chance that? "My home?" She took another deep breath, quickly and carefully trying to piece together the best response, "I guess, I guess I'm sorta like you. I don't really have much of a home. I mean, I've been here for what that amounts to. Crocus. Hargeon," she spoke coldly of Hargeon, unconsciously still harboring the same anger towards the Town that she had for so long. "But uh, yeah, I guess I uh, I guess I don't really have a place. Just kinda, winging it, I suppose."
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#6Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
When one looked at a glass through the light it became easier to see the imperfections. The cracks that could lie below the surface, distorting the light shining in. The brighter the light that was shined through the glass, the easier it was to spot these minor issues within. The fragility, the loss of structural stability, became easier and easier to see. In glass, these imperfections were usually permanent. To replace the pane was easier than finding a way to mend micro tears and internal damage.

People were similar in that way. When under the spotlight of another, their issues slowly came to surface. The fragility, the imperfections. The things that they tried to hide beneath the surface became more and more apparent as the light continued to shine. People weren't glass though. They could not be replaced, only repaired over time. There was no one who could repair a person though. No magical profession or mage could heal the internal damages of the psyche. They could only help those along who wished to repair their own damage.

Finn, however, was not artisan of the human mind. He was the only person that he'd known for a truly extended period of time, and even then he had problems understanding his own internal workings. He had not been around people enough to understand the deep complexity that was the human condition. Even with exposure, the fine details would be lost on him. There was something to be gained from this lack of experience though. He knew to trust his own instincts, regardless of the direction they pointed. While he was talking to her, though the moments had barely formed into minutes, it was enough to understand her a bit more.

The shifts in emotion that showed an internal conflict were obvious. Something beneath the surface was not right within her. Memories that tainted the present, whatever they were, would prove to be a problem for anyone. Her seemed to be enough to remain. Although he didn't know the details of the situation, he could tell that she was troubled. It was this understanding that pushed him into action. Who he was as a person would not allow for him to sit by and let someone suffer, whatever the cause. He had to at least to try and help in the only way he knew how, which normally meant simply winging it.

"There's something freeing about it though, you know?" His words sounded reminiscent, as if he was speaking from a far off place. "Knowing that there's no where you need to go back to. No where that has you stuck, a whole world in front of you to take on. Enough beautiful things out there to keep each day interesting," he was continuing, looking back to her and then glancing at her little companion with a smile. "Especially when you have such a loyal looking friend to see it all with you."

He didn't know if what he was saying was doing anything at all. Whether he was causing damage or closing the distance between this stranger known as Leyaria, he couldn't even guess. Still, all he could be was himself. If it appealed to her they would be friends, and if not then he'd certainly find out soon enough.

"Still, there's something nice about knowing there's a group you're tied with. I don't really know many people in Blue Pegasus well or junk, but every time I meet a new member they instantly are like friends. Something about knowing we all share a common place, I think." He was no mage. Most wouldn't expect a member of a guild to be without magic, and yet Finn was just that. He had no magic, no spells, and nothing to aid him other than his own physical abilities and Jake.

He was a unique case in every aspect, but it was his unique background and lack of special ability that made it so easy for him to relate to people. He had no bias, no preconceived notion of how people should be. He merely looked at what was presented to him, and treated it as it was. Yet it was that very simple action that made it so easy for him to get along with so many people. A blessing, though he had never seen it as such. It may even become the driving force in allowing him to befriend Leyaria, though only time would tell.

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#7Leyaria Venerak 

Casteless [Finn] Empty on Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:43 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

She wasn't quite sure when it occurred. Perhaps it had been sometime as she reflected on her memories - of her pain - of her time in Hargeon Town. Maybe it was when Finn spoke again, perhaps after he had asked at some point during or before he had asked her where she had come from. It wasn't entirely clear when it happened, but at some point a young child, perhaps no older than 5 or 6-years-old, had found itself stumbling outside the constant trove of people going back and forth in seemingly one of two direction, and had approached Geth. For the most part, they had been quiet, the young Dragon Slayer perhaps not having been alerted to the occurrence at all had it not been for the child's mother - an older woman dressed in more elegant clothes than most - who abruptly appeared herself, chastising not only her child, but also Leyaria.

"Get away from that thing!" The woman hissed, her somehow managing to drown out any of the distant sounds which happened to be heard from their location, even loud enough to cause several heads to turn in their direction. Though some were curious, none acted nor moved to see what was going on. Leyaria looked on for a moment, perplexed and shocked at what was taking place before her, being stunned herself when the woman directed her scorn towards her! "And shame on you! Filthy beggars, having no right to be walking around in our city with that... that monstrosity!" Offering not even the slightest chance for Leyaria to respond, the mother turned and marched off with haste, the young child nearly being taken out of their shoes in the suddenness of it all. 

It took a moment of Leyaria and Geth sitting there, processing everything before either of them reacted at all, Leyaria simply sighing in defeat. Situations like this were - unfortunately - not unheard of for Leyaria. She would have preferred that if this had been unavoidable, it at least be not in the presence of all of these people, most of all within the presence of Finn. "The people here..." Her voice was hoarse, weak, as though carrying a heavy burden of shame, "They sure are friendly..."

There was actually a degree of irony to the situation occurring, just after Finn painted a lovely picture of his concept of freedom. He spoke of positive experiences, like that of an adventurer than anything else. Leyaria couldn't help but think a little bit back towards the bars and taverns in which she had often found herself frequenting within Crocus in hopes of staying warm, especially during the colder months. While often those same encounters led to more disastrous results, it were the stories told by the travelers and mercenaries who had traveled throughout Fiore which most captivated her interest. As she listened to Finn speak, she noticed similar parallels between them. To a degree, she couldn't help but think that perhaps that was she had to do, go out and see more of the world than just these large cities. Thus far, they had proven to be of people who cared for themselves before anything; people like Finn seemed more like chance encounters than anything else.

But what really struck Leyaria was how Finn seemed to describe his guild. She knew very little of them, and in truth, most of that world. The world of Magic. It was greatly foreign to her, even as she was growing up in Hargeon Town, Blue Pegasus was highly well known and respected throughout the city, but she knew little of them, or about them. With some of the stories that she had heard in the past, of wizards who were capable of causing unfathomable destruction and death, many of whom seeming to enjoy it as well, they painted her a much darker picture of the world of Magic. When things had broken down and she found herself forced to flee Hargeon Town, she feared what the guilds may have done to her. For as long as she could seem to remember, Magic guilds were dangerous, and as such, she found herself reluctant to wholly believe Finn.

"That sounds, that sounds pretty great," She aimed to carry herself as honestly as possible, though it couldn't change the fact that she felt she was speaking a lie to Finn. She adjusted her body slightly, straightening her back against the display glass while bringing her legs closer to her chest, hoping to bring her knees to as close as she possibly could to the lacrima scar beneath her shirt that she worked so greatly to hide. "I never really thought much of the, those guilds. I guess, I don't know, Growing up, it's just, you know..." She leaned her head back as she looked upwards to the sky, having a brief moment of reflection, "Your world, your Magic, your guilds, all that stuff... It's not what I imagined for myself..."
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#8Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
Finn had begun to prepare a rebuttal for the woman that had decided to snap at Leyaria and Geth. His words were stopped upon formation, interrupted by his new friend of all people. She sounded tired, defeated in a way that came over time. This wasn't a new thing for her, that much was true. A part of him was in disbelief, almost unwilling to accept that there were people so blatantly horrible such as that woman. Yet as hard as it was to accept, it was certainly true. Someone didn't become as trodden down as Leyaria without years of that behavior directed at them.

Still, she seemed like she wanted to push through it. Finn didn't know what to say, but it was obvious that he disagreed. The look he flashed the woman before she left was enough to make her scoff, but it was out of intimidation rather than disgust. As she hurried away with her daughter, he offered Leyaria another smile. It didn't hold the pity that many would have expected, but rather understanding. "No, they're gunk." It might not have been the same as making them akin them to an asshole, but it was to Finn.

As Finn began to explain his guild, in part to help take the subject away from the negativity that Era provided, he couldn't help but see some sort of disbelief on her face. Her words furthered his gut feeling. She hadn't had it easy, that much was for sure. As she spoke, Finn laughed a little and shook his head.

"I get ya. I don't actually have a magic. Nothing like that, just my muscles and my sword here," he said, patting the hilt that poked over his shoulder. "That was actually part of the surprise when I joined. You'd expect someone in a guild to have some sort of magic and whatnot. No one really targeted me when I didn't though. More like they wanted to see for themselves, some guy who thought he could keep up. When I first joined they were all really helpful in getting me involved. There are some people with their own problems too, and they keep to themselves, but... I don't know. I don't really regret it."

He realized that he had been droning on at that point. There was no need to continue speaking of something that he had now already spoken so much of. Instead, he looked over at Leyaria once more and attempted to lock eyes with her. It had seemed that his vision had shifted away again as he spoke, traveling the trails of memories as they flashed before his face. Now, however, he wished to make sort of connection with her before they spoke.

"Do you want to join?" His words were sudden, causing him to immediately laugh awkwardly and rub the back of his head. "Not to put you on the spot, you're free to say no. I have my own team within the guild, all of us with our own goals and own problems. Still, we work together and we have each others back. And the whole guild is like one disfunctional family. I can't promise it'll be what you're looking for, but at the very least I can promise to do everything I can to help. It just seems like you've seen so much bad around here. Why not take a chance to see some good?"

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#9Leyaria Venerak 

Casteless [Finn] Empty on Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:17 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

Finn wasn't particularly one for beating around the bush, which Leyaria couldn't help but appreciate. For whatever comparisons one might have made towards the two of them as they sat besides one another, the actual reality was as the conversation went on, the more and more it seemed the differences became more and more pronounced. Leyaria held so much within while Finn was far more outgoing, having a much lighter outlook on the world than that of the young Dragon Slayer. No doubt some of that was attributed to the worlds in which they came from, Leyaria having spent so much of her life struggling to survive, much of it alone. It had only been in the recent past several days that it seemed that things had at all begun to improve, that there were any reason to think that her fortune would change.

It hadn't been anything like that of how Finn's had seemed to be. She listened to him describe how it was when he had joined the Blue Pegasus guild, how they had accepted him with seemingly open arms, welcoming him within their ranks and their family. Saying nothing but preferring to look straight out as people continued to walk, Leyaria was stoic, even beginning to feel a bit envious and conflicted. What Finn described, it seemed nice, but it was too convenient. She wanted to believe it, but so far nothing had led her to believe that such an opportunity would arise for herself. "That sounds..." She paused for a moment, her eyes finally pulling away from the traffic as she began to turn her head back towards Finn, "It sounds nice."

She wasn't entirely sure how long he had been looking, but as she turned her head, she saw his eyes looking right back at her's. A part of her almost felt inclined to back away slightly, part of her mind wondering just what it might have been that he was thinking, what sort of judgement he must have cast upon her. Leyaria was about to ask what it was that Finn was looking at when the young man dropped a bombshell upon her.

"Ex... excuse me?"

She couldn't believe what she had just heard, what Finn had offered. Leyaria fell back, utterly shocked as Finn's words finally resonated within her mind. "You're... You're not serious. You can't be..."

She looked right at Finn, the sincerity in his eyes leading Leyaria to believe that he was earnest in his offer. Struggling to collect herself, Finn's words began to slowly process fully within her mind.

One dysfunctional family...


Her breathing felt erratic, Leyaria pausing for a moment as she sought to collect herself, all the while trying to think clearly enough to really consider everything. After a minute, she placed a hand on the ground for support as she got up, Geth moving slightly and turning towards her with the sudden movement. Standing upright, Leyaria looked around for a moment, trying to avoid eye contact with Finn for a moment before she finally looked back at him.

"Finn... That... Nobody has offered me anything like that before." She could feel what felt like a tear beginning to trail down her cheek. It wasn't easy to admit, but outside of her sister, she felt like she never had a real family. And even in that, it was never anything idealistic, never what in the back of her mind she hoped it would be.

She couldn't look at him, keeping her eyes closed for a moment, just trying to find the right words to say. "Finn..."


She opened her eyes, looking right at Finn. "I'm sorry... I can't."

It felt like her legs gave out just then, as though she was shot in the back by an arrow or something. She threw her arms out to stop herself from hitting the ground but the young Dragon Slayer couldn't look at Finn; she didn't want him to see her break down like this.

She hated herself for what she had just said. She hated the possibility of what Finn might think of her. But Leyaria wasn't ready to move onto a different family.

She wasn't ready to believe that she deserved to have one.
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#10Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
Her disbelief was real. Whatever she had thought of him, whatever she expected, it wasn't this. His words were meant only to be straight forward. Sure, they'd probably catch someone off guard. These two had only just met and yet here he was extending a hand towards her, inviting her in. Who wouldn't be put off by such a thing? Still, the absolute shock on her face was so raw. Whatever she had been through must have been rough, even Finn could see that. As she verbally questioned what she said, stuttering over her words, a compassionate gaze appeared on Finn's face.

As she worked through it he sat there in silence. His eyes never broke away from her, but they did not gaze on with judgement. He was simply accepting what it was for what it seemed to be, and nothing more. As she processed the information her silence spoke more than any words would have. She was considering it in its entirety, not just what was on the surface.

As she stood, his eyes followed upwards to keep up with her face. She was shorter than he expected. As her gaze searched for anywhere other than where he sat he wondered whether or not he should speak up. She seemed to be physically attempting to locate an answer, though unable to find one. As he prepared to speak, she finally spoke. Her words were quiet, almost as if they were fighting to get out, as her face showed evidence of an internal struggle.

As tears began to trickle down her face, she repeated his name as if it were to anchor herself to reality. Then, as her lips parted for an answer, she denied his offer. Her eyes had locked with his as she did so, though now that the message was delivered she was avoiding his gaze. As her knees buckled Finn rose to his feet as quickly as he could. She had caught her self on the glass of the window, but her stance was shaky.

He stared at her for a few moments before he could decide what to do. Reaching both of his hands out, he moved them to her shoulders and clasped them. His hands were strong and his grip was gentle, making sure not to hurt her but rather to reassure her.

"There's nothing to apologize for, Leyaria." His voice was smooth, lighter than it had been before. If she buckled any further he would have stepped forward to hug her, a further comfort. She was a stranger in every way but name, and yet he could not bring himself to leave her in this state. He felt attached and involved, and with someone like Finn it didn't take long for a connection to feel formed. "The offer will always be there," he assured, continuing to attempt to anchor her to the world with his contact unless she were to pull away.

"At the very least I hope you'll be okay with being friends with me. A real friend who you can count on whenever you need a hand," he said, glancing over to Geth. "That goes for you too buddy," he added in with a flash of a smile.

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Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

She wanted to throw up.

For years, Leyaria carried a heavy burden with her, one that she had long allowed to define her. It ate away at her, seeming to tear bit by bit into her very essence. When the scars of her Demon Slayer Magic began to overtake her body and the taint began to replace her skin, she believed it to be life punishing her.

That feeling began to wane away as time went and she became more acquainted with the lacrima that had mysteriously been implanted within her chest. But whether or not the world was still looking to make her suffer, she was loathed to believe that she herself did not still deserve to be punished. To her, the idea of atonement was one that she was nowhere close to achieving; forgiveness was not something she was entitled to.

As she lay there in the streets of Era while tragic memories and internalized grief overtook her, Leyaria agonized that Finn was seeing this side of her. She hated that she felt as though there was nothing to which she could do about it. It wasn't his fault though. There wasn't any way that he could have known as to her past, nor was it possible that he could have known that his offer would spark such a reaction in Leyaria.

She felt the touch of his hands against her shoulders and while instinctively she would feel a need to recoil, she remained there, struggling to regain her composure. "I'm sorry," she managed to barely stammer out as she brought her breathing under control. The fact that Finn remained, she couldn't understand it. She couldn't understand just what it was he wanted.

But perhaps more, it was the calmness with which Finn spoke, there being not even the least bit hint of malice within his words. It seemed of only sincerity, and even perhaps apathy. Although hesitant, she rose her head up to face Finn's. Tears no longer flowed from her blood shot eyes and the look upon her face was that of agony than anything else.

It was Finn's words which brought out perhaps the faintest of smiles within Leyaria, a rare sight considering the recent circumstances affecting her. Saying nothing, she couldn't help but find herself reaching her arms around the young man, pulling tightly as she hugged the man. "Thank you, Finn..." Her words were tired, as though she herself was drained. That aside, in what the man offered to her, although something in which she did not deserve, it was nevertheless meaningful to her.

Leyaria didn't doubt that it was probably unlikely that Finn would understand, nor would she dare expect him to.

She was just glad that he hadn't walked away like everyone before him.
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Finn Mertens
So many people viewed crying as a thing that only the weak did. To cry was to show a brand of emotion that was often associated with loss of control in one way or another. Frustration at what one could not do, sadness at an event that could not be changed, anger at actions now past. To lose control was a sign of one who was lesser, one who could not maintain what it was to be strong.

That was a foolish opinion though. Such emotions overcame everyone at one point or another within their lives. To believe otherwise would be fallacy at best. There were factors that people simply could not control. These factors often shaped peoples lives long before they were born, and would continue to shape the world long after they left. To allow an attachment to anything at all would mean eventual pain. It was one of the promises of life, one of the things that made it so worth living.

Finn was no exception to that promise, so why would he ever hold someone else to that impossible standard? This was a time where Leyaria probably felt more vulnerable than anyone could ever make her out to be. She didn't choose to show Finn this side of her. Judging by her actions about it, and the way she acted about their talk thus far, this was a side she was able to successfully hide more times than not. Though Finn had not considered that, it had subconsciously entered his brain.

So he hugged her as tight as he could, through the tears and the sadness. He made sure not to crush her, but anyone smaller than him would likely feel safe. Finn was abnormally strong in general, let alone for his size. To be held by someone so sturdy would feel like being locked in a house that you knew was safe. It had an innate and almost primal sense of security along with it.

"You don't have to thank friends. It's a natural thing for us to help each other," he said, not realizing how gentle his voice had become. He would hold her until he felt her own grip loosen and her body begin to pull away, where he would let his arms slowly fade away and allow her to take whatever stance she wanted, had she wanted to at all.

"Oh, give me a second!" Reaching to the green backpack that had been sharing his back with his blade, he'd pull it off and hold it before him. Unzipping and reaching inside, Finn would pull out two pouches and two wraps that contained sandwiches, along with a bag of crisps. Normally, both drinks and both sandwiches would be for him. Sharing was always a better option though, right?

Placing the backpack upon the ground, he handed the pouch and sandwich to her in a single hand, holding his own food in the other along with the crisps. "Let's have lunch? Food is always better with friends!" As she'd take it, whether or not he had to continue insisting it, he'd kneel down and offer Geth the crisps. "You have to join us too, okay buddy?"

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#13Leyaria Venerak 

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Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It had been that Leyaria had gone through a roller coaster of emotion, a revolving door in which fleeting moments of peace and joy were utterly forsaken as despair and misfortune came to the forfront. Happiness was but an ambitious goal than that of a realistic proposal. Yet, all the while there was a curious degree of optimism to Finn, not only in how he carried himself, but also how the circumstances, the environment, things just felt like they seemed right.

In paritcular, it was what he said. It was how he acted. Finn had had the misfortune of seeing Leyaria at some of her lowest points in a long while, and yet while many would have been deterred, while many would have walked away and washed their hands of Leyaria, he remained. It felt almost like it was an instinctual obligation, a hope of erasing the idea that eventually the two of them would part ways that she found herself clutching even tighter around Finn. He reciprocated the sentiment, at least on the physical level, his arms wrapping themselves around her body; the despair which plagued her only moments earlier beginning to become little more than a thing of the past, albeit only a few moments earlier.

The slightest of a chuckle emerged from Leyaria's lips, barely audible, even in spite of the closeness between Finn and her at the moment. To her, it was remarkable that someone like him existed, especially within a world in which she had come to so grossly believe people like him were extreme rarities. What's more, she couldn't help but appreciate and marvel that this encounter was of little more than chance, a series of events set in motion by little more than Finn taking a seat beside her. For a moment, she simply stood there, appreciating the separation between the two of them and the rest of the world, a hypothetical barrier in which divided Leyaria's moment of clarity and happiness from the rest of the world, from the rest of Era.

She didn't quite make out the first of what he had said, but her eyes widened at hearing the term 'friend' by Finn. In what seemed like a moment of reflection, standing there motionless as she ventured through memories of the past, the number of people to whom she found herself able to call a friend, it was needless to say, a very small number. Things still had not come to the foreground when she felt Finn's grip quickly soften to the point of him having pulled away entirely from Leyaria, leaving the Dragon Slayer slightly in surprise. Coming back to her senses, she noticed Finn having shifted his attention to the backpack he was wearing - the one that she hadn't paid any real attention towards up to this point until now.

It was a bit surprising, if not unexpected, to see him pull out some food and offer some, like that of an impromptu picnic. For as much as she might have sought to ignore the noise and presence of the people around them, a part of her couldn't help but wonder the perceptions that the people were casting onto her and Finn. "Uh, thank you..." She was slightly taken aback by Finn's generosity, the surprises surrounding him seeming to never cease, "Really though, this, this isn't necessary." Though hungry, it did not feel right taking what was clearly food meant for either or his companion who had largely been silent throughout their encounter.

Meanwhile, Geth was far more receptive to Finn's generosity than Leyaria, though it was debatable as to if it truly appreciated the gesture, or even if Finn were sure that the creature ate anything. Geth quickly accepted the offering of a crisp from the man, marveling at it for a moment before quickly crushing it into numerous little pieces as crumbs began to fall to the ground just before it. That seemed to more excite Geth than anything else, an apparent excited sound echoing from it, causing Leyaria to chuckle very slightly; it proving to be a nice little moment of relief, at what certainly amounted to be an appropriate time.
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#14Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
She seemed still adamant about Finn not going out of his way for her. It made sense, considering how sheltered she was from the reality of friendship. Whatever life she had lived up until now, he thought. He had considered that it had been rough and difficult, but how exactly had it gone? Everyone reacted differently to similar stimuli. A hard life for her may have been an easy life for another, and vice versa. What was it that was difficult for Leyaria, and likewise, what was it that this difficulty made her want? What was it that Leyaria yearned for so much that it kept her moving forward, despite the obvious internal scarring.

"It's not a bother. Food tastes better this way!" His assurance was followed by a chuckle, motioning towards Geth. "He certainly agrees at least." Placing the rest of the crisps on the ground, still in their bag, Geth would have full access to them as Finn helped himself back to the ground in a comfortable seat, his backpack between his legs. There, he'd consume the food and watch Geth likely do the same, occasionally glancing at Leyaria or into the sky.

Sooner rather than later, Finn's food would be done. With a content sigh as he crumbled up the trash that was left over, he stuffed it into his backpack and glanced back up at the sky. The sun had made some minor progress in the sky, though to most it would seem to be in the same relative position. To Finn, however, it seemed to be akin to an alarm. "That was delicious!" As he smiled at her, Finn stood and moved to put his backpack back on. Despite the fact that it was over his blade, it didn't seem like he considered it an obstruction.

"It was great meeting you, Leyaria," he said, looking her in the eyes and putting on a gentle face. "I have to get back to the road though, I'm suppose to meet with my brother soon." Putting an arm out and placing his hand on her shoulder reassuringly, whether she stood with him or not, it'd offer a single encouraging squeeze.

"I usually travel quite a bit, but if you ever see me don't hesitate to come talk, or to ask for help. If you ever really need me, go to Blue Pegasus guild hall and put an alert for me. They'll contact me, and I'll get back as soon as possible." His exit with her was slightly different than most. While she was a friend, just as others had been, she seemed so much more delicate. It wasn't that he felt like he needed to be gentle in his departure, but rather that he felt like it was only natural. "Hope to see you soon."

Allowing her to get in whatever words she wished to, and of course being willing to delay his departure if need be, that would be that. Assuming there was no need to delay, he would make his way from the area. He had earned a new friend, and he certainly hoped she felt the same.

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#15Leyaria Venerak 

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Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

While she had been hesitant at first to eat the food offered by Finn, not out of disrespect or distaste towards whatever he had prepared for himself, it was out of a feeling of concern, of worrying that she was working to take advantage of her new friend, of portraying herself in the wrong light. Granted, it was difficult at this point to sell herself much worse than how she may have already. The ugly truth was that she was hurting on the inside. Even now, it was probably very likely that even an onlooker who wasn't aware to any of the details of her or Finn's conversation could see that she was struggling. But unlike those who may have been able to see that, she doubted that any of them would even go to a fraction of the length that Finn had.

Her expectations of people, Finn had managed to defy them. Hell, within a city like Era, one of the most populous and busy cities within all of Fiore, it very well could have been that 99% of everyone who happened through the city would have dismissed Leyaria on a normal occasion. Of the few who may have given her any earnest level of attention, even less would have stuck around if they had peeled even one of the layers from Leyaria. She didn't doubt it was likely out of a level of fear, of people regarding her as someone weak, if not even fragile. But if they knew anything about her, about her situation, they would be hard pressed not to feel the same way. She had been essentially cursed since the day she was born, cast aside as an undesirable. Perhaps it was for that reason that even a gesture as seemingly insignificant as Finn offering a sandwich weighed so heavily upon her.

She sighed slightly and then chuckled afterwards. Finn's sandwich did look rather tasty, and the manner in which Geth had attempted to eat the crisps was rather amusing and certainly lightened the overall mood. "Heh, well I suppose I'll give you that," Leyaria said as she began to gently tear away the wrapping in which kept the sandwich preserved. She took another quick glance at Geth, having attempted to eat another crisp, it again being crumpled much like that of the previous one, "You know, I'm not sure if he so much enjoys the food, or rather playing with it."

Taking a bite, her eyebrows perked up slightly in shock; the sandwich was actually very good. In fact, she would have wagered that it was probably amongst one of the better tasting meals that she could remember eating. Within a matter of moments, she couldn't help but be a bit shocked at the terrible realization that she had finished her sandwich, "Wow... I have to admit Finn, that was very good!" It wasn't entirely clear as to how much time exactly had elapsed that either she had been there or for how long Finn had joined her, but a quick glance around showed the clear reduction of people gathered about indicated that certainly a good bit of time had passed.

Unsurprisingly, Finn had taken notice to this too, having gotten up and looking like he was getting ready to leave, himself. Leyaria thought to herself as to what her plans would be next. Much of her time in Era had more been on a day to day basis, though largely concentrated on the same similar, if not depressing, routine. In contrast, Finn was no doubt expected to go on some grandiose adventure, leaving a part of Leyaria jealous for that sort of life. And while he didn't give all too many details as to where he'd be going next, he did tell her that if she ever needed him that she could reach out to the Blue Pegasus guild for him. It was a gesture that she was touched by, that the rapport that he had demonstrated to her, that he was willing to retain it even into the future.

She watched as he started to depart, a nagging feeling within her overwhelmed her, worrying her that she was going to make a terrible mistake if she simply allowed Finn to leave. 

"Finn! Wait!"

She called out, a bit panicked, her heart beginning to race faster and faster. "Blue Pegasus..." She choked on her words, her mind beginning to assume the worse before even hearing herself finish her question or that of what Finn's response would be. 

"Would... would they welcome someone... Well, someone like me?"
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#16Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
"Would... would they welcome someone... Well, someone like me?"

The words had no sooner left her lips than Finn had leaped into action. Wrapping both arms around her waist, he'd stand up tall and lift her up off the ground, spinning her once whilst laughing. Dropping her on the ground and moving his hands to brace her back so as to make sure she would not fall from the sudden action, he'd beam at her. "Of course they would! Especially since you were talking like you had magic. They'd totally welcome you in and help you master it if you wanted. Or just do your own thing like I do!"

His words were coming out like rapid fire, much quicker and more enthusiastic than before. His calm demeanor was something he had to work hard towards. When given a single reason to break it, it was like cracking open a dam. A laugh echoed from Finn once more as if a thought had hit him from no where standing back and putting his hands on his hips. In that thoughtful position, he looked Leyaria head to toe for the first time since meeting her. He was blatant about it, unaware that he may be making her comfortable but also hopelessly unaware that it was a possibility.

"Lance would really like you too. He's the guild master. He's a really cool guy, and he loves pretty people. You'll fit right in!" While Finn had inadvertently just called her attractive, he was so focused on the moment at hand that he couldn't process what he had said. "Are you sure you want to join? If so then we should definitely adventure together!" If she said yes again, it would only be a matter of her telling him where she wanted the guild tattoo and he could place it for her. He couldn't use magic, but her could certainly do this.

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#17Leyaria Venerak 

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Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

Given how Finn had acted up to this point, Leyaria wouldn't have suspected that he could be as excitable as he turned out to be. She had barely so much as taken a breath before the man had closed the distance between the two of them, having lifted the young Dragon Slayer up in his arms as she was rotated around like that of a toy in the possession of a child. It was surprising, and such a stark contrast to what she had come to expect of Finn that she found it a bit unsettling. He spoke with a frenzied tone, the excitement to which he yielded being utterly apparent with each word he spoke, with every sentence that rang from his lips. As she listened to him speak, she did have to admit; the level of freedom in which he described, all the while allowing her with the individuality that at times she feared she would lose, it was a rather enticing thing.

Once Leyaria was finally set back down on the ground, she extended her arms out just slightly as to regain her balance. Finn's excitement, it had proven to be a bit of a surprise, as had been his release of her. Abrupt and sudden. A part of her couldn't help but wonder if she was making a mistake, if going against what she feared was the right move, but at the same time, just in seeing the reaction to which Finn was responding to the idea of her joining a guild, there was a bit of reassurance instilled in that. It was also something different from what she was used to. Her decisions, rarely did they manage to generate much of any enthusiasm outside of perhaps Geth, though she could have made any sort of proposal - as benign as possible - and garner the approval of her golem-like companion.

It was then that she was prompted with the key question, the one that undoubtedly Finn and her were were tapdancing around, the one in which he was as probably excited to ask as she was hesitant to answer. She almost wanted to hold her tongue, to say nothing at all and wish she could take back what she had asked only moments ago. But at the same time, she found herself excited, thrilled of the idea of what there was to eventually come, especially if life within a guild was anywhere close to how Finn had described it. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment as she reflected on her choice for a moment before opening them, accompanied by a very faint smile as she nodded her head. "Yes, I think I do. I will join."

Immediately, she could feel the weight of the pressure being lifted off of her shoulders as she agreed to join the Blue Pegasus guild. She could only imagine what Finn might have been thinking within his head, and the prospects of what he offered, of how he described the guild life, if it were anything close to the picture he painted. "So, what happens now? Is that? Am I just a member?" It was in this that she felt the most foolish, where her lack of knowledge within the Magical world most came to the forefront. The guilds, their traditions, their rules, all of that was completely foreign to her. For all that she knew, the guilds could have required that she drink blood or sacrifice a living animal in order to join. She hoped that Finn would be able to clear things up for her, as a way of helping out his newest guildmate.
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#18Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
"Kind of!" His answer wasn't very precise, but he also couldn't exactly think clearly at the moment. He had not expected her to come around like this, at the very least not so suddenly. To say he was happy, while accurate, would have been an understatement. He had never really recruited someone before, though it wasn't like he had ever set out to do it. Something about knowing he had at least helped make her want to join made him feel more attached to her now. As if watching her was his responsibility.

"Basically, I'll plant the Guild Tattoo on you. It doesn't hurt, it's done with a bit of mana by any Blue Pegasus member. Then, I'll basically have Jake send back a paper letting them know who you are and that you've joined. Lance has the stuff to find you if he ever wants to meet you, but other than that you just kind of live your life. But now you can join teams, and you'll always have help wherever there is another guild member."

His speech was long, and like everything else related to Finn, it was pretty to the point. He wasn't one for elegant talks or painting a picture with his words. He was much more direct than that, and he always had been. "So where would you like your tattoo?" His hand was held up now, glowing a faint blue. He had mana, but not magic. It was one of the weird things about being who he was, really.

Once she chose a spot and he placed it, he would hug her once last time and bid his farewell. "Lets meet up soon. Here's where I'm staying, just come over any time!" Giving her his information, that would be the end of that. Finn waved goodbye, then was on his way to his other meeting. This would certainly be just the start of an amazing friendship.


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#19Leyaria Venerak 

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Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

There were a moment in which she wasn't exactly sure of what had just happened, like a literal flash had gone off before her, blinding her. Now, as things came back to focus, things still seemed quite a bit unreal. Even so much as a few hours earlier, never had she expected the idea that she would ever find herself within a guild, let alone actually be genuinely considering joining one. As it turned out though, with Finn planting the small magical device in which planted upon her shoulder, a small blue tattoo. The mark of Blue Pegasus. Her new guild.

As Finn described what was to happen next, Leyaria couldn't help but think that this was as much of an unexpected thing for him as it was for her. Obviously, it would have been impossible to know if prior to this that Finn's intention had been to include her within the Guild or not. It may have been, though it was difficult to believe that that'd be the case. She rationalized that it was more fortunate circumstance than anything else. Yet in spite of that, there was a level of efficiency and punctuality that he displayed as he explained to the young Dragon Slayer what was to happen next. 

Finn's message of a new member were to return to Hargeon, to the place in which she had originally grown up, informing them of Leyaria. Obviously, she figured that this meant that sooner than later she would be expected to head to Hargeon, to meet with the man that Finn referred to as Lance. It scared her a bit however. She wasn't sure if he would be anything like Finn was, as inviting as he turned out to be. For that matter either, she wasn't sure if anyone in the guild would necessarily welcome her. She hoped that it would turn out that her paranoia turned out to be simply that, a far cry from reality, but she just did not know.

To her excitement and appreciation, Finn provided her with a small piece of paper, written on it appearing to be some bit of information, which she assumed to be his home. She simply looked at it for a moment, not only shocked that he had trusted her enough to provide her with that information, but touched as well. Looking up from the letter to see Finn beginning to walk away, as a lone tear began to descend down her cheek, Leyaria couldn't help but admire and smile as she watched the man walk away. Or more appropriately, her new guildmate.


Already, Leyaria was looking forward to the idea of calling Finn that. And vice versa.

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