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Experimental Hexes | Solo Quest

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#1Eiko Jitsuko 

Experimental Hexes | Solo Quest Empty on Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:20 am

Eiko Jitsuko

Favorite clients... Eiko is one of them. Helping a lot around the shop and delivering bad stuff around. Evil is everywhere, but that doesn't mean you are evil as well. There are a lot of stories about servants who work for a witch but betrays them in the end; see? the servant works for someone evil, but is not evil herself.

Here is Eiko, reading some papers in her mind in the streets of Oak. Wearing the same dress, same hat, same pale skin and face. And the same scarlet eyes that glows in the night. Well, not really. Used as a term, 'glowing eyes' could be used when you spy a lot on someone. Eiko likes spying, but isn't really good at it.

Old man Mabuz came up with some hexes to be tested. Eiko is bored, she doesn't like that. She would submit a lot of reports back whenever she comes back at it. Send potions, send parcels. Eiko could actually be his personal slave at sending items. But soon enough, Eiko would get tired of this hard work and eventually leave Oak without saying goodbye. Probably get back to her younger sister who is alone in their mansion with their maids and servants, in which Eiko gets more attention and relaxation.

The first one is called "Stimuli". Stimuli, some sort of something in which sends a response to the brain. Eiko reads the words in her mind, thinking about what kind of 'stimuli' would happen to a test subject when it was cast once. Would it hurt itself? Would it's tastebuds dance in too much flavor? What kind of stimuli? Eiko can't wait to cast it out. However, the words and the language is somewhat different from what Eiko could understand and speak. But the letters are readable, Eiko would read the words out loud anyways.

She makes a step a little farther than where she is standing, and sees a vendor, sleeping into it's small seat. Eiko went beside the sleeping lady, and looked around to see a lot of people. Which should be the victim today? Young, or old? Either could be fine. Nobody really cares about that anyways. Except, of course, for the victim who will receive sensitivity for an hour.

Eiko started looking around, overseeing people's actions and mischievously hearing gossips. Her eyes dropped on a man, who is hitting on a woman. A big man with muscles, showing his beautiful body to the woman. The woman doesn't seem to be pleased, she seems scared yet angry. It looks like Eiko has found a new victim to cast the hexes on. However, she wasn't sure if the hexes would work on someone who looks weak and powerful.

She moved an inch closer. "I wonder what he'd look like? Such big body yet so sensitive!" Eiko muttered from her thoughts through her mouth spread into words. So she read the hexes out loud as she looks into the man and envisions him in her thoughts. The words she is speaking is being written down in the air, in dark colors. Once Eiko was finished, the dark colors turned white, and disappeared into the mid air.

Eiko watched the two closely, when the woman moved away and touched his chest, the man received various amounts of pain. Then she started asking if he was alright, but the man seemed like his body, especially his chest, is burning into his flesh. He looks very uncomfortable, without knowing what was happening to his surroundings and not knowing how it happened.

Eiko chuckled to herself while watching the man who looks like a leech who burned from having contact with salt. The leech would disgustingly give out the blood it once stolen, same from that man, but without the blood coming out of his pores and flesh. The way he acts symbolizes that the hexes have worked.

Then she reads the next hex into her mind, now it is about "Decrepify". Now Eiko wonders to whom she should cast the hex on next. Young, or old? Big or small? You won't know the answer unless you look around and spot good pedestrians to cast the hexes on.

She looks at people, annoying girls who looks flirty based on their clothes and make-up. Eiko doesn't feel like casting the hex in them, she would want to cast the hex on someone who would amuse her. She would want someone to tear themselves apart to entertain. So she sees a child. A small boy, running away, chasing a small cat. Behind him was an old man, chasing the young so he wouldn't get hurt.

It would be funny if the man's legs would suddenly weaken and stop him from chasing his kid. So out loud, Eiko spoke the words as the letters she spoke of turned black, to white, and disappeared into mid air once more. The man isn't stopping, she wonders what was wrong. The hex was supposed to work like before, but it is Eiko's job to test out the hexes if it works or not.

She followed the man, and spots him scolding the small kid as he cries with crocodile tears. Eiko thought of something on why it doesn't work. She thought if she said the words wrong and different that's why magic couldn't recognize it. She didn't bother to speak out the hexes once more. However, she notices a lump in the man's legs, and the man started walking away with his kid indifferently. The spell only worked partially.

Eiko finished her job, and then she walked back to Dr. Mabuz's store to report back what has happened. "The first one worked." She said as she sat on a certain bar stool. "The second one was useless." She added. "Just kidding." She added once more as she bid a smile. She gave back the hexes back as she claims her reward.

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