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White Claudia | Solo Quest

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#1Eiko Jitsuko 

White Claudia | Solo Quest Empty on Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:35 pm

Eiko Jitsuko

With a normal sanity on a hot summer day, Eiko walks by the streets of Oak to test the temperature of today's heat. However, during the fact that Eiko's skin could not sweat too much or her skin would itch and rash, she wore clothes a normal person would do. A red tee, black shorts and the flip flops she wore last summer. And of course, an umbrella that matches her color scheme.

Speaking of scheme, Eiko met Dr. Mabuz in the streets. It is unlikely for him to walk outside as he usually stays at home, making experiments. He came up with another evil scheme, as evil as how good people can think of. But evil or good does not matter to Eiko, she pleases anyone who pleases her. It's more of a give and take, mutualism whatsoever. He then enters back to his own place, looking as tense as ever. This made Eiko curious about what happened, she enters his shop as well.

"What's wrong, doctor?" Eiko asked with a slight and faint smile, and looks at him as his head leaned a little to the side. The moment she came in, Mabuz already stood up from his chair. He did not explain nor responded appropriately about what Eiko is asking about. Quickly, took a glass and showed it to Eiko. It was white, quite bubbly. But Eiko was not sure what that chemical is.

"You see, lad." Mabuz said. "You see this glass in front of you? You've been testing on other people, you might want to learn what they experience..." he added as he shook the glass a little as he spoke. Eiko grinned, how bad would it do? Eiko thinks Mabuz's potions aren't good, and was never better. If she tested the bad ones on other people, then maybe this time is more harmless?

Without a word, Mabuz left to enter a door that Eiko has never seen before. "Follow me, lad." he said as he showed the potion again to Eiko. She followed like a slave, without knowing what will happen yet she listened. And in the room, the door shut, and automatically locked itself up. The room was empty, and very dim. The only thing that caught Eiko's eyes is the chair in the middle of the room.

Mabuz pointed at the chair, telling Eiko that she would have to sit down and listen. Eiko indeed listened, and sat down as Mabuz started to lock her up using belts. Eiko felt annoyed and insecure as she felt like it was sexual assault. She's a teen in open clothing and he's an old man... and looks quite disgusting as well. "Hey, what are you doing?!" Eiko had to shout as she got more annoyed when he wasn't even talking that much. "Although I help you a lot, doesn't mean I'm your slave!" She added, but louder. But no one outside could hear Eiko's cries.

Then he injected the liquid in Eiko's arm while she struggles. It took him quite a long time to inject the liquid properly. The needle didn't hurt Eiko much, but the way she struggled suddenlt made her body numb. Her shaking legs stopped slowly, her shoulders shuddering weakened. And her throat where her voice comes out softens. As if she was a different person in this room.

The dim room turned dark, metallic, and rusty. There was smoke that she could not feel nor smell. And then red liquid started coming out of everywhere. Blood could be one of them, but Eiko has seen much that it doesn't make her feel afraid anymore. Red paint would seem a little bit childish, like a prank that has failed to fool anyone on April Fools Day.

The Mabuz she used to do others shifted and turned to be someone else. Her step father in the form of a demon, telling Eiko that she is running out of time as he showed her a clockwork central. By time, Eiko already understood as it was her mother's word about death. Eiko felt scared, she was terrified. She started screaming all the fears away, but she could not escape.

The demon shushed her, telling Eiko to shut up or others will hear her pride. She struggled, but the belts were too tight. She pointed at the demon with her left hand and made a thin string of blood, trying to slow down the demon. But the string of blood dropped on the floor as she could not use magic to debuff the enemy. She could not use magic nor escape the fear that lives inside her.

She started screaming more, and louder than the noise before the thunder's call. And then she struggled, trying to close her eyes but she keeps envisioning what she sees. She tried hard to forget the demon, but what has been seen cannot be unseen. As her last shout, it turned into a farewell gift for the fears that lives within. Everything reverted back to it's original form as Eiko started fearing her surroundings.

And suddenly, Eiko's eyes turned back to normal as she realizes that she is on the ground. Like she passed out on some drug that makes her fears come out. She had a hard time standing up, and noticed how her saliva is coming out of her mouth. She closed her lips as it was still numb, and decided to stay on the floor and think about the present time to forget what she saw.

"Get up, lad." Mabuz said with no heart. Or maybe he does, but too cold. "Don't worry, you will get your reward later on." He added. I needed my sanity, not the reward, darn it! Eiko tried to say, but she could not speak due to her numbness. She stood up the moment she felt her legs again, as if it was sewed back to her body. She quickly left the room after glaring at it bye bye.

"Work more on your potions, old man!" Eiko shouted, losing her politeness she used to have. She took the reward and left.

Spell/s (she tried to use) Used:
Name: Ichor Andante
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25/25
Requirements: Via Scarlet Palliate Magic
Type: Debuff
Element: Darkness
Range: 05 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: 1 Post
Effect: Points at an enemy with two fingers, making a thin string of blood from their left hand and transfers the user's blood (mana) and makes the enemy slower by 5 points in a short limit of time.

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