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Troublesome Transactions [Ace]

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#1Ace Brookes 

Troublesome Transactions [Ace] Empty on Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:21 am

Ace Brookes

"Hey hey! Come back!" the dark haired mage shouted as he chased after a dog. Barely able to catch his own breath, Ace had to sprint after a wild mutt that took his food. His only meal of the day was gone. The gas mage skipped his breakfast due to some work he had to do with the Rune Knights at the headquarters. They were beefing up the defenses and security so the devastating incident doesn't happen again. Era or Fiore's light guilds as a whole weren't ready for this type of attack. For now though, all the gas mage was thinking about was his lunch. He barely got a couple bites out of his sandwich before the dog snatched it off the wooden bench he was sitting on. The afroed mage stopped for a brief second to catch his breath. His panting attracting the attention of other bystanders. The people minded their own business however and no one seemed to stare. Was it because the people were now more cautious? It could have been. The dark guilds have spread fear in the hearts of the innocent. It'd be hard for them to get back what was lost; just like Ace's now gone lunch... He tried to catch up once more but just decided to give up. The white furred mutt had beaten him. Ace sat down on the floor crosslegged in attempt to catch his breath. The jewels were gone and the only ones left were from the stash back at home. Right now he had enough to get himself a drink and that was just about it.

Frustrated, the gas mage got up and went to do a request. It would get his mind off things and help him get another meal. It was going to be hard to work with an empty stomach though, but looking at his options he didn't really have much of a choice on this one. He sighed loudly just before slowly strolling over to the board. It wasn't even that good of a day weather wise. It was gloomy and dark considering it was six in the afternoon. Sunset was in a half an hour. That meant he would probably be working in the dark. Upon his arrival to the request board, the gas mage scanned the requests with his full brown eyes. "Which one was it going to be for today?" he thought to himself with a finger on his lower lip. The young apprentice wasn't interested in any of them and was most likely just going to settle for any job to make money. This was nothing new to the young mage though. His rough childhood forced him to work with all sorts of jobs alongside his grandad to make enough money for them. All this work he's doing now was just considered pay back to his grandad who funded his whole education and even managed to raise the boy with high morals. With that mindset, the gas mage didn't really care what quest it was. After all these were all D-ranks. They were very similar to chores a non mage could do. Easy money.

The request Ace snatched off blindly just so happens to be requested by a man he's met a couple weeks back. Gaud was the merchant whom he got the Messer family crest back from. However the gas mage didn't quite remember his name. He was bound to recognize the oversized man due to his unique appearance. The request asked him to meet Gaud first get a map off him. Other than that the request just said that the details will be discussed in person. The gas mage was more fond of the other style of writing up quests. The one which the old man in Magnolia likes to use. He'd just save time and include everything on the handy piece of paper. Ace knew where Gaud was coming from though as confidentiality was key at times.

Shortly after he arrived at the man's tent where he sold all types of weird antiques. Ace recognized the man mainly due to his thick accent. "Gaud... You're the one that gave me the Messer's family crest" he stated. "Hello young man. Yeah that was a couple weeks ago, what can I help you with today? You're not coming to take my merchandise off me or asking for license ey lieutenant?" the oversized man said jokingly. Ace wasn't the smiley type so he just replied saying "Actually I was an apprentice, not a lieutenant, and no I'm not here to cause you any trouble". Ace pulled out the small piece of paper he snatched off the board and showed it to the man. Gaud nodded and explained that Ace'll have to meet a man in less than an hour after sundown. He also passed a map down to Ace that he was given by the man. He was supposed to meet him in a narrow alley clearly marked by a red X on the map. Gaud gave Ace a sack of jewels and wished him the best of luck.

It was nothing hard for the gas mage. All he had to do was get the "merchandise". If the man tried something funny it would just mean the Rune Knight would have to take care of it his own way. The only problem was the constant growling from his stomach. Ace turned into the alley and was startled by the man who was already there all wrapped up in clothes. Ace told the man that Gaud has sent him. It seemed pretty much straightforward as he showed Ace a giant tooth from some sort of slain beast. Nothing peaked the gas mage's interest other than the man who hasn't said a word since they've met. He showed him the money and they silently traded the goods. Ace walked back to Gaud not really understanding why these people request chores such as this one, but he really couldn't be the one complaining; it was paying him well.


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