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Downpour [Alice Baskerville]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:45 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

For the better part of the last several weeks, the weather had been welcoming, even inviting to those who had happened to arrived within the city of Era. Warm weather, clear skies, even in the waning weeks of winter one could reasonably have imagined it to be late spring or even early summer. It was unfortunate, that today of all days when Leyaria had sought and hoped to have taken advantage of the weather and do a bit of exploring, that it decided to rain heavily. A heavy mist lifted itself from the cobblestone pathways that littered Era, making it difficult to see quite what was going on, especially within the more crowded parts of town. Yet in spite of this, the streets were crowded, moreso than perhaps what one not familiar with the city-life would have found to be surprising, Leyaria included.

Seated beneath an umbrella just outside of one of the small cafes that seemed so sufficiently plentiful throughout Era, Leyaria couldn't help but frown and turn her head all about, hoping for any sort of indication that the rain was going to die down. There did not appear to be even the slightest reason to be hopeful, rain continuing to pelt down the ground with an unwavering fervor. "I'd have hoped to see a bit more of the city. Really puts a killer on that idea, doesn't it?" Her words almost seemed lost to the sound of as rain descended upon the umbrella as they fell into a small circle around Leyaria and her golem companion Geth. The two had stumbled upon here by accident, the earlier morning sunlight giving no indication of this only a little earlier ago.

As time went and she remained seated there longer, the more and more she seemed to feel out of place. She wore little to nothing that offered any genuine coverage from the water, whereas almost every other individual she happened to see had at least a hat or overcoat to keep them dry. More to that, Geth was drawing far more curious eyes than what it generally did, seeming to display great joy in playing in the rain much like that of a young child. Leyaria couldn't help but chuckle slightly at the sight of this; moments like this were amongst some of which she most enjoyed since having acquiring the creature. Thinking back to the time that she had spent with Geth, Leyaria couldn't recall any previous instances of rain, so her companion's excitement was certainly warranted, if not expected.

"Hopefully it dies down sooner rather than later..."

Leyaria thought for a moment, contemplating departing from where they were presently, but as the rain continued to pound down upon the ground, she realized how foolish of a decision that was. She knew very of this part of Era, having found this area of shelter only by happenstance than anything else. With how aggressively it was raining, it would be only a short time until she was drenched. As well, given her situation right now in Era at the moment, she couldn't afford to get sick as a result. This basically left her with a lone option of having to wait out the storm and hope that the rain dies down, the sooner the better.
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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:20 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She had been outside, when it started and well that was quite some time ago. Alice was never the most patient person, if the rain would come and go than so would she. The idea was to do some grocerie shopping, grab some interesting new clothes, hand some back that she had bought before but that was all for nothing, now the clothing was wet. She stood outside the shop and she was radiating anger for some reason. In her left hand was the bag that had been splashed by some car that had passed her and Ophelia on her way to the shop and now the inside was wet as well and thus the shop didn't want to take it back.

She had forgotten her jacket, her black tank top was plastered to her stomach because she was soaked to the bone and she was shivering, she damn well needed something to drink. Ophelia sat in her backpack as usual but that wasn't her favourite place to stay in the cold rain of Spring. However before she could do something Ophelia wiggled herself out of the backpack, simply jumped down and disappeared between all arms, legs and bags because her eye had spotted something, it was another companion, she didn't know what it was but it was playing in the rain and Ophelia had wanted to join.

Alice had come running after and tried to calm down because this didn't make her mood any better, "Don't do that Ophelia." she said to the pet as she hunched down and she wanted to take her away but the Cleffa didn't want to go. Alice looked around to find the owner of the golem.

#3Leyaria Venerak 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Sun Apr 09, 2017 9:13 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

Rain continued to fall, though as time progressed it gradually declined, only to return with as much intensity as before, it being a routine pendulum of inconsistent downpour. Leyaria regaled not to extend beyond the safe confines of the umbrella of this table, the greater concern more than anything else being the possibility of Geth disappearing than the rain returning with a fury that had yet to be seen. To her satisfaction however, the small golem-like creature remained within relatively close proximity to the young Dragon Slayer, not only in sight but also within earshot should she feel the need to recall the small creature.

"Be careful," she called out to Geth, half-inclined to believe that the creature did not hear her; hardly a significant departure compared to other instances between the two. Though if history was any indication, there was little reason for her to be worried in this case as Geth's curiosity had yet to lead the two of them into significant trouble, and those instances were in far less secure locations than compared to within the city of Era. At the same time, while they may have been within Era, they were strangers. This was no their home, nor would they be foolish enough to presume that the fact they were here suddenly made them any more resistant or protected than anyone else who may have walked the streets. Given her limited capability of controlling her Magic as it stood, the argument could be made that she was even less safe than others.

Listening to the rain as it fell against the canvas just a mere few feet above her head, she had begun to pick up on the tendencies of the rain, the softer pounding having an almost artistic attribute to it. For moments, it almost was enough to distract her from what essentially amounted to her confinement here. But for as poetic at times the rain seemed to be, the harder rain was enough to erase whatever beauty there was, the suddenness of it even at times being enough to startle Leyaria, if even slightly so.

It was in this moment that true panic surfaced; Geth appearing to be nowhere in sight.

"Geth? Geth!?" She called out, real concern quickly starting to build within her as she left the confines of the umbrella, utterly forsaking dryness in pursuits of her small companion.

Time seemed to slow, each minute lasting longer and longer than the previous one before it. All the while her heart raced faster and faster with each second that went without her knowing what had happened to the small golem creature.

After a time of fruitless searching, she had begun to fall into despair, the Dragon Slayer paying no heed to her appearance anymore, her clothes, hair, almost everything about her now drenched as heavy rain now begun to pound against Era once more. Looking around for a brief moment and still not seeing Geth in sight, Leyaria looked on with a blank expression on her face, the raindrops masking the tears that began to descend down her cheeks. 

As she began back to where she had last seen Geth, a desperate last attempt at perhaps coming across her friend, a familiar sound seemingly invigorated life into her. Eyes widened with delight at the sight of Geth seemingly right where she had last seen him, along with another creature and a young woman seeming to appear around Leyaria's age.

"Geth!" She squealed as she found herself running towards the Geth; the creature turning its head towards her, echoing out a slight sound of apparent joy as the Dragon Slayer wrapped her arms around it. "Oh God, where did you go!?" She wanted to be upset with the creature, though she ultimately found herself unable to, simply too happy to know that Geth did not abandon her, nor vice versa. Getting up from her crouched position, Leyaria found herself instinctively hugging the woman near them, still elated. "Thank you so much! I was terrified I had lost Geth!" Realizing how things may have appeared to onlookers, Leyaria quickly released her grip of the woman in a hasty effort of recomposing herself. "Sorry. Just, thank you," she said as she wiped away whatever tears that may have remained. "My name's Leyaria."
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#4Adelaide Sokolov 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:22 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She was literally soaked through the bone and it wouldn't take too long before she would shiver from the cold but Ophelia made a friend, which was new, she couldn't remember if the Cleffa had liked Venom but it was raining so much and playing in the mud, only trouble would come from that. She had looked around to see if the Golum had an owner. That's when in a blurry speed, someone came, hugged the Golum, called it a name and hugged her. Which was awkward and she blinked in surprise but as soon as the woman let go of her, she shivered. She was getting a cold thanks to this.

The woman thanked her and introduced herself, "Oh," was at first all that Alice could say, "Ophelia found him, she just wanted to play. I'm Alice, nice to meet you. It would be more pleasant if it wasn't raining like this." She added causally with a shrug and shivered again. Leyaria wasn't very dry either, "Would you mind go for a coffee or so to warm up and let those two get to know each other more?" Ophelia seemed to be really curious about the Golum, Geth was it? and Alice was fine with that as long as she didn't need to be in the rain for much longer. She definitely would want a warm shower and a towel, she shivered again.

#5Leyaria Venerak 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:06 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It felt like a moment of weakness to her, to have allowed Geth to have simply wandered off like that. Leyaria hated that. She felt foolish, and above anything else, responsible. Things had worked out for the better as Geth seemed - by all accounts - fine, if not even a bit joyous, more so than usual. But even then, she felt terrible deep down, guilty of having - even for a brief moment - abandoning Geth. Had it not been for this woman, Leyaria didn't want to imagine what could have happened, how the outcome could have been at all different.

The woman spoke softly, her words remarkably enough standing out from the sound of the heavy rainfall that all surrounded them, as though there were a bubble which shielded and drowned out all that surrounded them. Alice, a name that seemed to compliment the woman perfectly, casually standing in the rain, not even so much as a look of disappointment upon her face. Had Leyaria been in her position, willingly standing out within the rain, she doubted that she could have acted as calm. Even in Hargeon Town, the rain which frequently hit were amongst some of the things that she most despised, and those storms often times did not compare to what was going on right now. That said, the circumstances for her being out were hardly ideal either. Had Geth not wandered off, or more appropriately if she had not taken her eyes off of the small golem creature, then she may well never have been soaked as she was. "Heh, no kidding. Never been much for the rain..."

It took a moment for it to dawn on Leyaria the circumstances of which she had first encountered Alice, a sudden level of dread coming to her mind. "Oh God! I'm sorry! I didn't get you soaked, did I?" Concerned overwhelmed her as frantically looked for something to dry Alice off, only to give up, the realization that they both still stood within the rain coming to her mind in those waning moments. 

To a bit of her surprise, Leyaria couldn't help but perk up slightly at the proposal laid out by the woman, the offer to get some coffee and also warm up, both of them welcome alternatives to either standing out in the rain or being confined to underneath a small umbrella. "Coffee? That sounds lovely!" Leyaria looked down at Geth, determined not to allow it to get out of her sights again. Fortunately, it seemed enamored by Alice's own companion, one of which Leyaria seemed a bit curious of herself. Perhaps once they got out of the rain it would offer Leyaria a chance to inquire to it as well, while getting to know this woman a bit better herself. "Did you have any place in mind?" It was sort of an odd question, but Leyaria was to much a degree a deer in headlights, unfamiliar with the layout of Era still, even less-so given the unhomely conditions that the rainfall seemed to lay upon the city.
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#6Adelaide Sokolov 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:25 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice followed Leyaria her eyes towards the two companions playing in the ran, thank god not super muddy. She looked back to the girl in a surprise when she explaimed an oh god, which actually made Alice laugh out of surprise. "I think we got the same reason why we are out here in this deluge," she pointed out still laughing, but pointing towards Geth and Ophelia. She wouldn't be really happy about the situation normally but it was actually funny and they would probably find a solution sooner or later, "Sometimes something good comes from rain like this." She wasn't sure if Nature was always happy with this situation, maybe it rained harder than the ground could take but she wouldn't know because she would think about something else. Getting out of her, she finally decided to pick up Ophelia after she suggested to take the conversation and the kittens (in her mind) to some other place.

Her idea was accepted and even asked if she had something in mind. She shivered shortly again and frowned to think about it, "Well the inn where I stay at, has a really nice cafe. And well than we immediately have towels to dry up first." She would normally not invite someone to her inn, she didn't like that people know where they could find her. But this situation asked for that, "If you don't mind that is. It's not that far and.." She wanted to add that Leyaria could borrow something but that might went to far, "The towels, makes everything better." She looked at Leyaria and Geth and thought it was the best idea she could come up with, however would the girl disagree with the plan, she would point out a cafe close by.

#7Leyaria Venerak 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:59 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

The two of them standing there in the rain, it was a curious sight to the few that happened to pass by. While seldom, there were still people who had ventured through the streets of Era, even within these conditions. Merchants forced by deadlines to traverse through Fiore regardless of the weather, workers and professionals returning home from a long day of work to their homes within the city, or those seeking to head out to the nearest tavern for a couple of rounds. While more of them found themselves going through the more common routes of the city, there were still a handful of them who happened upon Leyaria and the woman Alice, alongside their the two small creatures which accompanied them. Leyaria had at this point not seemed to pay much heed to them, what attention of hers that was not towards Alice instead being to that of the rain which continued to descent down.

In a fortunate turn of events, the rain appeared to let up slightly, though there was no indication that the rain would stand to stop. Not with how frequently this had seemed to occur, this alternating between heavy and soft rain. It would ideally only be a short time more that either she or Alice would have to be subjected to the wetness, as every second that passed, for every further moment that Leyaria felt a droplet of water fall upon her already drenched skin, it all the more convinced her of the idea of going to someplace dry. She listened to Alice as she described a place that she had in mind; an inn within Era that the young woman sounded like wasn't too far from where they were. And listening to Alice describe the circumstances, the towels - an otherwise ordinary item that given the circumstances was far more enticing than perhaps what anyone could have possibly imagine - and there being a cafe within the inn itself, Leyaria couldn't help find her jaw dropping slightly in disbelief.

"That sounds, that sounds incredible. You don't have a problem with that, do you?" She felt obligated to ask; the circumstances and change of fortune for Leyaria and Geth being a radical shift, far more than what she had imagined at any point throughout the day before. Era had been less than forgiving towards the young Dragon Slayer up to this point, so while it would make sense for her to jump on an oppurtunity like that presented, the last thing that she wanted was to become a burden for this woman. "The last thing I want to do is be a burden on you two," Leyaria said, lowering head as she directed a weak smile towards Alice's companion. "After all, you have done a great service already, finding me Geth here." It was true. This woman had done her a great thing in finding Geth. So many others may have walked away with Geth, especially given the interest that so many had shown of him over the past several days, but that this woman had not, it showed a great deal of integrity on Alice's part. Because of that, the last thing that Leyaria would want would be to take advantage of her.
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#8Adelaide Sokolov 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:40 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wasn't even aware from where they were or how many people would pass them, she was focused on Ophelia, Geth and Leyaria. She was completely aware of the rain and it felt as if they were in their own little world. The rain became a little less but it was still gray around them and a lot of drops still fell that it almost made it impossible to see very far if it weren't for bright colours.

She suggested to Leyaria to go to her inn. She had a short inside struggle to suggest it because she didn't know this girl and that would make it strange to immediately take her to that little bit of home she had. She had already suggested so she simply smiled at Leyaria, "No, I don't. Otherwise I wouldn't have suggested it." Leyaria seemed genuine when she looked at Ophelia that the struggle that Alice had felt, fell off her shoulders and she would just see where this would go. She was perfectly capable to defeat herself but she didn't want to think about that, "It was more Ophelia but I followed her." She couldnlt help but grin and thought about her little Cleffa making a friend, "Come on. The sooner we are there, the sooner we can dry up." She lifted Ophelia and held her in front of her, opening the backpack that she was carrying would mean that the insides would get soaked and that would be a bad idea if she carried her diary with her. She hoped Leyaria would be able to follow her in the rain but her orange coloured hair might be easy to follow.

It wasn't that far and it was good that she had stayed in Era for quite some time already otherwise she would definitely not find it in this weather. At first she didn't mind to be so sheltered from everything in this rain but now it was becoming kind of annoying. But after not much more than ten minutes she saw the door of the inn and quickly hurried there with long strides, the sooner she would be inside. She arrived in the hall and that was the moment she realized how much she was dripping and she looked at Leyaria, "Okay that was worse than I realised." But she couldn't help laughing about it. The man behind the desk greeted her and some even already brought towels to the two of them. Alice thought about what was the smartest thing to do, she didn't have fire magic to easily dry and she wasn't sure how to get to that point. She had a hair dryer, maybe that's the best way or a dryer for clothing, that's what the inn offered. She looked at Leyaria without noticing because she was thinking, she even added: "What to do? Softly out loud without noticing because again the thoughts were taking too much of her.

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Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:31 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

There was sort of a wicked irony to the situation. For as long as the day seemed to slog on and on, the rain had been consistent and unrelenting. Although it may have ceased in intensity from time to time, never did it appear that the rain was finally coming to an end. As the Dragon Slayer Leyaria followed Alice towards the inn she was staying in, it almost began to appear that the sky was letting up for the first time in what seemed like hours. Looking up, Leyaria couldn't help but swear beneath her breathe, it seeming to be obvious that this would ultimately be how things played out.

It wasn't long until they had reached the inn, Leyaria surprised not only at how large the building had seemed to be, but also that of how relatively close it had been to them as well. Though she could not say for certain with the rain making it still a bit difficult to diagnose the area, she couldn't help but believe that she had walked past the building several times since she had arrived in Era. "Wow. Impressive place," Leyaria earnestly remarked as she followed Alice inside, the feeling of warm air within the main lobby of the inn seeming to hit her like a ton of bricks.

The sensation was a welcome one, however. Her clothes, her skin, every part about her had become utterly drenched, soaked from head to toe. This had been the case for so long today that her body had just become used to the cold, but now the warm air was not only proving to be a welcome contrast to earlier, but it brought to the foreground how miserable it was to be in drenched clothing. A glance around the room seemed to distract her - if at least momentarily - from the cold as she found herself admiring the overall atmosphere of the place.

Inside, it felt more of a place that she had no business being in than anything else, an irony given its functionality as an inn. It was a place that was meant to assist those, to provide a place to stay for those like Alice, and yet Leyaria didn't seem like she belonged there. In fact, had it not been for Alice, it would be very likely that she wouldn't be here in the first place. Turning her attention back towards the redhead, she couldn't help but smile at the sight of the towels in her hand.

"You weren't kidding," she casually remarked as she placed the towel against her face, the warmth and softness being a welcome change against that of the rain from earlier. It took little time until Leyaria had followed Alice through the inn, unable to hide her intrigue as to everything she saw, even within her friend's room. The place was large, larger than anything in which she expected that a woman like Alice could have afforded, though appearances held little bearing when considering a person's status. The reality was while she may have looked wealthy herself, Leyaria was as poor as anyone probably within in Era. That this woman had wealth, it wasn't something to be particularly shocked by.

"This place, it's something else!" Leyaria said as she truly began to feel the warmth that radiated throughout the inn. She didn't want to disturb anything, not wanting to take advantage of Alice's temporary home, but at the same time, she didn't feel at all upset about standing. Standing there was numerous times more ideal than having to be back outside in the rain like earlier. "Alice, I just wanna say thanks! What you've done, I don't know how to thank you."
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#10Adelaide Sokolov 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:57 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice tried to dry her long orange coloured hair with the towel that was handed to her so she would at least stop dripping from her hair. Not that she felt it on her clothes, those were soaked anyway, "It really is. Better than what I ever had before." If you didn't count the guild, she laughed to Leyaria about the idea, this building was impressive. That's what she had thought the first time she had arrived about two and a half week ago.

She was focussing again on drying her hair when Leyaria told her that she wasn't kidding, she frowned before she noticed what it was about, "Ha yea, and I didn't even expect those." She also was still thinking about what she should do to help Leyaria with her drenched clothing. Today would be a good day, so why not, she looked at Ophelia who shook out herself and thought that maybe this was why they were meeting, after all Ophelia went to run to Geth and that's why. She turned to look surprised at Leyaria as she said she didn't know how to thank her, "Oh you know, you could offer me a coffee once we changed clothing." She grinned because it was nice to do something for someone else, "I thought about it but I think it's best if I show you my room. We are basically the same height and I can't let you walk around in wet clothes. The inn has a dryer so we can dry our clothing and in the mean time warm ourselves with a coffee, what do you think about that idea? I think Ophelia would like to play with Geth some more. She has never met another companion." The last part was a bit of a lie as Ophelia had met Venom but they weren't really playing much as Venom was more focused on Yu than anything else.

#11Leyaria Venerak 

Downpour [Alice Baskerville] Empty on Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:06 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

Leyaria smiled.

Too few times had she encountered anyone within Era - or even Crocus for that matter - who seemed to display any real attributes of politeness, of sincerity or respect towards anyone who may have been 'beneath' them. At first glance, one perhaps could have viewed Alice through the same lense; being able to stay within a nice inn like this, clearly showing that she had money, if not outright living in a completely different - and higher - class than Leyaria. However though, she demonstrated in her brief time with Leyaria that she was far more than that; that she was earnest, polite, and above all else, thoughtful.

Alice had shown it several times already. She didn't have to return Geth to her. It would have been just as easy to leave it to wander about aimlessly in Era. She didn't have to invite Leyaria to the inn she was staying at. She could have well walked away and never spoken to the woman again. Nor did she have to offer the young Dragon Slayer any of the amenities that she had earned for herself, and yet she did.

In the matter of less than an hour, Alice had demonstrated a far greater degree of humanity, not only towards Leyaria specifically, but also that she had seen in most of the people that she had come to have interactions with. It made her feel guilty. Alice had done all of this and while she had not asked for anything in return, Leyaria could not help but feel guilty. Guilty that she wasn't able to provide any means of repaying the kindness shown to her. As the redheaded woman continue to dry off her hair, she turned towards Leyaria, a smile upon her face. Her proposal, Leyaria buying her a coffee, it left her both wanting to smile and thank Alice for allowing her a chance to pay her back, but at the same time despair seemed to come to the forefront as she recalled her actual fiscal situation. Reaching into her soaked pockets, she scrounged around as thoroughly as possible, a bit relieved to pull her hands out with little more than a handful of jewels. Not much, perhaps just enough to cover the cost of maybe 2 cups of coffee and nothing more.

"Certainly," Leyaria said without a second's thought as her mind came to believe that she had enough. Even in a worst case scenario, she at least had enough to pay for Alice's cup of coffee. She had done more than enough to warrant it and Leyaria truly did not need a cup of coffee. She'd much rather return the favor towards Alice than anything else. Before that though, Alice had offered Leyaria something to wear, which seemed to only further shock the young Dragon Slayer. Leyaria did not deserve this sort of hospitality. If her situation was any different, Leyaria would have argued that she had the obligation to offer something to the redhead. That it wasn't a feasible choice, it just disappointed her.

Alice seemed steadfast to the idea all the same though, whether or not Leyaria would have protested it. She indicated the pleasure and excitement to which her companion was having, and the thought occurred to Leyaria that she wasn't sure how Geth would respond to being able to play with another companion. It had never ceased to be amused at what was going on in the world, but for the most part it hadn't the luxury of playing with another creature that was similar to it. The opportunity before it was a rare one and one that undoubtedly it would be thankful of Leyaria for allowing. "That would be nice. I'm sure that Geth wouldn't mind some company outside of me for a change. And thank you for the clothes. Truly, I only wish that there was more I could to repay your kindness than just a cup of coffee..."

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Adelaide Sokolov
It took quite a while to dry Leyaria her clothing about an hour, but it wasn't waiting and waiting. Alice suggested to drink a coffee downstairs after she let Leyaria borrow her clothes. There was a corner table free so the two companions could get to know each other while the human beings did the same and kept an eye on the two pets. It was quite a fun meeting if you asked Alice, she wouldn't have suspected this to happen on a day like this. In the end when Leyaria her clothes were dry, Alice admitted she had to head out now the rain had stopped to find the last of her shopping list. So she said goodbye and took Ophelia with her.



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