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Crash the Cash House | Solo Quest

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#1Eiko Jitsuko 

Crash the Cash House | Solo Quest Empty on Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:42 pm

Eiko Jitsuko

Being this polite little girl Eiko is, they asked her permission, and she opened her ears to listen to what they say. However, the request is not from old man Mabuz no longer, but a different man in the same first letter 'M'. He goes by the name 'Martin' from the 'Martello Family'. He seemed nice due to Eiko's standards as he did not hurt nor disappoint her. So any request taken seriously from the moment she took the request paper. But... no promises.

A day before, Eiko met the man in Oak Streets. A man named Martin said that he knew Eiko from Dr. Mabuz, which Eiko used to take requests and getting paid from. But after what happened a week ago, she decided not to meet up with Mabuz for a while to keep her sanity safe on the line. The man seemed nice to Eiko, probably because he would be taking cash in return. HUGE amount of cash that Eiko will soon steal.

On the present day, Eiko stood straight in front of the Martello Family's House. It was quite big yet probably unpaid due to the fact that the family only lives by stealing. She checks the map in her hand and muttered to herself. "This is right place... maybe." she said and looked back up to the house and met the man she made a temporary contract with. "You ready, kid?" He asks and Eiko nods in agreement.

Given more instructions, Eiko headed to the cash house as quickly as possible without tiring herself. It goes by a lot of streets and a lot of turns. But after a while, she reached a certain lot. And in that lot is where the quote "X marks the spot" is in the map. Jackpot! It's a diner. A diner that is more of a hunted motel that is no longer used. Is seems abandoned that the outside is full of dirt, and you can even see insects crawling out of the ground. It is a sign that the diner is abandoned and was never cleaned.

Eiko makes a step on the lot, but was stopped by an old man. "Where are you off to, lad?" he asks as he scratched his head. Eiko realized that a crime should not be noticed, and she has to hide the fact that what she is doing is not good. Eiko's eyes grew a bit larger, trying to hide her mischievous aura and acting like a lovely little kid instead. "I heard there is a shortcut through this passage. Would you mind if I walked through?" she asked as she acted cute, like a normal kid. The old man stared at her for a moment, trying to catch a good look to her face. One look at the man and you can see that he is no mage, it would be easier to hide the crime at this rate.

"Where are you going as you dress like that?" the man asked as he crossed his arms and doubtfully trusts Eiko. She stood straight and thought of an excuse, for she forgot that she was wearing her old fashioned clothes with the look of a gown. "T... tea party." she stuttered and grinned a little. "My friends held a tea party and invited me." she added, childishly, revealing a kid-like aura.

The man stood straight in front of her with inspection. "A tea party doesn't need these clothes!" the old man said while walking away. "Oh, kids these days!" he added, stepping away with more rage. Eiko smiled as he did not notice anything suspicious to Eiko's work. So she proceeded to her request she made in contact to. And in front of her, she enters the abandoned diner.

The windows are broken, the seats are rotten and mice are living in the insides. The place was utterly full of disgust. Eiko tried not getting her clothes dirty as she favors her items a lot. The thing that caught her attention were the broken tiles, seemed to be broken by fire or sharp blades that were pierced through. The tiles leads a path to a storage room, that is surprisingly cleaner than everything else. With no doubt, the room was full of empty boxes. Eiko stepped in and tried to touch the boxes since she thinks they were clean.

After a few boxes lifted up, in the end was a bag, underneath some tiles. More likely, a black sports bag that is quite heavy. Eiko could lift the bag up and carry it properly, no problems at all. She stretched her arms and made her shoulders comfortable, and then carried the bag normally. The bag was comfortable, probably because they were filled with so much money. But Eiko wasn't really greedy, she needn't the money she had stolen.

In the back of the storage room, there is another room that reeks with gasoline and oil. A galon of gasoline was full, Eiko pushed it out as it was very heavy. And in the entrance, she faced inside, and pushed the galon as the gasoline spilled inside. Fragments of stone and wood shatters outside the diner, so she used the wood to make a small fireplace. Eiko was no fire mage, but indeed she tries her best to pursue her efforts. As the fireplace started cracking, Eiko blows the fire to the nearest gasoline pile, and ran away.

No need to look back, no need. Eiko heard a loud explosion sound while running away behind the diner. Mission Accomplished, now she has to wait for a person to take the bag and reward her. So she goes into the crowd full of people in dresses and gowns. It seems like Eiko's lie about tea parties are actually a fact that the party exists today, though she had no friends attending and no one invited her.

She bumped into a lady in glasses, wearing a dress as well. She winked at Eiko, showing her a sign that she is a member from the Martello gang. Eiko smiled back, and gave the bag casually with no attention.

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